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Author Topic:   New updated list with Amonkhet!
Mishra II
From: Chained to the rocks of Phyrexia
Confirmed Refs: 320

posted April 30, 2017 07:51 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for Mishra II Click Here to Email Mishra II Send a private message to Mishra II Click to send Mishra II an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View Mishra II's Have/Want ListView Mishra II's Have/Want List
God rules apply!

1. References determine sending order.
2. Prefer NM or better cards, please specify condition when trading.
3. I use TCG mid as a general guide, but am not a stickler if the trade is off by a few dollars.
4. Be nice and respectful as I will extend the same courtesy.
5. Please don't rip!
6. Please make an offer if you can; I will look at your list.
7. I'm open to trades beyond what I currently list as I trade on all formats.

[Edited 45 times, lastly by Mishra II on May 28, 2017]

Want List:

1x tarmogofy (future Sight only)
Xxx Expeditions & Inventions
1x Cavern of Souls (AVR only)
3x verdant catacomb (MM17 only)
2x misty rainforest (MM17 only)
1x marsh flats (MM17 only)
1x wooded foothills
2x stomping ground (Guildpact only)
1x birds of paradise
3x mutavault (Morningtide only)
2x cryptic command
3x gideon of the trials
2x spire of industry
4x inquisition of kozilek
2x lightning bolt


xxx full art original zendikar lands
xxx foil lands

Have List:

6x bayou
5x badlands
9x scrubland
9x savannah
8x tundra (1x miscut)
9x taiga
4x tropical island
4x volcanic island
4x underground sea
8x plateau
1x Library of Alexandria (BGS 8.5)
1x city of brass – (Italian foreign black bordered Arabian nights)
3x karakas (1x Legends, 2x EMA - 1x foil)
3x lake of the dead
4x thawing glaciers
4x undiscovered paradise
2x maze of ith (2x ema)
8x mishra’s factory (4x ema)
5x tolarian academy (1x Japanese)
2x Serra's Sanctum
5x Gaea's Cradle (1x signed)
2x dustbowl
2x kor haven
1x cabal coffers
3x volrath's stronghold (1x Korean signed)
2x phyrexian tower (1x Japanese)
4x gemstone mine
4x ancient tomb
4x reflecting pool
3x city of traitors
4x rishadan port (4x Japanese)
7x wasteland (2x Expedition, 1x EMA)
4x adarkar waste
4x brushland
4x karpulsan forest
4x sulfurous springs
4x underground river
4x forbidden orchard
7x boseiju who shelters all (4x FTV, 3x COK)
4x celestial colonnade (2x Japanese)
7x raging ravine
5x valakut, the molten pinnacle (4x foil launch party, 1x pack foil)
14x bloodstained mire (7x ONS - 2x signed, 6x KTK, 1x Expedition)
9x scalding tarn (1x pack foil, 1x expedition, 4x Japanese)
23x flooded strand (4x ONS - 3x signed, 19x KTK - 3x Korean - 4x foil, 1x Expedition)
13x polluted delta (7x ONS - 1x signed, 6x KTK - 2x foil)
25x windswept heath (10x ONS - 2x signed, 14x KTK - 1x foil, 1x Expedition)
12x misty rainforest (1x Expedition, 2x MM17)
8x arid mesa (4x MM17)
4x verdant catacomb (1x Expedition, 1x MM17)
7x marsh flats (3x MM17)
11x wooded foothills (4x ONS - 3x signed, 7x KTK)
4x urza’s saga swamp foil land
4x urza’s saga mountain foil land
1x blinkmoth nexus (MM)
1x eiganjo castle
5x Cavern of Souls (3x AVR, 2x MM17 - 1x pack foil)
1x mutavault (morningtide)
7x eldrazi temple (5x foil, all from MM15)
2x vault of the archangel (2x pack foil)
8x gavony township (1x foil)
23x hallowed fountain (13x RTR - 10x foil, 10x Dissension)
30x temple garden (18x RTR - 8x foil, 13x Ravnica)
28x overgrown tomb (12x Ravnica, 14x RTR - 4x foil, 2x expedition)
26x breeding pool (14x RTR - 7x foil, 1x Korean, 8x Dissension)
15x godless shrine (13x Guildpact, 2x Gatecrash)
16x stomping ground (2x Guildpact , 12x Gatecrash - 8x signed, 2x expedition)
12x sacred foundry (4x Ravnica, 7x Gatecrash - 3x foil, 1x expedition)
17x watery grave (12x Gatecrash - 5x foil, 4x Ravnica, 2x signed, 1x expedition)
30x blood crypt (26x RTR - 6x foil, 4x Dissension)
21x steam vents (13x RTR - 2x foil, 4x guildpact, 4x Expedition)
1x fetid heath (1x foil expedition)
12x glacial fortress (1x Japanese)
12x sunpetal grove (4x foil)
7x woodland cemetery (4x foil)
7x hinterland harbor
10x isolated chapel
10x rootbound crag
10x clifftop retreat
7x drowned catacomb
7x dragonskull summit
7x sulfur falls (1x foil)
5x nykthos shrine to nyx (1x Korean)
3x temple of deceit (1x foil)
4x temple of silence
3x temple of triumph
5x temple of abandon
8x temple of mystery (1x foil)
4x temple of enlightenment
4x temple of plenty (1x foil)
3x temple of malady
2x thespian sage
4x desolated lighthouse
1x windbrisk heights
5x maze's end (2x foil)
3x crucible of the dragon
5x battlefield forge
5x caves of koilos
5x llanowar waste
5x shivan reef
5x yavimaya coast
1x mana confluence (foil Expedition)
4x ally encampment
4x lumbering falls
6x shambling vent
15x prairie stream (4x foil)
4x sunken hollow
5x canopy vista
5x cinder glade
4x smoldering marsh
4x corrupted crossroads
4x mirror pool
4x seagate wreckage
4x ruins of oran-rief
2x wandering fumarole (2x foil)
4x needle spires
4x port town
4x choke estuary
2x fortified village
2x game trail (2x pack foil)
4x drownyard temple
10x westvale abbey (4x pack foil, 1x Japanese)
1x maze of ith (ema)
4x geier reach sanitarium
6x hanweir battlements (1x pack foil)
13x investors' fair
13x spirebluff canal
1x botanical sanctum
12x blooming marsh
14x concealed courtyard
12x inspiring vantage
16x aether hub
2x spire of industry
4x cascading cataracts
5x fetid pools
2x irrigated farmland
1x sheltered thicket
5x canyon slough
200+ foil lands
Xxx have tons of other land rares and uncommons; just ask I’m sure I have it


8x sol ring (1x foreign black-bordered)
8x mana vault
4x icy manipulator
4x nevinyrral’s disk
1x ivory tower
1x zuran orb
5x winter orb (1x ema)
5x lion’s eye diamond
4x altar of dementia
4x scalding tongs
4x horn of greed
4x karn silver golem
4x phyrexian processor
5x scroll rack (1x foreign, 1x commander's arsendal)
4x mox diamond (1x Japanese)
4x metal worker (4x Japanese)
10x voltaic key
4x Thran dynamo
4x tangle wire
4x quicksilver amulet (UL)
3x ring of gix
4x null brooch
4x coat of arms (Exodus)
4x urza’s blueprints
4x darksteel colossus
4x ensnaring bridge (SH)
5x defense grid
8x lotus petal
2x powder keg
2x sapphire medallion
3x pearl medallion
2x jet medallion
2x emerald medallion
1x ruby medallion
6x masticore (1x foil)
8x cursed scroll
4x grim monolith (1x Japanese)
4x memory jar
5x karn liberated (2x Japanese, all New Phyrexia)
5x sensei divining top (4x COK, 1x ema)
6x goblin charbelcher (2x ema)
6x batterskull (1x pack foil)
2x umezawa’s jitte
3x sword of fire & ice
3x sword of light & shadow
1x sword of feast & famine
9x Emrakul, the aeons torn (8x foil promo - 3x French, 1x MM15)
1x crucible of worlds
4x birthing pod
4x aether vial (DS)
6x iscochron’s scepter (2x ema)
4x vedalken shackles
1x sundering titan
5x all is dust
3x sigil of distinction
5x grafdigger's cage (1x foil DIS, 1x Japanese DIS, 3x MM17)
1x akroma's memorial (1x foil)
4x conjurer’s closet
4x runechanter’s pike
4x strionic resonator
4x darksteel forge
4x rachet bomb
4x door of destinies
6x Ugin, the spirit dragon (1x pack foil)
3x kozilek, butcher of truth (2x pack foil)
1x ulamog the infinite gyre
2x alhaimer's archive
4x hangarback walker
3x helm of the gods
1x mage-ring responder
1x orbs of warding
4x sword of the animist
3x pyromancer's goggles
2x void winnower
7x oblivion sower
4x endless one
5x ulamog, the ceaseless hunger (4x pack foil, 1x foil promo)
3x kozilek, the great distortion
13x thought-knot seer (1x pack foil)
4x reality smasher (1x pack foil)
8x matter reshaper (4x pack foil)
4x eldrazi mimic (1x pack foil)
4x endbringer
4x deceiver of forms
4x stoneforge masterwork
8x brain in a jar (1x pack foil)
4x mana crypt (ema - 2x foil)
1x chrome mox (ema)
2x duplicant (ema)
1x mox opal (1x pack foil MM15)
8x distended mindbender (3x pack foil)
2x decimator of the provinces
4x eternal scourge
4x soul separator
5x Emrakul, the promised end (2x pack foil)
6x elder deep-fiend (4x pack foil)
1x gauntlet of power (foil invention)
1x sword of light and shadow (1x foil invention)
1x sword of fire and ice (1x foil invention)
2x aether vial (2x foil invention)
2x mana vault (2x foil invention)
1x lotus petal (1x foil invention)
1x mana crypt (1x foil invention)
1x steel overseer (1x foil invention)
2x engineered explosives (2x foil invention)
1x champion's helm (foil invention)
18x smuggler's copter (4x foil)
5x aetherworks marvel
9x aetherflux reservoir (1x foil)
12x cultivator's caravan (6x foil)
8x metalwork colossus
8x fleetwheel cruiser
7x key to the city (1x pack foil)
8x bomat courier
5x scrapheap scrounger
13x panharmonicon (4x foil)
11x electrostatic pummeler
8x ghirapur orrery
7x skysovereign consul flagship
8x multiform wonder
2x aethersphere harvester
2x inspiring statuary
3x metallic mimic
6x walking ballista (5x pack foil)
1x hope of ghirapur
2x peace colossus
2x paradox engine
1x planar bridge
2x lifecrafter's bestiary (1x pack foil)
2x gonti's aether heart (1x pack foil)
2x scrap trawler
2x damping matrix (2x MM17)
1x basilik collar (MM17)
4x throne of the god-pharaoh
5x oracle's vault
2x pyramid of the pantheon
Xxx have tons of other artifact rares and uncommons; just ask I’m sure I have it


3x lim-dul’s vault
4x unfulfilled desires
4x argothian enchantress
3x eladamri’s call
8x meddling mage
4x blazing specter
4x spirit monger (3x foreign)
4x shadowmage infiltrator
6x shivan wurm
1x squandered resources
1x reparations
4x undermine
12x vindicate (1x ema)
3x descructive flow
1x sliver queen
2x rith the awakener
1x crosis the purger
2x darigaax the igniter
2x dromar the banisher
4x doomsday specter
4x mystic enforcer
4x lightning angel
4x phrophetic bolt
1x mirari’s wake
4x anurid brushhopper
8x maelstrom pulse
2x progenitus
4x sarkhan vol
4x mind funeral
4x glimpse the unthinkable
4x wheel of sun and moon
4x tezzeret agent of bolas
1x nicol bolas the planeswalker
4x ajani vengeant (3x foil, 1x foil promo)
3x taddock teeg
5x baleful strix (1x ema)
3x fulminator Mage (3x signed shadowmoor)
12x kitchen finks (4x foil MM, 8x shadowmoor - 4x foil)
2x knight of the reliquary
8x Geist of saint traft (4x pack foil)
12x huntmaster of the fells (5x foil)
5x dack fayden (4x CONS, 1x ema)
16x abrupt decay (4x MM17 - 1x foil)
4x aurelia’s fury
5x Aurelia warleader
8x armada wurm (4x foil)
8x sphinx's revelation (4x foil, 1x MM17)
8x supreme veridict
14x domri rade
6x voice of resurgence (2x MM17)
8x beck // call (4x pack foil)
4x breaking // entering (3x pack foil)
8x boros reckoner (4x MM17)
4x blood baron of vizkopa
5x nightveil specter
10x detention sphere
4x sigarda host of heron
8x bloodbraid elf (4x Japanese, 4x fnm)
4x wilt-leaf liege (4x foreign)
8x sorin lord of innistrad (2x Korean)
10x deathrite shaman (2x ema - 1x foil)
4x loxodon smiter
4x Gisela blade of goldnight (1x foil)
8x falkenrath aristocrat (3x MM17)
10x dread-bore (4x foil)
4x trostani, selesnya's voice
5x ashiok nightmare weaver (1x Japanese)
5x counterflux
5x advent of the wurm (1x MM17)
8x merciless eviction
2x drogskol reaver
4x fleecemane lion
8x lotleith troll
6x obzedat ghost council (5x MM17 - 1x foil)
4x borborygmos enraged
4x exava rakdos blood witch
4x kiora the crashing wave
3x xenagos the reveler
1x garruk, apex predator
9x prophet of kruphix (5x pack foil)
1x ephara god of polis
4x Ajani, mentor of heroes
2x dragonlord Ojutai (2x pack foil)
4x mantis rider
4x butcher of horde
4x deflecting palm
8x jeskai ascendency (4x signed, 4x foil)
4x narset transcendent
5x sorin, solemn visitor
8x siege rhino
4x atarka's command (4x pack foil)
9x kolaghan's command (1x pack foil)
12x dromoka's command (4x Korean)
4x oujati's command (4x pack foil)
1x dromoka, the eternal
6x bring to light
5x kiora, master of the depths (3x pack foil)
2x omnath, locus of rage
4x mina and denn, wildborn (1x foil)
1x reflector Mage (foil)
8x prized amalgam (4x pack foil)
2x the gitrog monster
1x Olivia mobilized for war
9x anguish unmaking (4x foil promo)
5x arlinn kord
1x sorin, grim nemesis
5x nahiri, the harbinger
1x shardless agent (ema)
1x Sphinx of the steel wind (ema)
2x glare of sundual (1x foil ema)
1x void (foil)
2x gisa and geralf
2x Ulrich of the krallenhorde
10x spell queller (5x pack foil)
14x Tamiyo, field researcher (3x pack foil)
1x grim flayer (1x pack foil)
4x bloodhall priest
2x heron's grace champion
5x saheeli rai
8x dovin baan (3x foil)
7x rashmi, eternities crafter (1x foil)
7x kambal, consul of allocation
9x depala pilot exemplar
3x dark intimations
1x ajani unyielding
1x tezzeret the schemer (1x pack foil)
10x oath of ajani (8x pack foil)
4x winding constrictor (4x pack foil)
3x broodmate dragon (3x MM17)
3x simic sky swallower (3x MM17, 1x foil)
2x wort, the raidmother (MM17)
3x olivia voldaren (3x MM17)
1x stoic angel (MM17)
2x niv-mizzet dragogenius (2x MM17)
1x zur the enchanter (MM17)
2x aethermage's touch (MM17 foil)
2x cruel ultimatum (2x MM17)
2x fiery justice (2x MM17)
10x nissa, steward of elements (4x pack foil)
9x bounty of the luxa (5x pack foil)
4x hapatra, vizier of poisons
3x temmet, vizier of naktamun
2x neheb, the worthy
5x failure//comply
4x rags//riches
5x cut//ribbons (2x pack foil)
2x prepare//fight
2x heaven//earth
1x samut, voice of dissent
Xxx have tons of other multicolored rares and uncommons; just ask I’m sure I have it


9x balance 1x ema)
4x land tax (1x german blackbordered legends)
5x wrath of god
4x armageddon
4x savannah lions
20x swords to plowshares (2x fnm promo, 4x ema)
17x mother of runes (1x foil, 1x ema)
12x orim’s chant (2x foreign)
2x academy rector
4x opalescence
4x tithe
5x enlighten tutor (1x ema)
3x sacred mesa
4x abeyance
2x karmic guide
3x peacekeeper
4x crusade
7x humility
4x honor the pure
5x serra avatar
8x worship (4x Japanese)
4x enduring renewal
4x replenish
4x parallax wave
4x ivory mask (1x foil)
2x rout
4x solitary confinement
4x test of endurance
4x reya dawnbringer (4x Japanese)
4x cho manno revolutionary
4x pariah
1x akroma angel of wrath
4x blinding angel
4x lin sivvi defiant hero
4x spiritual asylum
4x gobal ruin
4x spirit resistance
4x balancing act
3x karmic justice
4x cataclysm
6x sigil of the empty throne (4x planechase, 2x origins)
4x iona shield of emeria
5x elesh norn, grand cenobite
44x path to exile (8x wpn/gateway special, 1x fnm foil spanish, 19x conflux, 7x MM, 1x DD, 9x MM17 - 1x foil)
6x Elspeth knight errant (2x shards of alara, 4x DD)
4x Gideon jura
6x stoneforge mystic
5x blade splicer (1x MM17 foil)
2x hero of bladehold (2x foil)
4x kor spiritdancer
4x daybreak coronet (FS)
4x greater auramancy
4x mirran crusader (1x foil)
2x sun titan
2x reveillark
5x timely reinforcements (1x foil Japanese)
10x restoration angel (2x foil, 2x MM17))
4x avacyn angel of hope (1x Japanese)
5x angel of serenity
2x sublime archangel
8x silverblade paladin (1x foil)
4x entreat the angels (1x foil)
7x terminus (3x foil, 1x Russian, 1x Korean, 1x MM17 foil)
3x archangel of thune
9x Elspeth sun’s champion (3x Japanese, 1x Korean, 1x pack foil)
4x fiendslayer paladin (4x foil)
4x champion of parish (4x foil)
4x imposing sovereign (1x foil)
4x precint captain (1x foil)
8x soldier of pantheon
1x angelic skirmisher
8x chain to the rocks
1x heliod the sun god
4x spear of heliod
5x brimaz, king of oresko
4x godsend
6x eidolon of countless battles (2x Russian)
6x monastery mentor
7x kytheon, hero of akros (4x pack foil)
2x archangel of tithes (2x pack foil)
4x gideon's phalanx
4x hallowed moonlight
1x knight of the white orchid
1x high sentinels of arashin
1x hixus, prison warden
2x kytheon's irregulars (1x foil)
2x relic seeker (1x foil promo)
4x starfield of nyx
4x tragic arrogance (1x foil)
3x vryn wingmare
3x Gideon, ally of zendikar (1x Japanese, 1x pack foil)
2x quarantine field
7x eldrazi displacer
4x oath of gideon
13x call the gatewatch
4x stone haven outfitter
7x thalia's lieutenant (1x pack foil)
4x always watching (1x pack foil)
4x declaration in stone
9x Archangel Avacyn (4x pack foil, 1x Russian, 1x Korean)
11x Thalia, heretic cathar (4x foil promo)
4x Thalia's lancers
8x collective effort (1x pack foil)
5x sigarda's aid
9x deploy the gatewatch (2x pack foil)
7x selfless spirit (4x pack foil, 3x promo)
1x Gisela, the broken blade
5x Bruna, the fading light (4x pack foil)
5x angel of invention
4x aetherstorm roc
9x fumigate (1x pack foil)
6x cataclysmic gearhulk (1x foil)
8x master trinketeer
6x toolcraft exemplar
4x authority of the consuls
1x aethergeode miner
1x exquisite archangel
1x aethergeode miner
2x call for unity
1x sram, senior edificer
2x sram's expertise
3x solemn recruit
1x consulate crackdown
3x ranger of eos (3x MM17)
4x seance (4x MM17)
1x stoney silence (MM17)
2x jareth, leonine titan (ema)
1x loyal retainers (1x invocation)
1x gideon of the trials
2x oketra the true
4x aven mindcensor
2x anointed procession
2x dusk//dawn
4x gideon's intervention
4x glory-bound initiate
3x regal caracal
1x approach of the second sun
Xxx have tons of other white rares and uncommons; just ask I’m sure I have it


1x mana drain (1x signed)
6x psionic blast (2x beta)
4x lord of atlantis
4x serendib efreet
2x desertion
2x energy vortex
8x mystical tutor (2x ema)
4x stasis
4x standstill
4x time spiral
4x show & tell
11x force of will (7x signed, 4x ema)
13x daze (1x foil invocation)
4x opposition
4x equilibrium
1x palinchron
8x fact or fiction
1x barin master wizard
4x parallax tide
4x rising waters
4x tradewind rider
4x treachery (2x foil)
5x morphling (2x signed)
4x upheaval
4x gilded drake
4x back to basics
4x circular logic
2x cunning wish
1x mind over matter
3x intuition
4x meditate
6x time warp (1x Japanese)
4x dream halls
3x misdirection
4x donate
4x illusions of grandeur
4x stroke of genius
4x energy field
4x precognition
4x squeeze
4x planeswalker’s mischief
4x sunken hope
4x watersprout elemental
4x rootwater thief (3x foil)
9x gifts ungiven (4x COK, 2x MM13, 3x MM17)
5x battle of wits (1x foil)
4x upheaval
4x plagiarize
4x voidmage
4x counterspell (4x Japanese Jace vs Chandra)
6x stifle (6x Scourge)
1x vapor snag (1x pack foil)
14x spell pierce (12x MM17)
4x gitaxian probe
4x counterbalance
4x true-name nemesis
3x vendilion clique (all Morningtide)
3x jin-gitaxsis core augur
12x jace, the mind sculptor (1x pack foil, All Worldwake)
3x consecrated sphinx
5x ancestral vision (1x Japanese TS, 4x Japanese DD: JvsC)
4x mistbind clique
8x cryptic command (4x lorwyn, 2x foil textless still in wrapper, 2x MM15)
7x pact of negation (4x FS, 3x MM)
1x glen elandra archmage
2x kira, great glass-spinner
3x tidespout tyrant
6x visions of beyond (1x pack foil)
10x snapcaster mage (2x pack foil INN, 2x MM17)
12x delver of secrets (4x pack foil)
3x jace memory adept
4x omniscience
4x temporal mastery (1x MM17)
6x phantasmal image (2x MM17, 1x foil)
7x jace architect of thought (1x pack foil)
15x cyclonic rift (4x signed, 1x pack foil, 6x MM17)
13x serum visions (8x fnm promo, 5x MM17)
5x deadeye navigator (3x MM17, 1x foil)
4x search the city
3x thassa god of the sea
4x bident of thassa
4x talrand sky summoner (4x foil)
4x frost titan
4x undead alchemist (1x foil)
4x jace’s mindseeker
6x quicken (2x russian)
3x chasm skulker (3x foil)
12x dig through time (4x pack foil)
8x clever impersonator (8x foil)
4x monastery siege (4x foil)
7x day's undoing (2x foil)
2x displacement wave
4x harbinger of the tides (1x foil)
2x jace's sanctum
13x jace, vryn's prodigy (6x pack foil, 1x foil promo)
4x mizzium meddler
2x soulblade djinn
5x talent of the telepath
10x thopter spy network (1x foil)
1x willbreaker
5x part the water veil (4x foil)
4x drowner of hope
4x crush of tentacles
4x oath of jace
2x dimensional infiltrator
4x overwhelming denial
4x hedron alignment
1x deepfathom skulker
4x startled awake
6x rattlechains (4x pack foil)
3x thing in the ice
4x jace unraveler of secrets
1x hydroblast (foil ema)
2x counterspell (2x foil ema)
2x curious homunculus (2x pack foil)
15x coax from the blind eternities
7x mausoleum wanderer (3x promo, 1x pack foil)
8x wharf infiltrator (4x pack foil)
2x mind's dilation
5x imprisoned in the moon
3x summary dismissal
4x docent of perfection
5x identity thief (1x pack foil)
5x metallurgic summonings
3x torrential gearhulk (2x foil invention, 1x pack foil)
12x saheeli's artistry (1x foil)
6x confiscation coup (1x foil)
7x paradoxical outcome
8x insidious will
2x disallow
5x aethertide whale (1x pack foil)
2x baral, chief of compliance
3x baral's expertise
3x quicksmith spy
3x whir of invention
1x mechanized production
2x venser shaper savant (2x MM17)
2x cackling counterpart (2x MM17)
6x as foretold (4x pack foil)
3x kefnet the mindful
5x pull from tomorrow (1x pack foil)
2x committ//memory
1x new perspectives
2x drake haven
1x curator of mysteries
5x vizier of many faces (1x pack foil)
4x glyph keeper (1x pack foil)
Xxx have tons of other blue rares and uncommons; just ask I’m sure I have it


4x demonic tutor (1x foreign)
4x badmoon
4x mind twist
1x ishan’s shade
1x baron sengir
1x krovikan horror
4x carrion
5x vampiric tutor (1x ema)
4x necropotence
4x recurring nightmare
4x living death
4x shallow grave
4x kaervek’s spite
4x pox
4x apprentice necromancer
3x phyrexian plaguelord
2x attrition
4x contamination
4x yawgmoth’s bargain
4x mutilate
4x unmask
5x yawgmoth’s will (2x Japanese)
4x phyrexian scuta
4x phyrexian arena
2x no mercy
2x corpse dance
4x grinning demon (1x german)
4x hatred
6x duress (6x foil urza’s saga)
4x phyrexian negator
4x sarcomancy
5x body snatcher
5x planeswlker’s scorn (1x foil)
4x delraich
4x persecute
4x haunting echoes
7x entomb (4x odyssey, 3x ema)
4x nantuko shade
3x phage the untouchable
4x forced march
4x liability
4x nether spirit
4x chainer’s edict (4x fnm promo)
4x avatar of woe
4x deathpit offering
3x volrath the fallen
4x visara the dreadful (2x ema - 1x foil ema)
4x devouring stroussus
5x braids cabal minion (1x ema)
2x infernal tutor (1x foil)
4x goryo's vengeance
4x nihilith (4x foil)
4x bloodghast
7x bitterblossom (3x signed)
6x phyrexian obliterator
8x dark confidant (8x modern masters 13, 4x signed)
10x Liliana of the veil (1x pack foil, 2x MM17)
10x griselbrand (1x pack foil, 4x Grand Prix Promo, 1x MM17)
4x gravecrawler (3x pack foil, 1x foil promo)
8x geralf’s messenger
3x severe the bloodline (2x MM17)
4x skirsdag high priest
2x phyrexian crusader (1x foil)
5x demonlord of ashmouth
2x erebos, god of the dead
7x whip of erebos (4x foil)
1x liliana of the dark realms
4x lifebane zombie (4x foil)
10x desecration demon (4x foil, 1x MM17)
4x underworld connection
3x hero's downfall
12x thoughtseize (1x foil Theros, 3x Lorwyn)
2x Sidisi, undead vizier (2x pack foil)
4x master of the feast (2x Japanese)
6x tasigur the golden fang (1x foil)
4x dark petition (3x foil)
6x demonic pact (5x pack foil)
4x gilt-leaf winnower
2x graveblade marauder
1x infinite obliteration
3x kothoped, soul hoarder
4x Liliana, heretical healer
1x priest of the blood rite
7x painful truths (1x pack foil)
4x tained remedy
3x ruinous path
9x ob nixilis reignited (4x foil)
4x smothering abomination (1x pack foil)
2x inverter of truth
2x sifter of skulls
4x remorseless punishement
2x drana's chosen
3x bearer of silence
3x dread defiler
3x asylum visitor
2x behold the beyond
1x heir of falkenrath (foil)
8x relentless dead (3x foil)
2x kalitas, traitor of ghet (1x Russian)
3x sinkhole (3x ema)
1x toxic deluge (1x ema)
1x ichorid (1x ema)
4x cryptbreaker
2x diregraf colossus
2x collective brutality
4x stromkirk condemned
4x dark salvation (1x pack foil)
4x tree of perdition
4x voldaren pariah
3x demon of dark schemes
4x noxious Gearhulk
8x marionette master (1x pack foil)
13x midnight oil
9x lost legacy
9x syndicate trafficker
10x fatal push
1x glint-sleeve siphoner
3x yahenni, undying partisan
2x yahenni's expertise
3x midnight entourage
1x herald of the anguish
4x damnation (4x MM17)
2x mind shatter (2x MM17)
1x extractor demon (MM17)
8x death's shadow (4x WW, 4x MM17 - 2x foil)
8x inquisition of kozilek (8x MM17)
2x Liliana, death's majesty
2x bontu the glorified
3x liliana's mastery
2x never//return
3x dispossess
1x cruel reality
6x archfiend of ifnir
1x dread wanderer
1x shadow of the grave
4x plague belcher (3x pack foil)
Xxx have tons of other black rares and uncommons; just ask I’m sure I have it


1x wheel of fortune
20x lightning bolts (4x foil)
4x chain lightning
4x balduvian horde
3x hammer of bogardan
3x firestorm
4x shard phoenix
4x pandemonium
2x goblin recruiter
4x tooth and claw
3x goblin welder
2x lightning dragon
4x faultline
4x wildfire
4x cave-in
5x sneak attack (1x ema)
5x pulverize (1x foil)
4x squee goblin nabob
2x two headed dragon
4x tahngarth talruum hero
1x avatar of fury
8x fledgling dragon
11x goblin piledriver (4x ONS, 7x origins 1x foil)
4x moggcatcher
4x ruby leech
4x skizzik
5x overmaster (1x foil)
4x blistering firecat
2x worldgorger dragon
8x fury of the horde
1x Chandra nalaar
10x hellrider (1x foil, 6x MM17 - 2x foil)
9x bonfire of the damned (1x MM17)
2x tibalt the fiend blooded
4x vexing devil (2x foil, 2x korean)
12x zealous conscripts (6x pack foil, 4x MM17)
1x balefire dragon
2x krenko mob boss (1x foil)
2x pyrewild shaman (1x pack foil)
10x mizzium mortars (2x MM17)
4x stormbreath dragon
4x thorncaster sliver
4x goblin diplomats
4x emberswallower
4x firedrinker satyr
4x rageblood shaman
3x anger of the gods
4x ash zealot
5x purphoros, god of the forge
3x hammer of purphoros
6x chandra pyromaster
8x chandra's Phoenix (2x foil, 1x Japanese)
4x shaman of the great hunt (1x foil)
4x goblin rabblemaster
4x stoke the flames (4x pack foil)
14x abbot of keral keep (2x pack foil)
4x avaricious dragon
2x chandra's ignition
4x embermaw hellion
2x flameshadow conjuring
4x molten vortex
4x pia and kiran nalaar
5x scab-clan berserker
3x Chandra, fire of kaladesh (1x Korean)
1x dualcaster mage (1x foil ema)
4x dragonmaster outcast
5x Chandra, flamecaller (1x pack foil)
5x kozilek's return (2x Russian, 1x pack foil)
4x eldrazi obligator (1x foil)
4x oath of chandra
2x fall of the titans
4x sin prodder
4x falkenrath gorger
4x goldnight castigator
4x geier reach bandit
2x gamble (1x foil ema)
1x comet storm
1x splinter twin
15x bedlam reveler (7x pack foil)
5x harmless offering
6x hanweir garrison (1x pack foil)
4x impetuous devils
2x stromkirk occultist
9x collective defiance (6x pack foil)
1x mirrorwing dragon
14x Chandra torch of defiance (3x pack foil)
6x combustible gearhulk (1x pack foil)
6x pia nalaar (1x pack foil)
12x territorial gorger
9x fateful showdown
4x kari zev, skyship raider
6x kari zev's expertise (4x pack foil)
1x pia's revolution
2x quicksmith rebel
2x lightning runner
3x freejam regent
7x release the gremlins (5x pack foil)
2x blood moon (2x MM17)
4x goblin guide (4x MM17)
2x pyromancer's ascension (2x MM17)
4x glorybringer
1x hazoret the fervent
6x harsh mentor
6x insult//injury
8x sweltering suns (3x pack foil)
5x hazoret's favor
4x soul-scar mage
2x combat celebrant
3x heart-piercer manticore (1x foil)
1x glorious end
Xxx have tons of other red rares and uncommons; just ask I’m sure I have it


35x birds of paradise
2x icestorm
7x regrowth
8x sylvan library (1x ema)
3x elephant grass
4x argothian enchantress
4x enchantress prescence
3x terastodon (3x foil)
5x spike feeder (1x dci foil promo)
1x spike weaver
3x rofellos llanowar emissary
1x worldly tutor
4x deranged hermit
6x exploration (5x US, 1x foil Conspiracy)
4x oath of druids
7x natural order (2x foreign, 1x ema)
4x survival of the fittest
4x weatherseed treefolk
4x defense of the heart
4x abundance
3x mirri’s guile
2x verdant force
6x natural affinity
3x gaea’s herald
3x planewalker’s favor
4x plow under (UD)
4x vine dryad
4x saproling cluster
4x skyshroud poacher (2x foreign)
3x elvish champion
4x kavu titan
4x bearscape
10x call of the herd (1x MM17)
4x seedtime
3x sylvan safekeeper
8x quirion dryad
7x Tarmogoyf (2x FS, 2x MM13, 1X MM15, 2x MM17 - 1x foil)
4x glimpse of nature (1x foil)
1x noble hierarch (MM15)
4x ezuri renegade leader
4x thrun the last troll
16x beast within (1x foil)
4x protean hulk
5x summoner's pact (FS)
8x tooth and nail (MIR)
4x garruk wildspeaker
5x garruk primal hunter (1x foil)
4x vengevine
9x green sun's zenith (1x foil, 1x ema)
3x nourishing shoal (3x foil)
9x primal command (5x MM17)
8x heritage druid
4x regal force (2x ema)
4x wren’s run packmaster
11x primeval titan (8x GP promo)
1x golgari grave troll
4x craterhoof behemonth (1x MM17)
7x thragtusk (3x MM17)
4x mayor of avabruck (1x foil)
6x wolfir silverblade (4x foil)
5x revenge of the hunted
4x worldspine wurm
4x yeva nature’s herald
4x savage summoning
6x scavenging ooze
6x garruk caller of beasts (1x foil, 1x Japanese)
4x sylvan scrying (4x foil fnm)
4x boon satyr
6x polukranos world eater (6x pack foil)
4x arbor colossus (1x foil)
4x nylea god of the hunt (2x Japanese)
4x bow of nylea
6x witchstalker (2x foil)
12x sylvan caryatid (1x pack foil)
12x courser of kruphix (4x foil)
8x eidolon of blossoms (4x foil, 4x foil BaB)
4x nissa worldwaker
5x den protector (1x Russian, 1x pack foil)
8x avatar of the resolute (4x japanese)
4x see the unwritten
8x collected company (4x Japanese)
3x animist's awakening
1x whisperwood elemental
2x dwynen, gilt-leaf daen
5x evolutionary leap
2x gaea's revenge
4x herald of the pantheon
12x managorger hydra (7x pack foil)
1x nissa's revelation
5x nissa, vastwood seer (1x pack foil)
1x outland colossus
1x the great aurora
2x woodland bellower
5x greenwarden of murasa (3x pack foil)
16x oath of Nissa (8x pack foil, 2x promo)
6x Nissa, voice of zendikar (1x Korean)
4x sylvan advocate
5x world breaker
4x vile redeemer
4x zendikar resurgent
7x seasons past (4x pack foil)
2x ulvenwald hydra
5x traverse the ulvenwald (2x pack foil)
1x tireless tracker
8x cryptolith rite (4x Japanese foil)
3x nissa's pilgrimage (3x foil promo)
4x sage of ancient lore (1x pack foil)
14x splendid reclamation (4x pack foil)
14x eldritch evolution
2x ishkana grafwidow (1x pack foil)
7x nissa, vital force (4x pack foil, 1x foil promo)
6x bristling hydra
2x verdurous gearhulk (1x foil promo)
9x wildest dreams (1x foil)
2x greenwheel liberator
2x greenbelt rampager
2x rishkar, peema renegade
6x rishkar's expertise (4x pack foil)
1x aetherwind basker
2x summoning trap (2x MM17)
1x ulvenwald tracker (MM17)
9x might of old krosa (9x MM17, 1x foil)
2x vizier of the menagerie
5x harvest season (1x pack foil)
3x channeler initiate
3x mouth//feed
2x prowling serpopard
3x champion of rhonas
2x sandwurm convergence
1x honored hydra
Xxx have tons of other green rares and uncommons; just ask I’m sure I have it

From: Asheville, NC, U.S.
Confirmed Refs: 5

posted April 30, 2017 08:21 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for Geggy Click Here to Email Geggy Send a private message to Geggy Click to send Geggy an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View Geggy's Have/Want ListView Geggy's Have/Want List
Hey there, would you be interested in my:

3x Cryptic Command (MM)
1x Arid Mesa (ZEN)

For your:
1x Tarmogoyf (MM17)
1x Marsh Flats (MM17)

I will say that I have to double check the condition of my cards, they all definitely look fine in sleeves but may not really all be minty. I'd be willing to throw in some bolts or something to even it up if you feel the condition detracts from value - I can send scans later if you like.

[Edited 1 times, lastly by Geggy on April 30, 2017]

From: Appleton, Wisconsin - USA
Confirmed Refs: 32

posted April 30, 2017 08:44 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for bkohlman Click Here to Email bkohlman Send a private message to bkohlman Click to send bkohlman an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View bkohlman's Have/Want ListView bkohlman's Have/Want List
Hello! I see that from your want list I have a few things, would you want to do something like:

1x Cryptic Command (MM15) - 25
1x Verdant Catacombs (MM17) - 43
1x Spire of Industry - 3
Total: 71

1x Goblin Guide (mm17) - 16
1x Bloodstained Mire (KTK) - 17
1x Misty Rainforest (mm17) - 30
1x Collective Brutality - 9
Total: 72

Values were taken from TCG Market price. Let me know if you're interested or have any other deal in mind (can check my list). Thanks!

[Edited 1 times, lastly by bkohlman on April 30, 2017]

From: MA, USA
Confirmed Refs: 33

posted April 30, 2017 09:35 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for 2austin5 Click Here to Email 2austin5 Send a private message to 2austin5 Click to send 2austin5 an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View 2austin5's Have/Want ListView 2austin5's Have/Want List
Hey mate,

You have a lot of things that I am interested in. Would you be interested in something like this:
1x Tropical Island (Rev) (215.86)
1x Wasteland Expedition (104.81)
4x Deathrite Shaman (RTR) (160)
1x Sword of Body and Mind Masterpiece (44.75)
1x Food Chain (Sp) (37)
1x Blightsteel Colossus (Japanese)(27.88)
total 590.3

For your:
1x Watery Grave Expedition (61.46)
2x Overgrown Tomb Expedition (139.94)
1x Abrupt Decay (MM17) (16.33)
1x Snapcaster Mage (117.87)
1x Thoughtseize (47.09)
1x Windswept Heath (38.48)
1x Verdant catacombs Expedition (165.02)
Total 586.25

Let me know either way if this interests you. A lot of these weren't in your specific wants so I just tried to match with eternal value. If this specific offer doesn't interest you but you are interested in some of the pieces, let me know and I can build up a new offer, thanks!

From: Libertyville
Confirmed Refs: 7

posted April 30, 2017 01:16 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for 42Osiris Click Here to Email 42Osiris Send a private message to 42Osiris Click to send 42Osiris an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View 42Osiris's Have/Want ListView 42Osiris's Have/Want List
Hey I'm interested in your Rhonas invocation.

I have from your list:

2x Fatal Push
3x Lightning Bolt
1x Arid Mesa
1x Marsh Flats
2x Spire of Industry

I'm going to double check everything else for additional items I might have, and will PM you after.


[Edited 1 times, lastly by 42Osiris on April 30, 2017]

From: Boiling Springs, SC, USA
Confirmed Refs: 192

posted April 30, 2017 01:28 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for Kalack Click Here to Email Kalack Send a private message to Kalack Click to send Kalack an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View Kalack's Have/Want ListView Kalack's Have/Want List
Hi! I Have a Futuresight Tarmogoyf and would be interested in trading it for a newer version and something for the difference. Please let me know if you'd want to work out a trade. Thanks!
From: Parkersburg, WV, USA
Confirmed Refs: 167

posted April 30, 2017 05:10 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for IBCRAZY8220 Click Here to Email IBCRAZY8220 Send a private message to IBCRAZY8220 Click to send IBCRAZY8220 an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View IBCRAZY8220's Have/Want ListView IBCRAZY8220's Have/Want List
Hello I'm interested in your Glorybringer. Could you check my list to see if we can trade? Thanks
From: Australia
Confirmed Refs: 270

posted May 01, 2017 01:21 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for wombulator Click Here to Email wombulator Send a private message to wombulator Click to send wombulator an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View wombulator's Have/Want ListView wombulator's Have/Want List

I have (prices are SCG):

Rugged Prairie – Expedition 35
Marsh Flats (M17) 26

I am after:

Tamiyo, field researcher (foil) 18
torrential gearhulk (foil promo) 28
rashmi, eternities crafter (foil) 6
kytheon, hero of akros (foil) 10

I can toss in a couple foil lands to make up the difference.


From: Fairfield, Ohio
Confirmed Refs: 340

posted May 01, 2017 10:48 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for Odie Click Here to Email Odie Send a private message to Odie Click to send Odie an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View Odie's Have/Want ListView Odie's Have/Want List

I'm very interested in your kytheon, hero of akros pack foil and kefnet the mindful (need the Kytheon to finish my set ).

I have a Visions of Beyond and my list. LMK if we can work something out.


From: MD, USA
Confirmed Refs: 63

posted May 02, 2017 08:20 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for james1227 Click Here to Email james1227 Send a private message to james1227 Click to send james1227 an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote 
Verdant catacombs mm1769.95
Arid Mesa MM17 30.90

Total 100.85

Badlands (assuming revised) 96.44
Sweltering Suns 1.50
Oracle’s Vault 0.48
Soul-Scar Mage 2.49

Total 100.91

Prices using tcgplayer.mid. PM also sent.

From: Elyria, Ohio, USA
Confirmed Refs: 215

posted May 02, 2017 11:15 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for Serows1 Click Here to Email Serows1 Send a private message to Serows1 Click to send Serows1 an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View Serows1's Have/Want ListView Serows1's Have/Want List

I'm interested in tou:
2x Stoneforge Mystic
1x Bloodghast
Please take a look at my list to see if there is anything you can use.


From: Greeley, CO, US
Confirmed Refs: 11

posted May 02, 2017 04:42 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for spikyhead Send a private message to spikyhead Click to send spikyhead an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View spikyhead's Have/Want ListView spikyhead's Have/Want List
Hi please cml for
4 lotus petal
4 aerther vial
2 gemstone mine
4 cavern of souls
3 blooming marsh.

I know some of these are big ticket but I will trade well for some of them thanks

From: Plainfield, IN USA
Confirmed Refs: 663

posted May 02, 2017 09:45 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for paragondave Click Here to Email paragondave Send a private message to paragondave Click to send paragondave an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View paragondave's Have/Want ListView paragondave's Have/Want List
I have many of your listed wants including fetchlands and goyfs. I am interested in any pack fresh Inventions and Invocations that you have and maybe a couple of your Expeditions that I don't already have. LMK if you'd be interested in trying to work something out.
From: Saint Louis, MO
Confirmed Refs: 228

posted May 03, 2017 06:10 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for Wintermist_one2 Click Here to Email Wintermist_one2 Send a private message to Wintermist_one2 Click to send Wintermist_one2 an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View Wintermist_one2's Have/Want ListView Wintermist_one2's Have/Want List
Any interest in an Amonket Force of Will?
From: Roseville, CA
Confirmed Refs: 92

posted May 05, 2017 11:03 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for simbayu Send a private message to simbayu Click to send simbayu an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View simbayu's Have/Want ListView simbayu's Have/Want List

How about

Flooded Strand ONS
Stomping Ground GP
Lightning Bolt

Emrakul, Aeons Torn Promo Eng
Inspiring Vantage Foil

From: Appleton, Wisconsin - USA
Confirmed Refs: 32

posted May 07, 2017 12:01 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for bkohlman Click Here to Email bkohlman Send a private message to bkohlman Click to send bkohlman an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View bkohlman's Have/Want ListView bkohlman's Have/Want List
Very interested in your 4x Gemstone Mines.

From your want list I have:
4x Inquisition of Kozilek (ROE)
1x Cryptic Command
4x Thoughtseize (theros)

LMK if you want to make a deal! Thanks

From: Milledgeville, GA USA
Confirmed Refs: 63

posted May 09, 2017 11:57 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for budahkb Click Here to Email budahkb Send a private message to budahkb Click to send budahkb an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View budahkb's Have/Want ListView budahkb's Have/Want List

You posted:

2x eldrazi temple MM15
1x Harvest Season
1x Dusk/Dawn
1x Prowling Serpopard


1x cryptic command MM15

Sorry, I only need 1 Temple now; and not looking to trade a $30 card for a bunch of smaller stuff. Appreciate the interest, returning the up.


From: Milledgeville, GA USA
Confirmed Refs: 63

posted May 09, 2017 12:11 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for budahkb Click Here to Email budahkb Send a private message to budahkb Click to send budahkb an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View budahkb's Have/Want ListView budahkb's Have/Want List
I would however, be interested in your Demonic Tutor and something to make up the difference.


From: Appleton, Wisconsin - USA
Confirmed Refs: 32

posted May 09, 2017 11:20 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for bkohlman Click Here to Email bkohlman Send a private message to bkohlman Click to send bkohlman an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View bkohlman's Have/Want ListView bkohlman's Have/Want List
I could do something like

1 cryptic command
1 snapcaster mage

3x Disallow
4x Spirebluff Canal
4x Wandering Fumarole
2x Aether Hub
2x Dynavolt Tower

Let me know! Thanks

[Edited 1 times, lastly by bkohlman on May 10, 2017]

From: Appleton, Wisconsin - USA
Confirmed Refs: 32

posted May 12, 2017 09:19 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for bkohlman Click Here to Email bkohlman Send a private message to bkohlman Click to send bkohlman an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View bkohlman's Have/Want ListView bkohlman's Have/Want List
Have a rather large offer since I find myself in need of some standard items:

1x Spirebluff Canal - 7
1x Thing in the Ice - 3
4x Wandering Fumarole - 16

1x Angel of Sanctions - 4
4x Drake Haven - 8
1x Fetid Pools - 4
2x Fortified Village - 2
2x Irrigated Farmland - 8
2x New Perspectives - 6
2x Scattered Groves - 4
2x Sheltered Thicket - 5
2x Sphinx of the Final Word - 10
4x Traverse the Ulvenwald - 16
Total: 93

1x Snapcaster Mage mm17 - 42
1x Cryptic Command mm15 - 27
1x Thoughtseize ths - 16
Total: 85

A small premium trading Modern staples into standard. LMK if interested and I could send first. Thanks!

From: Seattle, WA, USA
Confirmed Refs: 67

posted May 16, 2017 02:00 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for Gislasa Click Here to Email Gislasa Send a private message to Gislasa Click to send Gislasa an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View Gislasa's Have/Want ListView Gislasa's Have/Want List
Assuming you are in USA and these are NM, how about this?

2x Boseiju who Shelters All (CoK)
2x Greater Auramancy

2x Thoughtseize - THS
1x Verdant Catacombs (ZEN)


From: Appleton, Wisconsin - USA
Confirmed Refs: 32

posted May 16, 2017 06:22 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for bkohlman Click Here to Email bkohlman Send a private message to bkohlman Click to send bkohlman an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View bkohlman's Have/Want ListView bkohlman's Have/Want List
Not sure if you want to work out another trade, but I'm interested in 2x Torrential Gearhulk and 4x Botanical sanctum. Check my list and let me know. Thanks!
New Member
From: Beaumont, Texas, US
Confirmed Refs: 1

posted May 16, 2017 08:37 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for Kichi Click Here to Email Kichi Send a private message to Kichi Click to send Kichi an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View Kichi's Have/Want ListView Kichi's Have/Want List
sent you a pm!


From: Lansing, MI, United States
Confirmed Refs: 138

posted May 18, 2017 07:55 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for Troll_Ascetic Click Here to Email Troll_Ascetic Send a private message to Troll_Ascetic Click to send Troll_Ascetic an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View Troll_Ascetic's Have/Want ListView Troll_Ascetic's Have/Want List
I need 2 Chandra, Torch of Defiance

I have 1 Gideon of the Trials, 2 Inquisition of Kozilek, and some foil BFZ lands available.

Lmk if you're interested. Thank you.

From: Ann Arbor, MI, US
Confirmed Refs: 42

posted May 19, 2017 09:05 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for Soceos Click Here to Email Soceos Send a private message to Soceos Click to send Soceos an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View Soceos's Have/Want ListView Soceos's Have/Want List
Hi there! How about this?

2x Inquisition of Kozilek (ROE) 13.00 (6.50 each) SP
1x Birds of Paradise (M10) 5.73 SP
1x Spire of Industry 3.74 NM

Total: 22.47

1x FTV Boseiju, Who Shelters All 19.70

Total: 19.70

Let me know, thanks!


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