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Author Topic:   Trade addict: dominaria bound
From: Avondale, pa, USA
Confirmed Refs: 28

posted April 22, 2018 01:30 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for EloiK Click Here to Email EloiK Send a private message to EloiK Click to send EloiK an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View EloiK's Have/Want ListView EloiK's Have/Want List
I use PWE with top loaders to ship. No tracking on anything under $25. Not everything is mint or near mint. I didn't use sleeves when I first started playing and I do a lot of bulk buys so some stuff has wear on it. We can discuss discounting anything damaged. I also have a bunch of emblems and interesting tokens, so if you're looking for anything like that just ask

Want List:


Academy Rector
2x Admonition Angel

2x Archangel of Thune
Archon of Redemption
2x Azorius Justiciar

Battletide Alchemist

2x crested sunmare

2x fall of the Thran

2x goring ceratops

Iona, Shield of Emeria

3x legion's landing
4x Lightmine Field

2x Lyra dawnbringer

mavren fein, dusk apostle

4x paladin of atonement

2x radiant destiny

3x Regal caracal
Righteous Confluence

Shalai, voice of plenty

2x Sublime Archangel
Sudden Disappearance

Teshar, anscestorís apostle


4x deeproot waters

2x Etherium Astrolabe

Mystic Restraints

Naban, dean of iteration

Naru meha, master wizard

4x search for azcanta

3x Soulsworn Spirit

2x spell swindle
Supreme Inquisitor

The mirari conjecture

2x time of ice


3x arguelís blood fast

3x champion of Dusk
2x Collective Brutality
Dark Supplicant
2x Demon of Dark Schemes
2x Demonic Pact
2x Dictate of Erebos
2x Disciple of the Vault

2x Faith of the devoted
Gangrenous Goliath
3x Grave Scrabbler
Grave Titan

Rotlung Reanimator

3x sanctum seeker

Settle the score
Scion of Darkness

Torgaar, famine incarnate
4x trial of ambition
3x vile manifestation

2x Avaricious Dragon
3x Blockbuster

3x captain lannery storm

4x Champion of the flame

Furystoke Giant

2x goblin warchief
Hazoret the fervent
2x Krark-Clan Stoker
2x kukdotha Rebirth

2x pyromancer's swath
2x nahiri's wrath

Scourge of Valkas

Soulscar mage

Architect of the Untamed
Beastmaster's Magemark

4x deeproot elite

Druid's Call

3x emergent growth

4x elfhame druid
2x Elvish Berserker

forerunner of the heralds

Fungal plots

4x growing rites of itlimoc
Gyre Sage
2x hapatraís mark

Jedit ojanen of efrava
Kalonian Hydra

Master of the Wild Hunt

2x multani, yavamayaís avatar
4x Nature's Way

2x Primordial Hydra

3x strength of the pack

3x sylvan awakening

2x territorial allosaurus

2x the Mending of dominaria

Tireless Tracker
3x Utopia Mycon

Ajani Vengeant

Angranth, the flame-chained

Aryel, Knight of windgrace
Ashenmoor Liege

4x atzocan seer

Balefire Liege
Boartusk Liege
Boris devilboon

Daragaz reincarnated
Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast

Deathbringer Liege
2x Fable of Wolf and Owl

2x Firesong and sunspeaker

2x gishath, sunís avatar
Glen Elendra Liege
2x hadanaís climb

Huatli, radiant champion

3x Journey to eternity
Kiora, the Crashing Wave

4x Kolaghan's Command

2x kumena, tyrant of orazca

3x Legion lieutenant

3x merfolk mistbinder
Mindwrack Liege

Mizzix of the izmagnus

Muldrotha, the gravetide
Murkfiend Liege
Nicol bolas, god-pharaoh
2x obelisk spider

2x Slimefoot, the stowaway

3x storm the vault

2x the locust god
Thistledown Liege
Thopter Foundry

2x Vona, butcher of magan
Wayward servant

Wilt-Leaf Liege

Zacama, primal calamity

Adaptive Automaton
Alhammarret's Archive
2x Arcbound Ravager
Basilisk Collar
2x Blasting Station
3x Brass Herald

4x conqueror's galleon
2x Clock of Omens
Crosis's Attendant
Crown of Empires
Doom Cannon
Dragon Arch

4x golem guardian
2x Hangarback Walker

Helm of kaldra

2x helm of the host
3x Isolation Cell

6x jhoiraís familiar
3x Krark-Clan Ironworks
2x Molten-Tail masticor
3x Oketra monument

3x primal amulet

Shield of kaldra
2x Skysovereign, Consul Flagship
2x Summoning Station
Surestrike Trident
Sword of Body and Mind

Sword of kaldra

2x treasure map

Unstable Obelisk

Vanquisherís banner

2x weatherlight

2x Dryad Arbor

8x memorial to glory

4x memorial to folly
Starlit Sanctum
2x Stirring Wildwood
2x Swarmyard

1x X/X Vampire Token [kalitas bloodchief of ghet]
1x X/X Avatar token (ajani goldmane)
Silumgar prerelease die
Dromoka prerelease die

Have List:
Adarkar valkyrie
2x aegis of the gods
Ageless sentinels
Always watching (foil)
Always watching
Angelic purge (foil)
Arbiter of knollridge
2x archon of justice
Asha's favor (foil)
Authority of the consuls (foil)
Authority of the consuls
Aven mindcensor
Aven of enduring hope (foil)
Aviary mechanic (foil)
Blind obedience
Brigid, hero of kinsbaile
Captured by the consulate
Celestial force
2x Chained to the rocks
2x chancellor of the annex
Compulsory rest (foil)
Consulate crackdown
2x daghatar the adamant
Dawnbringer charioteers
Dawn gryff (foil)
Devout invocation
Dearly departed
Deploy to the front
4x devout lightcaster
2x Divine deflection
Dragon's eye sentry (foil)
Drogskol cavalry
Dust elemental
Elite inquisitor
Enduring ideal
False prophet
Fortunate few
2x emeria shepherd
Evra, halcyon witness
Geist-honored monk
2x ghosts of the innocent
Gideon, champion of justice
2x Gideonís intervention
Gideonís phalanx
Gift of immortality
Graven dominator
Hallowed moonlight
Heavy infantry (foil)
2x herald of anafenza
2x hikari, twilight guardian
2x hixus, prison warden
Hoofprints of the stag
Hundred-handed one
2x hyena umbra
Immolating glare (full art)
Kabira evangel
Kabuto moth (foil)
Knight of meadowgrain
Leonin snarecaster (altered with slash marks. Ask for pic)
2x lingering souls (1x duel deck)
Looming altisaur (foil)
Loyal sentry
marshal's anthem
Mentor of the meek
Munda's vanguard
Mystic barrier
On Serraís wings (foil)
Oyobi, who split the heavens
Palisade giant
Preeminent captain
2x prison term
Profound journey
Quarantine field
Rallying roar (foil)
Renounce the guilds
Resolute archangel
Return to dust
Rush of battle (foil)
Sacred mesa
4x shattered angel
Soul's attendant
Soul warden (planechase)
Spawnbinder mage (foil)
Scepter of dominance
Spirit of the labyrinth
Stasis snare
Steelshaper's gift
2x takeno, samurai general
Thalia's lancers
Thoughtweft trio
Toolcraft exemplar
Tragic arrogance
Terra eternal
Vanquish the foul (foil)
Wall of omens
Winds of rath
2x world queller
Yosei, the morning star

Alter reality
Arcanis the omnipotent
Argent sphinx
3x artisan of forms
Back from the brink
3x battlefield thaumaturge
Bident of thassa
Blessed reincarnation
Blind seer
Body double
Ceremonious rejection
Coastal breach
Coax from the blind eternities
Colossal whale
Conjured currency
2x conundrum sphinx
Cosi's trickster
3x covenant of minds
3x cryptoplasm
Crystal spray
Deep-sea kraken
dictate of kruphix
Dimensional infiltrator
Dispersing orb (foil)
2x distant memories
3x djinn of wishes
Dormant gomazoa
Dragon's-eye savants (foil)
Dragonlord's prerogative
Dralnu's pet
Dramatic reversal (foil)
2x dreamborn muse
Drowner of hope
2x echo mage
Engulf the shore
Eternal dominion
Exert influence
Eye of the storm
Faerie artisans
3x fathom trawl
Freed from the real
2x frozen aether
Guardian of tazeem
2x Goliath sphinx
Govern the guildless
Hedron alignment
Heightened awareness
Horribly awry (foil)
3x Hypnotic siren
Imprisoned in the moon
Infinite reflection
Jeskai infiltrator
Jeskai runemark (foil)
Jushi apprentice
Jwari shapeshifter
Kefnet's last word
3x kheru spellsnatcher
2x knacksaw clique
Ludevic's test subject
Magus of the mind
Mausoleum wanderer (foil)
Meletis charlatan
merchant scroll (homelands)
3x mimeofacture
Mischievous quanar
Mitotic manipulation
Mizzium meddler
5x mystic speculation
Nephalia moondrakes
2x ninja of the deep hours
Opt (foil)
Padeem, consul of innovation
Paradoxical outcome (foil)
Polymorphous rush
2x polymorphist's jest
Prism array
Puca's mischief
Quicksilver elemental
Quicksilver gargantuan
Reins of power
Riptide mangler
2x roil elemental
Roilmage's trick (foil)
Sage-eye avengers
Saheeliís artistry
Scepter of insight
Scourge of fleets (foil)
7x search the city
Selective memory
2x Serendib sorcerer
3x shapeshifter's marrow
Shu yun, the silent tempest
Shimmerscale drake (foil)
Skill borrower
Sky swallower
Soulblade djinn
Soul seizer (foil)
Sphinx of jwar isle (foil)
Sphinx of jwar isle
Sphinx of lost truths
Sphinx's tutelage
stollen goods
Stollen identity
Surrakar spellblade
Take into custody (foil)
Telekinetic bond
Tempest djinn
Thassa's bounty (foil)
Thousand winds
Tomorrow, azani's familiar
Trench gorger
Vapor snag
Vertigo spawn (foil)
Vizier of many faces
Void shatter
Watercourser (foil)
Well-laid plans
Well of ideas
Wharf infiltrator
Whir of invention (prerelease promo)
Wind drake (foil)
2x xenograft
Zenith seeker (foil)

Agadeem occultist
Akuta, born of ash
Ancient craving
Assassin's strike (foil)
3x bala ged thief
Baneful omen
Bearer of silence
Behold the beyond
2x big game hunter
Black oak of odunos (foil)
Bringer of the black dawn
Chancellor of the dross
Chosen of Markov (foil)
Colfenor's plans
Consume the meek
Curse of vengeance
Dark hatchling
Dash hopes
Desecration elemental
Drainpipe vermin (foil)
Dread defiler
Dread shade
Eater of hope
Eliminate the competition
Elusive tormentor (box promo alternate art)
Entomber exarch (foil)
Entrails feaster
Entropic specter
2x exsanguinate
4x extractor demon
2x fated return
Fathom fleet captain
4x fendeep summoner
Final parting (foil)
Foundry hornet (foil)
Fretwork colony (foil)
4x gatekeeper of malakir
2x geth's verdict
2x ghastly conscription
Ghastly remains
Gnarlroot trapper (foil)
2x golgari thug
Gonti, lord of luxury (prerelease promo)
2x grave betrayal
Gutter skulk (foil)
Harvester of souls
Haunting echoes
Havoc sewer (foil)
Hedonist's trove (foil)
Hedonist's trove
2x Heir of falkenrath
Herald of leshrac
Hour of glory
Hythonia the cruel
Illness in the ranks (foil)
Iname, death aspect
Indulgent tormentor
Insidious dreams x2
King macar, the gold-cursed
Lichís mastery
2x life's finale
Maralen of the mornsong
2x Midnight oil
4x midnight ritual
Mind rot (foil)
Mindwrack demon (duel deck alternate art foil)
Mortal combat
Necromantic selection
2x nettlevine blight
Nightmare incursion
Night market lookout (foil)
Noggin whack (foil)
Ogre jailbreaker (foil)
Painful truths
Peppersmoke (foil)
Phyrexian scriptures
Phyrexian vatmother
Pitiless horde
Planar despair
Plunge into darkness
Praetor's grasp
Prickly bogart (foil)
Puppeteer clique
Razaketh's rite (foil)
Rebel informer
Rite of belzenlok (foil)
Royal assassin
Scepter of fugue
Secret salvage
2x sever the bloodlines
Sins of the past
Sly requisitioner (foil)
Smothering abomination
Sorin's vengeance
2x stromgald crusader
2x sutured ghoul
Tainted remedy
Tempt with immortality
To the slaughter
3x transgress the mind
Twilight's call
Undercity plague
Underworld connections
Unnatural endurance (foil)
3x vampire nighthawk
Village cannibals (foil)
Wailing ghoul (foil)
Walk the plank
Wander in death (foil)
Wit's end
Xathrid Gordon (box promo alternate art)
Yahenni's expertise (foil)
Yahenni's expertise

Act of treason (foil)
Akoum firebird
Akoum hellkite
Alpha brawl
Ancient hellkite (foil)
3x arcbond
3x ashling's prerogative
Assembled alphas
Avatar of fury
2x bazaar trader
2x bearer of the heavens
Bloodmark mentor
Blood mist (foil)
Bloodstone goblin
Breaking point
3x browbeat (2x duel deck art)
Burn from within
Crater elemental
Crater hellion
Cerebral eruption
4x chain reaction
2x Chandra's ignition
Chaos maw
Cinder seer (foil)
Collective defiance
2x comet storm
Commune with lava
Cyclops gladiator
Dragon tempest
Devil's play (box promo alternate art foil)
Devil's play
Disaster radius
Dragon roost
Embermaw hellion.
Falkenrath marauders (foil)
Falkenrath reaver (foil)
fall of the titans
Firebrand archer (foil)
Flamerush rider (foil)
Flameshadow conjuring
Form of the dragon
Freejam regent
4x galvanic blast
Geistflame (foil)
Glorious end
Goblin assault
Goblin chainwhirler
Goblin war strike
2x godo, bandit warlord
2x guild feud
Harmless offering
Harness by force
2x harsh mentor
Hazoret's undying fury (foil)
Heart-piercer manticore (foil)
Heat shimmer
Hellkite igniter
Hoard-smelter dragon
Homura, human ascendant
Hour of devastation
Imminent doom
Imperial hellkite
Impetuous devils
Incendiary flow
Incendiary sabotage (foil)
Inferno jet (foil)
Ingot chewer
Ire shaman
Jeering instigator
Kamahl, pit fighter
Kari zev, skyship raider
Kilnmouth dragon
Kuldotha Phoenix
Kumano, master yamabushi
2x labyrinth champion
Lavaborn muse
Leyline of lightning
3x lightning surge
Living inferno
Madcap experiment
Magma Phoenix
Magmatic force
Magmatic insight (foil)
2x magmaw
Menacing ogre
Mirrorwing dragon
Mob rule
Molten primordial
Molten psyche
2x Moltensteel dragon
Mondronen shaman
Mordant dragon
Obsidian fireheart
Outnumber (foil)
Parallectric feedback
Possibility storm
Pyrewild shaman
Radiant flames (foil)
Raging poltergeist (foil)
Red elemental blast
Release the gremlins
Ruthless invasion (foil)
Seething pathblazer (foil)
Seething song
Sensation gorger
Serpentine spike
Scourge wolf
Shard volley
Shifting shadow
Shivan dragon
4x siege dragon
2x siege of towers
Shard volley
Skarrgan firebird
Skitter of lizards (foil)
Skyship stalker (box promo alternate art foil)
2x skyship stalker
Slobad, goblin tinkerer
Slumbering dragon
2x spawn of thraxes (foil)
Spawn of thraxes
Spikeshot elder
Spire barrage (foil)
Spireside infiltrator (foil)
Spreading flames (foil)
Squee, the immortal
Stalking vengeance
Stoneshock giant (foil)
Stormcrag elemental (foil)
Stormscale anarch
Stromkirk occultist
Thorned moloch (foil)
Thoughts of ruin
Titan of eternal fire
Titan's revenge
Tormenting voice (foil)
Trained orgg
Traitorous instinct (foil)
Tunnel ignus
Two-headed dragon
Tyrantís familiar
Undying flames
Vaultbreaker (foil)
Vengeful firebrand
Verix bladewing (foil)
Vessel of volatility (foil)
Volcanic upheaval (foil)
Volcanic vision (box promo alternate art foil)
Volcanic vision
Vulshok battlemaster
Warp world
Whims of the fates
Wildfire eternal (box promo alternate art foil)
2x wild ricochet
Wild slash
Witch hunt
2x worldheart Phoenix
Wrap in flames (foil)
Zada, Hedron grinder

Aether herder (foil)
Ainok artillerist (foil)
Ambush commander
2x Anthousa, setessan hero
Arashi, the sky asunder
Arbor colossus
Awaken the bear (foil)
Beacon of creation
Become immense
3x blossoming defense
2x Bioplasm
2x boon satyr
Bounteous Kirin
Broken bond (foil)
Budoka gardener
Conclave naturalists (foil)
4x cultivate
Cylian sunsinger
Deathcap cultivator
Deranged outcast
3x descendants' path
3x devoted Druid
2x dictate of Karametra
Doubling chant
2x druid's repository
Dubious challenge
Durable handicraft (foil)
Fairgrounds trumpeter (foil)
Eidolon of blossoms (box promo alternate art foil)
Elder of laurels
Elemental uprising (foil)
Endless swarm
Essence filter
Eyes of the wisent
Gaea's revenge
Ghirapur guide (foil)
Glissa's courier (foil)
Great sable stag
Gutter grime
Honored hierarch
Hum of the radix
Hunted troll
Hunter's prowess
Hunt the weak (foil)
Inexorable blob
Joiner adept (French)
Kalonian twingrove (foil)
Keeper of progenitus
Kodama of the center tree
Kodama of the south tree
2x Kodama's reach
Kruphix's insight (foil)
Lost in the woods
Magus of the vineyard
Make a wish (foil)
Mayor of avabruck (prerelease art foil)
Meandering towershell
Moldgraf monstrosity
3x moonmist
Naga vitalist (foil)
2x Nature's claim
Naya soulbeast
Noxious revival
Oath of the ancient wood
2x ooze flux
2x ooze garden
Orchard spirit (foil)
Permeating mass
Plummet (foil)
Press the advantage (foil)
Prowling serpopod
Quirion dryad
Ravenous baloth
Rhonasís last stand
Rites of flourishing
Root elemental
Saruli gatekeepers (foil)
Sasaya, orochi ascendant
Scute mob
Scythe leopard (holiday gift box promo alternate art)
Shamanic revelation
3x silhana ledgewalker
Skarrg goliath (foil)
2x skarrg Goliath
Solitary hunter (foil)
Soul's might (foil)
Spawning grounds
Spike feeder
Spire tracer (foil)
Spirit of the hunt
2x sprouting phytohydra
Steel leaf champion
Summit apes (foil)
2x sunbringer's touch
Symbiotic deployment
Symbiotic wurm
Tajaru pathwarden (foil)
Thornscape master
Tornado elemental
Tribal unity (foil)
Turntimber ranger
Vile redeemer
Village survivors (foil)
Warden of the first tree
2x Wildcall
2x wildest dreams
Wild pair
2x wolfbitten captive
Woodland wanderer
Wren's run vanquisher
Yasova dragonclaw

2x abzan ascendancy
Abzan guide (foil)
Agrus kos, wojek veteran
Akiri, line slinger
Alms beast
Anax and cymede
Ankle shanker
Anthem of rakdos
Archon of the triumvirate
Arrows of justice (foil)
Atarka, world render
3x Aurelia's fury
Avatar of discord
Azorius charm
Azor's elocutors
Baleful strix
Blood tyrant
2x Boros battleshaper
4x brightflame
Brilliant ultimatum
2x brutal expulsion
Call the skybreaker
Cerebral vortex
Charnelhoard wurm
Clan defiance
Clarion ultimatum
Crosis, the purger
Culling sun
Dark intimation
2x daxos of meletis
Deflecting palm
Deus of calamity
Dimir cutpurse
2x djinn illuminatus
Dominus of fealty
Dovescape (printing smudge)
Dragonlord kolaghan
Dralnu's command
5x drana's emissary
Dromar, the banisher
Dune-brood nephilim
Duskmantle guildmage
Duskmantle seer
Emmara tandris (foil)
2x evil twin
Exava, rakdos blood witch
Fight to the death
2x firemane angel
Fiery justice
Flayer drone (foil)
2x flying crane technique
Foundry champion (foil)
Foundry champion
Genju Of the realm
Ghost council of orzhova
2x gleancrawler
Glory of warfare
Grave-shell scarab
Grenzo, dungeon warden
Grief tyrant (foil)
Grim contest (foil)
2x gwafa hazid, profiteer
Havoc festival
Hindering light
Identity crisis
Illusory demon (foil)
Inalla, archmage ritualist
2x inkfathom infiltrator
Ink-treader nephilim
Intet, the dreamer
Isperia, supreme judge
Jor kadeen, the prevailer
Kaervek the merciless
Krond the dawn-clad
Kheru lich lord
Last stand
Legion's initiative
Lightning reaver
Mage slayer
2x Mardu ascendency
Merciless eviction
Murderous redcap
Mystic genesis
Nath of the gilt-leaf
Necromaster dragon (box promo alternate art)
Necromaster dragon
Nin, the pain artist
Nivmagus elemental
Niv-mizzet, dracogenius
Nobilis of war
Noyan dar, roil shaper
Numot, the devastator
Ojutai, soul of winter (prerelease promo)
Oros, the avenger
3x Plasm capture
Polis crusher
Primevalís glorious rebirth
Rashmi, eternities crafter
Razia's purification
Realm razer
Reaper of the wilds
3x reflector mage
Retaliator gryphon
2x Revel of the fallen god
Rubblehulk (foil)
2x safehold elite
Sages of the anima
Savra, queen of the golgari
Search warrant (foil)
2x searing meditation
Secret plans (foil)
Sek'kuar, deathkeeper
Shadowmage infiltrator
Shattergang brothers
Shield of the righteous (foil)
Silumgar, the drifting death
Simic charm
4x simic guildmage
2x slaughter games
Slimefoot, the stowaway (prerelease foil)
Soul ransom
2x spark trooper
2x spitemare
2x steel of the godhead
Stitch in time
2x sydri, galvanic genius
Taigam, ojutai master
Taigam, sidisiís hand
Teferi's moat
Temur ascendancy
Teneb, the harvester
Terminate (commander 2017 alternate art)
2x tibor and Lumia
Trap essence
Unexpected results
2x Violent outburst
2x violent ultimatum
Vulturous zombie
2x wear//tear
3x Witch-maw nephilim
Wort, bogart auntie
Yore-tiller nephilim
5x zealous persecution
Zendikar incarnate (foil)

Aetherworks marvel
Aladdin's ring
Alchemist's vial (foil)
Angelheart vial
aradara express (foil)
Armored transport (foil)
Ashes of the fallen
Blight sickle (foil)
Bomat courier
Catalyst stone
Colfenorís urn
Consulate dreadnought (foil)
Chalice of life
Chromatic sphere
3x commanderís sphere
Crown of convergence
Darksteel juggernaut
Diviner wand (foil)
Dragon throne of tarkir
Elder deep-fiend
Elsewhere flask (foil)
2x endless one
Fellwar stone
Forebearís blade
3x Gallows at willow hill
Galvanic juggernaut (foil)
Ghirapur orrery
Ghostfire blade
Gilded lotus
Glaring spotlight
Golden urn (foil)
Gremlin mine (foil)
Gruesome slaughter
Guardian of the ages (foil)
Haunted plate mail
Heroesí podium
Honed kopesh (foil)
Implement of combustion (foil)
Implement of malice (foil)
Keening stone
Kondaís banner
Krark's thumb
Lifecrafter's bestiary
Lupine prototype
4x magebane armor
Magnetic mine
3x memnite
Minion reflector
Mirage mirror
Mirror gallery
Mizzium transreliquat
Muse vessel
Myr welder
Navigatorís compass (foil)
2x Nevinyrral's disk
Nullstone gargoyle
Omen machine
Orzhov cluestone (foil)
Plague boiler
Phyrexian colossus
Phyrexian revoker
Planar portal
Pyramid of the pantheon
Pyxis of pandemonium
Revelsong horn (foil)
Scroll of origins
2x Shell of the last kappa
5x signal pest
Skittering invasion
Sleek shooner (foil)
Snare thopter (foil)
Soliton (foil)
2x sol ring
Soul conduit
Soul of new phyrexia
Spellweaver helix
2x sphinx-bone wand
Spincrusher (foil)
Springleaf drum
Stitcher' graft
4x storage matrix
2x sword of the paruns
Thought dissector
Throne of geth (foil)
Trepanation blade
Trigon of corruption (foil)
Ugin's nexus
Verdant automaton (foil)
2x warping wail
Welding jar
Wild-field scarecrow (foil)
Woodweaver's puzzleknot (foil)

Cabal stronghold (prerelease foil)
Cabal stronghold
Clifftop retreat
Contested cliffs
Contested war zone
Dragonskull summit
Drowned catacomb
Drownyard temple
Endless sands
Evolving wilds (foil)
Eye of ugin
Fetid pools
Forest (soi 295 foil)
Forest (XLN 277 foil)
Fortified village
Geier reach sanitarium
Isolated chapel
Plains (dom 251 foil)
Mountain (akh 266 foil)
Mountain (DOM 262 foil)
Mountain (kld 261 foil)
Mystifying maze
Plains (akh 190 foil)
2x rustic clachan
Sea gate wreckage
Spire of industry
2x stensia bloodhall
Sulfur falls

Full art lands
2x plains
3x island
3x swamp
2x forest
4x plains
2x swamp
2x island
2x forest
2x mountain
9x wastes
11x plains
16x forest
12x island
16x mountain
14x swamp

From: FL, USA
Confirmed Refs: 75

posted April 25, 2018 01:00 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for YoungQuakerBoy Click Here to Email YoungQuakerBoy Send a private message to YoungQuakerBoy Click to send YoungQuakerBoy an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View YoungQuakerBoy's Have/Want ListView YoungQuakerBoy's Have/Want List
What set is your foil opt from?


From: Gatineau, Qc, Canada
Confirmed Refs: 364

posted April 25, 2018 06:12 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for Heresy19 Click Here to Email Heresy19 Send a private message to Heresy19 Click to send Heresy19 an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View Heresy19's Have/Want ListView Heresy19's Have/Want List
I could use any other DOM duals and the foil broken bond/limefoot


From: Northville, MI
Confirmed Refs: 59

posted April 26, 2018 06:47 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for Ryusei24 Click Here to Email Ryusei24 Send a private message to Ryusei24 Click to send Ryusei24 an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View Ryusei24's Have/Want ListView Ryusei24's Have/Want List
please check my list for:
clifftop retreat
drowned catacombs
sulfur falls
dragonskull summit
2x Nevinyrral's disk
Gilded lotus
Opt (foil)
From: FL, USA
Confirmed Refs: 75

posted April 26, 2018 12:57 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for YoungQuakerBoy Click Here to Email YoungQuakerBoy Send a private message to YoungQuakerBoy Click to send YoungQuakerBoy an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View YoungQuakerBoy's Have/Want ListView YoungQuakerBoy's Have/Want List
How about:

x1 Krark-Clan Ironworks - 10.78

For your:
x1 Opt (foil) - 5.05
x1 Steel Leaf Champion - 5.22
x1 Rhonas's Last Stand - .27

Valueation by tcgplayer market price.

Let me know.


From: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Confirmed Refs: 76

posted April 27, 2018 12:26 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for 0KeK0 Click Here to Email 0KeK0 Send a private message to 0KeK0 Click to send 0KeK0 an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View 0KeK0's Have/Want ListView 0KeK0's Have/Want List

Would you be interested in

x2 Dictate of Erebos (NM/SP) 5.45/10.90

x2 Chancellor of the Anex 4.72/9.44
x1 Endless One .83
x1 Elder Deep Fiend .75
Total = 11.02

PM me and let me know your card conditions if interested. Thanks.

Woolly Spider
From: Salt Lake Ut USA
Confirmed Refs: 110

posted May 22, 2018 01:26 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for Woolly Spider Click Here to Email Woolly Spider Send a private message to Woolly Spider Click to send Woolly Spider an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View Woolly Spider's Have/Want ListView Woolly Spider's Have/Want List
Hi is your crosis the purger from invasion?

If so will you check my list for something you may want?

Thanks in advance

From: Brooklyn, NY, USA
Confirmed Refs: 610

posted May 25, 2018 07:13 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for nylarotep Click Here to Email nylarotep Send a private message to nylarotep Click to send nylarotep an Instant MessageVisit nylarotep's Homepage  Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View nylarotep's Have/Want ListView nylarotep's Have/Want List
3 Regal Caracal
1 Supreme Inquisitor
3 Grave Scrabbler
1 Deeproot Elite

1 Chancellor of the Annex
1 Devoted Druid

Lmk thanks.

Phyrexian Spawn
From: New York City, NY, U.S.A.
Confirmed Refs: 3

posted June 11, 2018 05:28 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for Phyrexian Spawn Click Here to Email Phyrexian Spawn Send a private message to Phyrexian Spawn Click to send Phyrexian Spawn an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View Phyrexian Spawn's Have/Want ListView Phyrexian Spawn's Have/Want List
I have Azorius Justiciar, Fall of the Thran, Teshar, Soulsworn Spirit, Vile Manifestation, Kuldotha Rebirth, Architect of the Untamed, Elfhame Druid, Fungal Plots, Sylvan Awakening, Atzocan Seer, and Memorial to Glory and Folly. Interested in Foil Dispersing Orb, Phyrexian Vatmother, Foil Hazoret's Undying Fury, Teferi's Moat, and Chalice of Life.

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