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Author Topic:   Updated H/W lists
From: Toledo, OH, US
Confirmed Refs: 3

posted May 20, 2018 09:39 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for Krackhour Click Here to Email Krackhour Send a private message to Krackhour Click to send Krackhour an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote 
Still updating lists - I have tons of cards not listed here, so if you don't see something you're looking for then please ask.

Not interested in too many cards from the newer sets.

Enjoy trading! Send me your trade offers

There's allot of underrated cards here - Song of Blood anyone?

Want List:
Verdant Catacombs - Zendikar
Demonic Tutor - Alpha or Beta or Unlimited
Dryad Arbor - Future Sight
Oversold Cemetery - Onslaught
Invoke Prejudice - Legends
Nether Void - Legends
Zombie Tokens - M12 - open to many
Minamo, School at Water's Edge - Champions of Kamigawa
Copy Artifact - Unlimited only
Scapeshift Morningtide
Have List:
X1 Mana drain - Legends - Played condition (good)
X2 Temporal Manipulation - Portal Second Age
X3 Recantation US
X1 Entrancing Melody Ix 1 Foil
X3 Trade Routes MeMa
X4 Second Chance UL
X4 Annul US
X1 Stormscape Familiar PS 1 Foil
X4 Reins of Power Sh
X2 Breaking Wave Inv
X2 Somnophore US
X1 Thalakos Deceiver Sh
X1 Rising Waters Ne
X3 Archivist UL
X3 Anthroplasm UL
X1 Extract Od
X1 Crystal Spray Inv
X2 Barrin, Master Wizard US
X4 Parallax Tide Ne
X2 Relearn Wea
X6 Teferi's Response Inv
X1 Paradigm Shift Wea
X1 Polymorph Mir
X2 Polymorph 6th
X1 Braingeyser Unl
X3 Braingeyser 3rd
X1 Avizoa Wea
X1 Mana Maze Inv
X1 Tolarian Entrancer Wea
X1 Tolarian Serpent Wea
X2 Collective Restraint Inv 1 Foil
X2 Ephemeron Exo
X1 Taniwha Mir
X3 Argivian Restoration Wea
X2 Thalakos Drifters Exo
X1 Volrath's Shapeshifter Sh
X1 Equilibrium Exo
X1 Ancestral Knowledge Wea
X1 Freed from the Real SoK 1 Foil
X3 Sapphire Leech Inv
X2 Dominating Licid Exo
X2 Rishadan Brigand MeMa
X1 Time Elemental 4th
X1 Chasm Skulker M2015
X1 Sunken hope PS
X2 Vizzerdrix 7th
X1 Library of Lat-Nam Alli
X5 Library of Lat-Nam 6th
X3 Wheel and Deal Ons
X1 Retraced Image Torm
X1 Planar Overlay PS
X1 Diminishing Returns Alli
X2 Diminishing Returns 6th
X1 Forget Hom
X2 Forget 6th
X4 Evacuation Sh
X1 Juxtapose Leg
X2 Juxtapose 6th
X1 Ambassador Laquatus Torm
X2 Mana Short 3rd
X1 Mana Short 4th
X2 Mana Short 6th
X1 Drain Power 4th
X1 Drain Power Unl
X4 Aura Thief UD
X2 Embargo MeMa
X4 Surgespanner Lor
X1 Arcane Laboratory US
X1 Cowardice MeMa
X4 Silvergill Adept Lor
X3 Karn's Touch MeMa
X1 Zephid US
X1 Temporal Distortion Inv
X2 Ancestral Memories 6th
X2 Twincast X
X2 Twincast M2010
X3 Overtaker MeMa
X1 Stasis Unl
X4 Stasis 4th
X4 Delusions of Mediocrity UL
X3 Great Whale US
X1 Flash Mir
X3 Tidal Kraken MeMa
X3 Psychic Transfer Mir
X1 Psychic Transfer 6th
X2 Overburden Pro
X6 Man-o'-War Vis
X1 Donate UD
X2 Mefolk Wayfinder Zen 2 Foil
X3 Visions of Beyond M2012
X2 Prosperity 6th
X4 Prosperity Vis
X1 Riptide Director Legions
X2 Glowing Anemone MeMa
X4 Chain of Vapor Ons
X4 Redirect M2013
X5 Forbid Exo
X4 Opposition UD
X1 Selective Memory WW
X4 Temporal Adept UD 1 Foil
X2 Sphinx of Magosi RoE
X4 Political Trickery Mir
X4 Curse of the Swine Ther
X2 Pendrell Mists Wea
X4 Thwart MeMa
X1 Battle of Wits M2013
X7 Dismiss Temp
X2 Enter the Infinite Gate
X2 Rootwater Thief Ne
X3 Lone Revenant AvaR
X1 Arcane Denial (Axe) Alli
X2 Devastation Tide AvaR
X1 Talrand, Sky Summoner M2013 1 Foil
X1 Seahunter Ne
X1 Grimoire Thief Morn
X4 Lullmage Mentor Zen
X1 Thada Adel, Acquisitor WW 1 Foil
X1 Spirit Away AvaR
X2 Hypnotic Siren JiN
X2 Attunement US
X1 Tidal Courier Apo 1 Foil
X1 Merrow Reejerey Lor 1 Foil
X1 Merrow Commerce Lor 1 Foil
X2 Wanderwine Prophets Lor
X4 Vedalken Plotter Guildp 1 Foil
X1 Lord of Atlantis 5th
X2 Lord of Atlantis 6th
X1 Lord of Atlantis 4th
X3 Careful Study Od
X1 Conjured Currency RtR
X1 Battlefield Thaumaturge JiN
X2 Walk the Aeons TS
X4 Coralhelm Commander RoE
X1 Tradewind Rider Temp
X4 Puca's Mischief Shad
X1 Thirst for Knowledge Duel Deck
X4 Swan Song Ther
X1 Search the City RtR
X2 Supplant Form FR 1 Prerelease
X1 Havengul Runebinder DA
X2 Mental Misstep NP
X1 Stolen Goods AvaR
X1 Deepchannel Mentor Shad 1 Foil
X2 Cosi's Trickster Zen
X2 Stolen Identity Gate
X2 Remove Soul Leg
X2 Deflection 5th
X1 Spelltwine M2013
X3 Merrow Harbinger Lor 1 Foil
X4 Wash Out Inv
X4 Seasinger FE
X1 Mercurial Pretender M2015
X3 Foil Pro
X3 Quickling M2015
X1 Chief Engineer M2015
X7 Illusory Angel M2015
X2 Polymorphist's Jest M2015
X2 Icy Blast KoT
X4 Wake Thrasher Even
X3 Chill Temp
X1 Jalira, Master Polymorphist M2015
X2 Master of Predicaments M2015
X2 Pearl Lake Ancient KoT
X1 Jace, the Living Guildpact M2015
X1 Meletis Charlatan Ther 1 Foil
X1 Fleeting Image UL
X1 Realwight Gate
X1 Engulf the Shore SoI 1 Foil
X4 Force Spike Leg
X1 Rootwater Matriarch Temp
X2 Chronotog Vis
X1 Inundate Even
X4 Spell Snare Diss
X2 Spell Pierce Zen
X1 Flooded Shoreline Vis
X3 Palinchron UL
X3 Gilded Drake US
X2 Time Warp Temp
X4 Treachery UD
X2 Mind Over Matter Exo
X3 Cryptic Command Lor
X3 Back to Basics US
X1 Ertai, Wizard Adept Exo
X2 Savor the Moment Shad
X2 Time Spiral US
X3 Pact of Negation FS
X2 Stifle Sco
X2 Intuition Temp
X2 Desertion Mir
X1 Desertion 6th
X4 Divert Od
X1 Merfolk Sovereign M2010
X4 Gitaxian Probe NP
X2 Galerider Sliver M2014
X1 Misdirection MeMa
X3 Bribery MeMa
X4 Force of Will Alli
X3 Reset Leg
X1 Thought Reflection Shad 1 Foil
X4 Trickbind TS
X1 Intruder Alarm Sh
X2 Psionic Blast Unl
X5 Meditate Temp
X4 Cyclonic Rift RtR
X4 Show and Tell US
X7 Remand Ravn
X1 Dig Through Time KoT
X1 Rhystic Study Pro 1 Foil
X1 Coastal Piracy MeMa 1 Foil
X1 Empress Galina Inv
X1 Aetherize Gate 1 Foil
X1 Augur of Bolas M2013 1 Foil
X1 Harbinger of the Tides Ori
X1 Bident of Thassa Ther
X1 Voidmage Prodigy TS 1 Foil
X1 Master of the Pearl Trident M2013
X2 True-Name Nemesis Comm2013
X1 Ancestral Vision TS
X1 Azami, Lady of Scrolls CoK
X1 Arcanis the Omnipotent Ons
X1 Baral, Chief of Compliance AR
X1 Fallowsage Lor 1 Foil
X4 Brainstorm MeMa
X4 Stonybrook Banneret Mt
X1 Venser, Shaper Savant MM17
X1 Regress Mir 1 Foil
X4 Capsize Temp
X1 Deeproot Waters Ix
X1 Seafloor Oracle RoI
X1 Riverwise Augur - 1 Foil RoT


X4 Signal Pest MB
X4 Cursed Scroll Temp
X2 Mindless Automaton Exo
X2 Flying Carpet 6th
X3 Defense Grid UL
X2 Ensnaring Bridge Sh
X2 Scroll Rack Temp
X4 Ruby Medallion Temp
X1 Emerald Medallion Temp
X3 Mana Vault 4th
X1 Mana Vault 3rd
X4 Lotus Petal Temp
X4 Metalworker UD
X5 Sphere of Resistance Exo
X4 Darksteel Colossus M2010 1 Foil
X3 Quicksilver Amulet UL
X4 Tangle Wire Ne
X4 Chrome Mox Mirrodin
X3 Mox Diamond Sh
X2 Grindstone Temp
X2 Coat of Arms M2010
X1 Ivory Tower Ant
X1 Sol Ring Unl
X1 Skyship Weatherlight PS 1 Foil - Alternate Art
X1 Perilous Vault M2015 1 Foil
X2 Thorn of Amethyst Lor
X2 Sensei's Divining Top CoK
X2 Urza's Incubator UD
X2 Pearl Medallion Temp
X1 Sapphire Medallion Temp
X3 Adaptive Automaton M2012 3 Foil
X3 Teferi's Puzzle Box 6th
X1 Teferi's Puzzle Box Vis
X1 Acidic Dagger Mir
X5 Ghostfire Blade KoT 1 Foil
X1 Thopter Squadron Exo
X1 Energizer Temp
X1 Magnetic Web Temp
X1 General's Regalia MeMa
X4 Obelisk of Urd M2015
X3 Thran Weaponry UL
X1 Storage Matrix UD
X2 Metrognome US
X1 Chimeric Staff US
X2 Tooth of Ramos MeMa
X1 Monkey Cage MeMa
X1 Jade Monolith 6th
X1 Celestial Sword IA
X1 Thumbscrews Temp
X8 Howling mine 4th
X2 Barrin's Codex US
X1 Mana Web Wea
X2 Memory Crystal Exo
X1 Nevinyrral's Disk 4th
X2 Jalum Tome 6th
X2 Winter Orb 4th
X2 Rishadan Pawshop MeMa
X1 Scuttling Doom Engine M2015
X2 Dingus Egg 6th
X2 Dingus Egg 5th
X2 Dancing Scimitar 6th
X1 Amulet of Unmaking Mir
X1 Primal Clay 6th
X1 Bone Mask Mir
X3 Wheel of Torture UL
X1 Meekstone 4th
X1 Meekstone 6th
X1 Powder Keg UD
X1 Horn of Greed Sh
X1 The Hive 6th
X1 Magistrate's Scepter MeMa
X4 Whetstone US
X2 Urza's Blueprints UL
X4 Cursed Totem Mir
X6 Copper Gnomes US
X2 Bottle of Suleiman 6th
X1 Damping Engine UL
X1 Dragon Engine 6th
X1 Kill Switch Ne
X1 Assembly Hall MeMa
X2 Scrying Glass UD
X2 Scrapheap UL
X4 Dragon Throne of Tarkir KoT 4 prerelease
X1 Amber Prison Mir
X1 Bubble Matrix Wea
X2 Pauper's Cage Mir
X1 Wand of Denial Vis
X2 Iron Maiden UL
X1 Razor Pendulum Mir
X1 Glaring Spotlight Gate
X4 Umbilicus US
X2 Well of Knowledge Wea
X2 Purging Scythe US
X2 Lotus Guardian Inv
X1 Altar of the Brood KoT
X4 Noetic Scales US
X2 Lotus Blossom US
X1 Ankh of Mishra 4th
X1 Ankh of Mishra 6th
X2 Jinxed Ring Sh
X2 Jinxed Idol Temp
X3 Crawlspace UL
X1 Millstone 4th
X1 Millstone 5th
X2 Junk Diver UD
X2 Journeyer's Kite CoK
X1 Book of Rass Dark
X1 The Rack Ant
X1 The Rack 3rd
X1 Sword of the Chosen Sh
X1 Shield of the Avatar M2015
X1 Jayemdae Tome 6th
X1 Jayemdae Tome 4th
X2 Beast of Burden UL
X1 Staff of the Ages IA
X2 Citanul Flute US
X1 Echo Chamber Temp
X1 Kyren Toy MeMa
X1 Jester's Cap IA
X1 Goblin Lyre IA
X1 Ice Cauldron IA
X1 Grinning Totem Mir
X1 Bargaining Table MeMa
X1 Baku Altar BoK
X1 Horn of Plenty MeMa
X4 Caltrops UD
X1 Ugin's Nexus KoT
X1 Heart of Ramos MeMa
X2 Zuran Orb IA
X3 Mercadian Atlas MeMa
X1 Xanthic Statue Wea
X4 Mercadian Lift MeMa
X2 Worry Beads MeMa
X1 Miser's Cage Mir
X1 Black Vise 4th
X1 Volrath's Laboratory Sh
X4 Metallic Sliver Temp
X1 Clearwater Goblet FD
X1 Altar of Dementia Temp
X1 Pentavus Mirrodin
X1 Hall of Triumph JiN
X1 Phyrexian Revoker M2015
X1 Ivory Tower 4th
X2 Grafted Skullcap US
X1 The Chain Veil M2015
X1 Sky Diamond Mir
X1 Moss Diamond Mir
X1 Charcoal Diamond Mir
X1 Triangle of War Vis
X1 Marble Diamond Mir
X1 Fire Diamond Mir
X1 Aligned Hedron Network BoZ
X1 Phyrexian Marauder Vis
X1 Anvil of Bogardan Vis
X1 Feldon's Cane Chr
X1 Stoneforge Masterwork OG 1 Foil
X1 Decimator of the Provinces EM
X1 Lodestone Golem WW
X2 Portcullis Sh
X2 Haunted Plate Mail M2015 1 Foil
X6 Phyrexian Walker Vis
X4 Shield Sphere Alli
X4 Memnite SoM
X4 Ornithopter Ant
X1 Herald's Horn Comm2017


X3 Cabal Therapy Jud
X4 Recurring Nightmare Exo
X4 Necropotence IA
X4 Yawgmoth's Will US
X2 Vampiric Tutor Vis
X2 Waste Not M2015
X4 Unmask MeMa
X5 Undead Warchief Sco
X4 Hatred Exo
X4 Gravecrawler DA 1 Foil
X4 Geralf's Messenger DA
X1 Lich Unl
X2 Living Death Temp
X1 Living Death DD
X2 Diabolic Intent PS
X2 Black Market MeMa
X4 Shallow Grave Mir
X2 Entomb Od
X1 Cemetery Reaper M2010
X2 Cemetery Reaper M2012 2 Foil
X1 Cemetery Reaper M2010 1 Foil
X3 Contamination US
X1 Grave Pact Sh
X1 Forsaken Wastes Mir
X2 Western Paladin US
X2 Persecute US
X2 Eastern Paladin US
X4 Apprentice Necromancer UD
X3 Mindwarper Sh
X3 Balduvian Dead Alli
X1 Spoils of Evil IA
X4 Oppression US
X1 Evil Eye of Orms-By-Gore Leg
X1 Infernal Genesis Pro
X1 Drinker of Sorrow Legions
X1 Havoc Demon Legions
X1 Hecatomb IA
X1 Hecatomb 6th
X1 Mortuary Sh
X3 Witch Engine US
X2 Revenant Sh
X3 Skeleton Scavengers Sh
X4 Brink of Madness UL
X1 Carrionette Temp
X1 Oath of Ghouls Exo
X2 Bloodsoaked Champion KoT
X1 Rebel Informer Pro
X1 Tainted Specter Mir
X1 Necrosavant Vis
X1 Necrosavant 6th
X3 Eviscerator UL
X4 Diabolic Edict Temp
X3 In Garruk's Wake M2015 2 Prelease
X4 Sleeper Agent X
X1 Carrion Mir
X4 Lurking Skirge UL
X3 Derelor 6th
X2 Entrails Feaster Ons
X2 Greed 4th
X1 Greed 6th
X1 Ashen Powder 6th
X2 Ashen Powder Mir
X2 Stromgald Cabal 6th
X3 Phyrexian Tribute Mir
X2 Bone Dancer Wea
X2 Entropic Specter Exo
X1 Urborg Stalker Wea
X1 Norious Assassin MeMa
X2 Infernal Darkness IA
X1 Crovax the Cursed Sh
X1 Necromancer's Stockpile M2015
X1 Wave of Terror Wea
X1 Gallowbraid Wea
X2 Discordant Dirge US
X3 Zombie Mob Mir
X2 Morinfen Wea
X2 Forbidden Crypt Mir
X1 Desperate Research Inv
X4 Reprocess US
X1 Urborg Justice Mir
X4 Priest of Gix US
X1 Corrupt Official MeMa
X2 Attrition UD
X2 Tombstone Stairwell Mir
X1 Unatural Hunger MeMa
X4 Duress US
X4 Carrion Temp
X1 Doomsday Wea
X1 Doomsday 6th
X1 Catacomb Dragon Mir
X1 Lurking Evil US
X2 Stillmoon Cavalier Even
X1 Scion of Darkness Legions
X1 Nether Shadow 4th
X1 Cataran Overlord MeMa
X3 Tainted Aether US
X1 Xenic Poltergeist 5th
X2 Infernal Contract 6th
X1 Nightscape Master Inv
X3 Forced March MeMa
X1 Phyrexian Scuta PS
X2 Instigator MeMa
X1 Hell Swarm Leg
X4 Rapid Decay UD
X2 Thrashing Wumpus MeMa
X2 Phyrexian Negator UD
X1 Sorceress Queen 4th
X3 Nether Spirit MeMa
X2 Corpse Dance Temp
X3 Twilight's Call Inv
X2 Yawgmoth's Bargain UD
X2 Liability MeMa
X1 Graveborn Muse Legions
X3 Tortured Existence Sh
X4 Street Wrath MM13
X5 Carnival of Souls UD
X1 Divining Witch Ne
X1 Stalking Bloodsucker Od
X4 Delraich MeMa
X1 Vein Drinker SoA
X4 Buried Alive Wea
X4 Vebulid US
X1 Guul Draz Specter Zen 1 Foil
X1 Rhystic Tutor Pro
X1 Silent Assassin MeMa
X2 Blood Pet Temp
X2 Blood Pet 6th
X4 Darkest Hour US
X2 Death's Shadow WW
X1 Phyrexian Delver Inv
X4 Strongarm Tactics Ons
X1 One with Nothing SoK
X1 Yawgmoth's Agenda Inv
X1 Sengir Autocrat HL
X1 Abyssal Horror US
X1 Repentant Vampire Od
X4 Stitch Together Jud
X1 Empty the Pits KoT
X1 Bad Moon 3rd
X2 Bad Moon TS
X1 Bad Moon Dda
X2 Retribution of the Ancients KoT
X4 Dash Hopes PC
X1 Ob Nixilis, Unshackled M2015
X4 Altar's Reap Inn
X5 Cruel Sadist M2015
X4 Gempalm Pulluter Legions
X1 Laquatus's Champion Tor
X2 Exhume US
X1 Mephidross Vampire FD
X3 Undead Gladiator Ons
X4 Unearth UL
X4 Slitherhead RtR 4 Foil
X4 Glistening Oil NP
X4 Sarcomancy Temp
X4 Diregraf Ghoul Inn
X4 Geth's Verdict NP
X1 Sepulchral Primordial Gate
X4 Carnophage Exo
X1 Spirit of the Night Mir
X3 Hidden Horror Wea
X1 Hidden Horror 6th
X1 Crypt Ghast Gate
X4 Lifebane Zombie M2014
X2 Kaervek's Spite Vis
X1 Relentless Dead SoI
X1 Aku Djinn Vis
X1 Lord of the Undead 8th
X1 Necromancy Vis
X1 Lord of the Accursed Amon
X1 Damnation MM17 1 Foil
X1 Dread Wanderer Amon
X1 Plague Belcher Amon
X4 Reanimate Temp
X1 Plague Belcher Amon
X1 Soulless One Ons
X1 Risen Executioner DoT 1 Foil
X1 Bontu the Glorified Amon 1 Foil


X2 Craterhoof Behemoth AR
X4 Worldly Tutor Mir
X4 Greater Good US
X4 Burgeoning Sh
X4 Argothian Enchantress US
X3 Exploration US
X5 Berserk Unl
X4 Talara's Battalion Even
X1 Ghoultree DA 1 Foil
X4 Enchantress's Presence Ons
X2 Joraga Warcaller WW 1 Prerelease
X1 Herald of the Pantheon Ori 1 Foil
X3 Birds of Paradise 5th
X1 Birds of Paradise 4th
X4 Oath of Druids Exo
X4 Glimpse of Nature CoK
X4 Might of Old Krosa TS
X4 Beast Within NP
X4 Elvish Spirit Guide Alli
X2 Survival of the Fittest Exo
X1 Grenwheel Liberator AR 1 Foil
X1 Undergrowth Champion BfZ 1 Prerelease
X1 Khalni Hydra RoE
X1 Ice Storm Unl
X1 Vengevine RoE
X1 Earthcraft Temp
X1 Food Chain MeMa
X1 Deathrite Shaman RtR
X4 Treefolk Harbinger Lor
X2 Overlaid Terrain Ne
X2 Biorhythm Ons
X1 Lure of Prey Mir
X2 Hermit Druid Sh
X6 Elephant Grass Vis
X4 Manabond Exo
X2 Spike Breeder Sh
X3 Rowen Vis
X1 Rowen 6th
X1 Preferred Selection Mir
X3 Hidden Herd US
X1 Wyluli Wolf 6th
X1 Volrath's Gardens Sh
X1 Plow Under UD
X4 Hidden Predators US
X1 Sporogenesis US
X1 Aspect of Wolf 3rd
X1 Aspect of Wolf 4th
X1 Soul of Zendikar M2015
X1 Endless Wurm US
X1 Root Maze Temp
X1 Jungle Patrol Mir
X1 Superior Numbers Mir
X1 Nemata, Grove Guardian PS
X1 Blurred Mongoose Inv
X1 Thorn Elemental 7th 1 Foil
X2 Greener Pastures US
X2 Spike Hatcher Exo
X2 Mindbender Mir
X1 Heartwood Giant Temp
X2 Living Lands 6th
X2 Spike Feeder Sh
X2 Multani, Maro-Sorcerer UL
X1 Yisan, the Wanderer Bard M2015
X2 Restock Inv
X1 Seeds of Innocence Mir
X4 Emperor Crocodile UD
X4 Invigorate MeMa
X2 Verduran Enchantress 4th
X2 Verduran Enchantress 5th
X1 Cycle of Life Mir
X1 Natural Balance Mir
X1 Maro Mir
X1 Maro 6th
X2 Hurricane 4th
X1 Hurricane 3rd
X1 Hurricane 6th
X1 Nature's Resurgence Wea
X1 Nature's Resurgence 6th
X1 Elder Druid IA
X1 Elder Druid 6th
X1 Midsummer Revel US
X1 Dense Foliage 6th
X1 Uktabi Wildcats 6th
X4 Lay of the Land Apo
X1 Kalonian Twingrove M2015
X1 Skyshroud War Beast Exo
X2 Quirion Druid Vis
X2 Dawnstrider MeMa
X2 Waiting in the Weeds 6th
X4 Argothian Wurm US
X1 Pangosaur MeMa
X1 Hornet Queen M2015
X1 Saproling Cluster Ne
X1 Primal Whisperer Legions
X1 Epic Proportions Lor
X1 Erithizon MeMa
X2 Citanul Hierophants US
X1 Game Preserve MeMa
X1 Sylvan Basilisk S1999
X2 Abundance US
X3 Megatherium MeMa
X1 Bind Inv
X1 Magnigoth Treefolk PS 1 Foil
X2 Bifurcate MeMa
X3 Viridian Zealot Dsteel
X2 Spontaneous Generation MeMa
X2 Vine Dryad MeMa
X5 Strangleroot Geist DA
X2 Clear the Land MeMa
X4 Skylasher DM
X2 Ulvenwald Tracker AR
X4 Biomass Mutation Gate
X2 Might of Oaks UL
X6 Bounty of the Hunt Alli
X4 Groundbreaker PC
X1 Renegade Krasis DM
X3 Kavu Titan Inv
X1 Genesis Hydra M2015
X4 Scute Mob Zen
X1 Meandering Towershell KoT
X4 Muscle Sliver Temp
X1 Wildcall FR
X2 Tree of Redemption Inn
X1 Ghazban Ogre AK
X4 Uktabi Drake PC
X1 Realms Uncharted RoE
X1 Dryad Militant RtR
X1 Wolfir Silverheart AR
X4 Fertile Ground US
X2 Kazandu Tuskcaller RoE
X1 Hardened Scales KoT
X2 Rattleclaw Mystic KoT
X3 Phytotitan M2015
X4 Garruk's Companion M2011
X1 Ivy Elemental Od
X5 Phytoburst DM 5 Foil
X1 Elvish Champion Inv
X4 Utopia Sprawl Diss
X1 City of Solitude Vis
X4 Rancor UL
X4 Abundant Growth AR
X4 Land Grant MeMa
X1 Sylvan Primordial Gate
X4 Kalonian Tusker M2014
X1 Dictate of Karametra JiN
X1 Temur War Shaman FR
X4 Giant Growth IA
X1 Sunbringer's Touch DoK
X4 Young Wolf DA
X1 Avatar of the Resolute DoK
X2 Leatherback Baloth WW
X4 Skyshroud Ridgeback Ne 1 Foil
X4 Mutagenic Growth NP
X2 Trail of Mystery KoT
X1 Greenwheel Liberator Aether 1 Foil
X1 Yavimaya Elder UD
X1 Copperhorn Scout Cons - 2014 1 Foil
X2 Priest of Titania US
X1 Oracle of Mul Daya Zen


X2 Ghostly Prison CoK
X6 Enlightened Tutor Mir
X4 Mother of Runes UL
X1 Wrath of God 7th
X3 Humility Temp
X1 Abeyance Wea
X4 Peacekeeper Wea
X3 Test of Endurance Jud
X3 Serra Ascendant M2011
X1 Kor Spiritdancer RoE
X1 Vryn Wingmare Ori 1 Foil
X4 Academy Rector UD
X3 Replenish UD
X1 Ajani Steadfast M2015
X1 Ajani Steadfast M2015 1 Foil
X3 Tithe Vis
X1 Orim's Chant PS
X1 Thalia, Guardian of Thraben DA
X1 Armageddon 5th
X2 Armageddon 4th
X1 Abolish Pro 1 Foil
X1 Brimaz, King of Oreskos BoG
X1 Radiant, Archangel UL
X1 Oath of Lieges Exo
X1 Spirit of Resistance Inv
X1 Sacred Mesa Mir
X1 Warror Angel Sh
X1 Serra's Liturgy US
X1 Global Ruin Inv
X4 Flicker UD
X1 Armistice MeMa
X1 Hidden Retreat Sh
X2 Pegasus Refuge Temp
X1 Inner Sanctum Wea
X1 Convalescence Exo
X1 Auspicious Ancestor Mir
X2 Rolling Stones Sh
X1 Hanna's Custody Temp
X1 Tariff Wea
X1 Tariff 6th
X2 Serra Angel 3rd
X2 Serra Angel 4th
X4 Debt of Loyalty Wea
X2 Soul Sculptor US
X1 Spiritual Focus MeMa
X1 Crusading Knight Inv
X3 Karmic Guide UL
X1 Personal Incarnation 4th
X4 Planar Birth US
X3 Jabari's Influence Mir
X4 Limited Resources Exo
X3 Blessed Reversal UL
X1 Blessed Reversal 7th
X2 Celestial Dawn Mir
X1 Celestial Dawn 6th
X2 Order of the Sacred Torch 6th
X1 Order of the Sacred Torch IA
X2 Purify UL
X1 Caribou Range IA
X3 Honor the Fallen MeMa
X1 Serenity 6th
X1 Opal Avenger UL
X1 Ancestor's Prophet Ons
X5 Opal Titan US
X3 Shaman en-Kor Sh
X1 Sunweb Mir
X2 Crackdown MeMa
X1 Cho-Arrim Bruiser MeMa
X1 Spirit of the Labyrinth BoG
X1 Mirror Entity Lor
X1 Angelic Skirmisher Gate
X3 IcatianTown FE
X1 IcatianTown 6th
X1 Kjeldoran Royal Guard IA
X2 Kjeldoran Royal Guard 6th
X2 Reverse Damage 4th
X3 Reverse Damage 6th
X1 Mercenary Informer Pro
X4 Knight of Dawn Temp
X1 Marble Titan Temp
X2 Rune of Protection: Lands US
X2 Rememberance US
X1 Southern Paladin Wea
X2 Elite Archers US
X2 False Prophet UD
X2 Flickering Ward Temp
X5 Common Cause MeMa
X2 Crusade 3rd
X2 Crusade 4th
X1 Crusade 6th
X1 Sacred Ground Sh
X1 Security Detail MeMa
X2 Pearl Dragon 6th
X3 Faith Healer US
X3 Soul Warden Exo
X1 Harsh Mercy Ons
X1 Dearly Departed Inn
X1 Planeswalker's Mirth PS
X1 Fight or Flight Inv
X2 Atalya, Samite Master Inv
X3 Cho-Manno, Revolutionary MeMa
X5 Master Healer UD
X2 Tethered Griffin UD
X2 Animate Wall 4th
X1 Sacred Guide Temp
X1 March of Souls PS
X1 Soulscour Ds
X2 Mass Calcify M2015 1 Foil
X1 Words of Worship Ons
X4 Silence M2011
X4 End Hostilities KoT
X4 Soltari Champion Sh
X2 Death Or Glory Inv
X1 Archon of Redemption WW
X3 Lightmine Field RoE
X1 Divine Presence Inv 1 Foil
X1 Beacon of Immortality FD
X1 Citadel Siege FR
X2 Light of Day Temp
X2 Light of Day 6th
X2 Emerge Unscathed RoE
X4 Harpoon Sniper Lor
X1 Palisade Giant RtR
X1 Euipoise Vis
X1 Path to Exile MM13
X5 Champion of the Parish Inn
X4 Soul's Attendant RoE
X3 Silver Knight Sco
X1 Archangel Vis
X3 Savannah Lion 3rd
X1 Savannah Lion 4th
X4 Precinct Captain RtR
X2 Master of Pearls KoT
X2 Devoted Caretaker Od
X1 Resolute Archangel M2015
X3 Divine Reckoning Inn
X4 Wave of Reckoning MeMa
X3 Pariah US
X1 Pariah 7th
X2 Dragonscale General FR
X1 Righteousness 3rd
X1 Righteousness 4th
X4 Righteousness M2010
X4 Windborn Muse Comm2010
X2 Nevermore Inn
X3 Brave the Elements Zen
X1 Brave the Elements M2014
X2 Herald of Anafenza KoT
X4 Daring Skyjek Gate
X2 Knight Exemplar M2011
X4 Soldier of the Pantheon Ther
X3 Hushwing Gryff M2015
X2 Glowrider Legions
X5 Honor the Pure M2012 1 Foil
X2 Serra Avenger M2013
X2 Return to the Ranks M2015
X1 Eye of Singularity Vis
X4 Ajani's Pridemate Dda
X2 Mystic Crusader Od
X2 Soul of Theros M2015
X4 Loyal Sentry X
X1 Zhalfirin Crusader Vis
X1 Serra Avatar US
X4 Accorder Paladin MB
X1 White Knight Beta
X2 White Knight 4th
X2 White Knight 5th
X1 Kongming, "Sleeping Dragon" Comm2013
X1 Isamaru, Hound of Konda CoK
X1 Ramosian Sky Marshall MeMa
X4 Oblivion Ring Lor
X4 Winds of Rath Temp
X4 Seeker of the Way KoT
X1 Felidar Sovereign BfZ
X4 Silver Knight Sco
X2 Fiend Hunter Inn
X3 Paladin en-Vec Exo
X1 Cho-Arrim Alchemist MeMa
X4 Sword to Plowshares 4th
X2 Mirran Crusader MB
X3 Boros Elite Gate
X2 Knight of the White Orchid SoA
X1 Knight of the White Orchid DDk
X1 Gerrard's Battle Cry Temp
X4 Village Bell-Ringer Inn
X1 Geist-Honored Monk Inn
X1 Twilight Shepherd Shad
X1 Cathar's Crusade AR
X1 Frontline Medic Gate
X2 Shared Triumph Ons 2 Foil
X2 Journey to Nowhere Zen 2 Foil
X1 Glorious Anthem US
X2 Grand Abolisher M2012
X1 Witch Hunter 4th
X4 Monk Realist US
X1 Survival Cache RoE 1 Foil
X1 Kataki, War's Wage SoK
X2 Jhovall Queen US
X1 Daru Warchief Sco
X1 Dawn Elemental Sco
X1 Decree of Justice Sco
X2 Oblation Ons
X1 Auriok Champion FD
X1 Mikaeus, the Lunarch Inn 1 Foil
X1 Gideon, Ally of Zendikar BfZ
X1 Ajani, Caller of the Pride M2013
X1 Mentor of the Meek Inn
X1 Aegis of the Gods JiN
X1 Thalia's Lieutenant SoI
X1 Bushi Tenderfoot CoK
X1 Collective Effort EM
X1 Thalia, Heretic Cathar EM
X1 Spear of Heliod Theros
X1 War Priest of Thune M2011 1 Foil
X1 Hanweir Militia Captain SoI
X1 Hero of Bladehold MB
X1 Aura of Silence Wea
X1 Mardu Woe-Reaper FR 1 Foil
X1 Student of Warfare RoE 1 Foil
X1 Riders of Gavony AvR
X1 Devout Chaplain AvR
X1 Crovax, Ascendant Hero PC
X1 Return to the Ranks M2015
X1 Pianna, Nomad Captain Od Korean
X1 Field Marshal Cold
X1 Dragon Hunter DoT 1 Foil
X1 Angel of Glory's Rise AvR 1 Foil
X1 Catastrophe US
X1 Always Watching SoI
X2 Banishing Light Promo
X1 Increasing Devotion DA 1 Foil
X1 Kytheon, Hero of Akros Ori
X1 Intrepid Hero US
X1 Ranger of Eos SoA
X1 Fiendslayer Paladin M2014 1 Foil
X1 Banisher Priest M2014
X1 Pentarch Paladin TS 1 Foil
X1 Abzan Falconer KoT 1 Foil
X1 Mangara of Corondor TS
X1 Summon the School Lor 1 Foil
X1 Dismantling Blow Inv 1 Foil


X2 Goblin Ringleader Apo
X1 Goblin Rabblemaster M2015
X5 Goblin Lackey US
X3 Goblin Piledriver Ons
X1 Gamble US
X4 Sneak Attack US
X2 Earthquake 6th
X1 Earthquake M2010
X1 Earthquake 5th
X1 Earthquake Unl
X1 Fork Unl
X1 Wheel of Fortune Unl
X4 Goblin Guide Zen
X4 Eidolon of the Great Revel JiN
X4 Warren Instigator Zen
X4 Simian Spirit Guide PC
X5 Legion Loyalist Gate
X2 Goblin Chieftain M2011
X2 Goblin Chieftain M2012
X1 Krenko, Mob Boss M2013
X1 Dragonmaster Outcast WW
X4 Vexing Devil AR
X4 Ball Lightning 4th
X4 Lightning Serpent Cold
X2 Urza's Rage Inv
X2 Blistering Firecat Ons
X3 Fighting Chance Exo
X2 Oath of Mages Exo
X3 Bedlam US
X1 Scoria Wurm US
X2 Wildfire US
X2 Illicit Auction Mir
X2 Illicit Auction 6th
X1 Ruination Sh
X4 Bulwark US
X1 Blood Oath MeMa
X2 Viashino Sandswimmer US
X1 Rage Nimbus RoE
X5 Brand US
X2 Covetous Dragon UD
X3 Hivis of the Scale Mir
X3 Pyromancy UL
X2 Tooth and Claw Temp
X1 Ravenous Baboons Exo
X1 Goblin Bomb Wea
X1 Spitting Hydra Sh
X1 Balduvian Hydra IA
X2 Telim'Tor's Edict Mir
X2 Manabarbs 6th 1 German
X1 Tectonic Instability Inv
X2 Goblin Festival UD
X2 Electryte US
X1 Ghitu Fire Inv 1 Foil
X4 Rumbling Crescendo US
X1 Torrent of Lava Mir
X1 Seismic Mage MeMa
X2 Ogre Shaman Exo
X2 Amok Sh
X4 Rivalry UL
X1 Flowstone Overseer Ne
X2 Reckless Embermage 6th
X1 Invasion Plans Sh
X1 Flailing Manticore MeMa
X2 Antagonism US
X1 Relentless Assault Vis
X1 Relentless Assault 6th
X1 Relentless Assault Portal
X1 Relentless Assault Plane
X1 Zirilan of the Claw Mir
X4 Territorial Dispute MeMa
X1 Bend or Break Inv
X3 Monstrous Hound Exo
X2 Aggressive Mining M2015
X4 Shivan Phoenix UL
X1 Shatterstorm 6th
X1 Shatterstorm 5th
X1 Last Chance Starter 1999
X2 Final Fortune Mir
X2 Final Fortune 6th
X2 Pandemonium Exo
X1 Collapsing Borders Inv
X1 An-Zerrin Ruins Home
X2 Shard Phoenix Sh
X2 Tempest Efreet 4th
X1 Maraxus of Keld Wea
X2 Magmasaur Temp
X2 Goblin King 4th
X2 Crag Saurian MeMa
X4 Anger of the Gods Ther
X1 Flowstone Slide Ne
X1 Flowstone Mauler Sh
X1 Searing Wind Prop
X3 Bloodshot Cyclops UD
X2 Blood Hound MeMa
X1 Inferno Dark
X1 Inferno 6th
X2 Inferno 4th
X3 Squee, Goblin Nabob MeMa
X2 Sulfuric Vapors US
X3 Impatience UD
X4 Breaking Point Judg
X1 Battle Squadron MeMa
X3 Scorched Earth Temp
X4 Tectonic Break MeMa
X2 Mogg Infestation Sh
X1 Smoke 3rd
X1 Jeering Instigator KoT
X1 Mogg Flunkies Sh
X2 Balduvian Horde Alli
X1 Tuktuk the Explorer RoE
X4 Fault Line US
X1 Crater's Claws KoT
X4 Molten Influence Od
X4 Goblin Grenade FE
X1 Epicenter Od
X1 Chain Reaction WW
X1 Skirk Alarmist Legions
X1 Words of War Ons
X3 Cave-In MeMa
X4 Okk US
X2 Impending Disaster UL
X2 Skizzik Inv
X2 Trained Orgg 7th
X1 Descent of the Dragons DoK
X4 Goblin Marshal UD
X2 Shrieking Mogg Ne
X1 Crucible of Fire M2015
X4 Goblin Pyromancer Ons
X4 Last-Ditch Effort UL
X3 Siege-Gang Commander Sco
X1 Siege-Gang Commander M2010
X4 Mogg War Marshal TS
X5 Mob Mentality Vis
X1 Nivmagus Elemental RtR
X4 Krenko's Command M2013
X1 Hammer of Bogardan 8th
X4 Kuldotha Rebirth SoM
X4 Mogg Alarm Ne
X4 Boggart Ram-Gang Shad
X4 Pillage Alli
X1 Goblin Kaboomist M2015
X4 Goblin Recruiter Vis
X2 Skullscorch Torm
X4 Song of Blood Vis
X1 Incinerate Dda
X1 Howl of the Horde KoT
X1 Kookus Vis
X2 Dragon-Style Twins KoT
X1 Elkin Lair Vis
X4 Tattermunge Maniac Shad
X1 Boros Reckoner Gate
X1 Hoarding Dragon M2015
X2 Wrecking Ogre Gate
X1 Kurkesh, Onakke Ancient M2015
X1 Lightning Cloud Vis
X1 Hellkite Tyrant Gate
X1 Bogardan Phoenix Vis
X1 Rubblebelt Raiders Gate
X6 Monastery Swiftspear KoT
X2 Molten Primordial Gate 1 Foil
X1 Burning-Tree Emissary Gate
X2 Skullcrack Gate
X1 Dualcaster Mage EM
X5 Kobolds of Kher Keep Leg
X5 Crookshank Kobolds Leg
X5 Crimson Kobolds Leg
X2 Kobold Taskmaster Leg
X3 Comet Storm WW 1 Foil


X1 Yavimaya Hollow UD
X2 Lake of the Dead Alliances
X1 Pendelhaven Leg
X2 Watery Grave Gate
X1 Overgrown Tomb RtR
X1 Sacred Foundry Gate
X4 Deserted Temple Od
X1 Mystic Gate Shad 1 Foil
X1 Mystic Gate Shad
X3 City of Traitors Exo
X4 Gaea's Cradle US
X4 Polluted Delta KoT
X3 Windswept Heath KoT
X2 Bloodstained Mire KoT
X2 Wooded Foothills KoT
X5 Gemstone Mine Wea
X1 Tolarian Academy US
X1 Kor Haven Ne
X5 Undiscovered Paradise Vis
X3 Ancient Tomb Temp
X1 Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth M2015
X1 Grim Backwoods DA
X3 Forsaken City PS 1 Foil
X2 Dust Bowl MeMa
X2 Serra's Sanctum US
X1 Winding Canyon Wea
X1 Plateau 3rd
X1 Taiga 3rd
X6 Island Alpha
X2 Tundra 3rd
X4 Badlands 3rd
X1 Celestial Colonade WW 1 Foil
X2 Contested War Zone MB
X4 Shivan Reef Apo
X3 Llanowar Wastes Apo
X1 Llanowar Wastes M2015
X1 Battlefield Forge Apo
X1 Battlefield Forge M2015
X2 Battlefield Forge X
X1 Underground River IA
X1 Underground River 6th
X2 Glacial Chasm IA
X4 Salt Flats Temp
X2 Pine Barrens Temp
X2 Sorrow's Path Dark
X2 Flood Plain Mir
X1 Riptide Laboratory Ons
X4 Caves of Koilos M2015
X1 Tolaria Leg
X1 Caldera Lake Temp
X2 Sulfurous Springs IA
X1 Halls of Mist IA
X2 Adarkar Wastes 6th
X1 Adarkar Wastes IA
X1 Rath's Edge Ne
X3 Shivan Gorge US
X2 Sliver Hive M2015
X1 Tower of the Magistrate MeMa
X1 Brushland IA
X4 Reliquary Tower M2013
X3 Karplusan Forest IA
X1 Karplusan Forest 6th
X2 Skycloud Expanse Od
X1 Rootbound Crag PremiumSlivers 1 Foil
X4 Yavimaya Coast M2015
X2 Wintermoon Mesa Pro
X1 Thespian Stage Gate
X4 Great Furnace Mirr
X3 Dragonskull Summit X2012
X1 Cinder Marsh Temp
X2 City of Brass 6th
X2 City of Brass Chron
X2 Crystal Vein Mir
X4 Khalni Garden WW
X1 Thran Quarry US
X1 Emeria, the Sky Ruin Zen 1 Foil
X1 Flooded Strand KoT
X1 Flooded Strand Ons
X1 Ancient Ziggurat PremiumSlivers 1 Foil
X1 Glacial Fortress M2010
X1 Glacial Fortress M2012
X3 Seachrome Coast SoM
X1 Wanderwine Hub Lor
X2 Hallowed Fountain RtR
X1 Volrath's Stronghold Sh
X2 Bayou 3rd
X1 Unholy Grotto Ons
X2 Steam Vents Guild
X1 Woodland Cemetery Inn
X1 Hissing Quagmire OtG
X2 Blooming Marsh Kala
X2 Nimbus Maze FS
X1 Graven Cairns Shad
X2 Copperline Gorge SoM
X2 Darkslick Shores SoM
X1 Blackcleave Cliffs SoM
X1 Razorverge Thicket SoM
X1 Eiganjo Castle CoK
X1 Zoetic Scales FS


X3 Butcher of the Horde KoT
X1 Obzedat, Ghost Council Gate
X1 Breathstealer's Crypt Vis
X1 Absord Inv
X1 Narset, Enlightened Master KoT
X3 Fanatic of Xenagos Prerelease
X1 Supreme Verdict RtR
X2 Siege Rhino KoT
X1 Deathpact Angel Gate
X2 Utter End KoT
X1 Consuming Aberration Gate
X1 Mardu Ascendancy KoT
X1 Mystic Genesis Gate
X5 Abzan Ascendancy KoT
X1 Circle of Despair Mir
X1 Avalanche Tusker KoT
X1 Borborygmos Enraged Gate
X2 Darigaaz, the Igniter Inv
X1 Nightveil Specter Gate
X2 Sorin, Solemn Visitor KoT
X1 Garruk, Apex Predator M2015
X1 Hanna, Ship's Navigator Inv
X2 Glimpse the Unthinkable Ravn
X2 Render Silent DM 2 Foil
X1 Grand Arbiter Augustin IV MM13
X1 Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord RtR 1 Foil
X2 Ertai, the Corrupted PS 1 Foil
X1 Eldamri's Call PS
X1 Sliver Overlord Sco
X1 Skullbriar, the Walking Grave Comm2011
X1 Abrupt Decay RtR
X1 Lotleth Troll RtR
X1 Melek, Izzet Paragon DM 1 Foil

So so so many more!


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