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List Name Match Author Date Posted
Getting into 93/94. Trying to upgrade my duals! Temple Garden (RTR) Amaterasu81 March 14, 2019
Have Foils // Want Foils - Updated 3/10 Temple Garden (RTR) *Foil* v0rac10u5 March 10, 2019
Building up my Collection! Come Trade!! Temple Garden (RTR) Steelerman734 March 04, 2019
You want it? You got it! Temple Garden (RTR) TheOnlyNameAvailable February 25, 2019
Small Allegiance Update Temple Garden (RTR) The Foilmonger February 24, 2019
Small Allegiance Update Temple Garden (RTR) *Foil* The Foilmonger February 24, 2019
Added Ravnica Allegiance Rares. Temple Garden (RTR) mm1983 February 05, 2019
H: Modern/EDH Staples W: Modern Stuff Temple Garden (RTR) frito January 31, 2019
Looking for some Soul Sisters pieces and others...moder/edh/standard trades Temple Garden (RTR) undeadsoldier319 January 28, 2019
Have: Ravnica Allegiance and Ultimate Masters Want: Shock/Fetchlands Temple Garden (RTR) dwchang January 19, 2019
Have Ultimate Masters, Expeditions, Inventions, Foils. Want Promo Gaddock Teeg + moreInternational Trader Temple Garden (RTR) *Foil* druman cole December 22, 2018
New updated H/W list with Ultimate Masters! Temple Garden (RTR) Mishra II December 17, 2018
Brand New List Temple Garden (RTR) jjwhite84 December 12, 2018
Have Lots, Looking to Trade Up... Temple Garden (RTR) HMukh20 December 10, 2018
New List Temple Garden (RTR) tysons November 05, 2018
EDH trades w/ guilds Temple Garden (RTR) IanMM October 10, 2018
a few wants Temple Garden (RTR) linecook June 24, 2018
850+ refs and looking to move up to Top 4 Refs of MOTL (#5 worldwide, #1 Canada)International Trader Temple Garden (RTR) Shiny_dude May 29, 2018
Want Foils/expos/masterpieces::Have all formats Temple Garden (RTR) Charlesv June 24, 2017
You've Lost that Loving Feelin'International Trader Temple Garden (RTR) chaos021 January 31, 2017

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