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Deathrite Shaman
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List Name Match Author Date Posted
Finally updated my list after moving cross-country w/ TBD Collectors Deathrite Shaman Big Daddy BEAF February 07, 2020
Looking for KTK fetchlands, shocklands and more Deathrite Shaman totalkaoz December 19, 2019
H/W: Modern, Pioneer, Standard Deathrite Shaman Margaritapk December 17, 2019
Trades Deathrite Shaman sears510 November 04, 2019
Trades Deathrite Shaman wickedjay29 November 03, 2019
New updated H/W with Core2020! Deathrite Shaman Mishra II August 09, 2019
Having and wanting Deathrite Shaman Krackhour March 03, 2019
850+ refs and looking to move up to Top 4 Refs of MOTL (#5 worldwide, #1 Canada)International Trader Deathrite Shaman Shiny_dude May 29, 2018
You've Lost that Loving Feelin'International Trader Deathrite Shaman chaos021 January 31, 2017

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