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Author Topic:   Want Foils/expos/masterpieces::Have all formats
From: Orange, CA USA
Confirmed Refs: 56

posted June 24, 2017 09:04 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for Charlesv Click Here to Email Charlesv Send a private message to Charlesv Click to send Charlesv an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View Charlesv's Have/Want ListView Charlesv's Have/Want List

Looking to foil out my edh decks.

Will always consider value cards like fetches/shocks/staples.

Thanks for looking~!

[Edited 3 times, lastly by Charlesv on July 17, 2017]

Want List:
All requested cards must be in NM condition and ENGLISH!

*May be willing to accept multiples of listed cards even if it says I need only 1. Offer them up anyway!

(it's possible I may list a foil of a card that doesn't actually exist in foil, my apologies in advance)

Prismatic omen (foil and non foil)
Planeswalkers (not all, but offer them up)
Shock lands xx
Fetchlands xx
As foretold xx
As foretold foil xx
Chandra, Torch of Defiance xx
Chandra, Torch of Defiance FOIL x4


Mystic Gate
Graven Cairns
Wooded Bastion
Strip Mine
Forbidden Orchard


Sword of Body and Mind
Solemn Simulacrum x4
Scroll Rack x4
Sculpting Steel x4
Chromatic lantern x4
Mana Vault x4
Sol Ring

Most likely willing to trade for any FOIL edh staple, just offer them up even if they aren't on this list!



Most FOIL SLIVERS (will trade for premium deck series)

Foil Mulldrifter
Foil Roil Elemental
Foil Titania, Protector of Argoth

FOIL skithiryx, the blight dragon
foil Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund
foil Hellkite Overlord
foil Dragon Tyrant
foil Utvara Hellkite
foil Balefire Dragon
foil Scourge of Valkas
Foil maelstrom nexus
Foil eldrazi monument
Foil crib swap
Foil Intuition
Player Rewards Cryptic Command
Promo Geist of Saint Traft
Foil Eladamri's Call
Foil Sensei's diving top
Foil rite of replication
Foil cavern of souls x4
foil thran dynamo
foil treachery
Foil coat of arms
foil skyshroud claim
foil decimate
foil wood elves
foil arcanis the omnipotent (ema preferred)
foil balefire dragon
foil palinchron
foil sneak attack
Foil urza's incubator
foil gruul signet
foil simic signet
foil dimir signet
foil azorious signet
foil rakdos signet
foil deadeye navigator
foil sower of temptation
foil phantasmal image
foil archeomancer
Judge Foil Wheel of Fortune
Foil Day's Undoing
Foil Wheel and Deal
Foil Whispering Madness
Foil Windfall
Foil Teferi's Puzzle Box
Foil mindslicer
Foil eladamri's call
Foil Worldly tutor
Judge Foil Demonic Tutor
Foil Mesmeric Orb
Foil Gaddock Teeg
27x Foil Snow-Covered Swamp
Foil Trinket Mage
Foil Arcum Dagsson
Foil Temple of the False Gods
Foil Grim Monolith
Foil Solumn Simulacrum x3 (masterpiece preferred)
Foil Glen Eendra Archmage
Foil vorinclex
Foil sheoldred (non promo)
Foil Kira, great glass spinner( original set)
Foil Craterhoof Behemoth
Foil Weathered Wayfarer
Foil Master of Cruelties
Foil Balefire Dragon
Foil orzhov Signet
Foil Dimir Signet
Foil Rakdos Signet
Foil Boros Signet
Foil marble diamond
Foil Charcoal Diamond
foil fire diamond
Foil angel of despair
Foil homeward path
Foil Gisela, Blade of goldnight
Foil Knollspine Dragon
Foil Sire of Insanity
Foil Phyrexian Arena
Foil Archangel Avacyn
Foil Coldsteel Heart
Foil Chaos Warp
Foil Shattering Spree
Foil Toxic Deluge x3
Foil Hall of the Bandit Lord
Foil Fellwar Stone x2
Foil Wear//Tear
Foil Rakdos the Defiler
Foil Flamekin Village
Foil Spinerock knoll
Foil Grand Abolisher x3
Foil City of Brass x2
Foil Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
Foil Hellkite Tyrant
Foil Talisman of Indulgence
Foil Reflecting Pool
Foil Overseer of the Damned
Foil Weathered Wayfarer
Foil Bogardan Hellkite
Foil Mikaeus, the unhallowed x2
Foil beseech the queen
Foil Thespian's Stage
Foil Decree of Pain
Foil Petrified field
Foil Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx
Foil shriekmaw
Foil rise of the dark realms
Foil Cabal Coffers x2
Foil Life's Finale
Foil Burnished Heart x2
Foil Reanimate
Foil Geth's Verdict
Foil Mindcrank
Foil Night's whisper
Foil Nirkana Revenant

Have List:

2x Yidris precon decks
2x Breya precon decks
1x Atraxa precon deck


Inventions (only for trade toward other inventions/expeditions)

Overgrown Tomb x2
Verderous Gearhulk

Commander 2016- All oversized cards

Hour of devastation
Locust God x3
Scarab God x2
Scorpion God x2
Majestic myriarch x2
Pride sovereign x4
Ramunap Hydra x2
Resilient khenra x4
Rhonas's last stand x5
Uncage the menagerie
Eternal of harsh truths x2
Hour of eternity
Fraying sanity x3
Champion of wits x3
Kent's last word x4
Nimble obstructionist x4
Supreme will x5
Angel of condemnation x2
Overwhelming splendor
Crested sunmare x3
Djeru, with eyes open x5
Oketra's last mercy foil
Oketra's last mercy pre release stamp
Oketra's last mercy x3
Adorned pouncer x4
Hazoret's favor
Chaos maw x3
Hazoret's undying fury x4
Imminent doom x3
Naheb, the eternal
Abrade x4
Earthshaker khenra x4
Torment of hailfire x2
Apocalypse demon x2
Hour of glory pre release foil
Your of glory x3
Dreamstealer foil
Dreamstealer x3
Driven/despair x2
Claim/fame x8
Leave/chance x3
Refuse /cooperate x3
Reason /believe x2
Grind /dust x2
God-Pharaoh's gift x3
Abandoned sarcophagus foil
Abandoned sarcophagus x4
Eternal sands x3

Green Binder:
Ugin, The spirit Dragon (ugin's fate promo alt art)
Karn, Liberated
Jace, the mind sculptor
Kaya, ghost assassin x2
Ugin, the spirit dragon
Nahiri, The Harbinger
Nissa, Vaswood Seer x2
Liliana Vess x3 (foil alternate set)
Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver x2
Nissa, Worldwaker
Daretti, ingenious iconocloast
Ajani, Caller of the Pride
Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury
Domri rade
Xenagos, The Reveler
Tezzeret the schemer
Tezzert the seeker
Saheeli Rai
Sorin Markov
Ob Nixilis of the Black Oath
Chandra, the Firebrand
Ral Zarek
Garruk Wildspeaker (Foil alt set)
Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker
Jace Beleren (foil alt set)
Gideon Jura
Chandra, Flamecaller
Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded
Sarkhan Vol
Jace, Memory Adept
Ob Nixilis Reignited
Garruk, Apex Predator
Tamiyo, Field researcher x2


Breya, Etherium Sculptor x4
Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder x8
Grand Arbitor Augustin iv
Havengul Lich x2
Maelstrom Wanderer Planechase
Maelstrom Wanderer FOIL (commander's arsenal)
Sliver Overlord
vish kal, blood arbiter
surrak Dragonclaw (foil time stamp)
Karador, Ghost chieftain
sliver hivelord x2
gwendlyn di corci
karlov of the ghost council x2
meren of clan nel toth x5
Wrexial, the risen deep
krond the dawn-clad
jenara, asura of war x2 (ftv)
ghastlord of fugue FOIL
privileged position
dragonlair spider
doran, the siege tower (ftv)
shardless agent
baleful strix x5
Vela the Night-clad
wort, the raid mother
silent-blade oni
thromok the insatiable
wayfaring temple foil (mm17)
tariel, reckoner of souls x4 (3x ftv, 1x regular)
prophet of kruphix x2 (foil alt art promo)
gaddock teeg x3
zur the enchanter x5
Breya, Etherium Shaper x5
sigarda, host of herons
sapling of colfenor
ephara, god of the polis x2
keranos, god of storms x2
karametra, god of harvests
iroas, god of victory
Reyhan, last of the abzan
animar, soul of elements
gisela, blade of goldnight x2 (cm15)
Anafenza, the foremost foil x2
hibernation sliver (foil alt set)
novablast wurm
aurelia, the warleader x2 (1x ftv, 1x gatecrash)
vexing shusher x2 (foil shadowmoor)
Meddling mage x4
reaper king
trostani, selesnya's voice
sisters of stone death
bloodbraid elf x7 (2x planechase,4x foil fnm, 1x ema)
child of alara (ftv)
ashenmoor liege
uril, the miststalker
Grim flayer x2
jeleva, nephalia's scourge
spell queller
niv-mizzet, dracogenius
kitchen finks
slippery bogle
sidar kondo of jamuraa
silas renn, seeker adept
akiri, line-slinger
Knight of the reliquary x3 (1x mma, 2x dd)

Alter of bone
sterling grove
hunting grounds x2
waves of aggression
vindicate foil (2013 promo)
vindicate ema
vindicate mercadian masques
aura shards x2
mirari's wake (old version)
indrik umbra
oath of Ajani foil
abrupt decay
eladamri's call (lp)
boros charm
unflinching courage
sphinx's revelation
terminate x3 (mm17)
atarka's command
anguished unmaking x2 (pack foil)


cataclysmic gearhulk
noxious gearhulk
torrential gearhulk x2
combustible gearhulk
skysovereign, consul flagship
Metalwork colossus foil
steel hellkite foil (promo)
Smuggler's copter x3
Electrostatic Pummeler x3
lupine prototype x8 foil
scrapheap scrounger x4
metalwork colossus x2
Matter reshaper x2
Etherium Sculptor
Master of Etherium
solemn simulacrum x4
platinum emperion
duplicant x5 (all mirrodin 4x english 1 is HP, 1x french)
void winnower x4 (1x german)
sundering titan x4 (ftv)
blightsteel colossus
darksteel colossus
kozilek, butcher of truth
ulamog, the infinite gyre
arcbound ravager (mirr)
hangarback walker
reality smasher
adaptive automaton x3
Wurmcoil engine
Spellskite x3 (2x mm2, 1x NP)
myr battlesphere
bosh, iron golem
elder deep-fiend x2
platinum angel x3 (2x ftv, 1x m11)
eldrazi displacer x2

Sol ring x4
swiftfoot boots
temple bell
sculpting steel
Nevinyrral's disk
horn of greed x4
Crystal shard (foil)
Oblivion Stone
planar portal
doubling cube (french)
all is dust (RoE)
lightning greaves x6 (varying sets)
unwinding clock
the rack
coat of arms
Mycosynth Lattice
alhammarret's archive x2
cauldron of souls
cloudstone curio
cloud key
everflowing chalice (foil promo)
gauntlet of power x4 (3x french)
memory jar x2
sword of the meek (lp)
quietus spike
basilisk collar x2
null rod x1
chromatic star x2
Caged sun
birthing pod x2
sword of kaldra
basilisk collar
ensnaring bridge x2 (1x stronghold, 1x 7th)
blade of selves
amulet of vigor x4
thousand-year elixir
sword of feast and famine x3
akroma's memorial (m13 Chinese)
darksteel ingot x3
darksteel plate x2
mesmeric orb x3
perilous vault x2
quicksilver amulet x2
pyromancer goggles
mind's eye x4 (1x Japanese, 1x hp, 1x damaged, 1x nm)
winter orb x5 (multiple sets)
Sculpting Steel x4 (italian)
exraplanar lens x4
rings of brighthearth x5 (4x Italian, 1x french)
defense grid x4
eldrazi monument x2
tangle wire (ftv)
trinisphere (french)
nihil spellbomb FOIL x2
coalition relic x4 (2x french)
Godsend (Russian)
darksteel forge x4
relic of progenitus
urza's incubator
chromatic lantern x2
chrome mox x2
mox diamond x2 (stronghold)
gilded lotus x6
sensei's divining top x2 (kamigawa)
thran dynamo x5
mana vault x3
thousand-year elixir foil
vedalken orrery x2
isochron scepter x3
proteus staff x2
aether vial x5 (3x darksteel, 2x mm)
Cloud key x4 FOIL

krosan verge x2
emeria, the sky ruin x2
exotic orchard
evolving wilds foil (cs2)
blackcleave cliffs
thespian's stage
yavimaya hollow
hall of the bandit lord x3
okina, temple to the grandfathers x4
seachrome coast x5
blinkmoth nexus (mm2)
mikokoro, center of the sea (french)
urza's tower x5 (multiple sets)
urza's power plant x5 (multiple sets)
urza's mine x4 (multiple sets)
tower of the magistrate
dust bowl
winding canyons
eldrazi temple x2 (1x foil)
karplusan forest
murmouring bosk (ftv)
sulfurous springs x5 (multiple sets)
city of brass x6 (multiple sets)
kor haven
Prairie stream x4
cinder glade x2
sunken hollow x5
smoldering marsh x4
shambling vent x2
myriad landscape x6
slayers' stronghold
Minamo, school at water's edge x2 (2x Italian)
adarkar Wastes x2 foil
breeding pool
temple garden
watery grave x2
steam vents x3
sulfur falls
woodland cemetary
hinterland harbor
raging ravine
clifftop retreat
isolated chapel
sunpetal grove
petrified field
deserted temple x2
miren, the moaning well
forbidden orchard (FTV)
scorched ruins
reflecting pool x3
exotic orchard x2
westvale abbey
ghost quarter
wanderwine hub x2
mystic confluence
nykthos, shrine to nyx
tolaria west x2
valakut, the molten pinnacle
academy ruins x3
gemstone mine (mp)
high market
darkslick shores x2
cavern of souls x3 (avacyn restored)
karakas x2
yavimaya coast x3
eye of ugin x2
urborg, tomb of yawgmoth x3
command beacon x5
mana confluence x2
cabal coffers x4
maze of ith x1
high market x5
strip mine x2
copperline gorge
wooded foothills x6
windswept heath x6
flooded strand x2
bloodstained mire x8
polluted delta x4
scalding tarn x4 (3x mm17)
verdant catacombs x3 (1x mm17)
Marsh flats x3 (1 x mm17)
Misty rainforest x2 (2x zendikar)
arid mesa x3 (3x zendikar)
Brushland x1 ice age black border
brushland x4 ice age white border
brushland x2 7th
brushland x2 5th
brushland x1 10th
battlefield forge
cave of koilos
lumbering falls

BLACK BINDER (mostly modern):

Allosaurus Rider x4 foil (pre release)
hooting mandrills x4 foil
scavenging ooze x4 foil (m14 promo)
eternal witness x2
noble hierarch x4 foil (mm2)
wild nacatl x4 foil (fnm promo)
melira, sylvok outcast x2
ezuri, renegade leader
thrun, the last troll x2
primeval titan x4 foil (promo)
life from the loam x4
green sun's zenith x2 (1x ftv)
pulse of murasa x4 foil
eldritch evolution x4
rancor x4
become immense x4 foil
groundswell x4
chord of calling x4 (original)
search for tomorrow x4 foil

vendilion clique x3
thing in the ice x4
narcomoeba x4 foil (future sight)
snapcaster mage
kira, great glass-spinner x2
mausoleum wanderer x4 foil
stitchwing skaab x4 foil
thassa, god of the sea
unified will x4
spreading seas
threads of disloyalty x4 foil
tome scour x4 foil
spell pierce x4
remand x4

leonin arbiter x4
restoration angel x4 foil (alt art promo)
blade splicer x4 foil
selfless spirit x4
steppe lynx x4 foil
thalia, guardian of thraben x4
ethersworn canonist x2 foil
anafenza, kin-tree spirit x2
flickerwisp x4 foil
kor firewalker x4 foil (dci promo)
rally the peasants x4 foil
timely reinforcements x4
celestial purge x4 FULL ART
path to exil3 x4
lingering souls x4 foil (fn promo alt art)
ghostly prison
stony silence x4
leyline of sanctity x4

greater gargadon x4 foil
insolent neonate x4 foil
eidolon of the great revel x4
grim lavamancer x4 (original set)
kird ape foil
lightning bolt x4 foil (premium deck series)
gut shot x4 foil
conflagrate x4 foil
ancient grudge x4 foil (fnm promo alt art)
faithless looting x4 foil
blood moon x2 (chronicles)
rift bolt x4 foil (fnm promo)
lightning axe x4 foil
tormenting voice x4 foil
temur battle rage x4
lava spike x4 foil (mma)

golgari thug x4
kalitas, traitor of ghet
bloodghast x2 foil (3x english, 1x japanese)
dark confidant x4 (3x mm2, 1x mm1)
haunted dead x4
stinkweed imp x4 foil
liliana of the veil
illness in the ranks x4
inquisition of kozilek x4 (multiple sets)
leyline of the void x4 (guildpact)
darkblast x2
extirpate x4 foil (mma)
bridge from below x4 (future sight)
inquisition of kozilek x4 (cs2)
thoughtseize x4

wurmcoil engine x4
spellskite x4
nihil spellbomb x4 foil
relic of progenitus x2 foil
oblivion stone x4
ensnaring bridge x3
grafdigger's cage x2 foil (original)
engineered explosives x1 (mm)
amulet of vigor x2 foil
shriekhorn x4 foil

bloodbraid elf x4 foil (dci promo)
golgari charm x4
deflecting palm x4 foil
spell queller x4
prized amalgam x4 foil
voice of resurgence x4
anafenza, the foremost x3 foil
armadillo cloak x4 foil (fnm promo)
lightning helix x4
terminate x4
siege rhino x2 foil
kolaghan's command x2
huntmaster of the fells
kitchen finks x4
geist of saint traft x4
abrupt decay x4
atarka's command x4
nahiri, the harbinger x4
boros charm x4
destructive revelry x4 foil
maelstrom pulse x2 foil dci promo
knight of the reliquary x4

eiganjo castle x2
dakmor salvage x4 foil
razorverge thicket x4
darkslick shores x4
okina, temple to the grandfathers x4 foil
valakut, the molten pinnacle x4 foil (pre release time stamp)
dryad arbor x3
celestial colonnade x2
copperline gorge x4
Ghost Quarter x4
seachrome coast x4
wanderwine hub x2
boseiju, who shelters all x2
raging ravine x4
river of tears x4
blinkmoth nexus x4 oil (darksteel)
blackcleave cliffs x4
slayer's stronghold x4 foil
grove of the burnwillows x2
horizon canopy
gavony township x2



azusa, lost but seeking
argothian enchantress (ema)
regal behmoth
eternal witness x5 (multiple sets)
norwood priestess
vorinclex, voice of hunger x2
primeval titan x4
avenger of zendikar x4 (multiple sets)
kalonian hydra
primordial hydra
oracle of mul daya x3 (1x lp)
nylea, god of the hunt
bloom tender
heartwood storyteller
ishkanah, grafwidow
eladamri, lord of leaves x2
fauna shaman x4
golgari grave-troll x4
elvish piper foil x3
harabaz druid x2
timber protector
elves of deep shadow foil
woodfall primus (mma)
spike weaver
hermit druid
elvish archdruid foil (m12)
elvish archdruid commander
courser of kruphix
collective voyage x2
chord of calling
vines of vastwood foil x2
green sun's zenith
lurking predators
genesis wave x4 (1x french)
descendants path
survival of the fittest x2
worldly tutor
summer bloom x4
burgeoning x4 (multiple sets)
sylvan library x2
selvala's stampede x2
bear umbra
verdant confluence x2
berserk x2
tooth and nail x5 (multiple sets)
eldritch evolution x3
asceticism foil
rancor x4
beast within x10 (multiple sets)
city of solitude
mana reflection x3 (1x english, 1x italian, 1x french)

consecrated sphinx x3
phyrexian metamorph foil x3(alt art)
stunt double
vendilion clique x2
true-name nemesis
narcomoeba x3 foil (future sight)
gilded drake x4
venser, shaper savant x2 (ftv)
teferi, archmage (french)
sower of temptation x3
azami, lady of scrolls
sakashima the impostor
mausoleum wanderer x2
clever impersonator x2
jin-gitaxias, core augur
glen elendra archmage x2
bribery x2 (multiple sets)
time stretch x2
temporal mastery x2
mystical tutor x2
beacon of tomorrows
Decree of silence x3
mindbreak trap
mind over matter
blatant thievery x5 (multiple sets)
mystic confluence x2
copy enchantment x2
pact of negation x3
show and tell x2 (cs2)
hive mind
part the waterveil x2
acquire (idw promo)
walk the aeons x2
thought reflection
time warp x3 (multiple sets)
copy artifact
cyclonic rift x4
treachery x2
serum visions x5 (cs2)
leyline of anticipation x2
dig through time x4
rhystic study x5
crush of tentacles foil
crush of tentacles x4
gitaxian probe x4

lingering souls x8 foil (fnm promo)
blade splicer x4 foil
skroma, angel of wrath x2 foil (ftv)
exalted angel x2 (ftv foil)
baneslayer angel foil x2 (ftv)
avacyn, angel of hope x2 foil (ftv)
sun titan x5 (multiple sets)
wall of omens x4
elesh norn, grand cenobite mm2
iona, shield of emeria foil (ftv)
serra ascendant
gisela, the broken blade x3
heliod, god of the sun
puresteel paladin
loyal retainers x2 (ftv)
kor spirit dancer x2
yosei, the morning star
brimaz, king of oreskos
mother of runes x2 (multiple sets)
academy rector x3
selfless spirit
thalia, heretic cathar foil buy a box promo
thalia, heretic cathar x3 (1x foil)
reveillark x3
steppe lynx x2 foil
bruna, the fading light foil
grand abolisher x2
rune-tail, kitsune ascendant
recruiter of the guard x2
sanctum prelate x2
ghostway x2
endless horizons
councils judgement
greater auramancy
pariah x2 (1x foil)_
wave of reckoning
test of endurance
martyr's bond
land tax x3
grasp of fate x2
swords to plowshares x3
idyllic tutor x5 (2x french)
enlightened tutor x3 (mir)
austere command x3
wrath of god (ema)
terminus (ftv foil)
hallowed burial
rest in peace x3
ghostly prison x4

Bloodghast x9
vengeful pharaoh foil
ghoulcaller gisa
bloodsoaked champion
street wraith x1 foil
avatar of woe
go for the throat
tree of perdition foil (time stamped)
drana, liberator of malakir
chainer's edict x2 (foil promo)
mikaeus, the unhallowed x3 (1x japanese)
rune-scarred demon x2
phyrexian obliterator x4
grave titan
hell's cartaker
blood artist foil (ema)
puppeteer clique x2
ashling, the extinguisher
lord of the undead
tasigur, the golden fang
dark confidant (mm2)
coffin queen
mindslicer x3
doomed necromancer foil
surgical extraction x2
demonic tutor x3 (multiple sets
leyline of the void
vampiric tutor x4 (1x chinese)
necropotence x2
diabolic intent x2
hero's downfall buy a box promo
phyrexian arena x6 (multiple sets)
hymn to tourach x2 (ema)
grave pact x2
thoughtseize x2
demonic pact
bloodchief ascension
beseech the queen x2
living death (ftv)
extirpate x2 foil
entomb (ema)
patriarch's bidding
black market x3 (multiple sets)
insidious dreams
tainted aether x4 (7th)
shred memory foil
infernal darkness x2
yawgmoth's will x4 (1x japanese, 1x italian)
rise of the dark realms x4
living death
inquisition of kozilek x10 (cs2)
collective brutality x4
beacon of unrest
rain of daggers

kiki-jiki, mirror breaker x4 (multiple sets)
goblin guide
greater gargadon x6
akroma, angel of fury x3 (multiple sets)
dragon mage x3 (multiple sets)
grim lavamancer (japanese)
balefire dragon
hellkite tyrant
forgestoker dragon foil
skyline despot x2
goblin lackey
goblin king
goblin chieftain
purphoros, god of the forge x3
grenzo, havoc raiser
collective defiance x4
magus of the wheel
kozilek's return x5
anger of the gods x7
past in flames x2
mass hysteria foil
burning wish x3 (cs2)
gamble (urza's)
blood moon
incendiary command
splinter twin
winds of change
fiery confluence
insurrection x2
seize the day
fork x2

From: Orange, CA USA
Confirmed Refs: 56

posted June 30, 2017 05:26 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for Charlesv Click Here to Email Charlesv Send a private message to Charlesv Click to send Charlesv an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View Charlesv's Have/Want ListView Charlesv's Have/Want List
From: pittsburgh,pa
Confirmed Refs: 400

posted July 01, 2017 08:17 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for daner Click Here to Email daner Send a private message to daner Click to send daner an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote 
would you do my

Foil Cavern of Souls(MM3)

for your

2x Celestial Colonnade
1x Torrential Gearhulk
1x Nahiri, the Harbinger

pm or email me if interested

[Edited 1 times, lastly by daner on July 01, 2017]

From: michigan
Confirmed Refs: 66

posted July 04, 2017 02:16 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for linecook Click Here to Email linecook Send a private message to linecook Click to send linecook an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View linecook's Have/Want ListView linecook's Have/Want List
interested in these

4x leyline of the void
1x snapcaster mage
4x ghost quarter

please check my h/w drop me a post lmk if another deal can be made... thanks

From: shawnee, OK
Confirmed Refs: 21

posted July 07, 2017 04:41 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for DELTA622 Click Here to Email DELTA622 Send a private message to DELTA622 Click to send DELTA622 an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View DELTA622's Have/Want ListView DELTA622's Have/Want List
What sets are your Polluted Deltas from?
From: United States
Confirmed Refs: 318

posted July 12, 2017 05:34 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for chaos021 Send a private message to chaos021 Click to send chaos021 an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View chaos021's Have/Want ListView chaos021's Have/Want List
Hello. Would you consider the following?

2 Flooded Strand (KTK) 15.36
1 As Foretold 6.58

2 Gaddock Teeg 18.75

Please let me know either way. Thanks.

"Message to women worldwide: Girls....we're stupid. We don't like games. We don't know games. We can't read minds. Say it like you mean or STFU." -rockondon

Sale Thread

From: michigan
Confirmed Refs: 66

posted July 12, 2017 06:09 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for linecook Click Here to Email linecook Send a private message to linecook Click to send linecook an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View linecook's Have/Want ListView linecook's Have/Want List
interested in these

2x ashiok nightmare weaver
1x dreadbore

please look at my list drop me a post lmk if we can make another trade........... thanks

From: shawnee, OK
Confirmed Refs: 21

posted July 13, 2017 05:19 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for DELTA622 Click Here to Email DELTA622 Send a private message to DELTA622 Click to send DELTA622 an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View DELTA622's Have/Want ListView DELTA622's Have/Want List
Hello there! I am interested in 2 DKS Aether Vial, could you please CML and LMK if we can work anything out? Thanks.

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