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Author Topic:   H:amokhet,foils ,duels,more,all formats International Trader
kraig thomas
From: Hfx.ns.canada
Confirmed Refs: 223

posted June 04, 2017 02:49 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for kraig thomas Click Here to Email kraig thomas Send a private message to kraig thomas Click to send kraig thomas an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View kraig thomas's Have/Want ListView kraig thomas's Have/Want List
-I ship in a regular envelope in toploader and sleve
- I would prefer simil send if possible if refs close
- English cards only
- if you are interested in a trade please try to post and pm
- no gold border or collectors edition or fakes
- please state condition of cards
- if your cards are not nm or better please state the condition and i will also do the same
-i use for card conditions
- when pricing cards i use scg
- all of my cards are for sale by paypal just ask for prices
-until addresses are confirmed no deal is final
-i have made several deals with these guys.awsome traders
- i do a fair bit of in person trading so my list may not be a 100 percent accurate all the time.

Euphor x3
1hritz1 x2
Steelerman x3
Natesolo x2
Euphor x2
Keywakat x4
Dhoos x2
Zman1984 x6
360addiction x3
Jdog789x x2
Youknow08 x2
Heresy19 x12
Marshbag x8
360addiction x2
Atahualpa x2
Shaiasleep x2
Iplainswalk x18
Marvin austria x7
Silvertopped x5
Kourk x9
Gaeacradle x6
Avradol x5
Rats60 x3
Jallard134 x2
Seriousonlinetrader x3
Sixtir x3
Chadmp2000 x3
Sooz x4
Deegebee x6
Elf6001 x2
Cartesis x4
Szwanger x13
The Forsaken x2
Jeramy0323 x 3
Shinydude x2
Jallard134 x2
Supratrader x6
Magicalydelicious x13
Kohulk x2
Ertaii x4
Horizon x2
Kalack x3
Flanpillow x2
Ryanhall x22
Moslim x4
Elowther91 x7
Totalkaoz x7
UncleIstavan x5
Mini1337s x2
Shiqin x2
Krizzel x2
Fifth element x3
Shinydude x2
Moliver x2
Tarmowitz x2
Margarita x2

[Edited 4 times, lastly by kraig thomas on July 01, 2017]

Want List:
most of my foil wants i have reg version i can trade back.but only if i get the foil version.

Mm17 fetches regular or foil
Ajani unyielding foil
Chromatic sphere foil x3
Liliana of the veil foil x2
Abrupt decay foil x2 have reg to trade back
Bfz full art foil basics
Chromatic star foil x4
Ancient stirring foil x4
Linvala, keeper of silence foil
Lightning greaves foil x2
Beast within foil x2
Mana vault masterpeice
Umezawa's jitti ftv 
Heritage druid foil 
Arena foil
Steam vents foil
Command beacon foil
Full art expedition lands
Karn liberated foil(have reg to trade back 
Tooth and nail foil
Lilianna of the veil foil or promo x2 have 2 reg i can trade
Gaea's cradle foil promo have reg to trade back

Have List:
can provide pictures of my alters just ask
Promo Life counters

Future sight
Magic tenth anniversary
Magic 15th anniversary


Jace, architect of thought (altered 
Kefnet the mindful (release foil
Careful study (foil )
Baral's expertise
Quicksmith spy
Quicken (foil
Padeem, consul of innovation (1 reg,1 foil)
Enter the infinite
Arcane savant
Unsubstantiated (full art )
Mizzium meddler
Clash of wills (fnm foil )
Herron alignment
Wash out (foil )
Upheaval (FTV foil )
Mizzium meddler (promo)
Displacement wave
Jeskai infiltrate (foil)
Icy blast
Blessed reincarnation
Mirror mockery
Blessed reincarnation
Merfolk assassin (foil)x2
Disdainful stroke (fnm promo)
Please for power x2
Pearl lake ancient x2
Jeskai infiltrato
Thousand winds x2
Curse of the swine x2
Shipbreaker kraken (1 reg,1 promo )
Whelming wave
Mercurial pretender (2 reg, 1 promo )
Jalira, master polymorphist x2
Academy elite
Tidal kraken (foil)x4
Mahomoti djinn (duels of the plainswalker foil promo)
Tromokratis (foil promo)x2 (1xenglish,1x italian,1 reg)
Arbiter of the ideal (foil promo)
Colossal whale (release promo)
Covenant of minds (foil )
Hypnotic siren
Scourge of fleets x2
Captain of the mists
Clone legion
Laboratory maniac x2
Perplexing chimera x2
Profane of the dead
Soul of ravnica (foil )


Quicksmith rebel (foil release
Mirroring dragon (2 reg, 1. Foil)
Combustible gearhulk (1 foil)
Radiant flames(1 reg, 2 full art foil)
Kari zev, skyship raider (1foil,1 reg)
Ball lightning (judge promo 
Blistering firecat (foil 
Galvanoth dd
Ignition team
Mana flare (4th edition
Freejam regent foil
Territorial gorger
Dragonmaster outcast
Charmbreaker devils
Fall of the titans
Oath of chandra
Akoum firebird x2
Tyrant of valakut
Barrage tyrant (1 foil, 1 reg)
Serpentine spike
Char (15th anniversary foil promo ) 
Ember swallower
Rakdos pit dragon
Decree of annihilation (ftv)
Crater elemental (promo)
Hordeling outburst (fnm promo)
Citadel of pain (foil )x2
Mob rule
Skarrgan firebird ( 1 foil, 3 regular )
Dragon-style twins (5 english, 1 japenese )
Soul of shandalar
Hoarding dragon m15 x2
Dictate of the twin gods (2 promo, 1 reg)
Bloodfire colossus (foil
Rukh egg ( 10th aniversary promo)
Fireball (magazine promo)sp
Felhide spiritbinde
Ancient hellkite
Whims of the fates x2
Howl of the horde x3
Rite of flame x2
Grenzo's rebuttal (2 reg, 1 foil )


Verdurous gearhulk x2
Traverse the ulvenwald
Undergrowth champion (foil release)x2
Beastcaller savant (1 reg, 2 release foil)
Deathcap cultivator
Splendid reclamation
Nature's claim (foil
Woodland wanderer (release foil
Wirewood symbiotic (foil )
Dramatic entrance (foil )x2
Kalonian hydra (altered x2
Hurricane (x foil)
Aid from the cowl
Elves of the deepshadow (foil rav)
River boa (promo)
wildest dreams
Titanic growth foil
Oviya pashiri, sage lifecrafter
Rattleclaw mystic (buy a box promo foil ) x2
Inexorable tide (foil )
Frontier siege
Vitalizing wind (foil )x2
Gladehart cavalry (1 reg ,1 release foil ) 
Dwynen, Gilt-leaf daen (foil )
Scythe leopard (foil holiday box
Wellwisher (foil )
Scaleguard sentinels (full art promo )
Honored hierarch
Obscuring aeither
Blessings of nature (foil )
Sandsteppe Mastodon ( 1 reg, 1 promo )
deathbridge goliath (1 reg, 1 promo )
Realm seekers
Kavu titan
Trail of mystery x3
Phytotitan x4
Primal whisperer x2
Skarrg goliath (promo)x2
Wild mongrel (fnm promo)
Anthousa,setessan hero (foil promo)
Elvish aberration (dci foil promo)x2
Wild beastmaster
Fate intervention
Force of nature (promo )
Elvish soultiller x2
Keeper of progenitus
Nessian wilds ravenger (4 reg, 1 promo )
Verdant force x3 ( foil graveborn )
Pheres-band warchief
Thornscape battlemage (foil )x2
Ambush commander dd foil
Harmonize dd
Headless one dd
Voice of the woods dd
Rude awakening dd
Ravenous Baloth dd


Oketra the true
Gisela, the broken blade x2
Angel of sanctions
Wrath of god (full art foil
Seance (mm17)
Jareth, leonine titan (foil mm
Aethergeode miner
Wing Shards (fnm promo ) 
Seal of cleansing (foil )
Servo exhibition (fnm promo
Aethergode miner
Condemn (foil )
Felidar guardian
Twilight shepherd (dd)
Bygone bishop
Munda's vanguard
Hidden dragonslayer
Sigil of the empty throne (origins)
Dragonscale general
Luminous angel ( foil )
Oath of gideon
Emeria Shephard 
Hero of goma fada x2
Sunscorch regent (foil )
Pristine angel ( Conspiracy )
Herald of anafenza
Custodial soulbinders
Rally the ancestors x2
High sentinels of arashin
Resolute archangel
Spectra ward
Spirit bonds
Fated retribution
Path of bravery (m14) foil
Hundred-handed one (foil)
Celestial archon (1 promo,1 set foil )
Angel of glory's rise (1 reg, 1 promo )
Silent sentinel (1 reg,1 promo )
Circle of protection red (fnm promo)
Kiyomaro, first to stand (release promo
Radiant purge
Dragonscale general


Desecration demon (foil
Dispossessed (foil )
Battle at the bridge
Extractor demon (foil )
Lost legacy
Gonti lord of luxury
Shadowborn apostle
Eliminate the compitition
Battle at the bridge
Cabal therapy mm
Secret salvage
Extractor demon (foil)
Twilights call dd
Noosegraf mob
Voldaren parih
Markov dreadnight
Remorseless punishment
Sins of the past
Sickening dreams (foil graveborn )x2 
Guul draz overseer
Ultimate price (foil promo )
Reaver demon dd
Promise of power dd
Diabolical revelation
Tainted remedy
Foul renewal x2
Damnable pact
Deathbringer regent (promo)x3
Cruel sadist
Necromancer stockpile x3
Stain the mind
I'll-gotten gains x2
Eater of hope 
Abhorrent overlord (1 reg, 1 promo )
Fallen angel (angels vs demons
Grim haruspex x2
Dark prophecy
Reign of the pit
Nightmare (m15)
Necropolis fiend x2
Fate unraveler
Fated return

Multi colored

Kiora, master of the depths
Altered ego (foil
Lightning angel ( 1 foil timespiral,1 foil apoc)
Prepare /fight
Abrupt decay
Tezzeret the schemer
Seige rhino
Jenara asura of war (ftv
Sphinx of the steel wind (gb foil
Jenara, asura of war (altered x1 ftv x1
Knight of new alara(promo x3
Blitz Hellion (foil )
Prophetic bolt dd
Invoke the firemind dd
Gleancrawler dd
Doomgape dd
Mortify x4
Glissa the Traitor ( ftv
Qasali pridemage
Armadillo cloak (foil mm2)
Heron's grace champion x2
Stormchaser mage
gaze of granite
Noyan dar, roil shaper
Stewart of valeron (foil promo )
Angelic captain
March from the tomb
Noyan dar, foils shaper
Boggart ram-gang (dci foil)
Boltwing marauder
wayfaring temple
biomass mutation
righteous authority
Flying crane techniques ( foil )
Rakshasa vizie
Indrik umbrage (planechase )
Winterflame (foil)
Coalation victory (foil )
Rakshasa vizier x2
Kheru litch lord
Villainous wealth (1 english, 1japenese)
Dimir charm (fnm promo,1 set foil)
Jund charm (foil )
Simic doppelganger (conspiracy )
Ghor-clan rampager (fnm promo)
Watchwolf x2 (fnm promo)
Deathbringer thoctar (foil)
Tymaret, the murder king (foil)
ARchon of the triumvirate (3 reg, 1 promo )
Firemind's foresight x2
Gruul guildmage (foil. Promo
Selkie hedge mage (dci foil promo)
Dimir guildmage (promo )
Slave of bolas (dci foil promo)
Labotomy (fnm promo
Sprouting thrinax (dci promo)
Death grasp (el vs tez duel deck)
Anathemancer (fnm promo)
Rhox war monk (fnm promo
Treasury thrull (foil promo)
Grisly salvage (fnm promo)
Polis Crusher (1 foil, 2 reg)
Sultai charm (foil )
Mardu charm (foil )
Mystic genesis
Psychic intrusion (foil )
Abzan ascendancy
Selvala, explorer returned
Dryad militant (full art promo )
Ivorytusk fortress x3
Sagu mauler
Retaliatory Griffin (promo
Wilt leaf cavaliers(promo )


Throne of the god-pharaoh
Lodestone myr
Scroll of the masters
Smothering abomination
Sword of vengeance
Cluestone slaughter x2
Aligned Hedron network x2
Scroll of the masters
Sphinx bone wand
Dimensional infiltrator
Guardian of the ages
Merchant's dockhand
Tower of eons (foil )
Orzhov signet (foil )
Inspiring statuary
Deadlock trap
Jalun tomb ( commander )
Slate of ancestry (dd)
Sifter of skulls
Dread defiler
Tower of calamities
Astral cornucopia x4
Heroes podium x4
Helvault ftv foil
Chief of the foundry (foil prom
Gonti's aether heart
Receiver of form (1 foil, 1 reg)
Altar of dementia (Conspiracy
Juggernaut (fnm promo ) x2
Hall of triumph (1 reg, 1 foil,1 promo foil)
CLockwork beast (alt art beatdown)


Concealed courtyard x2
Full art foil bfz island x6
Full art bfz plains x5
Irrigated farmland x2
Botanical sanctum
Blooming marsh
Razorverge thicket
Canyon slough
Fortified village
Rugged prairie (altered)
Forest arena foil 1993 (pat morresey
Swamp arena foil 1993 (Douglas shuler
Mountain arena foil 1993 (john avon
Plains arena foil 1993 (rob alexander) x5
Island french full art alter
Cinder glade (foil)x2
Shambling vent x3
Dakmor salvage
Rootbound crag (m13
Blighted fen (fnm promo )
Corrupted crossroads
Stirring wildwood
Terrain generator dd
Terramorphic expanse (slivers foil)x2
Hellion crucible
savage lands (foil)
Grove of the guardian x5 (1 foil , 3 reg, 1 promo )
Mountain (duels of the plainswalkers)
Teetering peaks (fnm promo )
Evolving wilds (dragons alt art promo )
Stensia bloodhall


Lots of uncommons from battle for zendikar not listed

Squirrel nest x2
Mortify x4
Harmanize dd

From: Terre Haute, IN, USA
Confirmed Refs: 67

posted June 04, 2017 08:37 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for dwchang Click Here to Email dwchang Send a private message to dwchang Click to send dwchang an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View dwchang's Have/Want ListView dwchang's Have/Want List
Originally posted by kraig thomas:
I am. Interested inyour angel of sanctions foil and any of your shochlands or fetch lands.I have a Gideon ofthe trials and a list.please let me know if we can work out anything. Thanks

Gideon is kind of a low priority for me so I'll pass for now. Thanks!


Current Decks:
-Punishing Jund

kraig thomas
From: Hfx.ns.canada
Confirmed Refs: 223

posted June 30, 2017 10:06 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for kraig thomas Click Here to Email kraig thomas Send a private message to kraig thomas Click to send kraig thomas an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View kraig thomas's Have/Want ListView kraig thomas's Have/Want List
kraig thomas
From: Hfx.ns.canada
Confirmed Refs: 223

posted July 01, 2017 02:17 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for kraig thomas Click Here to Email kraig thomas Send a private message to kraig thomas Click to send kraig thomas an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View kraig thomas's Have/Want ListView kraig thomas's Have/Want List

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