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Author Topic:   Have/Want List
From: McAllen, Texas, United States
Confirmed Refs: 53

posted July 21, 2016 08:15 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for ElPimpCapitan Click Here to Email ElPimpCapitan Send a private message to ElPimpCapitan Click to send ElPimpCapitan an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View ElPimpCapitan's Have/Want ListView ElPimpCapitan's Have/Want List
RULE 1:I am The Captain Now! (Reference Tom Hanks/Somali)
RULE 2: TCGMID Pricing for Trades, Closer to TCGLow for Sales
RULE 3: Scarcity and Rarity impact my decision as much as monetary value. Please take that into consideration before offering $150 worth of bulk for a Bayou....

Refs Determine Sending (I will usually simulsend with established member), unless we can come to an agreement.

I have tons of BULK Commons and Uncommons I am looking to get rid of. Please Let me know if interested!!!!

[Edited 6 times, lastly by ElPimpCapitan on November 27, 2016]

Want List:
I would prefer to sell cards, something close to TCGLow
I will look at Lists
Foils of anything here!!!

Standard Stuff:
Liliana, the Last Hope
Gideon, Ally of Zendikar
Grim Flayer
Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet
Archangel Avacyn
Chandra, Torch of Defiance
Emrakul, the Promised End
Nahiri, the Harbinger
Torrential Gearhulk
Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger
Smuggler's Copter
Tamiyo, Field Researcher
Verdurous Gearhulk
Gisela, the Broken Blade
Kozilek's Return
Selfless Spirit
Spirebluff Canal
Jace, Unraveler of Secrets
Ishkanah, Grafwidow
Thing in the Ice
Nissa, Vital Force
Arlinn Kord
Spell Queller
Noxious Gearhulk
Skysovereign, Consul Flagship
Relentless Dead
Collective Brutality
Chandra, Flamecaller
Wandering Fumarole
Sorin, Grim Nemesis
Saheeli Rai
Dovin Baan
Nissa, Voice of Zendikar
Thought-Knot Seer
Declaration in Stone
Inspiring Vantage
Aetherworks Marvel
Nissa, Nature's Artisan
Eldrazi Displacer
Tireless Tracker
Needle Spires
Combustible Gearhulk
Chandra, Pyrogenius
Blooming Marsh
Ob Nixilis Reignited
Concealed Courtyard
Drana, Liberator of Malakir
Cinder Glade
Kozilek, the Great Distortion
Smoldering Marsh
Prairie Stream
Angel of Invention
Game Trail
Botanical Sanctum
Part the Waterveil
Sylvan Advocate
Prized Amalgam
Hissing Quagmire
World Breaker
Port Town
Reality Smasher
Foreboding Ruins
Shambling Vent
Traverse the Ulvenwald
Crush of Tentacles
Westvale Abbey
Cataclysmic Gearhulk
Metallurgic Summonings
Eldritch Evolution
Thalia, Heretic Cathar
Olivia, Mobilized for War
Elder Deep-Fiend
Sunken Hollow
Tree of Perdition
Kiora, Master of the Depths
Electrostatic Pummeler
Scrapheap Scrounger
Collective Defiance
Bedlam Reveler
Matter Reshaper
Summary Dismissal
Linvala, the Preserver
Canopy Vista
Fevered Visions
Oath of Nissa
Dragonmaster Outcast
Decimator of the Provinces

Older Stuff
Ancestral Recall
Ali from Cairo
All Hallow's Eve
Bazaar of Baghdad
Black Lotus
Candelabra of Tawnos
Crucible of Worlds
City of Traitors
Chains of Mephistopheles
Chalice of the Void
Diamond Valley
Force of Will
Gaea's Cradle
Grim Monolith
Grim Tutor
Horizon Canopy
Illusionary Mask
Imperial Recruiter
Jace, the Mind Sculptor
Land Equilibrium
Library of Alexandria
Liliana of the Veil
Lion's Eye Diamond
Mana Drain
Mirror Universe
Mishra's Workshop
Mox Emerald
Mox Jet
Mox Opal
Mox Pearl
Mox Ruby
Mox Sapphire
Rishadan Port
Sensei's Divining Top
Serra's Sanctum
Show and Tell
Sliver Queen
Snapcaster Mage
Stoneforge Mystic
Survival of the Fittest
Sword of Feast and Famine
Sword of Fire and Ice
The Abyss
The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale
Time Vault
Time Walk
Transmute Artifact
Tropical Island
True-Name Nemesis
Ugin, the Spirit Dragon
Umezawa's Jitte
Underground Sea
Vendilion Clique
Volcanic Island
Volrath's Stronghold

Modern/Staple Stuff
Aether Vial
Ancestral Vision
Ancient Tomb
Arid Mesa
Blood Moon
Bloodstained Mire
Boseiju, Who Shelters All
Cavern of Souls
Chrome Mox
Creeping Tar Pit
Cunning Wish
Dack Fayden
Dark Confidant
Dark Depths
Eidolon of the Great Revel
Elspeth, Knight-Errant
Emrakul, the Aeons Torn
Engineered Explosives
Enlightened Tutor
Ensnaring Bridge
Flooded Strand
Gaddock Teeg
Goblin Guide
Goryo's Vengeance
Grove of the Burnwillows
Helm of Obedience
Infernal Tutor
Inkmoth Nexus
Inquisition of Kozilek
Karn Liberated
Keranos, God of Storms
Knight of the Reliquary
Kozilek, Butcher of Truth
Maelstrom Pulse
Magus of the Moon
Marsh Flats
Misty Rainforest
Mox Diamond
Natural Order
Nether Void
Noble Hierarch
Null Rod
Pact of Negation
Polluted Delta
Scalding Tarn
Thorn of Amethyst
Through the Breach
Toxic Deluge
Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre
Verdant Catacombs
Windswept Heath
Wooded Foothills
Wurmcoil Engine
Yawgmoth's Will

Throw ins:
Cabal Therapy
Simian Spirit Guide
Serum Visions
Gitaxian Probe
Slippery Bogle
Utopia Sprawl
Heritage Druid
Path to Exile
Spell Snare
Gemstone Mine
Lightning Greaves
Shattering Spree
Elvish Spirit Guide
Mother of Runes
Cephalid Coliseum
Nimble Mongoose
Glacial Chasm
Dread of Night
Lotus Petal
Ghostly Prison
Kitchen Finks
Dryad Arbor
Aven Mindcensor
Path to Exile
Spell Snare
Gemstone Mine
Eternal Witness
Beast Within
Shattering Spree
Tectonic Edge
Urza Lands
Alpha or Beta Basic Land
Unhinged Basic Land
DCI Foil Basic Land
Playmats (Let Me Know what you Have)

Have List:
I Do have over 1000 Bulk Rares. If you are Interested, please Let me know. I also Have Bulk Commons and Uncommons.

The List is organized by Color and Alpha.
Reg Qty Card Set
2 AEther Vial Modern Masters
3 All Is Dust Rise of the Eldrazi
4 Arcbound Ravager Darksteel
2 Arcbound Ravager Modern Masters
3 Basilisk Collar Worldwake
2 Batterskull New Phyrexia
4 Cauldron of Souls Shadowmoor
1 Chalice of the Void Modern Masters
1 Champion's Helm Magic: The Gathering-Commander
2 Cloud Key Future Sight
2 Coalition Relic Future Sight
1 Coat of Arms Magic 2010
5 Contagion Engine Scars of Mirrodin
1 Crawlspace Commander 2013 Edition
3 Damping Matrix Mirrodin
1 Darksteel Forge Planechase
3 Darksteel Juggernaut Scars of Mirrodin
3 Deathrender Lorwyn
1 Defense Grid Eighth Edition
4 Dolmen Gate Lorwyn
1 Eater of Days Darksteel
1 Eldrazi Monument Zendikar
4 Engineered Explosives Modern Masters
6 Etched Champion Scars of Mirrodin
1 Eternity Vessel Zendikar
1 Extraplanar Lens Mirrodin
6 Fluctuator Urza's Saga
1 Font of Mythos Conflux
3 Gauntlet of Power Time Spiral
5 Gilded Lotus Magic 2013
4 Goblin Charbelcher Mirrodin
2 Grafdigger's Cage Dark Ascension
1 Grimoire of the Dead Innistrad
2 Hivestone Time Spiral
4 Horn of Greed Stronghold
1 Howling Mine Fourth Edition
1 Howling Mine Fifth Edition
4 Howling Mine Magic 2010
1 Howling Mine Magic: The Gathering-Commander
5 Illusionist's Bracers Gatecrash
2 Intervention Pact Future Sight
1 It That Betrays Rise of the Eldrazi
1 Ivory Tower Revised Edition
4 Ivory Tower Fourth Edition
1 Jet Medallion Tempest
4 Karn Liberated New Phyrexia
4 Kozilek, Butcher of Truth Rise of the Eldrazi
3 Kozilek, the Great Distortion Oath of the Gatewatch
1 Kuldotha Forgemaster Scars of Mirrodin
5 Lich's Mirror Shards of Alara
3 Living End Time Spiral
1 Lotus Bloom Modern Masters
4 Loxodon Warhammer Ninth Edition
1 Loxodon Warhammer Planechase
5 Lux Cannon Scars of Mirrodin
1 Mana Crypt Vintage Masters
1 Mana Vault Revised Edition
3 Memory Jar Urza's Legacy
2 Mimic Vat Scars of Mirrodin
4 Mindslaver Scars of Mirrodin
1 Mirrorworks Mirrodin Besieged
2 Mox Opal Scars of Mirrodin
5 Myr Superion New Phyrexia
3 Myr Turbine Mirrodin Besieged
5 Nim Deathmantle Scars of Mirrodin
4 Null Rod Weatherlight
2 Obelisk of Alara Conflux
1 Oblivion Stone Magic: The Gathering-Commander
1 Pact of Negation Modern Masters
1 Pact of the Titan Future Sight
4 Painter's Servant Shadowmoor
4 Pearl Medallion Tempest
4 Phyrexian Altar Invasion
4 Phyrexian Dreadnought Mirage
4 Phyrexian Processor Urza's Saga
4 Phyrexian Revoker Mirrodin Besieged
4 Phyrexian Soulgorger Coldsnap
1 Platinum Angel Mirrodin
2 Platinum Angel Magic 2011
2 Platinum Emperion Scars of Mirrodin
2 Prototype Portal Scars of Mirrodin
4 Restore Balance Time Spiral
1 Rings of Brighthearth Lorwyn
3 Ruby Medallion Tempest
2 Sapphire Medallion Tempest
3 Scarecrone Eventide
2 Scroll Rack Tempest
1 Sculpting Steel Mirrodin
5 Scythe of the Wretched Mirrodin
4 Slate of Ancestry Onslaught
2 Slaughter Pact Modern Masters
5 Smokestack Urza's Saga
1 Sol Ring Unlimited Edition
1 Solemn Simulacrum Mirrodin
1 Solemn Simulacrum Magic 2012
1 Solemn Simulacrum Magic: The Gathering-Commander
1 Spawnsire of Ulamog Rise of the Eldrazi
1 Spellskite New Phyrexia
5 Sphere of Resistance Exodus
1 Staff of Domination Fifth Dawn
4 Static Orb Tempest
1 Strionic Resonator Magic 2014 Core Set
3 Stuffy Doll Time Spiral
3 Summoner's Pact Future Sight
2 Summoner's Pact Modern Masters
1 Sword of Body and Mind Scars of Mirrodin
1 Sword of Feast and Famine Mirrodin Besieged
1 Sword of Fire and Ice Darksteel
1 Sword of Fire and Ice Modern Masters
3 Sword of Light and Shadow Darksteel
1 Sword of Light and Shadow Modern Masters
5 Sword of War and Peace New Phyrexia
4 Tangle Wire Nemesis
1 Tatsumasa, the Dragon's Fang Champions of Kamigawa
1 Teferi's Puzzle Box Eighth Edition
1 Temporal Aperture Urza's Saga
1 That Which Was Taken Betrayers of Kamigawa
3 Thorn of Amethyst Lorwyn
4 Thousand-Year Elixir Lorwyn
1 Thousand-Year Elixir Commander 2013 Edition
1 Torpor Orb New Phyrexia
3 Trinisphere Darksteel
4 Ugin, the Spirit Dragon Fate Reforged
4 Umezawa's Jitte Betrayers of Kamigawa
1 Urza's Incubator Urza's Destiny
5 Vedalken Shackles Modern Masters
5 Venser's Journal Scars of Mirrodin
4 Ward of Bones Eventide
1 Well of Lost Dreams Commander 2013 Edition
4 Winter Orb Revised Edition
13 Abyssal Persecutor Worldwake
4 Ad Nauseam Shards of Alara
2 Army of the Damned Innistrad
1 Army of the Damned Commander 2013 Edition
2 Ashling, the Extinguisher Eventide
2 Attrition Urza's Destiny
1 Attrition Magic: The Gathering-Commander
1 Bad Moon Fourth Edition
4 Bad Moon Time Spiral ""Timeshifted""
2 Beacon of Unrest Fifth Dawn
2 Black Sun's Zenith Mirrodin Besieged
4 Bloodchief Ascension Zendikar
4 Bloodghast Zendikar
4 Bloodline Keeper Innistrad
4 Bridge from Below Modern Masters
4 Cairn Wanderer Lorwyn
4 Cemetery Reaper Magic 2010
1 Corpse Dance Tempest
4 Curse of the Cabal Time Spiral
1 Damnation Planar Chaos
1 Dark Confidant Ravnica: City of Guilds
3 Dark Confidant Modern Masters
1 Dark Confidant Modern Masters 2015 Edition
4 Dark Petition Magic Origins
2 Death Baron Shards of Alara
1 Death Baron Planechase
1 Decree of Pain Commander 2013 Edition
1 Demonic Tutor Revised Edition
1 Drana, Liberator of Malakir Battle for Zendikar
1 Dread Lorwyn
1 Dread Cacodemon Magic: The Gathering-Commander
1 Endless Ranks of the Dead Innistrad
2 Erebos, God of the Dead Theros
1 Extirpate Planar Chaos
4 Extirpate Modern Masters
4 Geralf's Messenger Dark Ascension
2 Geth, Lord of the Vault Scars of Mirrodin
4 Goryo's Vengeance Betrayers of Kamigawa
1 Grave Pact Magic: The Gathering-Commander
1 Grave Titan Magic 2011
1 Grave Titan Magic 2012
4 Graveborn Muse Legions
8 Gravecrawler Dark Ascension
3 Griselbrand Avacyn Restored
3 Haakon, Stromgald Scourge Coldsnap
4 Hand of the Praetors Scars of Mirrodin
5 Hatred Exodus
1 Herald of Leshrac Coldsnap
2 Hero's Downfall Theros
4 Hunted Horror Ravnica: City of Guilds
3 Imp's Mischief Planar Chaos
4 Kalastria Highborn Worldwake
5 Kederekt Parasite Conflux
4 Kiku, Night's Flower Champions of Kamigawa
1 Kokusho, the Evening Star Modern Masters
5 Koskun Falls Homelands
4 Languish Magic Origins
14 Leyline of the Void Magic 2011
2 Life's Finale New Phyrexia
5 Liliana of the Veil Innistrad
3 Liliana Vess Lorwyn
1 Liliana Vess Magic 2011
1 Living Death Duel Decks: Phyrexia vs. the Coalition
1 Living Death Magic: The Gathering-Commander
2 Lord of the Undead Ninth Edition
5 Maga, Traitor to Mortals Saviors of Kamigawa
4 Maralen of the Mornsong Morningtide
1 Mindslicer Ninth Edition
4 Mindwrack Demon Shadows over Innistrad
3 Mirri the Cursed Planar Chaos
2 Myojin of Night's Reach Champions of Kamigawa
3 Necroskitter Eventide
1 Nether Shadow Revised Edition
3 Nether Shadow Fourth Edition
1 Nether Spirit Mercadian Masques
3 Nether Traitor Time Spiral
5 Night of Souls' Betrayal Champions of Kamigawa
3 Nihilith Future Sight
4 Ob Nixilis Reignited Battle for Zendikar
2 Ob Nixilis, the Fallen Zendikar
1 Ophiomancer Commander 2013 Edition
3 Painful Quandary Scars of Mirrodin
2 Patriarch's Bidding Onslaught
3 Phyrexian Arena Apocalypse
1 Phyrexian Arena Planechase
3 Phyrexian Crusader Mirrodin Besieged
1 Plague Wind Eighth Edition
1 Plaguebearer Exodus
3 Polluted Bonds Shadowmoor
3 Puppeteer Clique Shadowmoor
4 Reaper from the Abyss Innistrad
1 Recurring Nightmare Exodus
3 Rotlung Reanimator Onslaught
4 Ruinous Path Battle for Zendikar
4 Sadistic Sacrament Zendikar
1 Sanguine Bond Commander 2013 Edition
3 Sarcomancy Tempest
1 Sewer Nemesis Magic: The Gathering-Commander
4 Sickening Shoal Betrayers of Kamigawa
1 Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon Scars of Mirrodin
1 Sorin's Vengeance Magic 2012
6 Soul Spike Coldsnap
2 Surgical Extraction New Phyrexia
9 Syphon Sliver Magic 2014 Core Set
1 Tasigur, the Golden Fang Fate Reforged
4 Thoughtseize Lorwyn
8 Thoughtseize Theros
1 Toxic Deluge Commander 2013 Edition
4 Unmask Mercadian Masques
1 Vampire Nocturnus Magic 2013
2 Vampiric Tutor Visions
1 Vampiric Tutor Classic Sixth Edition
1 Vengeful Pharaoh Magic 2012
3 Whip of Erebos Theros
4 Wound Reflection Shadowmoor
1 Yawgmoth's Bargain Urza's Destiny
2 Acquire Fifth Dawn
1 Arcanis the Omnipotent Tenth Edition
3 Archmage Ascension Zendikar
1 Arcum Dagsson Coldsnap
4 Artificer's Intuition Fifth Dawn
2 Back to Basics Urza's Saga
4 Braids, Conjurer Adept Planar Chaos
1 Braingeyser Revised Edition
4 Commandeer Coldsnap
10 Coralhelm Commander Rise of the Eldrazi
1 Cryptic Command Lorwyn
4 Cryptic Command Modern Masters
4 Cyclonic Rift Return to Ravnica
2 Deadeye Navigator Avacyn Restored
5 Dig Through Time Khans of Tarkir
4 Disrupting Shoal Betrayers of Kamigawa
4 Divert Odyssey
3 Draining Whelk Time Spiral
4 Erayo, Soratami Ascendant Saviors of Kamigawa
2 Ethersworn Adjudicator Conflux
1 Evacuation Ninth Edition
4 Fatespinner Mirrodin
1 Flusterstorm Magic: The Gathering-Commander
5 Force of Will Alliances
2 Future Sight Onslaught
8 Galerider Sliver Magic 2014 Core Set
6 Gifts Ungiven Modern Masters
1 Gilded Drake Urza's Saga
3 Glen Elendra Archmage Eventide
3 Glen Elendra Archmage Modern Masters
4 Grand Architect Scars of Mirrodin
1 Guile Duel Decks: Jace vs. Chandra
2 Higure, the Still Wind Betrayers of Kamigawa
1 Hive Mind Magic 2010
4 Inundate Eventide
1 Jace Beleren Magic 2011
3 Jace, Architect of Thought Return to Ravnica
5 Jace, the Mind Sculptor Worldwake
1 Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur New Phyrexia
7 Jwari Shapeshifter Worldwake
5 Kami of the Crescent Moon Saviors of Kamigawa
5 Keiga, the Tide Star Champions of Kamigawa
1 Keiga, the Tide Star Modern Masters
4 Kira, Great Glass-Spinner Modern Masters
4 Knowledge Exploitation Morningtide
6 Laboratory Maniac Innistrad
4 Last Word Darksteel
3 Leyline of Anticipation Magic 2011
5 Lighthouse Chronologist Rise of the Eldrazi
1 Lord of Atlantis Revised Edition
2 Lord of Atlantis Fourth Edition
1 Lord of Atlantis Time Spiral ""Timeshifted""
1 Master of Etherium Planechase
7 Master of the Pearl Trident Magic 2013
3 Master of Waves Theros
8 Meditate Tempest
4 Meishin, the Mind Cage Saviors of Kamigawa
1 Memory Erosion Magic: The Gathering-Commander
4 Mindbreak Trap Zendikar
1 Minds Aglow Magic: The Gathering-Commander
4 Mind's Desire Scourge
3 Misdirection Mercadian Masques
5 Mistbind Clique Lorwyn
1 Morphling Urza's Saga
1 Notorious Throng Morningtide
1 Opposition Urza's Destiny
6 Palinchron Urza's Legacy
2 Phantasmal Image Magic 2012
2 Phyrexian Metamorph New Phyrexia
4 Puca's Mischief Shadowmoor
4 Rattlechains Shadows over Innistrad
1 Recurring Insight Rise of the Eldrazi
5 Reshape Darksteel
3 Retract Darksteel
1 Riddlekeeper Magic: The Gathering-Commander
4 River Kelpie Shadowmoor
5 Sanity Grinding Eventide
5 Savor the Moment Shadowmoor
5 Scion of Oona Lorwyn
3 Scion of Oona Modern Masters
4 Shapesharer Lorwyn
3 Skaab Ruinator Innistrad
11 Snapcaster Mage Innistrad
4 Sower of Temptation Lorwyn
1 Stasis Revised Edition
2 Stasis Fifth Edition
3 Swan Song Theros
1 Tamiyo, the Moon Sage Avacyn Restored
2 Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir Time Spiral
2 Telemin Performance Conflux
3 Thassa, God of the Sea Theros
4 Threads of Disloyalty Betrayers of Kamigawa
3 Time Reversal Magic 2011
2 Time Stop Tenth Edition
2 Time Stretch Tenth Edition
3 Time Warp Magic 2010
1 Traumatize Magic 2011
3 Trickbind Time Spiral
1 True-Name Nemesis Commander 2013 Edition
3 Vendilion Clique Morningtide
1 Vendilion Clique Modern Masters
3 Venser, Shaper Savant Future Sight
5 Vesuvan Shapeshifter Time Spiral
1 Voidmage Prodigy Onslaught
5 Voidmage Prodigy Time Spiral ""Timeshifted""
1 Wake Thrasher Eventide
3 Wanderwine Prophets Lorwyn
7 Abrupt Decay Return to Ravnica
2 Ajani Vengeant Shards of Alara
1 Animar, Soul of Elements Magic: The Gathering-Commander
1 Apocalypse Hydra Conflux
3 Ashen Rider Theros
1 Assemble the Legion Gatecrash
4 Atarka's Command Dragons of Tarkir
7 Augury Adept Shadowmoor
4 Aurelia, the Warleader Gatecrash
1 Balefire Liege Eventide
1 Balefire Liege Planechase
1 Baleful Strix Commander 2013 Edition
1 Bladewing the Risen Magic: The Gathering-Commander
2 Boartusk Liege Shadowmoor
4 Cadaverous Bloom Mirage
3 Cemetery Puca Shadowmoor
1 Child of Alara Conflux
1 Chromanticore Born of the Gods
1 Consuming Aberration Gatecrash
2 Crackleburr Eventide
2 Creakwood Liege Eventide
3 Deadbridge Chant Dragon's Maze
4 Deathbringer Liege Eventide
11 Deathrite Shaman Return to Ravnica
3 Defiler of Souls Alara Reborn
4 Deity of Scars Eventide
3 Demigod of Revenge Modern Masters
8 Detention Sphere Return to Ravnica
1 Dire Undercurrents Shadowmoor
3 Divinity of Pride Eventide
5 Divinity of Pride Modern Masters
1 Divinity of Pride Commander 2013 Edition
4 Dominus of Fealty Eventide
1 Dominus of Fealty Magic: The Gathering-Commander
2 Domri Rade Gatecrash
4 Doran, the Siege Tower Lorwyn
6 Dreadbore Return to Ravnica
4 Dromoka's Command Dragons of Tarkir
1 Edric, Spymaster of Trest Magic: The Gathering-Commander
3 Eladamri's Call Planeshift
2 Empyrial Archangel Shards of Alara
4 Evershrike Eventide
5 Evil Twin Innistrad
4 Experiment Kraj Dissension
2 Fable of Wolf and Owl Eventide
4 Falkenrath Aristocrat Dark Ascension
3 Femeref Enchantress Visions
4 Figure of Destiny Eventide
3 Figure of Destiny Modern Masters
2 Firemane Avenger Gatecrash
3 Fracturing Gust Shadowmoor
5 Fulminator Mage Shadowmoor
1 Gaddock Teeg Lorwyn
6 Geist of Saint Traft Innistrad
4 Ghastlord of Fugue Shadowmoor
1 Ghave, Guru of Spores Magic: The Gathering-Commander
1 Gisela, Blade of Goldnight Avacyn Restored
2 Glen Elendra Liege Shadowmoor
4 Glittering Wish Future Sight
1 Glory of Warfare Planechase
4 Godhead of Awe Shadowmoor
2 Godsire Shards of Alara
2 Grand Arbiter Augustin IV Modern Masters
1 Grimgrin, Corpse-Born Innistrad
9 Gwafa Hazid, Profiteer Conflux
1 Hellkite Overlord Shards of Alara
5 Huntmaster of the Fells Dark Ascension
1 Intet, the Dreamer Magic: The Gathering-Commander
8 Invocation of Saint Traft Shadows over Innistrad
1 Jenara, Asura of War Alara Reborn
1 Jhoira of the Ghitu Future Sight
3 Jhoira of the Ghitu Modern Masters
1 Kaalia of the Vast Magic: The Gathering-Commander
4 Kaervek the Merciless Time Spiral
1 Karador, Ghost Chieftain Magic: The Gathering-Commander
1 Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund Alara Reborn
1 Keranos, God of Storms Journey into Nyx
4 Kiora, Master of the Depths Battle for Zendikar
2 Kiora, the Crashing Wave Born of the Gods
3 Knight of the Reliquary Modern Masters
5 Kolaghan's Command Dragons of Tarkir
4 Kresh the Bloodbraided Shards of Alara
1 Lazav, Dimir Mastermind Gatecrash
2 Legion's Initiative Dragon's Maze
2 Lord of Extinction Alara Reborn
8 Loxodon Smiter Return to Ravnica
4 Maelstrom Pulse Modern Masters
1 Malfegor Conflux
1 Malfegor Magic: The Gathering-Commander
1 Marath, Will of the Wild Commander 2013 Edition
4 Mardu Ascendancy Khans of Tarkir
2 Master of Cruelties Dragon's Maze
4 Master Warcraft Ravnica: City of Guilds
1 Master Warcraft Magic: The Gathering-Commander
2 Meddling Mage Alara Reborn
3 Memory Plunder Shadowmoor
2 Mind Grind Gatecrash
5 Mindwrack Liege Eventide
4 Mirrorweave Shadowmoor
1 Mogis, God of Slaughter Born of the Gods
3 Momir Vig, Simic Visionary Dissension
3 Murkfiend Liege Eventide
1 Murkfiend Liege Commander 2013 Edition
1 Narset Transcendent Dragons of Tarkir
1 Nath of the Gilt-Leaf Lorwyn
4 Nemesis of Reason Alara Reborn
1 Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker Magic 2013
1 Nin, the Pain Artist Magic: The Gathering-Commander
3 Notion Thief Dragon's Maze
1 Obzedat, Ghost Council Gatecrash
2 Olivia Voldaren Innistrad
3 Oona, Queen of the Fae Shadowmoor
4 Oona, Queen of the Fae Modern Masters
5 Oracle of Nectars Shadowmoor
3 Overbeing of Myth Eventide
4 Oversoul of Dusk Shadowmoor
3 Pernicious Deed Apocalypse
2 Phyrexian Tyranny Planeshift
6 Prime Speaker Zegana Gatecrash
3 Prince of Thralls Shards of Alara
1 Progenitor Mimic Dragon's Maze
4 Rain of Gore Dissension
4 Rakdos the Defiler Dissension
3 Ral Zarek Dragon's Maze
1 Razia, Boros Archangel Planechase
1 Reaper King Shadowmoor
4 Rhys the Redeemed Shadowmoor
1 Riku of Two Reflections Magic: The Gathering-Commander
3 Rise of the Hobgoblins Eventide
4 Rosheen Meanderer Shadowmoor
1 Ruhan of the Fomori Magic: The Gathering-Commander
3 Ruric Thar, the Unbowed Dragon's Maze
3 Saffi Eriksdotter Time Spiral
4 Sapling of Colfenor Eventide
3 Sarkhan the Mad Rise of the Eldrazi
2 Sarkhan Vol Shards of Alara
3 Sarkhan Vol Modern Masters
6 Savageborn Hydra Dragon's Maze
3 Savra, Queen of the Golgari Ravnica: City of Guilds
3 Scion of the Ur-Dragon Time Spiral
3 Sedris, the Traitor King Shards of Alara
1 Shadow of Doubt Ravnica: City of Guilds
1 Sharuum the Hegemon Shards of Alara
1 Sharuum the Hegemon Commander 2013 Edition
4 Sigarda, Heron's Grace Shadows over Innistrad
1 Skullbriar, the Walking Grave Magic: The Gathering-Commander
4 Sorin, Solemn Visitor Khans of Tarkir
7 Sphinx of the Steel Wind Alara Reborn
1 Sphinx of the Steel Wind Commander 2013 Edition
2 Sphinx Sovereign Shards of Alara
4 Sphinx Summoner Conflux
5 Sphinx's Revelation Return to Ravnica
3 Spitting Image Eventide
6 Squandered Resources Visions
3 Stoic Angel Shards of Alara
2 Supreme Verdict Return to Ravnica
4 Swans of Bryn Argoll Shadowmoor
1 Tariel, Reckoner of Souls Magic: The Gathering-Commander
1 Teneb, the Harvester Magic: The Gathering-Commander
1 The Mimeoplasm Commander's Arsenal
3 Thistledown Liege Shadowmoor
4 Thraximundar Alara Reborn
1 Thraximundar Commander 2013 Edition
4 Time Sieve Alara Reborn
3 Tolsimir Wolfblood Ravnica: City of Guilds
1 Trostani, Selesnya's Voice Return to Ravnica
2 Undermine Duel Decks: Ajani vs. Nicol Bolas
1 Unscythe, Killer of Kings Alara Reborn
1 Uril, the Miststalker Alara Reborn
2 Vexing Shusher Shadowmoor
2 Vile Consumption Invasion
1 Vindicate Apocalypse
4 Voice of Resurgence Dragon's Maze
2 Vraska the Unseen Return to Ravnica
1 Waves of Aggression Eventide
2 Wort, Boggart Auntie Lorwyn
4 Wort, the Raidmother Shadowmoor
2 Xenagos, the Reveler Theros
1 Zedruu the Greathearted Magic: The Gathering-Commander
2 Abundance Tenth Edition
1 Ambush Commander Scourge
4 Asceticism Scars of Mirrodin
5 Avenger of Zendikar Worldwake
4 Awakening Stronghold
10 Awakening Zone Rise of the Eldrazi
1 Awakening Zone Magic: The Gathering-Commander
1 Bane of Progress Commander 2013 Edition
1 Birds of Paradise Ravnica: City of Guilds
1 Birds of Paradise Magic 2011
1 Birds of Paradise Magic 2012
5 Birthing Pod New Phyrexia
2 Bloom Tender Eventide
1 Boundless Realms Magic 2013
6 Bow of Nylea Theros
3 Burgeoning Stronghold
1 Champion of Lambholt Avacyn Restored
2 Chord of Calling Magic 2015 Core Set
1 Collective Voyage Magic: The Gathering-Commander
1 Craterhoof Behemoth Avacyn Restored
3 Cream of the Crop Morningtide
4 Dauntless Dourbark Lorwyn
4 Deathmist Raptor Dragons of Tarkir
4 Den Protector Dragons of Tarkir
2 Dosan the Falling Leaf Champions of Kamigawa
1 Doubling Season Modern Masters
4 Dramatic Entrance Shadowmoor
1 Eladamri, Lord of Leaves Tempest
1 Elderscale Wurm Magic 2013
6 Elvish Archdruid Magic 2011
3 Enchantress's Presence Onslaught
5 Fauna Shaman Magic 2011
1 Feral Hydra Shards of Alara
5 Force of Savagery Future Sight
1 Garruk Wildspeaker Lorwyn
1 Garruk Wildspeaker Magic 2010
6 Garruk Wildspeaker Magic 2011
1 Garruk Wildspeaker Magic: The Gathering-Commander
1 Garruk, Caller of Beasts Magic 2014 Core Set
2 Garruk, Primal Hunter Magic 2013
4 Genesis Wave Scars of Mirrodin
1 Glimpse of Nature Champions of Kamigawa
2 Golgari Grave-Troll Duel Decks: Izzet vs. Golgari
1 Greater Good Urza's Saga
1 Gyre Sage Gatecrash
5 Harabaz Druid Worldwake
1 Heartbeat of Spring Champions of Kamigawa
3 Heartwood Storyteller Future Sight
7 Hermit Druid Stronghold
2 Hornet Queen Magic: The Gathering-Commander
1 Hydra Omnivore Magic: The Gathering-Commander
3 Ice Storm Unlimited Edition
1 Immaculate Magistrate Lorwyn
3 Joraga Warcaller Worldwake
1 Jugan, the Rising Star Champions of Kamigawa
2 Jugan, the Rising Star Modern Masters
1 Kalonian Hydra Magic 2014 Core Set
7 Leaf-Crowned Elder Morningtide
2 Liege of the Tangle Scars of Mirrodin
2 Life from the Loam Ravnica: City of Guilds
2 Life from the Loam Duel Decks: Izzet vs. Golgari
6 Life from the Loam Modern Masters
4 Lotus Cobra Zendikar
1 Magus of the Candelabra Time Spiral
5 Manabond Exodus
4 Mayor of Avabruck Innistrad
4 Mirri, Cat Warrior Tenth Edition
3 Mirri's Guile Tempest
2 Momentous Fall Rise of the Eldrazi
1 Mossbridge Troll Shadowmoor
2 Mul Daya Channelers Rise of the Eldrazi
1 Multani, Maro-Sorcerer Urza's Legacy
4 Muraganda Petroglyphs Future Sight
2 Nature's Will Champions of Kamigawa
3 Noble Hierarch Conflux
1 Obstinate Baloth Magic 2011
3 Oracle of Mul Daya Zendikar
2 Panglacial Wurm Coldsnap
5 Parallel Lives Innistrad
2 Patron of the Orochi Betrayers of Kamigawa
3 Plow Under Urza's Destiny
2 Primal Surge Avacyn Restored
1 Primal Vigor Commander 2013 Edition
4 Primalcrux Eventide
2 Primeval Bounty Magic 2014 Core Set
2 Primeval Titan Magic 2011
1 Primeval Titan Modern Masters 2015 Edition
1 Protean Hulk Dissension
1 Rampaging Baloths Zendikar
1 Rampaging Baloths Commander 2013 Edition
1 Regal Force Eventide
3 Rhys the Exiled Morningtide
3 Rites of Flourishing Future Sight
4 Seedborn Muse Ninth Edition
4 Sekki, Seasons' Guide Saviors of Kamigawa
2 Spearbreaker Behemoth Shards of Alara
2 Summoning Trap Zendikar
2 Survival of the Fittest Exodus
5 Sylvan Caryatid Theros
1 Sylvan Library Fourth Edition
4 Talara's Battalion Eventide
4 Tarmogoyf Modern Masters
1 Tempt with Discovery Commander 2013 Edition
1 Terravore Odyssey
1 Thorn Elemental Urza's Destiny
1 Thrun, the Last Troll Mirrodin Besieged
4 Timber Protector Lorwyn
4 Tireless Tracker Shadows over Innistrad
3 Tooth and Nail Modern Masters
4 Traverse the Ulvenwald Shadows over Innistrad
5 Tree of Redemption Innistrad
1 Unstoppable Ash Morningtide
4 Vengevine Rise of the Eldrazi
3 Vigor Lorwyn
4 Woodfall Primus Shadowmoor
4 Woodfall Primus Modern Masters
3 Xantid Swarm Scourge
2 Academy Ruins Time Spiral
3 Academy Ruins Modern Masters
4 Adarkar Wastes Ice Age
4 Arid Mesa Zendikar
4 Auntie's Hovel Lorwyn
4 Badlands Revised Edition
4 Battlefield Forge Apocalypse
4 Bayou Revised Edition
14 Blackcleave Cliffs Scars of Mirrodin
1 Blood Crypt Dissension
5 Blood Crypt Return to Ravnica
4 Bloodstained Mire Onslaught
6 Bloodstained Mire Khans of Tarkir
2 Boseiju, Who Shelters All Champions of Kamigawa
1 Breeding Pool Dissension
5 Breeding Pool Gatecrash
4 Brushland Ice Age
2 Brushland Fifth Edition
4 Canopy Vista Battle for Zendikar
4 Cascade Bluffs Eventide
3 Cavern of Souls Avacyn Restored
5 Celestial Colonnade Worldwake
4 Cinder Glade Battle for Zendikar
3 City of Brass Seventh Edition
3 City of Brass Modern Masters
4 City of Traitors Exodus
5 Clifftop Retreat Innistrad
7 Copperline Gorge Scars of Mirrodin
7 Creeping Tar Pit Worldwake
2 Dark Depths Coldsnap
6 Darkslick Shores Scars of Mirrodin
3 Darkwater Catacombs Odyssey
1 Dragonskull Summit Magic 2010
8 Dragonskull Summit Magic 2011
2 Drowned Catacomb Magic 2010
15 Drowned Catacomb Magic 2011
1 Drowned Catacomb Magic 2013
3 Dust Bowl Mercadian Masques
5 Eldrazi Temple Rise of the Eldrazi
4 Emeria, the Sky Ruin Zendikar
2 Exotic Orchard Conflux
2 Eye of Ugin Worldwake
3 Fetid Heath Eventide
4 Fire-Lit Thicket Shadowmoor
3 Flagstones of Trokair Time Spiral
3 Flooded Grove Eventide
4 Flooded Strand Onslaught
7 Flooded Strand Khans of Tarkir
4 Forbidden Orchard Champions of Kamigawa
5 Gavony Township Innistrad
9 Gemstone Caverns Time Spiral
4 Gilt-Leaf Palace Lorwyn
6 Glacial Fortress Magic 2011
1 Glacial Fortress Magic 2012
4 Glimmervoid Modern Masters
4 Godless Shrine Guildpact
8 Godless Shrine Gatecrash
5 Graven Cairns Shadowmoor
4 Grove of the Burnwillows Future Sight
4 Hallowed Fountain Dissension
6 Hallowed Fountain Return to Ravnica
4 Hinterland Harbor Innistrad
1 Homeward Path Magic: The Gathering-Commander
1 Homeward Path Commander 2013 Edition
1 Inkmoth Nexus Mirrodin Besieged
2 Island of Wak-Wak Arabian Nights
5 Isolated Chapel Innistrad
5 Karakas Legends
6 Karplusan Forest Ice Age
1 Karplusan Forest Fifth Edition
6 Kessig Wolf Run Innistrad
3 Kor Haven Nemesis
4 Lake of the Dead Alliances
1 Lavaclaw Reaches Worldwake
3 Llanowar Wastes Apocalypse
1 Llanowar Wastes Magic Origins
5 Lumbering Falls Battle for Zendikar
4 Marsh Flats Zendikar
4 Maze of Ith The Dark
1 Meteor Crater Planeshift
2 Mirrorpool Oath of the Gatewatch
1 Mishra's Factory Antiquities
5 Misty Rainforest Zendikar
4 Murmuring Bosk Morningtide
1 Mutavault Magic 2014 Core Set
1 Mystic Gate Shadowmoor
4 Mystifying Maze Magic 2011
3 Nimbus Maze Future Sight
4 Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx Theros
4 Okina, Temple to the Grandfathers Champions of Kamigawa
2 Oran-Rief, the Vastwood Zendikar
5 Overgrown Tomb Ravnica: City of Guilds
13 Overgrown Tomb Return to Ravnica
3 Pendelhaven Time Spiral ""Timeshifted""
3 Phyrexian Tower Urza's Saga
1 Plateau Revised Edition
4 Polluted Delta Onslaught
9 Polluted Delta Khans of Tarkir
4 Prairie Stream Battle for Zendikar
4 Primal Beyond Morningtide
11 Raging Ravine Worldwake
5 Razorverge Thicket Scars of Mirrodin
1 Reflecting Pool Tempest
5 River of Tears Future Sight
6 Rootbound Crag Magic 2010
9 Rootbound Crag Magic 2011
5 Rugged Prairie Eventide
4 Sacred Foundry Ravnica: City of Guilds
4 Savannah Revised Edition
4 Scalding Tarn Zendikar
4 Scrubland Revised Edition
2 Scrying Sheets Coldsnap
3 Seachrome Coast Scars of Mirrodin
4 Secluded Glen Lorwyn
2 Serra's Sanctum Urza's Saga
4 Shambling Vent Battle for Zendikar
1 Shinka, the Bloodsoaked Keep Champions of Kamigawa
1 Shivan Reef Magic Origins
1 Skycloud Expanse Odyssey
4 Smoldering Marsh Battle for Zendikar
6 Spinerock Knoll Lorwyn
4 Springjack Pasture Eventide
4 Steam Vents Guildpact
10 Steam Vents Return to Ravnica
6 Stirring Wildwood Worldwake
4 Stomping Ground Guildpact
6 Stomping Ground Gatecrash
6 Sulfur Falls Innistrad
5 Sulfurous Springs Ninth Edition
5 Sunken Hollow Battle for Zendikar
2 Sunken Ruins Shadowmoor
5 Sunpetal Grove Magic 2011
2 Taiga Revised Edition
4 Temple Garden Ravnica: City of Guilds
3 Temple Garden Return to Ravnica
3 Temple of Deceit Theros
12 Temple of Enlightenment Born of the Gods
16 Temple of Malice Born of the Gods
11 Temple of Plenty Born of the Gods
3 Temple of Silence Theros
4 Tendo Ice Bridge Betrayers of Kamigawa
2 Thespian's Stage Gatecrash
4 Thran Quarry Urza's Saga
1 Tolarian Academy Urza's Saga
3 Tropical Island Revised Edition
5 Tundra Revised Edition
3 Twilight Mire Eventide
4 Underground River Ice Age
3 Undiscovered Paradise Visions
1 Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth Planar Chaos
3 Vault of the Archangel Dark Ascension
6 Verdant Catacombs Zendikar
2 Vesuva Time Spiral
2 Volrath's Stronghold Stronghold
4 Wasteland Tempest
1 Watery Grave Ravnica: City of Guilds
8 Watery Grave Gatecrash
4 Windswept Heath Onslaught
2 Windswept Heath Khans of Tarkir
4 Wooded Bastion Shadowmoor
4 Wooded Foothills Onslaught
9 Wooded Foothills Khans of Tarkir
5 Woodland Cemetery Innistrad
4 Yavimaya Coast Apocalypse
2 Aggravated Assault Onslaught
1 Akroma, Angel of Fury Planar Chaos
6 Ashling the Pilgrim Lorwyn
1 Avatar of Slaughter Magic: The Gathering-Commander
1 Balefire Dragon Innistrad
4 Ball Lightning The Dark
1 Ball Lightning Fourth Edition
5 Blasphemous Act Innistrad
6 Blood Moon Modern Masters
4 Bogardan Hellkite Time Spiral
4 Bonfire of the Damned Avacyn Restored
1 Boom // Bust Planar Chaos
3 Borderland Behemoth Morningtide
4 Braid of Fire Coldsnap
4 Burning Wish Judgment
4 Chandra Ablaze Zendikar
3 Chandra Nalaar Lorwyn
3 Chandra Nalaar Magic 2011
4 Chandra, Fire of Kaladesh Magic Origins
3 Chandra, Pyromaster Magic 2014 Core Set
1 Chaos Warp Magic: The Gathering-Commander
4 Decree of Annihilation Scourge
3 Dragonmaster Outcast Worldwake
3 Dragonmaster Outcast Battle for Zendikar
4 Dragonstorm Time Spiral ""Timeshifted""
3 Dragonstorm Modern Masters
1 Elemental Mastery Shadowmoor
12 Falkenrath Gorger Shadows over Innistrad
1 Fiery Gambit Mirrodin
6 Fumiko the Lowblood Betrayers of Kamigawa
1 Furnace of Rath Planechase
4 Fury of the Horde Coldsnap
1 Furyborn Hellkite Magic 2012
4 Furystoke Giant Shadowmoor
3 Gamble Urza's Saga
1 Goblin Assault Shards of Alara
1 Goblin Game Planeshift
4 Goblin Guide Zendikar
1 Goblin King Fifth Edition
2 Goblin King Ninth Edition
1 Goblin Sharpshooter Onslaught
1 Goblin Sharpshooter Commander 2013 Edition
4 Goldnight Castigator Shadows over Innistrad
2 Greater Gargadon Modern Masters
2 Grim Lavamancer Magic 2012
1 Hellkite Tyrant Gatecrash
7 Ib Halfheart, Goblin Tactician Time Spiral
1 Insurrection Planechase
1 Insurrection Magic: The Gathering-Commander
4 Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker Modern Masters
3 Knollspine Dragon Shadowmoor
3 Koth of the Hammer Scars of Mirrodin
1 Krenko, Mob Boss Magic 2013
2 Kruin Outlaw Innistrad
6 Leyline of Punishment Magic 2011
1 Lightning Crafter Morningtide
1 Magmatic Force Magic: The Gathering-Commander
1 Mana-Charged Dragon Magic: The Gathering-Commander
1 Mass Hysteria Mirrodin
1 Moonveil Dragon Dark Ascension
2 Obliterate Invasion
5 Obsidian Fireheart Zendikar
1 Past in Flames Innistrad
1 Pyromancer Ascension Zendikar
4 Rakka Mar Conflux
4 Reiterate Time Spiral
1 Ryusei, the Falling Star Champions of Kamigawa
1 Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker Khans of Tarkir
2 Scourge of Kher Ridges Future Sight
4 Sedge Sliver Time Spiral
2 Seismic Assault Exodus
3 Seismic Assault Tenth Edition
4 Shared Animosity Morningtide
1 Shocker Tempest
1 Slumbering Dragon Magic 2013
2 Sneak Attack Urza's Saga
2 Splinter Twin Rise of the Eldrazi
4 Squee, Goblin Nabob Mercadian Masques
3 Squee, Goblin Nabob Modern Masters
3 Steamflogger Boss Future Sight
1 Stormbreath Dragon Theros
1 Stranglehold Magic: The Gathering-Commander
1 Sudden Demise Commander 2013 Edition
2 Taurean Mauler Morningtide
1 Tempt with Vengeance Commander 2013 Edition
1 Thieves' Auction Eighth Edition
4 Thunderbreak Regent Dragons of Tarkir
1 Thundermaw Hellkite Magic 2013
1 Tuktuk the Explorer Rise of the Eldrazi
1 Utvara Hellkite Return to Ravnica
1 Vexing Devil Avacyn Restored
2 Worldgorger Dragon Judgment
8 Zo-Zu the Punisher Champions of Kamigawa
2 Abeyance Weatherlight
2 Ajani Goldmane Lorwyn
1 Ajani Goldmane Magic 2010
2 Ajani Goldmane Magic 2011
2 Ajani, Caller of the Pride Magic 2013
2 Ajani, Caller of the Pride Magic 2014 Core Set
3 Akroma, Angel of Wrath Time Spiral ""Timeshifted""
1 Akroma's Vengeance Planechase
1 Akroma's Vengeance Magic: The Gathering-Commander
1 Alliance of Arms Magic: The Gathering-Commander
1 Angel of Finality Commander 2013 Edition
4 Angelic Arbiter Magic 2011
2 Angelic Arbiter Magic: The Gathering-Commander
2 Angelic Overseer Innistrad
3 Angel's Grace Modern Masters
1 Archangel of Strife Magic: The Gathering-Commander
1 Archangel of Thune Magic 2014 Core Set
1 Armageddon Revised Edition
2 Armageddon Fourth Edition
1 Armageddon Fifth Edition
1 Armageddon Starter 1999
3 Austere Command Lorwyn
1 Baneslayer Angel Magic 2010
3 Baneslayer Angel Magic 2011
9 Benalish Commander Planar Chaos
1 Blade Splicer New Phyrexia
1 Blazing Archon Ravnica: City of Guilds
1 Blessing Unlimited Edition
2 Blind Obedience Gatecrash
4 Blinding Angel Eighth Edition
4 Bonescythe Sliver Magic 2014 Core Set
4 Bygone Bishop Shadows over Innistrad
4 Champion of the Parish Innistrad
2 Chancellor of the Annex New Phyrexia
1 Commander Eesha Judgment
1 Darien, King of Kjeldor Coldsnap
2 Day of Judgment Zendikar
3 Day of Judgment Magic 2011
1 Day of Judgment Magic 2012
4 Devout Invocation Magic 2014 Core Set
1 Divine Sacrament Odyssey
1 Eight-and-a-Half-Tails Champions of Kamigawa
1 Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite New Phyrexia
1 Elspeth Tirel Scars of Mirrodin
2 Elspeth, Knight-Errant Modern Masters
1 Elspeth, Sun's Champion Theros
3 Emeria Angel Zendikar
6 Endless Horizons Eventide
4 Entreat the Angels Avacyn Restored
1 Eternal Dragon Commander 2013 Edition
3 Ethersworn Canonist Shards of Alara
4 Ethersworn Canonist Modern Masters
1 Exalted Angel Onslaught
4 Field Marshal Coldsnap
4 Fiendslayer Paladin Magic 2014 Core Set
5 Gideon Jura Rise of the Eldrazi
3 Glorious Anthem Ninth Edition
1 Glorious Anthem Tenth Edition
2 Heliod, God of the Sun Theros
3 Hokori, Dust Drinker Betrayers of Kamigawa
7 Honor of the Pure Magic 2011
3 Hour of Reckoning Ravnica: City of Guilds
2 Hour of Reckoning Magic: The Gathering-Commander
1 Indomitable Ancients Morningtide
2 Kabira Evangel Zendikar
1 Karmic Guide Commander 2013 Edition
1 Kataki, War's Wage Saviors of Kamigawa
3 Kataki, War's Wage Modern Masters
3 Kinsbaile Borderguard Morningtide
5 Kinsbaile Cavalier Morningtide
2 Knight Exemplar Magic 2011
1 Knight of the White Orchid Shards of Alara
1 Konda, Lord of Eiganjo Champions of Kamigawa
1 Kor Spiritdancer Rise of the Eldrazi
3 Kytheon, Hero of Akros Magic Origins
1 Land Tax Fourth Edition
14 Leonin Arbiter Scars of Mirrodin
1 Leyline of Sanctity Magic 2011
1 Leyline of Sanctity Modern Masters 2015 Edition
4 Leyline of the Meek Guildpact
1 Light from Within Eventide
1 Luminarch Ascension Zendikar
3 Magus of the Moat Future Sight
4 Mangara of Corondor Time Spiral
1 Mark of Asylum Conflux
1 Martyr's Bond Magic: The Gathering-Commander
1 Mikaeus, the Lunarch Innistrad
4 Militia's Pride Lorwyn
6 Mirran Crusader Mirrodin Besieged
1 Mirror-Sigil Sergeant Conflux
1 Myojin of Cleansing Fire Champions of Kamigawa
4 Norn's Annex New Phyrexia
1 Opal-Eye, Konda's Yojimbo Betrayers of Kamigawa
4 Order of Whiteclay Shadowmoor
1 Pariah Seventh Edition
3 Phyrexian Unlife New Phyrexia
6 Porphyry Nodes Planar Chaos
4 Preeminent Captain Morningtide
2 Pristine Angel Darksteel
2 Proclamation of Rebirth Dissension
4 Promise of Bunrei Saviors of Kamigawa
1 Pulmonic Sliver Time Spiral
3 Puresteel Paladin New Phyrexia
7 Purity Lorwyn
6 Rest in Peace Return to Ravnica
3 Restoration Angel Avacyn Restored
2 Retribution of the Meek Visions
3 Reveillark Modern Masters
3 Scourglass Shards of Alara
5 Secure the Wastes Dragons of Tarkir
1 Serra Ascendant Magic 2011
2 Shining Shoal Betrayers of Kamigawa
3 Soltari Champion Stronghold
3 Spirit of the Hearth Eventide
3 Stoneforge Mystic Worldwake
4 Stonehewer Giant Morningtide
5 Stony Silence Innistrad
1 Storm Herd Magic: The Gathering-Commander
3 Story Circle Tenth Edition
1 Student of Warfare Rise of the Eldrazi
1 Talus Paladin Worldwake
1 Tempered Steel Scars of Mirrodin
8 Terminus Avacyn Restored
5 Thalia, Guardian of Thraben Dark Ascension
1 True Conviction Scars of Mirrodin
1 Wall of Reverence Commander 2013 Edition
3 Weathered Wayfarer Onslaught
1 Windborn Muse Magic: The Gathering-Commander
1 Wrath of God Fourth Edition
2 Wrath of God Eighth Edition
1 Wrath of God Tenth Edition
1 Wrath of God Commander 2013 Edition
3 Yosei, the Morning Star Modern Masters

Foil Qty Card Set
2 AEther Vial From the Vault: Relics
2 All Is Dust Rise of the Eldrazi
1 Beast of Burden Eighth Edition
1 Belbe's Portal Nemesis
2 Black Vise From the Vault: Relics
2 Blight Herder Battle for Zendikar
5 Contagion Clasp Scars of Mirrodin
1 Darksteel Plate Mirrodin Besieged
2 Door of Destinies Morningtide
1 Druidic Satchel Magic 2012
1 Emrakul, the Aeons Torn Rise of the Eldrazi
2 Engineered Explosives Modern Masters
1 Epochrasite Future Sight
1 Gallows at Willow Hill Avacyn Restored
1 Horn of Plenty Mercadian Masques
1 Icy Manipulator Mirrodin
4 Isochron Scepter Mirrodin
2 Isochron Scepter From the Vault: Relics
2 Ivory Tower From the Vault: Relics
1 Jade Statue Ninth Edition
2 Jester's Cap From the Vault: Relics
2 Karn, Silver Golem From the Vault: Relics
2 Lightning Greaves Mirrodin
1 Livewire Lash Scars of Mirrodin
1 Living End Time Spiral
1 Lux Cannon Scars of Mirrodin
2 Masticore From the Vault: Relics
2 Memory Jar From the Vault: Relics
4 Mind Stone Tenth Edition
2 Minion Reflector Shards of Alara
2 Mirari From the Vault: Relics
9 Moonsilver Spear Avacyn Restored
4 Myr Enforcer Mirrodin
1 Myr Reservoir Scars of Mirrodin
2 Nevinyrral's Disk From the Vault: Relics
4 Obelisk of Alara Conflux
1 Otherworld Atlas Avacyn Restored
3 Pathrazer of Ulamog Rise of the Eldrazi
1 Pentavus Magic 2012
1 Pithing Needle Magic 2010
1 Planar Portal Invasion
1 Ratchet Bomb Scars of Mirrodin
12 Ratchet Bomb Magic 2014 Core Set
1 Runechanter's Pike Innistrad
2 Sol Ring From the Vault: Relics
1 Spellskite New Phyrexia
3 Staff of Nin Magic 2013
6 Steel Hellkite Scars of Mirrodin
1 Strata Scythe Scars of Mirrodin
2 Sundering Titan From the Vault: Relics
5 Thopter Assembly Mirrodin Besieged
1 Thran Golem Urza's Destiny
1 Titan Forge Mirrodin Besieged
4 Tormod's Crypt Time Spiral ""Timeshifted""
1 Tsabo's Web Invasion
1 Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre Rise of the Eldrazi
1 Urza's Blueprints Urza's Legacy
1 Urza's Filter Invasion
1 Venser's Journal Scars of Mirrodin
1 Witchbane Orb Innistrad
1 Wurmcoil Engine Scars of Mirrodin
2 Zuran Orb From the Vault: Relics
1 Archdemon of Unx Shards of Alara
1 Ascendant Evincar Nemesis
4 Bitterblossom Modern Masters 2015 Edition
1 Black Sun's Zenith Mirrodin Besieged
1 Bloodgift Demon Innistrad
4 Bloodlord of Vaasgoth Magic 2012
2 Carnifex Demon Scars of Mirrodin
1 Cemetery Reaper Magic 2012
1 Chancellor of the Dross New Phyrexia
1 Coffin Puppets Prophecy
1 Curse of Misfortunes Dark Ascension
1 Curse of Thirst Dark Ascension
3 Curse of Wizardry Rise of the Eldrazi
1 Demonlord of Ashmouth Avacyn Restored
1 Devouring Strossus Invasion
11 Dismember New Phyrexia
4 Dread Lorwyn
5 Duress Premium Deck Series: Graveborn
4 Earwig Squad Morningtide
1 Eastern Paladin Eighth Edition
1 Exquisite Blood Avacyn Restored
2 Faceless Butcher Premium Deck Series: Graveborn
1 Gatekeeper of Malakir Zendikar
1 Glistening Oil New Phyrexia
1 Gloom Surgeon Avacyn Restored
1 Guul Draz Assassin Rise of the Eldrazi
1 Haunting Echoes Magic 2011
1 Hypnotic Specter Magic 2010
2 Infernal Genesis Prophecy
4 Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni Betrayers of Kamigawa
7 Last Rites Premium Deck Series: Graveborn
1 Lifebane Zombie Magic 2014 Core Set
1 Memoricide Scars of Mirrodin
2 Mind Warp Classic Sixth Edition
1 Monomania Magic 2012
1 Mortician Beetle Rise of the Eldrazi
1 Necropolis Regent Return to Ravnica
1 Necropotence From the Vault: Exiled
4 Oona's Blackguard Morningtide
9 Oona's Prowler Lorwyn
8 Pack Rat Return to Ravnica
1 Phylactery Lich Magic 2011
3 Phyrexian Vatmother Mirrodin Besieged
1 Plague Stinger Scars of Mirrodin
3 Putrid Imp Premium Deck Series: Graveborn
8 Ravenous Demon Dark Ascension
1 Rebel Informer Prophecy
1 Rise from the Grave Magic 2013
1 Roiling Horror Planar Chaos
1 Rotlung Reanimator Onslaught
1 Sangromancer Mirrodin Besieged
1 Sanguine Bond Magic 2010
1 Scepter of Fugue Conflux
5 Sengir Vampire Beatdown Box Set
1 Sheoldred, Whispering One New Phyrexia
3 Skirsdag High Priest Innistrad
1 Skittering Skirge Urza's Saga
1 Stenchskipper Morningtide
3 Syphon Mind Onslaught
1 Tar Fiend Shards of Alara
3 Tendrils of Agony Scourge
1 Terror Classic Sixth Edition
1 Tormented Soul Magic 2013
1 Tsabo's Assassin Invasion
1 Tsabo's Decree Invasion
2 Twisted Abomination Premium Deck Series: Graveborn
1 Underworld Connections Return to Ravnica
4 Underworld Dreams Magic 2010
1 Vampire Nocturnus Magic 2010
1 Void Maw Coldsnap
12 Xathrid Gorgon Magic 2013
4 Yixlid Jailer Future Sight
3 Argent Sphinx Scars of Mirrodin
3 Bident of Thassa Theros
1 Blind Seer Invasion
1 Blizzard Elemental Urza's Destiny
3 Blue Sun's Zenith Mirrodin Besieged
1 Bribery Mercadian Masques
1 Captain of the Mists Avacyn Restored
1 Chancellor of the Spires New Phyrexia
2 Chill Classic Sixth Edition
1 Colossal Whale Magic 2014 Core Set
1 Conundrum Sphinx Magic 2011
1 Cosi's Trickster Zendikar
1 Diluvian Primordial Gatecrash
1 Distant Memories Mirrodin Besieged
1 Djinn of Wishes Magic 2010
1 Dormant Gomazoa Rise of the Eldrazi
1 False Memories Torment
3 Frantic Search Urza's Legacy
1 Gravitational Shift Rise of the Eldrazi
1 Guile Lorwyn
1 Havengul Runebinder Dark Ascension
1 Impulse Visions
6 Jace Beleren Duel Decks: Jace vs. Chandra
5 Jace, Vryn's Prodigy Magic Origins
2 Jace's Ingenuity Magic 2011
1 Kederekt Leviathan Shards of Alara
1 Knacksaw Clique Shadowmoor
2 Lone Revenant Avacyn Restored
1 Lord of Atlantis Time Spiral ""Timeshifted""
14 Ludevic's Test Subject Innistrad
1 Lumengrid Augur Mirrodin
1 Lunar Mystic Avacyn Restored
1 Mahamoti Djinn Magic 2015 Core Set
1 Master of Etherium Shards of Alara
1 Meloku the Clouded Mirror Modern Masters
4 Merrow Reejerey Lorwyn
1 Mind Control Magic 2011
1 Misdirection Mercadian Masques
2 Mulldrifter Lorwyn
1 Myojin of Seeing Winds Champions of Kamigawa
1 Possessed Aven Torment
1 Prodigal Sorcerer Time Spiral ""Timeshifted""
1 Prognostic Sphinx Theros
6 Remand Ravnica: City of Guilds
1 Rising Waters Nemesis
1 Scion of Oona Modern Masters
1 Search the City Return to Ravnica
4 Serendib Efreet From the Vault: Exiled
1 Serum Visions Fifth Dawn
1 Sharding Sphinx Shards of Alara
7 Skaab Ruinator Innistrad
2 Slithermuse Morningtide
1 Sphinx of Magosi Rise of the Eldrazi
1 Sphinx of Uthuun Magic 2013
1 Stolen Goods Avacyn Restored
1 Stormscape Master Invasion
1 Stormtide Leviathan Magic 2011
1 Sturmgeist Innistrad
1 Talrand, Sky Summoner Magic 2013
2 Tezzeret the Seeker Duel Decks: Elspeth vs. Tezzeret
3 Thirst for Knowledge Mirrodin
1 Trait Doctoring Dragon's Maze
1 Undead Alchemist Innistrad
1 Vendilion Clique Morningtide
1 Void Stalker Magic 2013
1 AEther Rift Invasion
1 Ajani Vengeant Shards of Alara
2 Ajani Vengeant Duel Decks: Ajani vs. Nicol Bolas
2 Anathemancer Alara Reborn
1 Apocalypse Hydra Conflux
5 Archon of the Triumvirate Return to Ravnica
2 Artifact Mutation Invasion
1 Ashen Rider Theros
1 Blood Tyrant Conflux
1 Captain Sisay Invasion
4 Carnival Hellsteed Return to Ravnica
1 Catch // Release Dragon's Maze
1 Charnelhoard Wurm Conflux
1 Cold-Eyed Selkie Eventide
1 Consuming Aberration Gatecrash
2 Corpsejack Menace Return to Ravnica
1 Crosis, the Purger Premium Deck Series: Graveborn
1 Dimir Charm Gatecrash
1 Dimir Cutpurse Ravnica: City of Guilds
1 Djinn Illuminatus Guildpact
1 Dovescape Dissension
1 Dralnu, Lich Lord Time Spiral
1 Dreg Mangler Return to Ravnica
1 Dreg Mangler Duel Decks: Izzet vs. Golgari
1 Enigma Sphinx Alara Reborn
1 Fable of Wolf and Owl Eventide
1 Fathom Mage Gatecrash
1 Figure of Destiny Eventide
1 Figure of Destiny Modern Masters
2 Foundry Champion Gatecrash
1 Garza Zol, Plague Queen Coldsnap
1 Gleancrawler Ravnica: City of Guilds
1 Grimgrin, Corpse-Born Innistrad
1 Hanna, Ship's Navigator Invasion
2 Hypersonic Dragon Return to Ravnica
1 Impromptu Raid Shadowmoor
3 Ith, High Arcanist Time Spiral
2 Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord Duel Decks: Izzet vs. Golgari
21 Jeskai Ascendancy Khans of Tarkir
4 Judge's Familiar Return to Ravnica
2 Kangee, Aerie Keeper Invasion
3 Kiora, the Crashing Wave Duel Decks: Kiora vs. Elspeth
4 Knight of New Alara Alara Reborn
1 Lavalanche Alara Reborn
3 Malfegor Conflux
3 Marisi's Twinclaws Alara Reborn
6 Murderous Redcap Shadowmoor
1 Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker Magic 2013
2 Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker Duel Decks: Ajani vs. Nicol Bolas
1 Nightveil Specter Gatecrash
2 Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind Duel Decks: Izzet vs. Golgari
3 Ojutai's Command Dragons of Tarkir
1 Polis Crusher Theros
1 Powerstone Minefield Apocalypse
1 Prince of Thralls Shards of Alara
1 Punish Ignorance Shards of Alara
2 Pyre Zombie Invasion
2 Qasali Pridemage Alara Reborn
2 Raging Kavu Invasion
1 Rakdos Cackler Return to Ravnica
2 Render Silent Dragon's Maze
1 Retaliator Griffin Alara Reborn
1 Rhox War Monk Shards of Alara
1 Rise of the Hobgoblins Eventide
1 Rumbling Slum Guildpact
4 Siege Rhino Khans of Tarkir
2 Slave of Bolas Alara Reborn
4 Sorin, Lord of Innistrad Duel Decks: Sorin vs. Tibalt
1 Sphinx Summoner Conflux
2 Sprouting Thrinax Shards of Alara
1 Supreme Verdict Return to Ravnica
1 Tamanoa Coldsnap
6 Time Sieve Alara Reborn
1 Titanic Ultimatum Shards of Alara
1 Tsabo Tavoc Invasion
1 Venser, the Sojourner Scars of Mirrodin
2 Venser, the Sojourner Duel Decks: Venser vs. Koth
4 Vexing Shusher Shadowmoor
3 Watchwolf Ravnica: City of Guilds
2 Woolly Thoctar Shards of Alara
1 Arbor Colossus Theros
2 Berserk From the Vault: Exiled
1 Birds of Paradise Magic 2011
1 Brood Sliver Premium Deck Series: Slivers
1 Call of the Herd Time Spiral ""Timeshifted""
2 Cliffrunner Behemoth Conflux
1 Cream of the Crop Morningtide
5 Creeping Mold Classic Sixth Edition
1 Daybreak Ranger Innistrad
2 Deadbridge Goliath Return to Ravnica
1 Death's Presence Return to Ravnica
1 Doubling Season Modern Masters
1 Elder of Laurels Innistrad
1 Elvish Archdruid Magic 2013
3 Erhnam Djinn Beatdown Box Set
1 Essence of the Wild Innistrad
4 Experiment One Gatecrash
1 Ezuri, Renegade Leader Scars of Mirrodin
2 Ezuri's Brigade Scars of Mirrodin
1 Gaea's Herald Planeshift
1 Garruk Wildspeaker Duel Decks: Garruk vs. Liliana
3 Garruk's Horde Magic 2012
1 Genesis Wave Scars of Mirrodin
1 Heartwood Storyteller Future Sight
3 Hedge Troll Planar Chaos
1 Helix Pinnacle Eventide
3 Hermit Druid Stronghold
4 Jolrael, Empress of Beasts Time Spiral ""Timeshifted""
2 Kavu Titan Invasion
1 Kessig Cagebreakers Innistrad
1 Masked Admirers Lorwyn
4 Mayor of Avabruck Innistrad
1 Megantic Sliver Magic 2014 Core Set
1 Molimo, Maro-Sorcerer Invasion
8 Natural Affinity Eighth Edition
1 Paleoloth Conflux
1 Rampaging Baloths Zendikar
1 Roar of the Wurm Odyssey
1 Saproling Infestation Invasion
8 Scavenging Ooze Magic 2014 Core Set
1 Skylasher Dragon's Maze
4 Spike Tiller Time Spiral
1 Splinterfright Innistrad
1 Stone-Tongue Basilisk Odyssey
4 Summoning Trap Zendikar
5 Sylvan Ranger Magic 2011
2 Thorn Elemental Seventh Edition
10 Traverse the Ulvenwald Shadows over Innistrad
1 Ursapine Ravnica: City of Guilds
6 Vengevine Rise of the Eldrazi
1 Verdant Force Planechase
1 Verdant Force Premium Deck Series: Graveborn
1 Vitalizing Wind Prophecy
2 Wall of Roots Time Spiral ""Timeshifted""
1 Wild Beastmaster Return to Ravnica
1 Wild Nacatl Shards of Alara
1 Wild Pair Premium Deck Series: Slivers
1 Wren's Run Packmaster Lorwyn
4 Wren's Run Vanquisher Lorwyn
4 Desert Time Spiral ""Timeshifted""
1 Dragonskull Summit Magic 2010
1 Drowned Catacomb Magic 2010
1 Exotic Orchard Conflux
1 Flooded Grove Eventide
18 Maze's End Dragon's Maze
2 Pendelhaven Time Spiral ""Timeshifted""
1 Rath's Edge Nemesis
1 Stensia Bloodhall Innistrad
1 Teetering Peaks Zendikar
1 Teetering Peaks Premium Deck Series: Fire and Lightning
1 Temple of Mystery Theros
1 Temple of Silence Theros
1 Temple of Triumph Theros
4 Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth From the Vault: Realms
3 Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle Zendikar
1 Abbot of Keral Keep Magic Origins
5 Ancient Hellkite Magic 2011
1 Anger of the Gods Theros
1 Ball Lightning Premium Deck Series: Fire and Lightning
2 Blasphemous Act Innistrad
1 Burn at the Stake Avacyn Restored
1 Callous Giant Invasion
2 Cerebral Eruption Scars of Mirrodin
3 Chandra Nalaar Duel Decks: Jace vs. Chandra
1 Chaos Imps Return to Ravnica
1 Cinder Pyromancer Premium Deck Series: Fire and Lightning
1 Collapsing Borders Invasion
2 Comet Storm Worldwake
1 Conquering Manticore Rise of the Eldrazi
1 Exquisite Firecraft Magic Origins
1 Firewing Phoenix Magic 2013
1 Flameblast Dragon Shards of Alara
1 Flameblast Dragon Magic 2012
1 Flames of the Blood Hand Premium Deck Series: Fire and Lightning
1 Flayer of the Hatebound Dark Ascension
6 Fling Magic 2012
4 Fortune Thief Time Spiral
1 Galvanoth Mirrodin Besieged
1 Ghitu Fire Invasion
1 Goblin Diplomats Magic 2014 Core Set
4 Greater Gargadon Time Spiral
4 Grim Lavamancer Premium Deck Series: Fire and Lightning
1 Guild Feud Return to Ravnica
1 Hammer of Bogardan Eighth Edition
4 Hammer of Bogardan Premium Deck Series: Fire and Lightning
2 Heretic's Punishment Innistrad
1 Hoard-Smelter Dragon Scars of Mirrodin
1 Increasing Vengeance Dark Ascension
1 Inferno Eighth Edition
5 Jaya Ballard, Task Mage Premium Deck Series: Fire and Lightning
2 Jaya Ballard, Task Mage Time Spiral
2 Kamahl, Pit Fighter Tenth Edition
1 Kavu Monarch Invasion
1 Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs Worldwake
3 Kird Ape From the Vault: Exiled
1 Knollspine Invocation Shadowmoor
2 Koth of the Hammer Duel Decks: Venser vs. Koth
1 Koth of the Hammer Scars of Mirrodin
1 Laccolith Titan Nemesis
5 Lightning Hounds Mercadian Masques
7 Lord of Shatterskull Pass Rise of the Eldrazi
4 Magma Jet Theros
1 Magma Phoenix Magic 2011
4 Mondronen Shaman Dark Ascension
2 Nearheath Stalker Dark Ascension
4 Norin the Wary Time Spiral
1 Obliterate Invasion
1 Planeswalker's Fury Planeshift
1 Puppet's Verdict Mercadian Masques
1 Pyrewild Shaman Dragon's Maze
3 Rage Nimbus Rise of the Eldrazi
1 Reverberate Magic 2012
1 Rimescale Dragon Coldsnap
1 Ryusei, the Falling Star Champions of Kamigawa
1 Searing Spear Magic 2013
1 Shock Classic Sixth Edition
3 Shrapnel Blast Mirrodin
1 Slumbering Dragon Magic 2013
3 Squee, Goblin Nabob Modern Masters
1 Stand or Fall Invasion
2 Stone Rain Mercadian Masques
4 Storm Entity Future Sight
1 Territorial Dispute Mercadian Masques
4 Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded Duel Decks: Sorin vs. Tibalt
1 Torchling Planar Chaos
1 Two-Headed Dragon From the Vault: Dragons
1 Urza's Rage Duel Decks: Phyrexia vs. the Coalition
2 Warmonger Mercadian Masques
17 Wolf of Devil's Breach Shadows over Innistrad
1 Word of Seizing Time Spiral
1 Adarkar Valkyrie Modern Masters
1 Angel of Flight Alabaster Innistrad
1 Angelic Arbiter Magic 2011
1 Archon of Redemption Worldwake
3 Armament Master Zendikar
1 Atalya, Samite Master Invasion
2 Avatar of Hope Prophecy
1 Blade Splicer New Phyrexia
1 Blinding Angel Nemesis
1 Boon Reflection Shadowmoor
1 Calciderm Planar Chaos
1 Captain of the Watch Magic 2013
1 Celestial Archon Theros
1 Chancellor of the Annex New Phyrexia
4 Chronosavant Time Spiral
1 Common Cause Mercadian Masques
2 Day of Judgment Zendikar
1 Day of Judgment Magic 2011
1 Divine Presence Invasion
1 Divine Reckoning Innistrad
1 Elspeth, Knight-Errant Duel Decks: Elspeth vs. Tezzeret
1 Emeria Angel Zendikar
1 Endless Horizons Eventide
3 Enlightened Tutor Classic Sixth Edition
2 Evangelize Time Spiral
2 False Prophet Urza's Destiny
4 Favor of the Mighty Lorwyn
1 Gather the Townsfolk Dark Ascension
1 Harsh Judgment Invasion
1 Hoofprints of the Stag Lorwyn
2 Kiyomaro, First to Stand Saviors of Kamigawa
1 Knight-Captain of Eos Shards of Alara
1 Kor Duelist Zendikar
1 Kor Firewalker Worldwake
1 Leonin Shikari Darksteel
1 Lightwielder Paladin Magic 2010
1 Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero Nemesis
1 Luminarch Ascension Zendikar
1 Mageta the Lion Prophecy
1 March of Souls Planeshift
2 Mentor of the Meek Innistrad
1 Odric, Master Tactician Magic 2013
1 Palisade Giant Return to Ravnica
1 Path to Exile Modern Event Deck 2014
1 Personal Sanctuary Magic 2012
2 Phyrexian Rebirth Mirrodin Besieged
4 Restoration Angel Avacyn Restored
3 Resurrection Time Spiral ""Timeshifted""
7 Return to the Ranks Magic 2015 Core Set
1 Serra Angel Ninth Edition
1 Sivvi's Valor Nemesis
1 Spelltithe Enforcer Guildpact
1 Staunch Defenders Classic Sixth Edition
1 Stonehewer Giant Modern Masters
1 Story Circle Mercadian Masques
2 Sun Titan Magic 2011
3 Sunblast Angel Scars of Mirrodin
1 Sunscape Master Invasion
1 True Believer Tenth Edition
1 True Conviction Scars of Mirrodin
1 Vryn Wingmare Magic Origins

From: Irvine, CA
Confirmed Refs: 76

posted July 21, 2016 10:28 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for nightchaser01 Click Here to Email nightchaser01 Send a private message to nightchaser01 Click to send nightchaser01 an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View nightchaser01's Have/Want ListView nightchaser01's Have/Want List
Interested in your revised tropical island if it's sp-nm. From your want list I do have foil wastes, foil bitterblossom, abrupt decay, mutavault, polluted delta, plus my list. Let me know if we can come to a trade. Thanks!
From: Ohio, USA
Confirmed Refs: 11

posted July 22, 2016 06:10 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for Dragonautic Send a private message to Dragonautic Click to send Dragonautic an Instant MessageVisit Dragonautic's Homepage  Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View Dragonautic's Have/Want ListView Dragonautic's Have/Want List
Hi there,

Interested in
3x Gravecrawlers
1x Grave Titan Magic 2012
1x Nemesis of Reason Alara Reborn

Check my list and let me know:


From: Lakeville, MN, USA
Confirmed Refs: 39

posted July 22, 2016 07:05 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for B-Town Click Here to Email B-Town Send a private message to B-Town Click to send B-Town an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View B-Town's Have/Want ListView B-Town's Have/Want List
Sent you a PM in reply to your message on my list. Just following up here. Take a look and shoot me a line when you can. Thanks!

Cards this person has that you want:
Liliana of the Veil
Rancor (M13)
Cards this person wants that you have:
Arcum Dagsson
Austere Command
Bloodline Keeper
Cloud Key
Eladamri's Call
Evacuation (10th)
Goblin King (10th)
Grand Arbiter Augustin IV
Grave Betrayal
Grave Titan (M12)
Hokori, Dust Drinker
Keiga, the Tide Star
Land Tax (4th)
Lord of the Undead (10th)
Merciless Eviction
Mindslaver (SOM)
Mystic Gate
Stony Silence
Sunken Ruins
Tamiyo, the Moon Sage
Thopter Assembly
Time Sieve
Time Stop (10th)
Tooth and Nail
Twilight Drover
Venser's Journal
Vinelasher Kudzu

Maybe we can make something happen, and if you want me to find some stuff on your list, ill be happy to.

[Edited 1 times, lastly by B-Town on July 22, 2016]

From: CA
Confirmed Refs: 114

posted July 22, 2016 10:14 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for theMonster Send a private message to theMonster Click to send theMonster an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View theMonster's Have/Want ListView theMonster's Have/Want List
Hey there, I've got the following off your wants:

4 Mox Diamond (Stronghold, 1 NM, 2 SP, 1 MP)
1 Bayou (Revised, SP)
1 Karakas (Legends, English NM)
1 Liliana of the Veil
1 Academy Ruins (Time Spiral)
4 Counterbalance
2 Dark Confidant (1 MM, 1 MM15)
1 Vendilion Clique (MM15)
1 Firestorm (SP)
1 Helm of Obedience
2 Intuition
1 Maze of Ith (The Dark, SP)
2 Elvish Spirit Guide (SP)

I'm interested in any number of Tarmogoyfs, one Liliana of the Veil, and one Opposition. Think we can work something out?


From: Phoenix, AZ
Confirmed Refs: 16

posted July 22, 2016 11:27 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for odius85 Click Here to Email odius85 Send a private message to odius85 Click to send odius85 an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View odius85's Have/Want ListView odius85's Have/Want List
Aether Vial (DST) 41.80
Craterhoof Behemoth 24.95
Manamorphose (MMA) 4.99
Rancor (EMA) 2.49 -- also have Urza's Legacy
Sensei's Divining Top (EMA) 22.22
Mana Crypt (EMA) 89.99

Force of Will 89.95
Karn Liberated (NPH) 43.49
Tamiyo, the Moon Sage 19.62
Volrath's Stronghold 33.10

Lmk what you think. Thanks!

choco man
From: Austin, TX
Confirmed Refs: 392

posted July 22, 2016 11:53 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for choco man Click Here to Email choco man Send a private message to choco man Click to send choco man an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View choco man's Have/Want ListView choco man's Have/Want List
If there's is enough value on my list for your foil Bribery (MMQ) take away!

Check my list, let me know

From: Richmond, VA, US
Confirmed Refs: 81

posted July 23, 2016 09:18 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for canadaeast Click Here to Email canadaeast Send a private message to canadaeast Click to send canadaeast an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote 
Hello. I referred to MTGGoldfish for prices. I reduced my SP values by 5% to adjust for condition. Please let me know if any of your cards are not NM.

1 Karador, Ghost Chieftain (Judge Promo, NM) = $14.31
1 Batterskull (GP Promo, NM) = $16
1 Abrupt Decay (RTR, NM) = $11.14
1 Cabal Therapy (EMA, NM) = $5.34
1 Dryad Arbor (FS, SP) = $10.92 ($11.49 -5%)
1 Glimpse of Nature (COK, SP) = $19.91 ($20.96 -5%)
1 Natural Order (EMA, NM) = $25.31
1 Thoughtseize (THS, NM) = $14.68
4 Urza's Mine (CHR, NM, Pulley) = $5.16
2 Urza's Power Plant (CHR, NM, Bug) = $3
2 Urza's Power Plant (CHR, SP, Bug) = $2.85 ($3 -5%)
2 Urza's Tower (CHR, NM, Plains) = $3
2 Urza's Tower (CHR, SP, Plains) = $2.85 ($3 -5%)
Total = $134.46

1 Avenger of Zendikar (WWK) = $4.37
1 Chaos Warp (Commander) = $3.09
1 Coalition Relic = $9.03
1 Fire-Lit Thicket = $21.23
1 Garruk Wildspeaker (Commander) = $9
1 Greater Good (US) = $11.37
1 Prossh, Skyraider of Kher = $0.99
1 Sulfurous Springs = $4.50
1 Summoner's Pact (MM) = $11.50
1 Tooth and Nail (MM) = $21
1 Twilight Mire = $38.59
Total = $134.77


[Edited 4 times, lastly by canadaeast on July 23, 2016]

From: Winnsboro, LA 71295 USA
Confirmed Refs: 18

posted July 23, 2016 03:04 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for dbrown141 Click Here to Email dbrown141 Send a private message to dbrown141 Click to send dbrown141 an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View dbrown141's Have/Want ListView dbrown141's Have/Want List
Would you do my
Imperial Recruiter Ch P3K

For your:
Tropical Island Rev
Sneak Attack Saga

Let me know. Thanks.

From: Orange, CA USA
Confirmed Refs: 49

posted July 24, 2016 01:12 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for Charlesv Click Here to Email Charlesv Send a private message to Charlesv Click to send Charlesv an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View Charlesv's Have/Want ListView Charlesv's Have/Want List
sent pm
From: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Confirmed Refs: 281

posted July 24, 2016 05:07 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for vancimus Click Here to Email vancimus Send a private message to vancimus Click to send vancimus an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View vancimus's Have/Want ListView vancimus's Have/Want List
Hi there.
Are you interested in the gp foil Griselbrand?
Plz advise as I have several others of you wants and will price up am offer.
The Foilmonger
From: Poway, CA, USA
Confirmed Refs: 1190

posted July 24, 2016 05:09 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for The Foilmonger Click Here to Email The Foilmonger Send a private message to The Foilmonger Click to send The Foilmonger an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View The Foilmonger's Have/Want ListView The Foilmonger's Have/Want List
Hey there,
How bout this?

2x Ancient Tomb (67.98)
1x Natural Order (25.31)
1x Traverse the Ulvenwald (1.90)
1x Mother of Runes (Urza's Legacy) (2.88)
Total: (98.07)

For your:
1x Emezawa's Jitte (32.10)
2x Sacred Foundry (Ravnica) (32.50)
1x Breeding Pool (Dissension)(18.54)
1x Gavony Township (5.95)
1x Temple of Abandon (Theros) (.74)
2x Temple of Enlightenment (Born of the Gods) (4.56)
2x Temple of Plenty (Born of the Gods) (3.60)
Total (97.99)


New Member
From: Baltimore, MD
Confirmed Refs: 4

posted July 25, 2016 07:11 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for LarryJ88 Click Here to Email LarryJ88 Send a private message to LarryJ88 Click to send LarryJ88 an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote 

Please consider the following trade:

4x Wasteland Tempest
1x Bloodstained Mire (KTK)
1x Windswept Heath (KTK)
3x Eidolon of the Great Revel
2x Elesh Norn
4x Mother of Runes
1x Choke (Temp)
2x The Gitrog Monster
2x Prized Amalgam

2x Brushland Ice
1x Eye of Ugin
3x Cavern of Souls
1x Umezawa's Jitte
1x Chalice of the Void
2x Thorn of Amethyst
4x Leyline of the Void


From: Minnesota, USA
Confirmed Refs: 31

posted July 25, 2016 10:44 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for mikeduges Click Here to Email mikeduges Send a private message to mikeduges Click to send mikeduges an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote 
How does

Snapcaster Mage x2 (One is SP+ the other is NM-)


Noble Hierarch x2 Conflux


[Edited 1 times, lastly by mikeduges on July 25, 2016]

From: Stuart, FL
Confirmed Refs: 226

posted July 25, 2016 01:34 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for Wintermist_one2 Click Here to Email Wintermist_one2 Send a private message to Wintermist_one2 Click to send Wintermist_one2 an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View Wintermist_one2's Have/Want ListView Wintermist_one2's Have/Want List

Would you be interested in doing something like this trade:

Liliana of the Viel NM-
Savannah Rev NM

Bayou condition ??
Polluted Delta KTK

Please take a look at,my list and let me know what you think. Thank you for your time and consideration.

From: Ipswich, MA, USA
Confirmed Refs: 2

posted July 27, 2016 10:00 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for lifeisgood9575 Click Here to Email lifeisgood9575 Send a private message to lifeisgood9575 Click to send lifeisgood9575 an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote 
pm sent!
From: Ipswich, MA, USA
Confirmed Refs: 2

posted July 28, 2016 05:56 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for lifeisgood9575 Click Here to Email lifeisgood9575 Send a private message to lifeisgood9575 Click to send lifeisgood9575 an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote 
What about this?


1x Snapcaster Mage
1x Sword of Feast and Famine

1x Cavern of Souls
1x Death Baron

I am also VERY interested in your Lord of the Undead so if theres anything else that might interest you let me know! LMK if the trade above works

From: Ipswich, MA, USA
Confirmed Refs: 2

posted July 28, 2016 06:01 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for lifeisgood9575 Click Here to Email lifeisgood9575 Send a private message to lifeisgood9575 Click to send lifeisgood9575 an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote 
Id actually be interested in all your zombie cards! LMK if we can make the trade a bit bigger
New Member
From: Allentown, PA, USA
Confirmed Refs: 4

posted July 31, 2016 04:57 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for dsmonsta Click Here to Email dsmonsta Send a private message to dsmonsta Click to send dsmonsta an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote 
Hi there, I'm interested in your 2x aether vials from mm13 and have the following:

-abrupt decay, bloodghast, chrome mox, dack, emrakul, engineered explosives, flooded strand, inkmoth nexus, jace the mind sculptor, mox opal, pact of negation, sensei's divining top, shardless agent, sword of feast and famine, thoughtseize.

Let me know what you're interested in.

From: Fayetteville, Arkansas
Confirmed Refs: 37

posted August 01, 2016 09:51 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for saw2th Click Here to Email saw2th Send a private message to saw2th Click to send saw2th an Instant MessageVisit saw2th's Homepage  Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote 

I have 2 Heritage Druid, 1 Simian Spirit Guide, 1 Mother of Runes, 2 Mutavault, and a Ven Clique I'd like to let go of.

Would you be down to trade me some stuff like Breeding Pool, Overgrown Tomb, maybe Shadow of Doubt?

If interested, please get in touch.

From: Buffalo, NY, USA
Confirmed Refs: 36

posted August 02, 2016 11:17 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for MathWizardPimp Click Here to Email MathWizardPimp Send a private message to MathWizardPimp Click to send MathWizardPimp an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote 
I have Jace and Wasteland. I want a ton of your cards:

Force of Will
Hallowed Fountain x4
Hellkite Tyrant
Illusionist's Bracers
Kher Keep
Koth of the Hammer
Ratchet Bomb
Scalding Tarn x3
Scrying Sheets
Snapcaster Mage
Sword of Fire and Ice (MMA)

Let me know if you think there is potential here. I can brew something up. Just wondering which cards you'd least want to trade.

From: Ipswich, MA, USA
Confirmed Refs: 2

posted August 03, 2016 11:50 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for lifeisgood9575 Click Here to Email lifeisgood9575 Send a private message to lifeisgood9575 Click to send lifeisgood9575 an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote 
Still interested in trading? Could really use some of your cards! Just LMK!
From: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Confirmed Refs: 281

posted August 03, 2016 05:12 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for vancimus Click Here to Email vancimus Send a private message to vancimus Click to send vancimus an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View vancimus's Have/Want ListView vancimus's Have/Want List
Hello there,
How about this:
Academy Ruins - ts
Kolaghan's Command
Venser, Shaper Savant
3 Simian Spirit Guide

For your:
3 sedge sliver
3 galerider sliver
2 syphon sliver
3 Tidebinder Mage
Sylvan Caryatid
2 Bonescythe Sliver
Entreat the Angels

Plz let me know,

Mox Tadpole
From: Toronto, Canada, Formerly Plymouth, England. Formerly Windsor, Canada
Confirmed Refs: 25

posted August 09, 2016 01:38 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for Mox Tadpole Send a private message to Mox Tadpole Click to send Mox Tadpole an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote 
Good Afternoon

I am after

1x Bayou (157)
1x Creeping Tar Pit (21)

Total 178


3x Snapcaster Mage (60)

Total 180

Assuming NM via TCG median


New Member
From: Aston, Pa, United States
Confirmed Refs: 0

posted August 13, 2016 06:39 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for Amicklo Click Here to Email Amicklo Send a private message to Amicklo Click to send Amicklo an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote 

I am interested in:
3 noble hierarchs (conflux)
1 inkmoth nexus
2 misty rainforest (ZEN)
$237.37 total

I have:
4 blood moon (chronicles)
1 scalding tarn (ZEN)
$238.70 total

Please PM me if you are interested in figuring something out. Thanks!


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