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List Name Match Author Date Posted
List Updated 9/16 - H: Foils ||| W: Foils Breeding Pool (GTC) *Foil* v0rac10u5 September 16, 2017
New H/W List... Breeding Pool (GTC) ThyHorrorCosmic666 August 30, 2017
Updated List! Have a bit of everything. Want random stuff and staples.International Trader Breeding Pool (GTC) HMukh20 August 26, 2017
H/W Breeding Pool (GTC) ns407 July 30, 2017
Need EDH and Masterpiece Series! Breeding Pool (GTC) ryan2754 July 22, 2017
New updated list! Breeding Pool (GTC) Mishra II July 18, 2017
I want your MPS and EXP! Also Value, hit me up! Breeding Pool (GTC) DELTA622 July 06, 2017
845+ refs and looking to move up to Top 3 Refs of MOTL (#4 worldwide, #1 Canada)International Trader Breeding Pool (GTC) Shiny_dude June 30, 2017
Want Foils/expos/masterpieces::Have all formats Breeding Pool (GTC) Charlesv June 24, 2017
Need tons, have tons! Anyone up for a trade? Breeding Pool (GTC) The Foilmonger June 22, 2017
EDH Stuff Breeding Pool (DIS) ElPimpCapitan May 25, 2017
Modern Trade Breeding Pool (GTC) Crado May 09, 2017
Have: Lots Need: Some Breeding Pool (DIS) mtg808 May 04, 2017
Looking for Modern Breeding Pool (GTC) whitemage57 April 25, 2017
H: Karns, LotV foil, duals, T2/Modern + more!; W: EDH, Bulk Rares, Your List Breeding Pool (GTC) nylarotep March 04, 2017
You've Lost that Loving Feelin'International Trader Breeding Pool (GTC) chaos021 January 31, 2017
H: Misc. Legacy / Modern / Commander / Standard - W: Cool stuff for my cube! :)International Trader Breeding Pool (DIS) datapicard November 02, 2016
H: Legacy, Modern, EDH. W: Legacy, Modern, EDH Breeding Pool (GTC) Stephe May 05, 2016
Updated List Breeding Pool (GTC) Original_CrAzy April 20, 2016
W: Cards for Eldrazi Deck H: Modern, Legacy, Eternal Breeding Pool (GTC) *Foil* simbayu April 04, 2016
Trading Legacy to Standard Breeding Pool (GTC) bayoutrader March 18, 2016

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