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Author Topic:   New list in more than a year
From: Pennsylvania
Confirmed Refs: 180

posted August 23, 2017 05:16 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for stacker Click Here to Email stacker Send a private message to stacker Click to send stacker an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View stacker's Have/Want ListView stacker's Have/Want List


[Edited 2 times, lastly by stacker on September 04, 2017]

Want List:
1x Tabernacle of the Pendrell Vale
4x Life from the Loam RAV
1x Karakas PROMO
2x Recruiter of the Guard
2x Sanctum Prelate
2x Flickerwisp EVE
2x Serra Avenger TSP

Have List:
3x Bloodbraid Elf
3x Huntermaster of the Fells
2x Vial Smasher the Fierce
1x Cromat (japanese)
1x Merieke Ri Berit
1x Mystic Snake TSP
1x Saheeli Rai (promo)
2x Esper Charm

1x Vindiate EMA
4x Shardless Agent (german)

4x Matter Reshaper
4x Painter's Servant
1x It That Betrays
1x Meekstone
1x Mox Opall
1x Platinum Emperion (japanese)
1x Spellskite
1x The Chain Veil
1x Tsabo's Web (german)
8x Shrine of Burning Rage
3x Tormod's Crypt (1x german)
1x Expedition Map
1x Kozilek's Return
1x Skullclamp

4x Eldrazi Mimic
4x Grindstone (german)
4x Matter Reshaper
4x Reality Smasher
4x Thought-Knot Seer
1x Grim Monolith
1x Scroll Rack
1x Umezawa's Jitte
4x Aether Vial

4x Gifts Ungiven
3x Coralhelm Commander
2x Ancestral Vision
2x Baral, Chief of Compliance
1x Erayo, Soratami Ascendent
1x Equilibrium
1x Future Sight
1x Misdirection
1x Opposition (7th)
1x Torrential Gearhulk
4x Breakthrough
3x Retreat to Coralhelm
1x Cloud of Faeries
1x Delver of Secrets (german)
1x Fact or Fiction
1x Gitaxian Probe

2x Coralhelm Commander
3x Drowner of Hope
3x Merrow Reejerey
1x Cursecatcher

1x Fireblast
1x Goblin Welder
1x Magus of the Moon (german)
1x Siege-gang Commander
1x Squee, Goblin Nabob
1x Stormbreath Dragon
3x Blazing Volley
1x Anger of the Gods
1x Equisite Firecraft (japanese)
1x Goblin Ringleader
1x Molten Rain
1x Pyrostatic Pillar (german)
1x Seal of Fire

3x Crumble to Dust

4x Entreat the Angels
4x Restoration Angel
4x Unexpectedly Absent
1x Monastery Mentor
1x Stoneforge Mystic (german)
1x Stony Silence
8x Lingering Souls (FNM)
4x Ghostly Prison
3x Blessed Alliance
2x Poyphyry Nodes
1x Flickerwisp

4x Unexpectedly Absent
1x Aven Mindcensor

4x Leyline of the Void
3x Tasigur, the Golden Fang (2x promo)
1x Death's Shadow
1x Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet
3x Cabal Therapy
2x Engineered Plague
1x Ravenous Trap (japanese)

1x Entomb

4x Nimble Mongoose
2x Tireless Tracker
4x Oath of Nissa

1x Collected Company
1x Tarmogoyf
2x Krosan Grip

5x Thespian's Stage
3x Flooded Strand (2x KTK, 1x ONS)
3x Riftstone Portal
2x Hallowed Fountain
2x Polluted Delta (KTK)
1x Eiganjo Castle
1x Eldrazi Temple
1x Eye of Ugin
1x Petrified Field
1x Seagate Wreckage
1x Tolaria West
1x Tower of the Magistrate
1x Windswept Heath (KTK, japanese)
1x Vesuva (japanese)
4x Cloudpost (german)
1x Plains (UNH)
1x Treetop Village

1x Oboro, Palace in the Clouds
1x Tower of the Magistrate
3x Ghost Quarter (INN)
1x Wasteland (japanese)

6x Meddling Mage (4x japanese, gold)
4x Bloodghast (gold)
4x Counterbalance (gold)
4x Pia and Kira Nalaar (gold)
4x Sensei's Divining Top (gold)
3x Sulfuric Vortex (gold)
1x Dragonlord Atarka (gold)
1x Garruk Relentless (gold
1x Llawa, Cephalid Empress (gold)
1x Siege-gang Commander (gold)
1x Sylvan Library (gold)
1x Winter Orb (gold)
4x Cabal Ritual (signed)
4x Dig Through Time (gold)
4x Fatestitcher (gold)
4x Fire/Ice (gold)
4x Hooting Mandrils (black)
4x Krosan Grip (gold)
4x Price of Progress (gold)
4x Signal Pest (gold)
2x Tarfire (gold)
2x Zealous Persecution (gold)
1x Arcane Laboratory (gold)
1x Massacre (gold)

4x Goblin Welder (gold)
2x Dack Fayden (gold)
2x Winter Orb (wb german, gold)

The Foilmonger
From: Poway, CA, USA
Confirmed Refs: 1203

posted August 23, 2017 05:52 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for The Foilmonger Click Here to Email The Foilmonger Send a private message to The Foilmonger Click to send The Foilmonger an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View The Foilmonger's Have/Want ListView The Foilmonger's Have/Want List
Hey there,
I am interested in your:

2x Hallowed Fountain
1x Vindicate (EMA)

If you have time, please check out my list and see if there is anything you might want for any of them.


From: Somerville, MA, USA
Confirmed Refs: 55

posted August 23, 2017 06:02 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for HMukh20 Click Here to Email HMukh20 Send a private message to HMukh20 Click to send HMukh20 an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View HMukh20's Have/Want ListView HMukh20's Have/Want List
Hey there, would you do my 1 x Omniscience and 1 x non foil Flooded Strand (KTK) for 1 x Foil Flooded Strand (KTK)?

TCG Market puts both sides right around $32

Let me know, thanks!

From: michigan
Confirmed Refs: 77

posted August 23, 2017 07:39 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for linecook Click Here to Email linecook Send a private message to linecook Click to send linecook an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View linecook's Have/Want ListView linecook's Have/Want List
interested in 2x flooded strand ktk foil...... please check my h/w drop me a post lmk if a deal can be made... thanks
From: Westland, MI, USA
Confirmed Refs: 20

posted August 28, 2017 02:28 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for v0rac10u5 Click Here to Email v0rac10u5 Send a private message to v0rac10u5 Click to send v0rac10u5 an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View v0rac10u5's Have/Want ListView v0rac10u5's Have/Want List
Originally posted by stacker:
Interested in your foil EVE flickerwisp, check my list I have a lot of foils, thanks

Thank you for the post. I am interested in the foil Expedition Map and foil Siege-Gang Commander. Are they from Zendikar and Scourge, respectively? What condition are they in?

This trade is $3 in my favor on TCG. Can you find something small to even it out?

From: Toronto, Ont, Canada
Confirmed Refs: 35

posted September 12, 2017 02:59 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for jae4x4 Click Here to Email jae4x4 Send a private message to jae4x4 Click to send jae4x4 an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote 
Looking for:
1x Grim Monolith
From: shawnee, OK
Confirmed Refs: 24

posted September 12, 2017 08:50 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for DELTA622 Click Here to Email DELTA622 Send a private message to DELTA622 Click to send DELTA622 an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View DELTA622's Have/Want ListView DELTA622's Have/Want List
Hello there! I am interested in your foil japanese Windswept Heath. Im not sure if I have anything that you would be interested in, but could you please check my list and let me know if we can work something out? Thanks
From: Portland, OR
Confirmed Refs: 14

posted October 17, 2017 04:47 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for bristol Click Here to Email bristol Send a private message to bristol Click to send bristol an Instant MessageVisit bristol's Homepage  Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View bristol's Have/Want ListView bristol's Have/Want List
Check out my list for your foil Cloud of Faeries? Thanks!
kraig thomas
From: Hfx.ns.canada
Confirmed Refs: 224

posted October 17, 2017 05:20 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for kraig thomas Click Here to Email kraig thomas Send a private message to kraig thomas Click to send kraig thomas an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View kraig thomas's Have/Want ListView kraig thomas's Have/Want List
I am interested in your

Flooded strand foil x2 english
Hallowed fountain foil x2

I have

Karakas judge promo
A list

Pleaae lwt me know if we can work out anything.thanks


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