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Author Topic:   H: 32k cards W: Legos
Lost Shade
From: Doe Hill, Va, USA
Confirmed Refs: 132

posted November 19, 2017 10:01 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for Lost Shade Click Here to Email Lost Shade Send a private message to Lost Shade Click to send Lost Shade an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View Lost Shade's Have/Want ListView Lost Shade's Have/Want List
I have too much stuff. I would be happy to trade 10-30% more to upgrade these cards to any random higher value card to thin out my list.

Everyone has a pile of Legos sitting around. I want em!

-Lego brand only
-Minifigs $2.00
-Green plates 4x8 and larger $1.00
-Green plates smaller $0.25
-Any random piece $0.05

Any special parts or good minifigs price is negotiable.

We who have fallen are still called angels.

[Edited 5 times, lastly by Lost Shade on November 24, 2017]

Want List:

Aether Revolt
4x Consulate Dreadnought
3x Felidar Guardian
1x Ice Over
3x Ornithopter
1x Peacewalker Colossus
1x Pia's Revolution
1x Renegade Wheelsmith
1x Rogue Refiner
1x Scrounging Bandar
4x Shielded Aether Thief
3x Siege Modification
3x Skyship Plunderer
1x Thopter Arrest

2x Ahn-Crop Champion
4x Anointer Priest
2x Aven Wind Guide
3x Battlefield Scavenger
1x Cancel
6x Censor
1x Cryptic Serpent
1x Curator of Mysteries
2x Decimator Beetle
4x Devoted Crop-Mate
1x Embalmer's Tools
2x Enigma Drake
1x Essence Scatter
20x Evolving Wilds
2x Exemplar of Strength
3x Festering Mummy
3x Glory-Bound Initiate
1x Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons
3x Honored Crop-Captain
7x Impeccable Timing
3x Lord of the Accursed
2x Magma Spray
2x Miasmic Mummy
2x Nest of Scarabs
10x Painted Bluffs
4x Plague Belcher
3x Prepare // Fight
4x Reduce // Rubble
2x Regal Caracal
3x Ruthless Sniper
6x Sacred Cat
2x Shadowstorm Vizier
2x Splendid Agony
1x Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun
3x Trueheart Duelist
1x Trueheart Twins
1x Vizier of Tumbling Sands
2x Wasteland Scorpion

Amonkhet Invocations
1x Aggravated Assault
1x Aven Mindcensor
1x Boil
1x Bontu the Glorified
1x Capsize
1x Chain Lightning
1x Choke
1x Consecrated Sphinx
1x Containment Priest
1x Counterspell
1x Cryptic Command
1x Dark Ritual
1x Daze
1x Diabolic Edict
1x Diabolic Intent
1x Divert
1x Doomsday
1x Forbid
1x Force of Will
1x Kefnet the Mindful
1x Loyal Retainers
1x Maelstrom Pulse
1x Mind Twist
1x No Mercy
1x Opposition
1x Pact of Negation
1x Rhonas the Indomitable
1x Slaughter Pact
1x Spell Pierce
1x Stifle
1x Sunder
1x The Locust God
1x The Scarab God
1x Through the Breach
1x Worship
1x Wrath of God

Battle for Zendikar
3x Bane of Bala Ged
4x Beastcaller Savant
5x Blighted Woodland
5x Blisterpod
2x Bone Splinters
1x Catacomb Sifter
3x Clutch of Currents
2x Conduit of Ruin
1x Dampening Pulse
3x Drana's Emissary
10x Evolving Wilds
1x Felidar Sovereign
2x Forest
2x Forest
1x Forest
1x Forest
2x From Beyond
4x Island
3x Jaddi Offshoot
2x Kalastria Healer
2x Kitesail Scout
3x Lifespring Druid
3x Malakir Familiar
3x Mist Intruder
2x Molten Nursery
4x Mountain
2x Nettle Drone
2x Plains
2x Plains
3x Plains
2x Plains
2x Plains
1x Rot Shambler
4x Ruination Guide
2x Smothering Abomination
2x Stone Haven Medic
2x Swamp
2x Swamp
1x Sylvan Scrying
1x Touch of the Void
3x Zulaport Cutthroat

3x Coercive Portal
1x Dack Fayden

Dragons of Tarkir
2x Avatar of the Resolute
4x Blood-Chin Rager
2x Death Wind
4x Dragon Fodder
1x Dromoka Captain
11x Evolving Wilds
5x Foul-Tongue Invocation
1x Gurmag Drowner
3x Hand of Silumgar
3x Herald of Dromoka
4x Impact Tremors
4x Inspiring Call
3x Lightning Berserker
4x Mirror Mockery
4x Palace Familiar
3x Ruthless Deathfang
3x Salt Road Quartermasters
1x Secure the Wastes
3x Servant of the Scale
3x Shambling Goblin
4x Sidisi's Faithful
2x Swamp
3x Swamp
3x Swamp
1x Twin Bolt
4x Ultimate Price

Eldritch Moon
2x Conduit of Storms
2x Convolute
3x Curious Homunculus
2x Dark Salvation
1x Dawn Gryff
3x Graf Harvest
1x Haunted Dead
7x Incendiary Flow
2x Lone Rider
3x Murder
1x Take Inventory
1x Thermo-Alchemist

Eternal Masters
1x Toxic Deluge

Extras: Amonkhet
1x Hippo
1x Token: Angel of Sanctions
1x Token: Glyph Keeper
2x Token: Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun
1x Token: Vizier of Many Faces

Extras: Gatecrash
1x Cleric

Extras: Return to Ravnica
2x Assassin
4x Dragon

Extras: Shadows over Innistrad
6x Human Cleric

Fate Reforged
2x Ainok Guide
7x Aven Skirmisher
3x Aven Surveyor
2x Blossoming Sands
2x Brutal Hordechief
2x Dismal Backwater
3x Elite Scaleguard
4x Grave Strength
2x Island
1x Island
2x Jeskai Sage
4x Mardu Scout
3x Mardu Strike Leader
5x Merciless Executioner
2x Palace Siege
3x Qarsi High Priest
2x Scoured Barrens
2x Shaman of the Great Hunt
2x Sibsig Muckdraggers
2x Swamp
2x Swamp
3x Typhoid Rats
3x Whisk Away
2x Wild Slash
3x Wind-Scarred Crag

Hour of Devastation
8x Abrade
3x Adorned Pouncer
2x Ambuscade
1x Ammit Eternal
3x Appeal // Authority
2x Crypt of the Eternals
3x Farm // Market
1x Imaginary Threats
3x Obelisk Spider
1x Overcome
2x Pride Sovereign
4x Resolute Survivors
6x Strategic Planning
3x Supreme Will
8x Survivors' Encampment
4x Vile Manifestation
3x Vizier of the Anointed

3x Acrobatic Maneuver
1x Aether Hub
1x Aether Theorist
1x Aether Tradewinds
1x Aetherborn Marauder
1x Angel of Invention
3x Armorcraft Judge
1x Chief of the Foundry
2x Cloudblazer
2x Confiscation Coup
2x Depala, Pilot Exemplar
1x Fabrication Module
1x Fairgrounds Trumpeter
1x Filigree Familiar
1x Forest
4x Foundry Inspector
2x Fretwork Colony
1x Gearshift Ace
1x Glint-Nest Crane
1x Hazardous Conditions
2x Island
2x Island
2x Island
3x Longtusk Cub
2x Mountain
2x Mountain
1x Nature's Way
2x Panharmonicon
9x Plains
6x Plains
10x Plains
1x Scrapheap Scrounger
3x Sequestered Stash
1x Servo Exhibition
1x Skywhaler's Shot
2x Start Your Engines
1x Swamp
4x Syndicate Trafficker
4x Thriving Turtle
1x Unlicensed Disintegration
3x Veteran Motorist
1x Visionary Augmenter
1x Welding Sparks
1x Workshop Assistant

Kaladesh Inventions
1x Aether Vial
1x Cataclysmic Gearhulk
1x Chalice of the Void
1x Champion's Helm
1x Chromatic Lantern
1x Cloudstone Curio
1x Combustible Gearhulk
1x Defense Grid
1x Duplicant
1x Engineered Explosives
1x Ensnaring Bridge
1x Gauntlet of Power
1x Lightning Greaves
1x Lotus Petal
1x Mana Vault
1x Mind's Eye
1x Mox Opal
1x Noxious Gearhulk
1x Oblivion Stone
1x Painter's Servant
1x Paradox Engine
1x Pithing Needle
1x Planar Bridge
1x Platinum Angel
1x Scroll Rack
1x Sculpting Steel
1x Sol Ring
1x Solemn Simulacrum
1x Sphere of Resistance
1x Staff of Domination
1x Static Orb
1x Sundering Titan
1x Sword of Body and Mind
1x Sword of Light and Shadow
1x Sword of War and Peace
1x Torrential Gearhulk
1x Wurmcoil Engine

Khans of Tarkir
3x Abzan Battle Priest
3x Abzan Falconer
2x Ainok Bond-Kin
1x Arc Lightning
7x Bloodsoaked Champion
2x Blossoming Sands
3x Chief of the Edge
4x Chief of the Scale
2x Dismal Backwater
2x Force Away
1x Forest
1x Forest
1x Forest
1x Forest
4x Grim Haruspex
4x Hardened Scales
1x Herald of Anafenza
4x Hordeling Outburst
1x Island
2x Island
2x Island
1x Mountain
1x Mountain
1x Mountain
1x Mountain
7x Nomad Outpost
3x Opulent Palace
3x Plains
3x Plains
3x Plains
3x Plains
2x Raiders' Spoils
2x Ruthless Ripper
6x Sandsteppe Citadel
2x Scoured Barrens
3x Swamp
3x Swamp
4x Swamp
3x Swamp
2x Trumpet Blast
2x Utter End

Media Inserts
1x Aeronaut Tinkerer
1x Ajani Steadfast
1x Ajani, Caller of the Pride
1x Chandra, Fire of Kaladesh
1x Chandra, Flamecaller
1x Chandra, Pyromaster
1x Chandra, Pyromaster
1x Felidar Sovereign
1x Garruk, Apex Predator
1x Garruk, Caller of Beasts
1x Gideon, Ally of Zendikar
1x Jace, Memory Adept
1x Jace, the Living Guildpact
1x Jace, Unraveler of Secrets
1x Jace, Vryn's Prodigy
1x Kytheon, Hero of Akros
1x Liliana of the Dark Realms
1x Liliana Vess
1x Liliana, Heretical Healer
1x Liliana, the Last Hope
1x Nissa, Vastwood Seer
1x Nissa, Voice of Zendikar
1x Nissa, Worldwaker
1x Stealer of Secrets

Oath of the Gatewatch
3x Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim
3x Cliffhaven Vampire
4x Corrupted Crossroads
1x Deceiver of Form
4x Deepfathom Skulker
2x Dimensional Infiltrator
4x Holdout Settlement
4x Reflector Mage
2x Ruins of Oran-Rief
3x Sifter of Skulls
1x Sweep Away
1x Vampire Envoy
2x Wandering Fumarole
2x Wastes

Prerelease Events: Aether Revolt
1x Aethergeode Miner
1x Aetherwind Basker
1x Ajani Unyielding
1x Baral's Expertise
1x Exquisite Archangel
1x Gonti's Aether Heart
1x Heroic Intervention
1x Inspiring Statuary
1x Lightning Runner
1x Midnight Entourage
1x Solemn Recruit

Prerelease Events: Amonkhet
1x As Foretold
1x Aven Mindcensor
1x Bontu the Glorified
1x Bounty of the Luxa
1x Combat Celebrant
1x Cruel Reality
1x Dispossess
1x Dread Wanderer
1x Fetid Pools
1x Gideon's Intervention
1x Glory-Bound Initiate
1x Harvest Season
1x Heart-Piercer Manticore
1x Heaven // Earth
1x Insult // Injury
1x Irrigated Farmland
1x Liliana, Death's Majesty
1x Liliana's Mastery
1x New Perspectives
1x Nissa, Steward of Elements
1x Oketra the True
1x Prepare // Fight
1x Pull from Tomorrow
1x Rhonas the Indomitable
1x Samut, Voice of Dissent
1x Sandwurm Convergence
1x Scattered Groves
1x Shadow of the Grave
1x Sweltering Suns
1x Throne of the God-Pharaoh
1x Vizier of Many Faces

Prerelease Events: Battle for Zendikar
1x Drana, Liberator of Malakir
1x Emeria Shepherd
1x Felidar Sovereign
1x Gideon, Ally of Zendikar
1x Greenwarden of Murasa
1x Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper
1x Ob Nixilis Reignited
1x Part the Waterveil
1x Ruinous Path
1x Sanctum of Ugin
1x Scatter to the Winds
1x Ugin's Insight
1x Veteran Warleader
1x Void Winnower

Prerelease Events: Dragons of Tarkir
1x Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit
1x Avatar of the Resolute
1x Boltwing Marauder
1x Dragonlord Atarka
1x Dragonlord Kolaghan
1x Dromoka's Command
1x Hidden Dragonslayer
1x Icefall Regent
1x Living Lore
1x Ojutai's Command
1x Pitiless Horde
1x Profaner of the Dead
1x Silumgar's Command
1x Thunderbreak Regent

Prerelease Events: Eldritch Moon
1x Assembled Alphas
1x Bloodhall Priest
1x Bruna, the Fading Light
1x Collective Brutality
1x Collective Effort
1x Deploy the Gatewatch
1x Distended Mindbender
1x Docent of Perfection
1x Elder Deep-Fiend
1x Emrakul, the Promised End
1x Geier Reach Sanitarium
1x Hanweir Garrison
1x Liliana, the Last Hope
1x Mausoleum Wanderer
1x Mind's Dilation
1x Mirrorwing Dragon
1x Nahiri's Wrath
1x Niblis of Frost
1x Noosegraf Mob
1x Providence
1x Sigarda's Aid
1x Stromkirk Occultist
1x Tamiyo, Field Researcher
1x Wharf Infiltrator

Prerelease Events: Fate Reforged
1x Atarka, World Render
1x Brutal Hordechief
1x Daghatar the Adamant
1x Flamewake Phoenix
1x Jeskai Infiltrator
1x Kolaghan, the Storm's Fury
1x Ojutai, Soul of Winter
1x Sandsteppe Mastodon
1x Shaman of the Great Hunt
1x Silumgar, the Drifting Death
1x Soulfire Grand Master
1x Torrent Elemental

Prerelease Events: Hour of Devastation
1x Adorned Pouncer
1x Angel of Condemnation
1x Endless Sands
1x Grind // Dust
1x Hazoret's Undying Fury
1x Hollow One
1x Hour of Devastation
1x Hour of Glory
1x Leave // Chance
1x Majestic Myriarch
1x Nimble Obstructionist
1x Oketra's Last Mercy
1x Overwhelming Splendor
1x Ramunap Hydra
1x Reason // Believe
1x Swarm Intelligence
1x The Scarab God
1x The Scorpion God
1x Uncage the Menagerie
1x Unesh, Criosphinx Sovereign

Prerelease Events: Kaladesh
1x Angel of Invention
1x Captured by the Consulate
1x Cataclysmic Gearhulk
1x Combustible Gearhulk
1x Confiscation Coup
1x Cultivator of Blades
1x Dovin Baan
1x Dubious Challenge
1x Electrostatic Pummeler
1x Eliminate the Competition
1x Fumigate
1x Ghirapur Orrery
1x Insidious Will
1x Metallurgic Summonings
1x Midnight Oil
1x Nissa, Vital Force
1x Noxious Gearhulk
1x Padeem, Consul of Innovation
1x Panharmonicon
1x Paradoxical Outcome
1x Pia Nalaar
1x Rashmi, Eternities Crafter
1x Saheeli Rai
1x Smuggler's Copter
1x Syndicate Trafficker
1x Territorial Gorger
1x Toolcraft Exemplar
1x Torrential Gearhulk
1x Wildest Dreams

Prerelease Events: Khans of Tarkir
1x Avalanche Tusker
1x Bloodsoaked Champion
1x Butcher of the Horde
1x Crackling Doom
1x Duneblast
1x Flying Crane Technique
1x Hardened Scales
1x High Sentinels of Arashin
1x Jeering Instigator
1x Kheru Lich Lord
1x Mardu Ascendancy
1x Master of Pearls
1x Narset, Enlightened Master
1x Temur Ascendancy
1x Utter End
1x Zurgo Helmsmasher

Prerelease Events: Oath of the Gatewatch
1x Endbringer
1x Inverter of Truth
1x Kozilek, the Great Distortion
1x Kozilek's Return
1x Matter Reshaper
1x Munda's Vanguard
1x Oath of Nissa
1x Wandering Fumarole

Prerelease Events: Shadows over Innistrad
1x Altered Ego
1x Always Watching
1x Angel of Deliverance
1x Anguished Unmaking
1x Asylum Visitor
1x Avacyn's Judgment
1x Behold the Beyond
1x Declaration in Stone
1x Diregraf Colossus
1x Drownyard Temple
1x Elusive Tormentor
1x Epiphany at the Drownyard
1x Foreboding Ruins
1x Forgotten Creation
1x From Under the Floorboards
1x Geralf's Masterpiece
1x Harness the Storm
1x Markov Dreadknight
1x Nahiri, the Harbinger
1x Nephalia Moondrakes
1x Odric, Lunarch Marshal
1x Olivia, Mobilized for War
1x Port Town
1x Relentless Dead
1x Scourge Wolf
1x Seasons Past
1x Second Harvest
1x Sigarda, Heron's Grace
1x Sin Prodder
1x Soul Swallower
1x Startled Awake
1x Tamiyo's Journal
1x Thalia's Lieutenant
1x Thing in the Ice
1x To the Slaughter
1x Ulvenwald Hydra
1x Welcome to the Fold
1x Wolf of Devil's Breach

Shadows over Innistrad
3x Angelic Purge
3x Breakneck Rider
1x Broken Concentration
4x Bygone Bishop
1x Catalog
1x Dauntless Cathar
2x Duskwatch Recruiter
3x Fiery Temper
1x From Under the Floorboards
4x Ghoulsteed
4x Hanweir Militia Captain
2x Hermit of the Natterknolls
1x Highland Lake
2x Howlpack Resurgence
2x Kessig Forgemaster
2x Moonlight Hunt
1x Mountain
1x Mountain
2x Murderous Compulsion
1x Odric, Lunarch Marshal
3x Plains
3x Plains
3x Plains
2x Silverfur Partisan
1x Silverstrike
6x Swamp
7x Swamp
4x Swamp
2x Thraben Inspector
3x Topplegeist
1x Trail of Evidence
2x Village Messenger

Ugin's Fate Promos
1x Grim Haruspex
1x Mastery of the Unseen

Zendikar Expeditions
1x Ancient Tomb
1x Blood Crypt
1x Breeding Pool
1x Canopy Vista
1x Cinder Glade
1x Eye of Ugin
1x Fetid Heath
1x Fire-Lit Thicket
1x Flooded Strand
1x Godless Shrine
1x Hallowed Fountain
1x Kor Haven
1x Mana Confluence
1x Prairie Stream
1x Rugged Prairie
1x Steam Vents
1x Stomping Ground
1x Sunken Hollow
1x Watery Grave
1x Windswept Heath
1x Wooded Bastion
1x Wooded Foothills

Have List:

Aether Revolt
1x Aerial Modification
24x Aerial Modification
36x Aeronaut Admiral
1x Aeronaut Admiral
1x Aether Chaser
1x Aether Herder
1x Aether Inspector
1x Aether Poisoner
1x Aether Swooper
1x Aethergeode Miner
7x Aethergeode Miner
2x Aetherstream Leopard
2x Aethertide Whale
19x Aethertide Whale
1x Aid from the Cowl
13x Aid from the Cowl
36x Airdrop Aeronauts
2x Airdrop Aeronauts
2x Alley Evasion
1x Audacious Infiltrator
1x Augmenting Automaton
1x Baral's Expertise
51x Barricade Breaker
1x Barricade Breaker
1x Bastion Enforcer
1x Bastion Inventor
11x Battle at the Bridge
1x Battle at the Bridge
2x Call for Unity
16x Call for Unity
3x Chandra's Revolution
44x Cogwork Assembler
1x Consulate Crackdown
18x Consulate Crackdown
35x Consulate Dreadnought
1x Consulate Turret
1x Conviction
2x Countless Gears Renegade
38x Crackdown Construct
3x Cruel Finality
2x Daredevil Dragster
36x Daredevil Dragster
2x Daring Demolition
13x Dark Intimations
2x Dawnfeather Eagle
45x Deadeye Harpooner
3x Deadeye Harpooner
2x Decommission
2x Defiant Salvager
2x Deft Dismissal
44x Deft Dismissal
2x Destructive Tampering
2x Dispersal Technician
5x Druid of the Cowl
20x Efficient Construction
2x Embraal Gear-Smasher
1x Enraged Giant
39x Enraged Giant
47x Fatal Push
37x Felidar Guardian
2x Fen Hauler
1x Filigree Crawler
1x Foundry Assembler
42x Foundry Hornet
2x Foundry Hornet
3x Fourth Bridge Prowler
19x Freejam Regent
47x Gifted Aetherborn
1x Glint-Sleeve Siphoner
2x Gonti's Machinations
16x Gonti's Machinations
3x Greenbelt Rampager
4x Greenwheel Liberator
1x Gremlin Infestation
41x Gremlin Infestation
4x Heroic Intervention
39x Hidden Herbalists
24x Hidden Stockpile
1x Highspire Infusion
1x Hinterland Drake
9x Hope of Ghirapur
1x Hungry Flames
49x Hungry Flames
40x Illusionist's Stratagem
2x Implement of Examination
1x Implement of Ferocity
2x Implement of Improvement
2x Implement of Malice
1x Indomitable Creativity
1x Invigorated Rampage
41x Invigorated Rampage
2x Ironclad Revolutionary
39x Ironclad Revolutionary
1x Irontread Crusher
4x Kari Zev, Skyship Raider
3x Lathnu Sailback
3x Leave in the Dust
42x Lifecraft Awakening
1x Lifecraft Awakening
4x Lifecraft Cavalry
3x Lifecrafter's Bestiary
20x Lifecrafter's Gift
4x Lifecrafter's Gift
5x Lightning Runner
1x Maulfist Revolutionary
20x Maulfist Revolutionary
16x Maverick Thopterist
2x Maverick Thopterist
1x Mechanized Production
1x Mechanized Production
12x Merchant's Dockhand
1x Metallic Rebuke
1x Midnight Entourage
16x Midnight Entourage
2x Mobile Garrison
37x Monstrous Onslaught
1x Monstrous Onslaught
54x Narnam Renegade
2x Natural Obsolescence
1x Negate
1x Night Market Aeronaut
1x Night Market Guard
3x Oath of Ajani
44x Ornithopter
36x Outland Boar
1x Outland Boar
16x Pacification Array
1x Pacification Array
5x Peacewalker Colossus
1x Peema Aether-Seer
44x Peema Aether-Seer
2x Perilous Predicament
38x Perilous Predicament
12x Pia's Revolution
1x Precise Strike
2x Prizefighter Construct
15x Quicksmith Rebel
1x Quicksmith Rebel
15x Quicksmith Spy
1x Ravenous Intruder
16x Ravenous Intruder
42x Reckless Racer
1x Reckless Racer
1x Release the Gremlins
10x Release the Gremlins
1x Renegade Rallier
45x Renegade Rallier
48x Renegade Wheelsmith
2x Renegade's Getaway
1x Reservoir Walker
2x Resourceful Return
43x Restoration Specialist
1x Restoration Specialist
40x Reverse Engineer
12x Ridgescale Tusker
1x Rishkar's Expertise
5x Rishkar's Expertise
48x Rogue Refiner
40x Salvage Scuttler
45x Scrapper Champion
1x Secret Salvage
10x Secret Salvage
2x Servo Schematic
39x Servo Schematic
20x Shielded Aether Thief
2x Shipwreck Moray
2x Shock
38x Siege Modification
2x Silkweaver Elite
24x Skyship Plunderer
40x Sly Requisitioner
2x Solemn Recruit
23x Solemn Recruit
1x Spire of Industry
44x Spire Patrol
1x Sram, Senior Edificer
10x Sram's Expertise
1x Sweatworks Brawler
3x Take into Custody
40x Tezzeret's Touch
39x Thopter Arrest
44x Treasure Keeper
35x Trophy Mage
4x Trophy Mage
2x Unbridled Growth
1x Universal Solvent
39x Untethered Express
20x Vengeful Rebel
1x Verdant Automaton
1x Watchful Automaton
2x Welder Automaton
1x Weldfast Engineer
43x Weldfast Engineer
2x Wind-Kin Raiders
44x Wind-Kin Raiders
36x Winding Constrictor
3x Wrangle
10x Yahenni, Undying Partisan
1x Yahenni, Undying Partisan

1x Force of Will

42x Ahn-Crop Champion
16x Ahn-Crop Crasher
5x Angel of Sanctions
20x Angler Drake
3x Anointed Procession
8x Approach of the Second Sun
9x Archfiend of Ifnir
5x Aven Mindcensor
20x Aven Wind Guide
38x Baleful Ammit
16x Battlefield Scavenger
1x Blazing Volley
1x Bloodrage Brawler
45x Bloodrage Brawler
48x Bone Picker
1x Bone Picker
1x Bontu the Glorified
1x Bontu the Glorified
37x Bontu's Monument
8x Bounty of the Luxa
42x By Force
3x Canyon Slough
3x Canyon Slough
2x Cartouche of Solidarity
2x Cartouche of Strength
4x Cascading Cataracts
38x Cast Out
35x Censor
2x Champion of Rhonas
2x Champion of Rhonas
6x Channeler Initiate
1x Commit // Memory
43x Consuming Fervor
16x Crocodile of the Crossing
12x Cruel Reality
43x Cryptic Serpent
1x Curator of Mysteries
3x Cut // Ribbons
2x Cut // Ribbons
16x Decimator Beetle
20x Deem Worthy
1x Defiant Greatmaw
16x Defiant Greatmaw
45x Destined // Lead
20x Devoted Crop-Mate
1x Dispossess
19x Dispossess
1x Drake Haven
2x Dusk // Dawn
16x Edifice of Authority
18x Embalmer's Tools
37x Enigma Drake
16x Exemplar of Strength
12x Failure // Comply
1x Faith of the Devoted
33x Faith of the Devoted
1x Fetid Pools
4x Fetid Pools
38x Flameblade Adept
3x Forest
20x Galestrike
16x Gate to the Afterlife
1x Gideon of the Trials
13x Gideon's Intervention
12x Glorious End
1x Glorious End
10x Glory-Bound Initiate
3x Glorybringer
2x Glyph Keeper
15x Glyph Keeper
16x Grasping Dunes
16x Gravedigger
16x Grim Strider
1x Gust Walker
9x Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons
16x Hapatra's Mark
1x Harsh Mentor
1x Harsh Mentor
1x Harvest Season
4x Harvest Season
1x Haze of Pollen
19x Hazoret's Favor
47x Hazoret's Monument
16x Heart-Piercer Manticore
1x Heart-Piercer Manticore
1x Heaven // Earth
11x Heaven // Earth
37x Honored Crop-Captain
1x Honored Hydra
21x Honored Hydra
11x Insult // Injury
1x Insult // Injury
1x Irrigated Farmland
2x Irrigated Farmland
39x Kefnet's Monument
2x Khenra Charioteer
16x Khenra Charioteer
24x Labyrinth Guardian
38x Lay Bare the Heart
1x Lay Claim
24x Lay Claim
1x Liliana, Death's Majesty
1x Liliana, Death's Majesty
2x Liliana's Mastery
3x Liliana's Mastery
16x Limits of Solidarity
40x Lord of the Accursed
43x Manglehorn
16x Merciless Javelineer
8x Mouth // Feed
1x Mouth // Feed
1x Neheb, the Worthy
21x Neheb, the Worthy
31x Nest of Scarabs
1x Never // Return
8x Never // Return
4x New Perspectives
1x New Perspectives
1x Nissa, Steward of Elements
1x Nissa, Steward of Elements
2x Oketra the True
2x Oketra's Attendant
16x Oketra's Attendant
43x Oketra's Monument
37x Onward // Victory
1x Onward // Victory
16x Open into Wonder
2x Oracle's Vault
17x Oracle's Vault
1x Plague Belcher
5x Plains
1x Plains
1x Plains
1x Pouncing Cheetah
10x Prepare // Fight
20x Protection of the Hekma
4x Prowling Serpopard
5x Pull from Tomorrow
10x Pyramid of the Pantheon
1x Pyramid of the Pantheon
6x Rags // Riches
1x Rags // Riches
35x Reduce // Rubble
11x Regal Caracal
2x Renewed Faith
20x Renewed Faith
1x Rhet-Crop Spearmaster
1x Rhonas the Indomitable
1x Rhonas the Indomitable
46x Rhonas's Monument
20x Ruthless Sniper
1x Sacred Excavation
24x Sacred Excavation
4x Samut, Voice of Dissent
17x Sandwurm Convergence
1x Sandwurm Convergence
20x Scaled Behemoth
3x Scattered Groves
3x Scattered Groves
3x Seeker of Insight
24x Seraph of the Suns
1x Shadow of the Grave
15x Shadowstorm Vizier
33x Shefet Monitor
1x Sheltered Thicket
2x Sheltered Thicket
20x Sixth Sense
1x Soul-Scar Mage
5x Soul-Scar Mage
37x Spring // Mind
43x Start // Finish
20x Stir the Sands
2x Swamp
1x Sweltering Suns
4x Sweltering Suns
24x Synchronized Strike
17x Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun
1x Those Who Serve
8x Throne of the God-Pharaoh
3x Throne of the God-Pharaoh
20x Time to Reflect
1x Tormenting Voice
45x Trial of Ambition
20x Trial of Knowledge
20x Trial of Solidarity
16x Trial of Strength
16x Trial of Zeal
33x Trueheart Duelist
24x Trueheart Twins
16x Vizier of Deferment
14x Vizier of Many Faces
34x Vizier of Remedies
2x Vizier of the Menagerie
16x Vizier of Tumbling Sands
16x Warfire Javelineer
3x Watchers of the Dead
20x Watchers of the Dead
24x Watchful Naga
33x Wayward Servant
3x Wayward Servant
20x Weaver of Currents
20x Zenith Seeker

Amonkhet Invocations
1x Desolation Angel

Battle for Zendikar
6x Akoum Firebird
1x Akoum Hellkite
6x Aligned Hedron Network
8x Angelic Captain
16x Barrage Tyrant
7x Brood Butcher
12x Brutal Expulsion
3x Defiant Bloodlord
8x Dust Stalker
12x Exert Influence
1x Felidar Cub
1x Fertile Thicket
1x Firemantle Mage
12x Gruesome Slaughter
8x Guardian of Tazeem
8x Guul Draz Overseer
1x Guul Draz Overseer
8x Hero of Goma Fada
4x Lantern Scout
8x March from the Tomb
1x Mire's Malice
6x Munda, Ambush Leader
12x Nissa's Renewal
4x Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper
1x Prism Array
18x Prism Array
4x Radiant Flames
2x Ruinous Path
1x Seek the Wilds
4x Serpentine Spike
8x Ugin's Insight
12x Veteran Warleader

Challenge Deck: Battle the Horde
50x The Explorer

Challenge Deck: Defeat a God
15x The Champion
48x The Destined

Challenge Deck: Face the Hydra
35x The Harvester
14x The Slayer

21x Bog Rats
18x Cuombajj Witches
20x Giant Slug
23x Hasran Ogress
18x Transmutation
20x Wall of Shadows

Classic Sixth Edition
2x Howl from Beyond

3x Air Servant
6x Boldwyr Intimidator
4x Breakthrough
1x Brimstone Volley
1x Cinder Wall
2x Cogwork Tracker
14x Compulsive Research
1x Courier Hawk
1x Deathforge Shaman
1x Doomed Traveler
12x Dream Fracture
1x Echoing Courage
3x Favorable Winds
3x Fires of Yavimaya
2x Flamewright
3x Flaring Flame-Kin
1x Galvanic Juggernaut
5x Heckling Fiends
3x Jetting Glasskite
2x Lead the Stampede
8x Liliana's Specter
1x Lurking Automaton
2x Marchesa's Infiltrator
3x Mirrodin's Core
3x Morkrut Banshee
4x Mortify
14x Nature's Claim
1x Necromantic Thirst
5x Peace Strider
4x Plagued Rusalka
1x Pride Guardian
3x Quicksand
5x Reckless Spite
5x Relic Crush
1x Runed Servitor
1x Scaled Wurm
1x Screaming Seahawk
1x Selvala's Enforcer
1x Sentinel Dispatch
1x Skeletal Scrying
6x Sky Spirit
4x Smallpox
5x Soulcatcher
1x Spontaneous Combustion
9x Tragic Slip
8x Uncontrollable Anger
4x Unquestioned Authority
5x Vampire Hexmage
1x Vent Sentinel
2x Victimize
3x Warmonger's Chariot
6x Wind Dancer
3x Wood Sage

Conspiracy: Take the Crown
1x Absorb Vis
1x Adriana's Valor
24x Affa Guard Hound
1x Affa Guard Hound
21x Akroan Hoplite
17x Animus of Predation
1x Animus of Predation
6x Arcane Savant
1x Arcane Savant
5x Archdemon of Paliano
1x Archdemon of Paliano
25x Ascended Lawmage
11x Besmirch
2x Bonds of Quicksilver
1x Bronze Sable
25x Brushstrider
23x Burn Away
1x Burn Away
1x Caller of Gales
5x Caller of the Untamed
1x Canal Courier
1x Carnage Gladiator
19x Carnage Gladiator
4x Charmbreaker Devils
1x Charmbreaker Devils
1x Child of Night
1x Cloaked Siren
17x Coiling Oracle
23x Coordinated Assault
1x Copperhorn Scout
7x Covenant of Minds
1x Covenant of Minds
19x Coveted Peacock
1x Coveted Peacock
1x Crown-Hunter Hireling
4x Custodi Lich
1x Custodi Soulcaller
7x Custodi Soulcaller
15x Deadly Designs
1x Death Wind
1x Deputized Protester
4x Desertion
21x Diabolic Tutor
1x Disenchant
24x Dismiss
14x Domesticated Hydra
1x Domesticated Hydra
53x Doomed Traveler
1x Dragonlair Spider
18x Dread Statuary
2x Driver of the Dead
4x Duskmantle Seer
1x Echoing Boon
15x Echoing Boon
2x Ember Beast
13x Emissary's Ploy
1x Entourage of Trest
1x Evolving Wilds
2x Fade into Antiquity
5x Faith's Reward
1x Fang of the Pack
12x Fang of the Pack
1x Farbog Boneflinger
24x Farbog Boneflinger
1x Festergloom
1x Fiery Fall
2x Fleeting Distraction
1x Fleshbag Marauder
15x Fleshbag Marauder
6x Followed Footsteps
1x Forgotten Ancient
4x Forgotten Ancient
24x Gang of Devils
2x Garrulous Sycophant
1x Ghostly Possession
1x Gleam of Resistance
1x Goblin Balloon Brigade
4x Gratuitous Violence
8x Grenzo's Ruffians
19x Gruul War Chant
21x Guardian of the Gateless
25x Guttersnipe
10x Guul Draz Specter
27x Hail of Arrows
1x Hail of Arrows
1x Hallowed Burial
8x Hallowed Burial
7x Hamletback Goliath
1x Hamletback Goliath
2x Harvester of Souls
24x Havengul Vampire
1x Hedron Matrix
8x Hedron Matrix
1x Hold the Perimeter
14x Hold the Perimeter
24x Hollowhenge Spirit
1x Hollowhenge Spirit
5x Horn of Greed
1x Hundred-Handed One
7x Hundred-Handed One
1x Hurly-Burly
10x Hymn of the Wilds
11x Illusion of Choice
1x Illusionary Informant
1x Infest
27x Infest
22x Into the Void
1x Into the Void
24x Irresistible Prey
1x Irresistible Prey
8x Kami of the Crescent Moon
3x Keeper of Keys
1x Keepsake Gorgon
19x Keepsake Gorgon
1x Kitesail
13x Knights of the Black Rose
1x Lay of the Land
1x Leovold's Operative
2x Lieutenants of the Guard
11x Manaplasm
1x Manaplasm
16x Marchesa's Decree
26x Mausoleum Turnkey
2x Menagerie Liberator
28x Merfolk Looter
1x Merfolk Skyscout
22x Merfolk Skyscout
1x Messenger Jays
1x Mnemonic Wall
1x Murder
2x Nessian Asp
20x Nessian Asp
1x Noble Banneret
14x Noble Banneret
1x Ogre Sentry
23x Overrun
1x Overrun
1x Palace Jailer
16x Palace Jailer
1x Palace Sentinels
4x Paliano Vanguard
8x Pariah
1x Pharika's Mender
25x Pharika's Mender
1x Plummet
4x Protector of the Crown
4x Psychosis Crawler
24x Public Execution
12x Pyretic Hunter
1x Raise Dead
1x Regal Behemoth
1x Regicide
1x Repulse
19x Rogue's Passage
1x Runed Servitor
18x Runed Servitor
9x Sangromancer
1x Shambling Goblin
55x Shambling Goblin
11x Shimmering Grotto
1x Shimmering Grotto
20x Shipwreck Singer
1x Skittering Crustacean
1x Skyline Despot
14x Smuggler Captain
4x Sovereign's Realm
14x Spectral Grasp
6x Sphinx of Magosi
14x Spire Phantasm
1x Spirit of the Hearth
5x Spirit of the Hearth
5x Splitting Slime
16x Spy Kit
22x Stoneshock Giant
1x Stoneshock Giant
21x Stormchaser Chimera
1x Strength in Numbers
1x Stunt Double
22x Sulfurous Blast
1x Sulfurous Blast
1x Summoner's Bond
19x Summoner's Bond
1x Sylvan Bounty
2x Throne of the High City
1x Tormenting Voice
1x Traumatic Visions
1x Trumpet Blast
1x Twin Bolt
1x Unnerve
2x Vaporkin
22x Vertigo Spawn
5x Volatile Chimera
1x Voyaging Satyr
1x Weight Advantage
18x Weight Advantage
2x Wild Griffin
10x Wild Pair
18x Windborne Charge

24x Aether Snap
4x Chromescale Drake
16x Gemini Engine
16x Lich's Tomb
4x Mephitic Ooze
4x Pulse of the Dross
32x Rebuking Ceremony
11x Reshape
7x Retract
32x Roaring Slagwurm
28x Shriveling Rot
20x Steelshaper Apprentice
20x Synod Artificer
20x Thought Dissector
24x Turn the Tables

Dragon's Maze
1x Azorius Guildgate

Dragons of Tarkir
5x Acid-Spewer Dragon
4x Ainok Survivalist
5x Ambuscade Shaman
12x Anticipate
6x Atarka Pummeler
10x Aven Sunstriker
8x Battle Mastery
3x Belltoll Dragon
1x Berserkers' Onslaught
5x Blessed Reincarnation
4x Circle of Elders
1x Commune with Lava
4x Crater Elemental
10x Cunning Breezedancer
11x Dance of the Skywise
10x Deadly Wanderings
1x Death Wind
7x Display of Dominance
1x Draconic Roar
3x Dragon Fodder
4x Dragon Hunter
3x Dragonloft Idol
1x Dragonlord's Prerogative
1x Dragonlord's Servant
2x Dromoka Monument
1x Dromoka's Command
7x Dromoka's Gift
2x Echoes of the Kin Tree
8x Encase in Ice
1x Enduring Scalelord
1x Epic Confrontation
3x Explosive Vegetation
5x Gate Smasher
2x Graceblade Artisan
6x Great Teacher's Decree
5x Gudul Lurker
1x Harbinger of the Hunt
1x Hedonist's Trove
1x Herdchaser Dragon
1x Illusory Gains
2x Inspiring Call
6x Kolaghan Forerunners
2x Kolaghan Monument
2x Learn from the Past
1x Living Lore
10x Lurking Arynx
3x Marang River Skeleton
3x Minister of Pain
1x Obscuring Aether
1x Ojutai Monument
2x Ojutai's Command
9x Press the Advantage
1x Profound Journey
5x Qal Sisma Behemoth
9x Qarsi Deceiver
4x Radiant Purge
6x Rakshasa Gravecaller
2x Roast
10x Salt Road Ambushers
5x Sarkhan's Triumph
2x Savage Ventmaw
4x Scale Blessing
3x Scaleguard Sentinels
1x Scion of Ugin
4x Seismic Rupture
7x Self-Inflicted Wound
2x Sight of the Scalelords
6x Silkwrap
10x Silumgar Sorcerer
4x Silumgar Spell-Eater
9x Silumgar's Scorn
4x Skywise Teachings
5x Stormcrag Elemental
6x Stormrider Rig
3x Stormwing Dragon
4x Strongarm Monk
1x Student of Ojutai
4x Sunbringer's Touch
7x Surge of Righteousness
5x Swift Warkite
3x Tapestry of the Ages
4x Virulent Plague
7x Void Squall
5x Volcanic Vision

Eighth Edition
279x Boomerang
280x Elvish Pioneer
280x Fertile Ground
280x Holy Day
280x Maggot Carrier
280x Mana Leak
280x Stone Rain
280x Vine Trellis
280x Wood Elves

Eldritch Moon
7x Assembled Alphas
1x Bedlam Reveler
1x Boon of Emrakul
1x Brazen Wolves
1x Certain Death
1x Choking Restraints
1x Coax from the Blind Eternities
1x Collective Effort
1x Displace
1x Distemper of the Blood
1x Distended Mindbender
6x Docent of Perfection
1x Eldritch Evolution
15x Emrakul's Evangel
2x Fiend Binder
4x Geier Reach Sanitarium
1x Heron's Grace Champion
10x Identity Thief
7x Impetuous Devils
1x Ironclad Slayer
1x Ironwright's Cleansing
1x Lupine Prototype
1x Mirrorwing Dragon
1x Niblis of Frost
3x Niblis of Frost
10x Noosegraf Mob
2x Oath of Liliana
10x Permeating Mass
1x Prey Upon
1x Prophetic Ravings
6x Providence
13x Sanctifier of Souls
3x Sigarda's Aid
8x Soul Separator
4x Spirit of the Hunt
1x Steadfast Cathar
12x Stitcher's Graft
1x Stromkirk Condemned
5x Stromkirk Occultist
1x Succumb to Temptation
1x Swift Spinner
1x Tattered Haunter
1x Terrarion
7x Ulvenwald Observer
1x Weirded Vampire
8x Wharf Infiltrator
1x Wolfkin Bond

Eternal Masters
1x Abundant Growth
15x Annihilate
1x Armadillo Cloak
2x Avarax
1x Aven Riftwatcher
1x Ballynock Cohort
10x Battle Squadron
1x Beetleback Chief
2x Benevolent Bodyguard
1x Blightsoil Druid
2x Borderland Marauder
2x Brainstorm
3x Brawn
12x Burning Vengeance
3x Burning Vengeance
14x Calciderm
20x Carrion Feeder
1x Carrion Feeder
10x Centaur Chieftain
1x Cephalid Sage
1x Civic Wayfinder
16x Counterspell
2x Crater Hellion
3x Deadbridge Shaman
3x Desperate Ravings
1x Dragon Egg
3x Dream Twist
2x Elephant Guide
2x Elite Vanguard
19x Elvish Vanguard
1x Elvish Vanguard
6x Emmessi Tome
1x Emperor Crocodile
14x Extract from Darkness
1x Fact or Fiction
9x Faith's Fetters
28x Faithless Looting
3x Fervent Cathar
1x Field of Souls
13x Field of Souls
22x Firebolt
12x Flame Jab
12x Flame-Kin Zealot
6x Flinthoof Boar
3x Gaea's Blessing
1x Gaseous Form
12x Ghitu Slinger
2x Giant Solifuge
1x Giant Tortoise
3x Glacial Wall
13x Glimmerpoint Stag
2x Goblin Trenches
1x Gravedigger
1x Harmonize
10x Havoc Demon
9x Honden of Cleansing Fire
13x Honden of Infinite Rage
17x Honden of Life's Web
9x Honden of Night's Reach
6x Honden of Seeing Winds
16x Innocent Blood
2x Intangible Virtue
2x Invigorate
8x Jetting Glasskite
1x Jetting Glasskite
13x Juggernaut
12x Keldon Champion
27x Keldon Marauders
2x Keldon Marauders
24x Kird Ape
2x Kor Hookmaster
1x Lys Alana Huntmaster
6x Lys Alana Scarblade
9x Merfolk Looter
11x Mesa Enchantress
6x Millikin
13x Mindless Automaton
3x Mistral Charger
21x Mogg Fanatic
2x Mogg Fanatic
25x Mogg War Marshal
1x Monk Idealist
12x Nature's Claim
3x Nausea
12x Nekrataal
24x Night's Whisper
20x Nimble Mongoose
2x Oona's Grace
2x Orcish Oriflamme
20x Peregrine Drake
9x Phyrexian Gargantua
8x Phyrexian Ingester
1x Phyrexian Rager
1x Pilgrim's Eye
1x Plague Witch
12x Prismatic Lens
9x Prodigal Sorcerer
3x Prowling Pangolin
10x Quiet Speculation
2x Raise the Alarm
1x Rally the Peasants
1x Reckless Charge
1x Rorix Bladewing
2x Screeching Skaab
2x Seal of Strength
2x Second Thoughts
3x Seismic Stomp
9x Sengir Autocrat
2x Sentinel Spider
1x Serendib Efreet
9x Serra Angel
1x Shaman of the Pack
3x Shelter
2x Shoreline Ranger
2x Silent Departure
2x Silvos, Rogue Elemental
1x Skulking Ghost
5x Soulcatcher
11x Sprite Noble
32x Squadron Hawk
3x Stupefying Touch
3x Sylvan Might
3x Thornweald Archer
10x Thunderclap Wyvern
5x Ticking Gnomes
1x Ticking Gnomes
2x Tidal Wave
8x Tooth and Claw
9x Torrent of Souls
1x Twisted Abomination
1x Undying Rage
8x Victimize
3x Wake of Vultures
1x Wakedancer
9x War Priest of Thune
1x Warden of Evos Isle
8x Wee Dragonauts
2x Werebear
3x Whitemane Lion
1x Wildfire Emissary
1x Wirewood Symbiote
9x Wonder
1x Yavimaya Enchantress

Extras: Aether Revolt
23x Emblem: Tezzeret The Schemer
75x Gremlin
26x Ragavan

Extras: Amonkhet
24x Beast
124x Cat
6x Emblem: Gideon of the Trials
30x Insect
9x Snake
7x Token: Aven Wind Guide
3x Token: Heart-Piercer Manticore
2x Token: Honored Hydra
12x Token: Labyrinth Guardian
7x Token: Oketra's Attendant
2x Token: Trueheart Duelist
12x Wurm

Extras: Conspiracy: Take the Crown
18x Construct
5x Lizard
7x Soldier
122x The Monarch

Extras: Dragons of Tarkir
17x Djinn Monk
58x Morph

Extras: Fate Reforged
54x Manifest
2x Monk
77x Spirit

Extras: Hour of Devastation
35x Insect

Extras: Innistrad
20x Wolf

Extras: Kaladesh
17x Beast
16x Emblem: Chandra, Torch of Defiance
15x Emblem: Dovin Baan
14x Emblem: Nissa, Vital Force

Extras: Khans of Tarkir
13x Goblin
2x Morph

Extras: League
9x Bird
1x Goblin
10x Gremlin // Energy Reserve
10x Soldier
20x Soldier

Extras: Modern Masters 2017 Edition
2x Emblem: Domri Rade

Extras: Shadows over Innistrad
58x Clue
57x Clue
60x Clue
57x Clue
48x Clue
40x Clue
9x Emblem: Jace, Unraveler of Secrets

Fate Reforged
1x Abzan Beastmaster
1x Abzan Kin-Guard
1x Alesha, Who Smiles at Death
1x Ambush Krotiq
2x Ancestral Vengeance
2x Arcbond
1x Bathe in Dragonfire
2x Battlefront Krushok
3x Bloodfire Enforcers
8x Break Through the Line
5x Cached Defenses
7x Channel Harm
1x Cunning Strike
1x Dark Deal
1x Destructor Dragon
2x Diplomacy of the Wastes
1x Elite Scaleguard
1x Ethereal Ambush
3x Feral Krushok
1x Flamerush Rider
5x Friendly Fire
2x Frost Walker
1x Grim Contest
17x Gurmag Angler
4x Hewed Stone Retainers
5x Honor's Reward
4x Humble Defector
3x Hungering Yeti
4x Jeskai Barricade
1x Jeskai Infiltrator
3x Lightform
6x Lotus-Eye Mystics
10x Marang River Prowler
2x Merciless Executioner
1x Mindscour Dragon
5x Mistfire Adept
1x Mob Rule
3x Pilgrim of the Fires
9x Pyrotechnics
2x Qarsi High Priest
2x Rageform
1x Rakshasa's Disdain
1x Refocus
4x Rite of Undoing
1x Ruthless Instincts
3x Sage-Eye Avengers
2x Sandsteppe Mastodon
1x Sandsteppe Outcast
8x Shifting Loyalties
3x Shockmaw Dragon
1x Sibsig Muckdraggers
5x Sudden Reclamation
22x Temur Battle Rage
5x Temur War Shaman
5x Ugin's Construct
5x Vaultbreaker
1x Vaultbreaker
8x Wandering Champion
1x Whisperer of the Wilds
1x Wildcall

Fifth Dawn
4x All Suns' Dawn
24x Auriok Windwalker
20x Blinkmoth Infusion
8x Desecration Elemental
24x Hoverguard Sweepers
16x Magma Giant
28x Possessed Portal
20x Reversal of Fortune
8x Roar of Reclamation
8x Salvaging Station
24x Spectral Shift
20x Suncrusher

Fourth Edition
24x Apprentice Wizard
17x Creature Bond
11x Drudge Skeletons
15x Energy Tap
6x Erg Raiders
20x Erosion
17x Fear
25x Flight
15x Flood
16x Frozen Shade
8x Marsh Gas
24x Murk Dwellers
16x Paralyze
18x Pestilence
19x Pit Scorpion
16x Raise Dead
20x Scathe Zombies
13x Terror
15x Twiddle
18x Unholy Strength
16x Unstable Mutation
16x Unsummon
14x Vampire Bats
15x Weakness
17x Word of Binding

1x Burning-Tree Emissary
1x Devour Flesh
1x Guardian of the Gateless
1x Madcap Skills

Hour of Devastation
14x Abandoned Sarcophagus
2x Abandoned Sarcophagus
1x Act of Heroism
5x Adorned Pouncer
3x Ammit Eternal
6x Angel of Condemnation
2x Apocalypse Demon
15x Apocalypse Demon
1x Aven of Enduring Hope
1x Aven Reedstalker
1x Banewhip Punisher
1x Beneath the Sands
1x Bitterbow Sharpshooters
1x Bloodwater Entity
2x Blur of Blades
1x Bontu's Last Reckoning
2x Burning-Fist Minotaur
1x Carrion Screecher
3x Champion of Wits
1x Champion of Wits
2x Chandra's Defeat
12x Chaos Maw
3x Chaos Maw
2x Claim // Fame
1x Consign // Oblivion
1x Countervailing Winds
3x Crash Through
1x Crested Sunmare
3x Cunning Survivor
2x Dauntless Aven
1x Desert of the Fervent
2x Desert of the Glorified
1x Desert of the Indomitable
1x Desert of the Mindful
3x Desert of the True
3x Desert's Hold
1x Devotee of Strength
3x Disposal Mummy
13x Djeru, With Eyes Open
1x Djeru, With Eyes Open
2x Djeru's Renunciation
1x Doomfall
9x Dreamstealer
1x Dreamstealer
1x Driven // Despair
11x Driven // Despair
2x Dunes of the Dead
3x Dutiful Servants
1x Earthshaker Khenra
2x Earthshaker Khenra
1x Endless Sands
12x Endless Sands
2x Eternal of Harsh Truths
1x Fervent Paincaster
1x Firebrand Archer
6x Forest
2x Forest
2x Forest
4x Fraying Sanity
1x Frilled Sandwalla
2x Frontline Devastator
1x Gideon's Defeat
1x Gift of Strength
3x Gilded Cerodon
1x God-Pharaoh's Faithful
1x God-Pharaoh's Gift
4x God-Pharaoh's Gift
1x Granitic Titan
2x Graven Abomination
1x Grind // Dust
14x Grind // Dust
2x Grisly Survivor
1x Harrier Naga
1x Hashep Oasis
15x Hazoret's Undying Fury
1x Hollow One
6x Hollow One
9x Hostile Desert
2x Hostile Desert
1x Hour of Devastation
3x Hour of Devastation
19x Hour of Eternity
2x Hour of Eternity
19x Hour of Glory
2x Hour of Glory
2x Hour of Promise
7x Hour of Promise
1x Hour of Revelation
10x Hour of Revelation
1x Imminent Doom
16x Imminent Doom
1x Inferno Jet
1x Ipnu Rivulet
7x Island
1x Island
1x Jace's Defeat
7x Kefnet's Last Word
1x Kefnet's Last Word
2x Khenra Eternal
2x Khenra Scrapper
1x Kindled Fury
21x Leave // Chance
3x Lethal Sting
2x Life Goes On
2x Lurching Rotbeast
1x Magmaroth
3x Majestic Myriarch
2x Manalith
3x Manticore Eternal
2x Marauding Boneslasher
7x Mirage Mirror
1x Mirage Mirror
2x Moaning Wall
9x Mountain
1x Mummy Paramount
1x Neheb, the Eternal
1x Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh
2x Nimble Obstructionist
4x Nimble Obstructionist
1x Nissa's Defeat
4x Oasis Ritualist
1x Oketra's Avenger
2x Oketra's Last Mercy
4x Oketra's Last Mercy
1x Ominous Sphinx
1x Open Fire
5x Overwhelming Splendor
3x Plains
3x Pride Sovereign
2x Proven Combatant
2x Quarry Beetle
1x Rampaging Hippo
4x Ramunap Excavator
1x Ramunap Excavator
3x Ramunap Hydra
5x Ramunap Hydra
1x Razaketh, the Foulblooded
2x Razaketh's Rite
15x Reason // Believe
17x Refuse // Cooperate
1x Refuse // Cooperate
14x Resilient Khenra
1x Resilient Khenra
2x Rhonas's Last Stand
2x Rhonas's Last Stand
1x Rhonas's Stalwart
2x Riddleform
1x River Hoopoe
1x Ruin Rat
2x Samut, the Tested
1x Sand Strangler
1x Sandblast
1x Saving Grace
10x Scavenger Grounds
1x Scavenger Grounds
4x Scrounger of Souls
2x Seer of the Last Tomorrow
1x Shefet Dunes
2x Sidewinder Naga
2x Sifter Wurm
2x Sinuous Striker
2x Solemnity
1x Solitary Camel
2x Spellweaver Eternal
1x Steadfast Sentinel
1x Struggle // Survive
1x Sunset Pyramid
6x Swamp
2x Swamp
1x Swarm Intelligence
19x Swarm Intelligence
1x The Locust God
1x The Locust God
1x The Scorpion God
1x The Scorpion God
2x Torment of Hailfire
5x Torment of Hailfire
2x Torment of Scarabs
1x Torment of Venom
2x Tragic Lesson
7x Uncage the Menagerie
2x Unconventional Tactics
3x Unesh, Criosphinx Sovereign
2x Unquenchable Thirst
1x Unraveling Mummy
1x Wall of Forgotten Pharaohs
4x Wildfire Eternal
1x Wildfire Eternal
1x Without Weakness
1x Wretched Camel

Iconic Masters
16x Abzan Battle Priest
1x Abzan Battle Priest
1x Abzan Falconer
18x Abzan Falconer
4x Aerial Predation
4x Aether Vial
1x Aetherize
16x Aetherize
3x Ainok Bond-Kin
17x Ajani's Pridemate
2x Ajani's Pridemate
2x Amass the Components
3x Angel of Mercy
20x Angelic Accord
1x Angelic Accord
1x Archangel of Thune
13x Assault Formation
2x Assault Formation
3x Azorius Chancery
17x Azorius Chancery
12x Azorius Charm
3x Bala Ged Scorpion
3x Balustrade Spy
2x Battle-Rattle Shaman
4x Benevolent Ancestor
2x Bewilder
1x Bladewing the Risen
24x Bladewing the Risen
15x Bladewing's Thrall
7x Blinding Mage
15x Blizzard Specter
1x Blizzard Specter
1x Bogbrew Witch
16x Bogbrew Witch
6x Borderland Marauder
1x Boros Garrison
15x Boros Garrison
1x Bubbling Cauldron
15x Bubbling Cauldron
1x Burrenton Forge-Tender
17x Burrenton Forge-Tender
3x Butcher's Glee
18x Carven Caryatid
1x Cephalid Broker
17x Cephalid Broker
2x Child of Night
1x Chronicler of Heroes
15x Chronicler of Heroes
5x Claustrophobia
13x Condescend
2x Condescend
1x Coordinated Assault
13x Coordinated Assault
13x Corpsejack Menace
2x Corpsejack Menace
2x Crowned Ceratok
2x Darksteel Axe
4x Dead Reveler
2x Diminish
2x Dimir Aqueduct
15x Dimir Aqueduct
3x Disenchant
37x Dissolve
2x Dissolve
17x Distortion Strike
17x Doom Blade
1x Doomed Traveler
5x Doorkeeper
2x Draconic Roar
2x Dragon Bell Monk
2x Dragon Egg
1x Dragon Tempest
17x Dragon Tempest
11x Dragonloft Idol
5x Dragonlord's Servant
54x Dragonlord's Servant
4x Duress
3x Durkwood Baloth
7x Duskdale Wurm
4x Earth Elemental
1x Electrolyze
20x Electrolyze
3x Elusive Spellfist
1x Emerge Unscathed
36x Emerge Unscathed
13x Enlarge
2x Enlarge
4x Eternal Thirst
2x Evolving Wilds
2x Festering Newt
17x Fireball
1x Fireball
1x Flusterstorm
12x Fog Bank
5x Foul-Tongue Invocation
3x Frost Lynx
4x Furnace Whelp
2x Fury Charm
20x Golgari Rot Farm
1x Great Teacher's Decree
15x Great Teacher's Decree
3x Greater Basilisk
1x Grisly Spectacle
16x Gruul Turf
1x Gruul Turf
1x Guard Duty
48x Guardian Idol
7x Guardian Idol
4x Guided Strike
17x Guttersnipe
2x Guttersnipe
2x Hammerhand
18x Haunting Hymn
3x Heat Ray
17x Heroes' Bane
2x Heroes' Bane
1x Hoarding Dragon
19x Hoarding Dragon
1x Horizon Canopy
2x Hunt the Weak
20x Hunting Pack
1x Hunting Pack
12x Illusory Ambusher
16x Illusory Angel
2x Illusory Angel
21x Indulgent Tormentor
1x Indulgent Tormentor
7x Infantry Veteran
1x Inspiring Call
18x Inspiring Call
4x Iona's Judgment
3x Ivy Elemental
20x Izzet Boilerworks
2x Izzet Boilerworks
4x Jace's Phantasm
43x Jace's Phantasm
2x Jaddi Offshoot
2x Jhessian Thief
15x Jungle Barrier
2x Jungle Barrier
3x Keldon Halberdier
45x Kiln Fiend
3x Kiln Fiend
16x Kolaghan Monument
2x Kolaghan Monument
4x Lead the Stampede
4x Lightning Helix
15x Lure
2x Lure
19x Mahamoti Djinn
47x Mana Leak
1x Mana Leak
2x Manakin
2x Mark of Mutiny
1x Mer-Ek Nightblade
17x Mer-Ek Nightblade
1x Mind Stone
58x Mind Stone
1x Mindcrank
9x Mindcrank
7x Mishra's Bauble
1x Mnemonic Wall
18x Monastery Swiftspear
2x Moonglove Extract
1x Nantuko Shaman
34x Nature's Claim
2x Nature's Claim
3x Netcaster Spider
23x Noxious Dragon
1x Noxious Dragon
5x Ojutai's Breath
16x Orzhov Basilica
1x Orzhov Basilica
14x Overgrown Battlement
1x Overgrown Battlement
3x Palladium Myr
16x Palladium Myr
4x Pentarch Ward
3x Phantom Monster
3x Phantom Tiger
2x Phyrexian Rager
2x Pillar of Flame
2x Prey's Vengeance
2x Pristine Talisman
15x Pristine Talisman
18x Prodigal Pyromancer
3x Radiant Fountain
1x Rakdos Carnarium
24x Rakdos Carnarium
4x Rakdos Drake
4x Reave Soul
2x Repeal
13x Rift Bolt
2x Rift Bolt
5x Riverwheel Aerialists
1x Rosheen Meanderer
15x Rosheen Meanderer
1x Rotfeaster Maggot
2x Runed Servitor
1x Sandstone Oracle
9x Sandstone Oracle
1x Sanguine Bond
14x Sanguine Bond
4x Scion of Ugin
5x Search for Tomorrow
39x Search for Tomorrow
3x Seeker of the Way
1x Selesnya Sanctuary
13x Selesnya Sanctuary
2x Serra Angel
17x Serra Angel
3x Shimmering Grotto
5x Shriekgeist
1x Simic Growth Chamber
14x Simic Growth Chamber
2x Skywise Teachings
14x Skywise Teachings
5x Splatter Thug
3x Staggershock
17x Staggershock
3x Stalwart Aven
2x Star Compass
35x Star Compass
2x Student of Ojutai
21x Sultai Flayer
1x Surreal Memoir
16x Surreal Memoir
3x Survival Cache
5x Sustainer of the Realm
13x Swords to Plowshares
1x Tavern Swindler
18x Tavern Swindler
45x Thought Scour
6x Thought Scour
2x Thoughtseize
16x Thran Dynamo
1x Thrill-Kill Assassin
7x Timberland Guide
13x Topan Freeblade
4x Tormenting Voice
11x Trepanation Blade
2x Trepanation Blade
5x Trumpet Blast
1x Ulcerate
19x Ulcerate
2x Undercity Troll
15x Undercity Troll
7x Vent Sentinel
3x Virulent Swipe
15x Vizkopa Guildmage
2x Vizkopa Guildmage
38x Wall of Roots
3x Wall of Roots
2x Wight of Precinct Six
3x Wildsize
3x Windfall
14x Windfall
17x Wing Shards
6x Wrench Mind
43x Wrench Mind

1x Adanto Vanguard
2x Air Elemental
13x Angrath's Marauders
2x Anointed Deacon
3x Arcane Adaptation
2x Arguel's Blood Fast
7x Ashes of the Abhorrent
2x Atzocan Archer
1x Belligerent Brontodon
3x Bishop of Rebirth
2x Bishop of the Bloodstained
1x Blight Keeper
4x Bloodcrazed Paladin
2x Bloodcrazed Paladin
2x Blossom Dryad
1x Bonded Horncrest
2x Boneyard Parley
1x Boneyard Parley
2x Brazen Buccaneers
1x Bright Reprisal
2x Burning Sun's Avatar
17x Captivating Crew
1x Captivating Crew
3x Colossal Dreadmaw
6x Conqueror's Galleon
3x Crash the Ramparts
1x Crushing Canopy
16x Daring Saboteur
1x Deadeye Quartermaster
1x Deadeye Tormentor
5x Deadeye Tracker
1x Deathless Ancient
1x Deeproot Champion
1x Demolish
1x Demystify
1x Desperate Castaways
1x Dire Fleet Ravager
1x Dive Down
3x Dowsing Dagger
8x Dreamcaller Siren
1x Drover of the Mighty
2x Dual Shot
3x Duress
1x Elaborate Firecannon
1x Emissary of Sunrise
14x Emperor's Vanguard
2x Encampment Keeper
6x Entrancing Melody
4x Fathom Fleet Captain
2x Fathom Fleet Cutthroat
2x Fathom Fleet Firebrand
1x Favorable Winds
5x Fell Flagship
1x Field of Ruin
2x Fire Shrine Keeper
13x Fleet Swallower
1x Fleet Swallower
1x Frenzied Raptor
1x Gilded Sentinel
6x Goring Ceratops
2x Grim Captain's Call
2x Headstrong Brute
2x Headwater Sentries
2x Herald of Secret Streams
1x Hierophant's Chalice
1x Hijack
1x Imperial Lancer
1x Ixalan's Binding
1x Ixalli's Keeper
1x Kinjalli's Sunwing
1x Kopala, Warden of Waves
4x Kopala, Warden of Waves
3x Legion Conquistador
2x Legion's Judgment
2x Lookout's Dispersal
1x Looming Altisaur
2x Makeshift Munitions
1x Marauding Looter
3x March of the Drowned
1x Mark of the Vampire
3x Navigator's Ruin
3x New Horizons
1x Old-Growth Dryads
2x Old-Growth Dryads
1x One With the Wind
5x Overflowing Insight
3x Paladin of the Bloodstained
1x Pious Interdiction
1x Pirate's Cutlass
1x Pirate's Prize
2x Pounce
10x Priest of the Wakening Sun
2x Prosperous Pirates
1x Prying Blade
2x Queen's Agent
1x Queen's Bay Soldier
1x Raiders' Wake
1x Raptor Companion
1x Ravenous Daggertooth
6x Repeating Barrage
4x Revel in Riches
10x River's Rebuke
1x Rowdy Crew
1x Ruin Raider
11x Ruin Raider
2x Ruthless Knave
14x Sanguine Sacrament
1x Sanguine Sacrament
1x Sentinel Totem
12x Shadowed Caravel
2x Shapers' Sanctuary
2x Sheltering Light
3x Shining Aerosaur
1x Shore Keeper
1x Siren Lookout
2x Siren Stormtamer
1x Skyblade of the Legion
1x Skymarch Bloodletter
1x Spell Pierce
1x Spell Swindle
3x Star of Extinction
1x Steadfast Armasaur
2x Storm Fleet Arsonist
1x Storm Fleet Pyromancer
2x Storm Sculptor
1x Sun-Crowned Hunters
12x Sunbird's Invocation
1x Sunrise Seeker
1x Sure Strike
2x Swashbuckling
11x Sword-Point Diplomacy
3x Territorial Hammerskull
3x Thaumatic Compass
1x Thaumatic Compass
3x Thrash of Raptors
2x Tilonalli's Knight
16x Tilonalli's Skinshifter
1x Tishana, Voice of Thunder
4x Tocatli Honor Guard
5x Vance's Blasting Cannons
3x Vanquish the Weak
1x Verdant Rebirth
1x Verdant Sun's Avatar
7x Verdant Sun's Avatar
11x Waker of the Wilds
3x Watertrap Weaver

37x Aerial Responder
35x Aether Hub
12x Aether Meltdown
28x Aetherborn Marauder
20x Aethersquall Ancient
13x Aetherstorm Roc
2x Aetherstorm Roc
28x Aethertorch Renegade
2x Ambitious Aetherborn
10x Animation Module
2x Appetite for the Unnatural
1x Aradara Express
16x Arborback Stomper
1x Arborback Stomper
1x Architect of the Untamed
12x Architect of the Untamed
44x Armorcraft Judge
3x Attune with Aether
1x Authority of the Consuls
2x Aviary Mechanic
16x Ballista Charger
1x Bastion Mastodon
2x Blooming Marsh
4x Blossoming Defense
46x Blossoming Defense
1x Bomat Bazaar Barge
24x Bomat Bazaar Barge
1x Bomat Courier
2x Botanical Sanctum
1x Botanical Sanctum
32x Brazen Scourge
2x Brazen Scourge
1x Bristling Hydra
8x Bristling Hydra
1x Built to Last
2x Built to Smash
2x Captured by the Consulate
23x Captured by the Consulate
1x Cathartic Reunion
51x Ceremonious Rejection
2x Chandra's Pyrohelix
47x Chief of the Foundry
31x Cloudblazer
1x Commencement of Festivities
1x Concealed Courtyard
12x Confiscation Coup
2x Consul's Shieldguard
12x Consul's Shieldguard
12x Consulate Surveillance
1x Contraband Kingpin
38x Contraband Kingpin
12x Creeping Mold
1x Creeping Mold
11x Cultivator of Blades
2x Cultivator of Blades
4x Cultivator's Caravan
1x Cultivator's Caravan
2x Curio Vendor
19x Deadlock Trap
3x Deadlock Trap
1x Decoction Module
20x Decoction Module
5x Demolish
1x Demolition Stomper
12x Demolition Stomper
8x Depala, Pilot Exemplar
20x Diabolic Tutor
2x Die Young
24x Disappearing Act
3x Disappearing Act
1x Dramatic Reversal
27x Dubious Challenge
1x Dubious Challenge
2x Dukhara Scavenger
12x Durable Handicraft
2x Dynavolt Tower
1x Eager Construct
2x Eddytrail Hawk
1x Electrostatic Pummeler
1x Elegant Edgecrafters
12x Elegant Edgecrafters
22x Eliminate the Competition
12x Embraal Bruiser
3x Embraal Bruiser
39x Empyreal Voyager
1x Engineered Might
36x Engineered Might
1x Era of Innovation
28x Era of Innovation
32x Essence Extraction
12x Experimental Aviator
2x Experimental Aviator
34x Fabrication Module
2x Failed Inspection
12x Fairgrounds Trumpeter
30x Fairgrounds Warden
19x Fateful Showdown
36x Filigree Familiar
3x Fleetwheel Cruiser
2x Fortuitous Find
37x Foundry Inspector
3x Foundry Screecher
2x Fragmentize
28x Fretwork Colony
2x Fumigate
1x Furious Reprisal
16x Furious Reprisal
2x Gearseeker Serpent
28x Gearshift Ace
1x Ghirapur Guide
20x Ghirapur Guide
1x Ghirapur Orrery
14x Ghirapur Orrery
2x Giant Spectacle
2x Glassblower's Puzzleknot
4x Glimmer of Genius
37x Glimmer of Genius
27x Glint-Nest Crane
2x Gonti, Lord of Luxury
15x Gonti, Lord of Luxury
1x Harnessed Lightning
38x Harnessed Lightning
1x Harsh Scrutiny
41x Harsh Scrutiny
41x Hazardous Conditions
2x Herald of the Fair
1x Highspire Artisan
2x Hijack
1x Hunt the Weak
2x Impeccable Timing
12x Incendiary Sabotage
1x Incendiary Sabotage
7x Insidious Will
1x Inspired Charge
1x Inspiring Vantage
1x Inventor's Apprentice
46x Inventor's Apprentice
3x Inventor's Goggles
2x Inventors' Fair
2x Iron League Steed
16x Iron League Steed
2x Janjeet Sentry
16x Janjeet Sentry
1x Kambal, Consul of Allocation
6x Kambal, Consul of Allocation
1x Key to the City
11x Key to the City
2x Larger Than Life
1x Lathnu Hellion
1x Lawless Broker
2x Live Fast
1x Long-Finned Skywhale
12x Long-Finned Skywhale
39x Longtusk Cub
9x Lost Legacy
1x Lost Legacy
17x Madcap Experiment
2x Make Obsolete
12x Make Obsolete
2x Malfunction
3x Marionette Master
20x Master Trinketeer
2x Maulfist Doorbuster
12x Maulfist Doorbuster
2x Maulfist Squad
3x Metallurgic Summonings
1x Metalspinner's Puzzleknot
1x Metalwork Colossus
23x Midnight Oil
1x Midnight Oil
1x Mind Rot
12x Minister of Inquiries
2x Minister of Inquiries
20x Morbid Curiosity
2x Morbid Curiosity
22x Multiform Wonder
3x Multiform Wonder
2x Narnam Cobra
24x Nature's Way
1x Night Market Lookout
2x Nimble Innovator
1x Ninth Bridge Patrol
1x Ornamental Courage
12x Ovalchase Daredevil
20x Ovalchase Dragster
1x Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter
18x Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter
1x Padeem, Consul of Innovation
15x Padeem, Consul of Innovation
11x Paradoxical Outcome
1x Paradoxical Outcome
1x Perpetual Timepiece
20x Perpetual Timepiece
5x Pia Nalaar
1x Pia Nalaar
1x Prakhata Club Security
1x Prakhata Pillar-Bug
2x Pressure Point
1x Propeller Pioneer
1x Quicksmith Genius
20x Quicksmith Genius
2x Reckless Fireweaver
1x Refurbish
20x Refurbish
2x Renegade Freighter
1x Renegade Tactics
1x Restoration Gearsmith
28x Restoration Gearsmith
1x Revoke Privileges
1x Revolutionary Rebuff
1x Riparian Tiger
2x Ruinous Gremlin
1x Rush of Vitality
3x Sage of Shaila's Claim
21x Saheeli's Artistry
1x Salivating Gremlins
1x Scrapheap Scrounger
2x Select for Inspection
4x Self-Assembler
35x Sequestered Stash
2x Servant of the Conduit
33x Servant of the Conduit
37x Servo Exhibition
12x Shrewd Negotiation
1x Shrewd Negotiation
1x Sky Skiff
1x Skyship Stalker
16x Skyship Stalker
40x Skywhaler's Shot
35x Snare Thopter
28x Spark of Creativity
2x Spark of Creativity
1x Speedway Fanatic
20x Speedway Fanatic
1x Spireside Infiltrator
2x Spontaneous Artist
28x Start Your Engines
1x Subtle Strike
13x Syndicate Trafficker
1x Take Down
3x Tasseled Dromedary
18x Territorial Gorger
3x Terror of the Fairgrounds
1x Tezzeret's Ambition
1x Thriving Grubs
4x Thriving Ibex
2x Thriving Rats
2x Thriving Rhino
2x Tidy Conclusion
1x Toolcraft Exemplar
1x Toolcraft Exemplar
2x Torch Gauntlet
20x Trusty Companion
2x Underhanded Designs
12x Underhanded Designs
37x Unlicensed Disintegration
3x Vedalken Blademaster
35x Veteran Motorist
12x Visionary Augmenter
2x Voltaic Brawler
45x Voltaic Brawler
3x Wayward Giant
1x Weaponcraft Enthusiast
20x Weaponcraft Enthusiast
1x Weldfast Monitor
47x Whirler Virtuoso
2x Whirlermaker
16x Whirlermaker
15x Wildest Dreams
5x Wind Drake
12x Wispweaver Angel
2x Woodweaver's Puzzleknot

Khans of Tarkir
1x Abzan Ascendancy
1x Abzan Banner
2x Abzan Charm
2x Avalanche Tusker
1x Avalanche Tusker
1x Bitter Revelation
1x Crackling Doom
1x Despise
7x Dragon's Eye Savants
1x Efreet Weaponmaster
1x Flying Crane Technique
1x Flying Crane Technique
1x Glacial Stalker
5x Heart-Piercer Bow
1x High Sentinels of Arashin
1x Jeskai Charm
1x Mindswipe
4x Murderous Cut
8x Mystic Monastery
2x Necropolis Fiend
13x Opulent Palace
1x Rattleclaw Mystic
3x Sagu Mauler
2x Sandsteppe Citadel
1x Seek the Horizon
6x Seeker of the Way
2x Sultai Charm
2x Thousand Winds
1x Trail of Mystery
1x Trap Essence
1x Treasure Cruise

Launch Parties
14x Angel of Deliverance
16x Quicksmith Rebel

2x The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale

Magic 2013
1x Angel's Mercy
1x Archaeomancer
1x Arctic Aven
1x Attended Knight
1x Augur of Bolas
1x Battleflight Eagle
1x Bountiful Harvest
1x Canyon Minotaur
1x Centaur Courser
1x Chandra's Fury
1x Clone
1x Courtly Provocateur
1x Craterize
1x Dark Favor
1x Divine Verdict
1x Downpour
1x Duress
1x Duskmantle Prowler
1x Elixir of Immortality
1x Elvish Visionary
1x Encrust
1x Erase
1x Essence Drain
1x Faerie Invaders
1x Faith's Reward
1x Fire Elemental
1x Flames of the Firebrand
1x Flinthoof Boar
1x Fog Bank
1x Forest
1x Forest
1x Forest
1x Garruk's Packleader
1x Guardian Lions
1x Harbor Bandit
1x Harbor Serpent
1x Island
1x Jayemdae Tome
1x Kindled Fury
1x Knight of Glory
1x Liliana's Shade
1x Mark of the Vampire
1x Merfolk of the Pearl Trident
1x Mindclaw Shaman
1x Mountain
1x Mountain
1x Murder
1x Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis
1x Oblivion Ring
1x Pacifism
1x Plains
1x Plains
1x Plains
1x Predatory Rampage
1x Primal Clay
1x Primal Huntbeast
1x Primordial Hydra
1x Prized Elephant
1x Quirion Dryad
1x Rain of Blades
1x Ranger's Path
1x Ring of Valkas
1x Roaring Primadox
1x Safe Passage
1x Sands of Delirium
1x Scroll Thief
1x Sign in Blood
1x Sleep
1x Slumbering Dragon
1x Smelt
1x Spelltwine
1x Sublime Archangel
1x Swamp
1x Swamp
1x Swamp
1x Talrand's Invocation
1x Titanic Growth
1x Tormented Soul
1x Tricks of the Trade
1x Vampire Nighthawk
1x Vedalken Entrancer
1x Volcanic Geyser
1x Volcanic Strength
1x Walking Corpse
1x Wall of Fire
1x Warclamp Mastiff
1x Wild Guess
1x Wind Drake
1x Yeva's Forcemage
1x Zombie Goliath

Magic 2015 Core Set
3x Act on Impulse
1x Aeronaut Tinkerer
1x Altac Bloodseeker
1x Altac Bloodseeker
3x Ancient Silverback
4x Avarice Amulet
2x Battle Mastery
4x Belligerent Sliver
1x Blastfire Bolt
9x Blood Host
1x Boonweaver Giant
9x Boonweaver Giant
2x Brawler's Plate
2x Burning Anger
4x Caustic Tar
1x Chronostutter
1x Circle of Flame
7x Cone of Flame
3x Congregate
2x Constricting Sliver
1x Crowd's Favor
1x Cruel Sadist
5x Dauntless River Marshal
1x Dauntless River Marshal
1x Divination
4x Evolving Wilds
1x Feral Incarnation
6x Feral Incarnation
1x Fugitive Wizard
6x Gargoyle Sentinel
1x Gather Courage
10x Geist of the Moors
6x Gravedigger
2x Haunted Plate Mail
2x Heat Ray
17x Heliod's Pilgrim
7x Hot Soup
1x Hunter's Ambush
1x Hydrosurge
1x Into the Void
6x Jorubai Murk Lurker
3x Juggernaut
3x Kapsho Kitefins
1x Kapsho Kitefins
6x Kird Chieftain
3x Lightning Strike
1x Living Totem
7x Meteorite
6x Might Makes Right
1x Might Makes Right
1x Mind Rot
4x Mind Sculpt
2x Mind Sculpt
10x Necrogen Scudder
9x Nightfire Giant
5x Nissa's Expedition
4x Ornithopter
9x Overwhelm
4x Paragon of Eternal Wilds
2x Paragon of Fierce Defiance
6x Paragon of Gathering Mists
1x Research Assistant
5x Restock
2x Roaring Primadox
1x Rogue's Gloves
1x Rummaging Goblin
9x Sacred Armory
1x Sanctified Charge
1x Scrapyard Mongrel
3x Shield of the Avatar
1x Sign in Blood
1x Sliver Hive
1x Soulmender
3x Stab Wound
3x Staff of the Flame Magus
2x Staff of the Mind Magus
9x Staff of the Sun Magus
5x Staff of the Wild Magus
2x Stain the Mind
1x Statute of Denial
2x Sunblade Elf
2x Torch Fiend
1x Triplicate Spirits
1x Vineweft
4x Wall of Limbs
3x Wall of Mulch
10x Warden of the Beyond
2x Witch's Familiar
6x Xathrid Slyblade
1x Zof Shade

Magic Game Day Cards
1x Anguished Unmaking
1x Heron's Grace Champion
12x Immolating Glare
13x Incorrigible Youths
3x Jori En, Ruin Diver
5x Latch Seeker
3x Radiant Flames
7x Stasis Snare
10x Trophy Mage
5x Unsubstantiate
1x Yahenni's Expertise

Magic Origins
2x Acolyte of the Inferno
1x Act of Treason
1x Alchemist's Vial
2x Ampryn Tactician
1x Angel's Tomb
1x Anointer of Champions
2x Artificer's Epiphany
1x Bonded Construct
1x Bounding Krasis
1x Call of the Full Moon
1x Chandra's Fury
1x Citadel Castellan
1x Clash of Wills
1x Enlightened Ascetic
1x Enthralling Victor
1x Evolving Wilds
1x Fleshbag Marauder
1x Gnarlroot Trapper
2x Gold-Forged Sentinel
1x Guardian Automaton
2x Guardians of Meletis
2x Heavy Infantry
1x Hitchclaw Recluse
1x Llanowar Empath
1x Maritime Guard
1x Murder Investigation
1x Necromantic Summons
1x Rabid Bloodsucker
1x Ravaging Blaze
1x Reclaim
1x Revenant
1x Rogue's Passage
2x Send to Sleep
1x Sentinel of the Eternal Watch
1x Sigil of Valor
1x Sigiled Starfish
2x Smash to Smithereens
1x Stratus Walk
1x Swift Reckoning
2x Sylvan Messenger
2x Titanic Growth
1x Topan Freeblade
1x Tower Geist
1x Turn to Frog
1x Valeron Wardens
1x Valor in Akros
1x Yeva's Forcemage

Media Inserts
9x Elusive Tormentor
10x Scrap Trawler

12x Altar of Shadows
28x Blinkmoth Urn
52x Confusion in the Ranks
28x Dross Harvester
23x Fiery Gambit
2x Grid Monitor
20x Grim Reminder
32x Hum of the Radix
44x Jinxed Choker
23x Krark's Thumb
8x Leveler
40x Liar's Pendulum
54x Loxodon Peacekeeper
24x Loxodon Punisher
36x Lumengrid Augur
16x Mass Hysteria
43x Necrogen Mists
40x Nim Devourer
48x Psychogenic Probe
20x Quicksilver Elemental
24x Quicksilver Fountain
6x Rule of Law
28x Shared Fate
8x Solar Tide
39x Spoils of the Vault
40x Temporal Cascade
52x Vermiculos
24x Vulshok Battlemaster

Mirrodin Besieged
1x Accorder Paladin
1x Ardent Recruit
1x Banishment Decree
1x Bladed Sentinel
2x Blightwidow
1x Blisterstick Shaman
1x Burn the Impure
1x Concussive Bolt
2x Copper Carapace
1x Cryptoplasm
1x Divine Offering
1x Dross Ripper
2x Fangren Marauder
1x Flayer Husk
1x Forest
1x Fuel for the Cause
1x Go for the Throat
1x Gust-Skimmer
1x Horrifying Revelation
1x Ichor Wellspring
1x Island
1x Knowledge Pool
1x Koth's Courier
1x Kuldotha Flamefiend
1x Leonin Skyhunter
1x Master's Call
1x Melira's Keepers
1x Metallic Mastery
1x Mirran Mettle
1x Mirran Spy
1x Morbid Plunder
1x Myr Sire
1x Nested Ghoul
1x Neurok Commando
1x Oculus
1x Peace Strider
1x Phyrexian Digester
1x Phyrexian Hydra
1x Pierce Strider
1x Piston Sledge
1x Pistus Strike
1x Plaguemaw Beast
1x Plains
1x Priests of Norn
1x Quicksilver Geyser
1x Rusted Slasher
1x Septic Rats
1x Serum Raker
1x Shimmer Myr
1x Spine of Ish Sah
1x Spiraling Duelist
1x Spire Serpent
1x Strandwalker
1x Swamp
2x Tangle Hulk
1x Tangle Mantis
1x Thopter Assembly
1x Tine Shrike
1x Titan Forge
1x Turn the Tide
1x Unnatural Predation
1x Vedalken Infuser
1x Virulent Wound
1x Vivisection

Modern Masters
1x Absorb Vis
3x Amrou Scout
1x Amrou Seekers
6x Arcbound Wanderer
10x Arcbound Worker
2x Auntie's Snitch
1x Blightspeaker
6x Careful Consideration
1x Cloudgoat Ranger
1x Crush Underfoot
5x Dakmor Salvage
1x Death Rattle
2x Death Rattle
1x Deepcavern Imp
1x Drag Down
3x Dreamspoiler Witches
1x Durkwood Baloth
1x Echoing Courage
1x Echoing Truth
7x Echoing Truth
5x Epochrasite
1x Erratic Mutation
4x Executioner's Capsule
3x Facevaulter
2x Faerie Macabre
8x Feudkiller's Verdict
1x Flickerwisp
1x Fury Charm
2x Gleam of Resistance
2x Hana Kami
1x Hillcomber Giant
11x Horobi's Whisper
3x Imperiosaur
2x Kithkin Greatheart
9x Logic Knot
2x Mad Auntie
2x Marsh Flitter
4x Mulldrifter
3x Myr Retriever
1x Nantuko Shaman
2x Pallid Mycoderm
5x Peer Through Depths
3x Peppersmoke
5x Perilous Research
10x Petals of Insight
4x Riftsweeper
5x Riftwing Cloudskate
7x Sandsower
1x Sandsower
2x Shrapnel Blast
3x Stingscourger
12x Street Wraith
1x Street Wraith
3x Sylvan Bounty
1x Syphon Life
11x Syphon Life
1x Take Possession
10x Tar Pitcher
1x Tar Pitcher
1x Terashi's Grasp
4x Thallid
6x Thirst for Knowledge
1x Thundercloud Shaman
1x Thundercloud Shaman
1x Torrent of Stone
3x Trygon Predator
1x Vivid Crag
1x Walker of the Grove
4x Warren Weirding
3x Warren Weirding
2x Worm Harvest

Modern Masters 2017 Edition
18x Abyssal Specter
2x Advent of the Wurm
13x Advent of the Wurm
9x Aethermage's Touch
4x Aethertow
3x Agent of Masks
22x Agent of Masks
5x Agony Warp
21x Ancient Grudge
22x Arachnus Spinner
1x Arachnus Spinner
3x Arachnus Web
20x Arcane Sanctum
5x Attended Knight
3x Auger Spree
2x Augur of Bolas
3x Avacyn's Pilgrim
2x Azorius Guildgate
23x Azorius Signet
14x Azure Mage
1x Azure Mage
22x Baloth Cage Trap
12x Banishing Stroke
1x Banishing Stroke
6x Battle-Rattle Shaman
2x Blade Splicer
4x Bone Splinters
1x Bonfire of the Damned
3x Boros Guildgate
6x Boros Reckoner
22x Boros Signet
17x Bronzebeak Moa
3x Bronzebeak Moa
1x Broodmate Dragon
3x Broodmate Dragon
56x Burning-Tree Emissary
1x Burning-Tree Emissary
5x Cackling Counterpart
4x Call of the Conclave
8x Call of the Herd
2x Carnage Gladiator
20x Carnage Gladiator
4x Centaur Healer
6x Chandra's Outrage
6x Coiling Oracle
18x Compulsive Research
1x Corpse Connoisseur
16x Corpse Connoisseur
6x Cower in Fear
3x Crippling Chill
3x Cruel Ultimatum
20x Crumbling Necropolis
2x Crumbling Necropolis
3x Damping Matrix
4x Deadeye Navigator
3x Death-Hood Cobra
5x Delirium Skeins
8x Deputy of Acquittals
2x Desecration Demon
4x Dimir Guildgate
18x Dimir Signet
3x Dinrova Horror
2x Dragon Fodder
59x Dragon Fodder
5x Dregscape Zombie
3x Druid's Deliverance
4x Dynacharge
1x Entomber Exarch
12x Entomber Exarch
10x Evil Twin
55x Explore
5x Extractor Demon
5x Eyes in the Skies
4x Falkenrath Noble
2x Familiar's Ruse
21x Familiar's Ruse
10x Fiery Justice
3x Fists of Ironwood
20x Flickerwisp
2x Forbidden Alchemy
18x Gaea's Anthem
1x Gaea's Anthem
12x Ghor-Clan Rampager
2x Ghor-Clan Rampager
3x Ghostly Flicker
4x Giantbaiting
5x Gideon's Lawkeeper
3x Gift of Orzhova
4x Gnawing Zombie
16x Goblin Assault
4x Goblin Electromancer
14x Golgari Germination
1x Golgari Germination
5x Golgari Guildgate
4x Golgari Rotwurm
21x Golgari Signet
1x Golgari Signet
3x Graceful Reprieve
3x Grasp of Phantoms
2x Grisly Spectacle
1x Grixis Slavedriver
1x Ground Assault
6x Gruul Guildgate
20x Gruul Signet
3x Gruul Signet
17x Gruul War Chant
3x Hanweir Lancer
22x Harmonize
7x Hellrider
2x Hungry Spriggan
19x Inquisition of Kozilek
3x Intangible Virtue
18x Intangible Virtue
18x Izzet Charm
7x Izzet Guildgate
15x Izzet Signet
2x Jungle Shrine
22x Jungle Shrine
3x Kathari Bomber
2x Kor Hookmaster
4x Kor Skyfisher
5x Kraken Hatchling
19x Lingering Souls
3x Lone Missionary
6x Madcap Skills
1x Magma Jet
55x Magma Jet
2x Master Splicer
8x Master Splicer
21x Might of Old Krosa
9x Mind Shatter
4x Mist Raven
3x Mistmeadow Witch
19x Mistmeadow Witch
2x Mizzium Mortars
5x Mogg Flunkies
23x Molten Rain
5x Momentary Blink
19x Moroii
2x Moroii
3x Mortician Beetle
4x Mudbutton Torchrunner
2x Mystic Genesis
22x Mystic Genesis
7x Mystical Teachings
5x Night Terrors
2x Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius
1x Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius
1x Obzedat, Ghost Council
7x Ogre Jailbreaker
1x Olivia Voldaren
3x Opportunity
21x Opportunity
4x Orzhov Guildgate
22x Orzhov Signet
2x Orzhov Signet
15x Path to Exile
5x Penumbra Spider
1x Phantasmal Image
3x Pilfered Plans
3x Pit Keeper
5x Pitfall Trap
1x Primal Command
22x Putrefy
1x Putrefy
1x Pyrewild Shaman
23x Pyrewild Shaman
17x Pyroclasm
2x Pyroclasm
5x Rakdos Guildgate
23x Rakdos Signet
2x Rakdos Signet
1x Ranger of Eos
3x Recover
5x Revive
4x Rewind
13x Rhox War Monk
2x Rhox War Monk
5x Rootborn Defenses
4x Rubblebelt Maaka
20x Savage Lands
6x Scorched Rusalka
7x Scourge Devil
3x Sea Gate Oracle
20x Seal of Doom
2x Seal of Doom
7x Seal of Primordium
1x Sťance
6x Sťance
19x Seaside Citadel
1x Sedraxis Specter
21x Sedraxis Specter
3x Selesnya Guildgate
21x Selesnya Signet
1x Selesnya Signet
5x Sensor Splicer
20x Serum Visions
5x Sever the Bloodline
1x Sever the Bloodline
4x Shimmering Grotto
2x Simic Guildgate
18x Simic Signet
1x Simic Signet
1x Simic Sky Swallower
21x Sin Collector
2x Sin Collector
4x Skirsdag Cultist
20x Skirsdag Cultist
3x Skyknight Legionnaire
2x Slaughterhorn
3x Slime Molding
1x Soul Manipulation
16x Soul Manipulation
18x Soul Ransom
1x Soul Ransom
50x Soul Warden
44x Spell Pierce
6x Spike Jester
4x Spire Monitor
12x Sprouting Thrinax
1x Sprouting Thrinax
3x Stoic Angel
5x Strength in Numbers
7x Summoning Trap
1x Summoning Trap
20x Sunhome Guildmage
3x Sylvan Ranger
5x Talon Trooper
4x Tandem Lookout
2x Tattermunge Witch
21x Tattermunge Witch
22x Teleportal
23x Terminate
1x Terminus
20x Thornscape Battlemage
2x Thragtusk
4x Thunderous Wrath
3x Thundersong Trumpeter
12x Thundersong Trumpeter
1x Torrent of Souls
17x Torrent of Souls
1x Tower Gargoyle
21x Tower Gargoyle
5x Traitorous Instinct
2x Ulvenwald Tracker
9x Ulvenwald Tracker
2x Unburial Rites
16x Unburial Rites
22x Unflinching Courage
2x Unflinching Courage
21x Urban Evolution
19x Urbis Protector
1x Urbis Protector
5x Vampire Aristocrat
20x Vampire Nighthawk
18x Vanish into Memory
1x Vanish into Memory
20x Vital Splicer
2x Vithian Stinger
19x Vithian Stinger
5x Wake the Reflections
19x Wall of Denial
11x Wall of Frost
2x Wayfaring Temple
21x Wayfaring Temple
12x Wing Splicer
1x Wing Splicer
3x Wingcrafter
4x Woolly Thoctar
20x Woolly Thoctar
6x Wort, the Raidmother
2x Youthful Knight
9x Zealous Conscripts
2x Zur the Enchanter

Oath of the Gatewatch
2x Abstruse Interference
1x Affa Protector
36x Allied Reinforcements
3x Allied Reinforcements
29x Baloth Null
3x Baloth Null
29x Baloth Pup
1x Baloth Pup
9x Bearer of Silence
1x Birthing Hulk
26x Birthing Hulk
1x Bonds of Mortality
42x Bonds of Mortality
3x Bone Saw
3x Boulder Salvo
24x Call the Gatewatch
3x Canopy Gorger
17x Captain's Claws
30x Chitinous Cloak
26x Cinder Barrens
1x Cinder Barrens
2x Cinder Hellion
30x Cliffhaven Vampire
4x Comparative Analysis
2x Consuming Sinkhole
3x Containment Membrane
3x Corpse Churn
4x Corrupted Crossroads
224x Crumbling Vestige
1x Cultivator Drone
37x Cyclone Sire
13x Deceiver of Form
20x Deepfathom Skulker
38x Devour in Flames
16x Dimensional Infiltrator
21x Drana's Chosen
24x Dread Defiler
1x Dread Defiler
3x Eldrazi Aggressor
32x Eldrazi Obligator
5x Elemental Uprising
27x Embodiment of Fury
29x Embodiment of Insight
2x Embodiment of Insight
1x Endbringer
34x Essence Depleter
1x Essence Depleter
168x Expedite
4x Expedition Raptor
1x Flayer Drone
72x Flayer Drone
77x Flaying Tendrils
27x Gift of Tusks
3x Gift of Tusks
14x Gladehart Cavalry
2x Goblin Freerunner
39x Grasp of Darkness
3x Gravity Negator
3x Grip of the Roil
31x Grip of the Roil
33x Harvester Troll
39x Havoc Sower
27x Hedron Alignment
205x Holdout Settlement
29x Immobilizer Eldrazi
3x Immobilizer Eldrazi
2x Immolating Glare
31x Immolating Glare
35x Iona's Blessing
3x Isolation Zone
1x Joraga Auxiliary
36x Joraga Auxiliary
16x Jori En, Ruin Diver
1x Jwar Isle Avenger
29x Kazuul's Toll Collector
2x Kor Scythemaster
3x Kor Sky Climber
3x Kozilek's Pathfinder
2x Kozilek's Shrieker
3x Kozilek's Translator
4x Lead by Example
2x Loam Larva
30x Make a Stand
3x Malakir Soothsayer
34x Malakir Soothsayer
1x Maw of Kozilek
34x Meandering River
3x Mighty Leap
20x Mina and Denn, Wildborn
1x Mindmelter
35x Mindmelter
1x Munda's Vanguard
26x Munda's Vanguard
156x Natural State
3x Netcaster Spider
33x Nissa's Judgment
34x Null Caller
11x Oath of Chandra
1x Oath of Chandra
24x Oath of Gideon
9x Oath of Jace
1x Oblivion Strike
2x Overwhelming Denial
19x Overwhelming Denial
26x Press into Service
2x Press into Service
1x Prophet of Distortion
29x Prophet of Distortion
144x Pulse of Murasa
1x Pulse of Murasa
36x Pyromancer's Assault
1x Pyromancer's Assault
34x Reaver Drone
3x Reaver Drone
63x Reckless Bushwhacker
74x Reflector Mage
2x Relentless Hunter
36x Relentless Hunter
1x Relief Captain
33x Relief Captain
19x Remorseless Punishment
2x Roiling Waters
35x Roiling Waters
32x Ruin in Their Wake
9x Ruins of Oran-Rief
1x Searing Light
2x Seed Guardian
36x Seed Guardian
11x Sifter of Skulls
3x Sky Scourer
3x Slaughter Drone
1x Sparkmage's Gambit
41x Spatial Contortion
1x Spawnbinder Mage
2x Stalking Drone
3x Steppe Glider
40x Steppe Glider
1x Stone Haven Outfitter
32x Stoneforge Acolyte
1x Stoneforge Masterwork
63x Stormchaser Mage
31x Strider Harness
2x Strider Harness
30x Submerged Boneyard
1x Submerged Boneyard
2x Tajuru Pathwarden
1x Tar Snare
2x Tears of Valakut
36x Tears of Valakut
30x Thought Harvester
33x Timber Gorge
1x Tranquil Expanse
28x Tranquil Expanse
22x Tyrant of Valakut
2x Umara Entangler
4x Unity of Purpose
34x Unity of Purpose
4x Unknown Shores
3x Unnatural Endurance
4x Untamed Hunger
10x Vile Redeemer
1x Vines of the Recluse
1x Visions of Brutality
38x Visions of Brutality
1x Void Grafter
30x Void Grafter
46x Void Shatter
36x Walker of the Wastes
35x Wall of Resurgence
1x Warden of Geometries
76x Warping Wail
192x Wastes
192x Wastes
1x Weapons Trainer
42x Weapons Trainer
2x Witness the End
1x Zada's Commando
7x Zendikar Resurgent
3x Zulaport Chainmage

14x Aether Charge
16x Airdrop Condor
11x Akroma's Blessing
12x Annex
268x Aphetto Alchemist
14x Aphetto Grifter
9x Aphetto Vulture
256x Astral Slide
10x Aura Extraction
14x Avarax
14x Aven Fateshaper
11x Aven Soulgazer
269x Blackmail
11x Bloodline Shaman
11x Boneknitter
13x Broodhatch Nantuko
11x Cabal Archon
15x Cabal Executioner
11x Cabal Slaver
14x Catapult Squad
13x Centaur Glade
10x Chain of Acid
14x Chain of Plasma
15x Chain of Silence
14x Chain of Smog
252x Chain of Vapor
10x Commando Raid
275x Complicate
15x Crowd Favorites
17x Crude Rampart
14x Custody Battle
11x Daru Encampment
15x Dawning Purist
12x Death Pulse
13x Discombobulate
13x Dispersing Orb
11x Doubtless One
264x Dwarven Blastminer
12x Elven Riders
12x Elvish Scrapper
12x Embermage Goblin
12x Essence Fracture
15x Everglove Courier
243x Explosive Vegetation
11x Fade from Memory
11x Feeding Frenzy
14x Flamestick Courier
10x Fleeting Aven
11x Frightshroud Courier
15x Ghosthelm Courier
15x Gluttonous Zombie
16x Goblin Burrows
14x Goblin Machinist
15x Graxiplon
15x Gustcloak Sentinel
13x Gustcloak Skirmisher
12x Headhunter
263x Heedless One
13x Improvised Armor
16x Infest
15x Inspirit
12x Invigorating Boon
16x Ironfist Crusher
14x Kamahl's Summons
12x Krosan Groundshaker
15x Lightning Rift
14x Meddle
11x Mistform Mutant
16x Mistform Shrieker
15x Mistform Stalker
13x Nameless One
13x Nova Cleric
15x Overwhelming Instinct
14x Pearlspear Courier
17x Primal Boost
13x Prowling Pangolin
269x Reckless One
10x Reminisce
14x Righteous Cause
20x Riptide Chronologist
14x Riptide Shapeshifter
14x Rummaging Wizard
17x Run Wild
12x Searing Flesh
12x Seaside Haven
14x Serpentine Basilisk
13x Shade's Breath
16x Shaleskin Bruiser
14x Shieldmage Elder
13x Skittish Valesk
16x Slice and Dice
17x Smother
12x Snapping Thragg
250x Soulless One
11x Spitfire Handler
12x Starlit Sanctum
14x Sunfire Balm
14x Symbiotic Beast
13x Thoughtbound Primoc
12x Thrashing Mudspawn
17x Threaten
14x Thunder of Hooves
14x Towering Baloth
17x Tribal Unity
13x Venomspout Brackus
11x Walking Desecration
223x Wall of Mulch
11x Whipcorder
256x Wirewood Lodge
15x Withering Hex

Prerelease Events
7x Bloodlord of Vaasgoth
1x Mayor of Avabruck
4x Ravenous Demon

Prerelease Events: Aether Revolt
1x Quicksmith Rebel

Prerelease Events: Amonkhet
1x Oracle's Vault
1x Soul-Scar Mage

Prerelease Events: Hour of Devastation
2x Apocalypse Demon
2x Djeru, With Eyes Open
1x Driven // Despair
1x Resilient Khenra

Prerelease Events: Ixalan
1x Burning Sun's Avatar
1x Verdant Sun's Avatar

Prerelease Events: Kaladesh
2x Animation Module
1x Bomat Courier
2x Gonti, Lord of Luxury
1x Kambal, Consul of Allocation
1x Madcap Experiment
1x Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter

Return to Ravnica
1x Golgari Charm
1x Selesnya Charm

Revised Edition
9x Drain Life
19x Drudge Skeletons
21x Erg Raiders
12x Fear
8x Frozen Shade
22x Howl from Beyond
24x Jump
24x Merfolk of the Pearl Trident
4x Pestilence
24x Phantasmal Terrain
9x Plague Rats
24x Power Leak
23x Power Sink
15x Prodigal Sorcerer
24x Psychic Venom
13x Reconstruction
16x Scathe Zombies
23x Sea Serpent
24x Spell Blast
9x Terror
10x Unholy Strength
8x Unstable Mutation
24x Weakness

50x Fierce Empath
51x Goblin War Strike

Shadows over Innistrad
22x Aberrant Researcher
1x Accursed Witch
19x Accursed Witch
2x Alms of the Vein
2x Apothecary Geist
18x Autumnal Gloom
1x Autumnal Gloom
25x Avacynian Missionaries
10x Behind the Scenes
2x Behind the Scenes
18x Biting Rain
1x Biting Rain
2x Bloodmad Vampire
22x Bound by Moonsilver
1x Bound by Moonsilver
22x Breakneck Rider
17x Briarbridge Patrol
1x Briarbridge Patrol
16x Broken Concentration
1x Byway Courier
1x Call the Bloodline
1x Cathar's Companion
1x Chaplain's Blessing
2x Clip Wings
23x Compelling Deterrence
1x Convicted Killer
1x Corrupted Grafstone
20x Crawling Sensation
1x Creeping Dread
23x Creeping Dread
2x Crow of Dark Tidings
2x Cult of the Waxing Moon
31x Cult of the Waxing Moon
2x Dance with Devils
26x Dance with Devils
18x Daring Sleuth
2x Dead Weight
25x Dissension in the Ranks
1x Drownyard Explorers
11x Drunau Corpse Trawler
2x Drunau Corpse Trawler
2x Dual Shot
1x Ember-Eye Wolf
1x Emissary of the Sleepless
17x Epitaph Golem
2x Epitaph Golem
1x Equestrian Skill
20x Erdwal Illuminator
1x Erdwal Illuminator
23x Essence Flux
1x Essence Flux
1x Expose Evil
2x Farbog Revenant
1x Flameblade Angel
1x Fleeting Memories
21x Fleeting Memories
1x Forest
1x Forgotten Creation
1x Foul Orchard
2x Gatstaf Arsonists
1x Geralf's Masterpiece
1x Ghostly Wings
1x Ghoulcaller's Accomplice
10x Ghoulsteed
21x Gibbering Fiend
2x Gibbering Fiend
22x Gisa's Bidding
1x Gisa's Bidding
18x Gloomwidow
2x Gone Missing
23x Graf Mole
1x Grotesque Mutation
18x Groundskeeper
2x Groundskeeper
13x Gryff's Boon
1x Gryff's Boon
15x Harvest Hand
16x Haunted Cloak
1x Haunted Cloak
1x Heir of Falkenrath
2x Hinterland Logger
21x Hope Against Hope
1x Hulking Devil
22x Humble the Brute
1x Humble the Brute
17x Incorrigible Youths
3x Incorrigible Youths
1x Indulgent Aristocrat
19x Inner Struggle
1x Inspiring Captain
1x Invocation of Saint Traft
1x Island
1x Jace's Scrutiny
2x Just the Wind
20x Kessig Forgemaster
22x Kindly Stranger
1x Lambholt Pacifist
1x Lamplighter of Selhoff
20x Liliana's Indignation
2x Liliana's Indignation
2x Loam Dryad
1x Macabre Waltz
19x Mad Prophet
1x Magmatic Chasm
2x Magnifying Glass
21x Magnifying Glass
2x Malevolent Whispers
16x Malevolent Whispers
1x Manic Scribe
16x Manic Scribe
1x Merciless Resolve
2x Might Beyond Reason
1x Militant Inquisitor
2x Moorland Drifter
16x Morkrut Necropod
19x Murderer's Axe
1x Nahiri's Machinations
14x Nahiri's Machinations
1x Nearheath Chaplain
22x Nearheath Chaplain
20x Neglected Heirloom
1x Niblis of Dusk
2x Not Forgotten
17x Not Forgotten
21x Obsessive Skinner
3x Obsessive Skinner
2x Olivia's Bloodsworn
18x Ongoing Investigation
19x Pack Guardian
1x Pack Guardian
21x Pale Rider of Trostad
1x Pale Rider of Trostad
1x Paranoid Parish-Blade
18x Paranoid Parish-Blade
23x Pick the Brain
24x Pious Evangel
23x Pore Over the Pages
2x Puncturing Light
2x Pyre Hound
1x Quilled Wolf
1x Rabid Bite
1x Ravenous Bloodseeker
21x Ravenous Bloodseeker
15x Reaper of Flight Moonsilver
1x Reckless Scholar
15x Reckless Scholar
1x Reduce to Ashes
11x Rise from the Tides
2x Root Out
1x Runaway Carriage
17x Runaway Carriage
2x Rush of Adrenaline
1x Seagraf Skaab
1x Shamble Back
1x Shard of Broken Glass
2x Silburlind Snapper
2x Silent Observer
15x Silverstrike
26x Sinister Concoction
2x Skeleton Key
21x Skeleton Key
1x Solitary Hunter
29x Spectral Shepherd
2x Spectral Shepherd
19x Spiteful Motives
2x Spiteful Motives
3x Stallion of Ashmouth
20x Stensia Masquerade
1x Stern Constable
21x Stitchwing Skaab
1x Stoic Builder
2x Stormrider Spirit
3x Stromkirk Mentor
17x Tenacity
24x Thraben Gargoyle
1x Thraben Gargoyle
2x Throttle
2x Tireless Tracker
21x Tooth Collector
15x Topplegeist
19x Town Gossipmonger
18x Ulrich's Kindred
1x Ulrich's Kindred
17x Uninvited Geist
1x Uninvited Geist
2x Unruly Mob
3x Vampire Noble
2x Vessel of Paramnesia
1x Vessel of Volatility
1x Veteran Cathar
14x Veteran Cathar
2x Voldaren Duelist
4x Watcher in the Web
2x Weirding Wood
7x Weirding Wood
1x Wicker Witch
2x Wild-Field Scarecrow
13x Wild-Field Scarecrow
2x Woodland Stream

Lost Shade
From: Doe Hill, Va, USA
Confirmed Refs: 132

posted November 20, 2017 07:12 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for Lost Shade Click Here to Email Lost Shade Send a private message to Lost Shade Click to send Lost Shade an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View Lost Shade's Have/Want ListView Lost Shade's Have/Want List
Lost Shade
From: Doe Hill, Va, USA
Confirmed Refs: 132

posted November 21, 2017 09:06 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for Lost Shade Click Here to Email Lost Shade Send a private message to Lost Shade Click to send Lost Shade an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View Lost Shade's Have/Want ListView Lost Shade's Have/Want List
Lost Shade
From: Doe Hill, Va, USA
Confirmed Refs: 132

posted November 24, 2017 06:22 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for Lost Shade Click Here to Email Lost Shade Send a private message to Lost Shade Click to send Lost Shade an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View Lost Shade's Have/Want ListView Lost Shade's Have/Want List
reformated my lists to be more site friendly.
Lost Shade
From: Doe Hill, Va, USA
Confirmed Refs: 132

posted November 25, 2017 08:15 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for Lost Shade Click Here to Email Lost Shade Send a private message to Lost Shade Click to send Lost Shade an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View Lost Shade's Have/Want ListView Lost Shade's Have/Want List
From: Plainfield, IN USA
Confirmed Refs: 667

posted November 26, 2017 03:27 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for paragondave Click Here to Email paragondave Send a private message to paragondave Click to send paragondave an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View paragondave's Have/Want ListView paragondave's Have/Want List
Originally posted by Lost Shade:
Good day, I would like any or all of your Alpha and Beta cards.

It appears I have quite a few matches for you, if interested.

I am not sure Iconic is on my list yet but I have quite a few of those for you as well.

I have a much smaller want list than your havelist and my wants are set specific. The trade matcher doesn't work properly. Why don't you let me know what you have that I need and I can see if I'm interested in trading any of my Alpha and Beta cards for them.

[Edited 1 times, lastly by paragondave on November 26, 2017]

From: Somerville, MA, USA
Confirmed Refs: 58

posted November 26, 2017 08:32 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for HMukh20 Click Here to Email HMukh20 Send a private message to HMukh20 Click to send HMukh20 an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View HMukh20's Have/Want ListView HMukh20's Have/Want List
Okay, looked through my foils and here's what I have for you. Again, these are all foils:

1 x Fetid Pools (AKH prerelease) 12.44
1 x Pia's Revolution (AER) 0.94
1 x Bloodsoaked Champion (KTK) 1.63
1 x Herald of Anafenza (KTK) 0.44
1 x Smothering Abomination (BFZ) 0.97
1 x Topplegeist (SOI) 0.90
1 x Shielded Aether Thief 0.57
1 x Longtusk Cub (KLD) 3.39
1 x Swamp (KTK # 258) 0.65
1 x Swamp (KLD # 257) 0.43
1 x Swamp (DTK # 257) 0.49
1 x Island (KLD # 253) 0.48
1 x Forest (KLD # 262) 0.56
Total: 23.89

I'm interested in:
1 x Foil Botanical Sanctum 12.79
1 x Foil Sheltered Thicket 5.82
1 x Foil Forest (AKH) 2.33
1 x Foil Mountain (HOD) 1.99
plus any Wolf tokens from INN that you'd be willing to part with.
Total: 22.93

Think we can work out a deal? Let me know, thanks!

From: Fairmont, WV
Confirmed Refs: 88

posted February 06, 2018 01:33 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for JoshSherman Click Here to Email JoshSherman Send a private message to JoshSherman Click to send JoshSherman an Instant MessageVisit JoshSherman's Homepage  Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View JoshSherman's Trade Auction or SaleView JoshSherman's Trade Auction or Sale
Are you willing to sell a Tabernacle? If so, email me with your price. Thanks!

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