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  [GTC] Early Thoughts on Gatecrash?

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Author Topic:   [GTC] Early Thoughts on Gatecrash?
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posted January 10, 2013 11:34 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for bellaxiemtg Click Here to Email bellaxiemtg Send a private message to bellaxiemtg Click to send bellaxiemtg an Instant MessageVisit bellaxiemtg's Homepage  Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote 
How about some discussion on your early impressions for Gatecrash spoiler?
Boros (red / white), mechanic 'Battalion'. This ability found on creature spells allows the stated ability to trigger when that and two other creatures attack together. Firemane Avenger is a 3/3 flier which can ping your opponent or their creatures for three life while gaining you three life - that is - as long as you attack with this angel and two other creatures.

Dimir (blue / black), mechanic 'Cipher'. Whenever you successfully cast a spell with Cipher, you exile that spell 'encoding' a creature you control. Whenever that encoded creature deals combat damage to a player, you then can cast a copy of that Cipher spell again for free. Call of the Nightwing is a 4-cmc sorcery allowing you to generate a 1/1 blue and black Horror creature token with flying giving you another chance for more tokens should your encoded creature land damage to your opponent.

Gruul (red / green), mechanic 'Bloodrush'. Creature spells with the Bloodrush activated ability allows you to pay a mana cost then discard that card to provide a boost to an attacking creature you control. Viashino Shanktail is a 3/1 creature with First strike for four mana. Should you choose to pay 2 and a red to discard this creature, you can provide a pump of +3/+1 and first strike to an attacking creature you control.

Orzhov (white / black), mechanic 'Extort'. Whenever you cast a spell, extort abilities of cards you control will with 'Extort' trigger allowing you to pay either a white or a black mana to have your opponent loose one life while you gain one life. Crypt Ghastis a 2/2 black creature spirit with flying with the exotort mechanic which also provides an solid ability to generate an additional black mana whenever you tap a swamp for mana.

Simic (blue / green), mechanic 'Evolve'. This triggered ability allows a creature to become larger with a +1/+1 counter whenever another creature with a greater power or toughness enters the battlefield under your control. Experiment Oneis a 1/1 Human Ooze creature with Evolve. Any other creatures you play with a greater power or toughness will grow Experiment One. You can also remove two +1/+1 counters to regenerate your cool Simic experiment.

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posted January 10, 2013 11:59 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for skizzikmonger Click Here to Email skizzikmonger Send a private message to skizzikmonger Click to send skizzikmonger an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote 
This goes here

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posted January 11, 2013 04:38 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for Jazaray Click Here to Email Jazaray Send a private message to Jazaray Click to send Jazaray an Instant MessageVisit Jazaray's Homepage  Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote 
Skizz is correct, we don't need 80 threads about Gatecrash.


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