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Deathrite Shaman
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List Name Match Author Date Posted
Been a LONG time! Deathrite Shaman The Foilmonger September 11, 2018
Let's Make Trades! Deathrite Shaman TheOnlyNameAvailable September 10, 2018
Cards for all kinds of formats, Mostly have/looking for Commander Stuff Deathrite Shaman FelixOnfire September 09, 2018
Hello friends. Trying to grow my modern stuff Deathrite Shaman Junkcicle July 31, 2018
New updated list with Core M19 Deathrite Shaman Mishra II July 30, 2018
H: Unstable Lands, Expedition Breeding Pool - W: Foils + Legacy/Modern Staples Deathrite Shaman surfaces000 July 13, 2018
W: Gaea's Cradle H: Old Foils Daze,Phyrex Altar, Cabal Coffers & Ant Strip Mine Deathrite Shaman pugowar July 12, 2018
yep, still trading... Deathrite Shaman paragondave July 04, 2018
Trading into EDH Deathrite Shaman AlanJanzen June 25, 2018
Looking to get back into Modern - Have: Modern/Legacy Deathrite Shaman *Foil* Flanpillow June 20, 2018
850+ refs and looking to move up to Top 4 Refs of MOTL (#5 worldwide, #1 Canada)International Trader Deathrite Shaman Shiny_dude May 29, 2018
Updated H/W lists Deathrite Shaman Krackhour May 20, 2018
Have-Want List Mostly Legacy Deathrite Shaman alpermazun May 18, 2018
List updated April 2018 with more haves and wants... Deathrite Shaman HMukh20 April 08, 2018
H: Various Cards W: DINOSAURS (Regular and Foil) Deathrite Shaman Grimalkin January 16, 2018
EDH Stuff Deathrite Shaman ElPimpCapitan May 25, 2017
Some Invocations, as well as the usual FBB Foreign StuffInternational Trader Deathrite Shaman *Foil* Cartesius May 16, 2017
You've Lost that Loving Feelin'International Trader Deathrite Shaman chaos021 January 31, 2017

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