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Author Topic:   h/w list foils,error cards,shocks,fetches,promos,moreInternational Trader
kraig thomas
From: Hfx.ns.canada
Confirmed Refs: 230

posted December 01, 2018 01:53 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for kraig thomas Click Here to Email kraig thomas Send a private message to kraig thomas Click to send kraig thomas an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View kraig thomas's Have/Want ListView kraig thomas's Have/Want List
-I ship in a regular envelope in toploader and sleve
- I would prefer simil send if possible if refs close
- English cards only
- if you are interested in a trade please try to post and pm
- no gold border or collectors edition or fakes
- please state condition of cards
- if your cards are not nm or better please state the condition and i will also do the same
-i use for card conditions
- when pricing cards i use scg
- all of my cards are for sale by paypal just ask for prices
-until addresses are confirmed no deal is final
-i have made several deals with these guys.awsome traders
- i do a fair bit of in person trading so my list may not be a 100 percent accurate all the time.

Linecook x2
Euphor x3
1hritz1 x2
Chef420 x5
Steelerman x3
Natesolo x2
Euphor x2
Keywakat x4
Dhoos x2
Zman1984 x6
360addiction x3
Jdog789x x2
Youknow08 x2
Heresy19 x18
Marshbag x8
360addiction x2
Atahualpa x2
Shaiasleep x2
Iplainswalk x18
Marvin austria x7
Silvertopped x5
Kourk x9
Gaeacradle x6
Avradol x5
Rats60 x3
Jallard134 x2
Seriousonlinetrader x3
Sixtir x3
Chadmp2000 x3
Sooz x4
Deegebee x6
Elf6001 x2
Cartesis x4
Szwanger x13
The Forsaken x2
Jeramy0323 x 3
Shinydude x2
Jallard134 x2
Supratrader x6
Magicalydelicious x13
Kohulk x2
Ertaii x4
Horizon x2
Kalack x3
Flanpillow x2
Ryanhall x24
Moslim x4
Elowther91 x7
Totalkaoz x7
UncleIstavan x5
Mini1337s x2
Shiqin x2
Krizzel x2
Fifth element x3
Shinydude x2
Moliver x2
Vancimus x3
Tarmowitz x2
Margarita x2

[Edited 8 times, lastly by kraig thomas on December 24, 2018]

Want List:
most of my foil wants i have reg version i can trade back.but only if i get the foil

Thing in the ice reg or foil
Balefire dragon foil masters
Raging ravine foil masters x4
asassin's trophy x3
Etali, primal storm foil
Zacama, primal calamity foil
Carnage tyrant foil
Thran dynamo foil
Nicol bolas m19 reg or foil
Cryptic command reg or foil
Goblin electromancer foil x4
Beamsplitter mage foil x2
Resplendant angel foil
Watery grave foil
Archfeind of despair foil
Sword of war and peace foil
Spellskite foil x3
Dack fayden foil
Chromatic lantern foilx3
Ugin the spirit dragon foil
Raging ravine x4 foil
Grove of the burnwillows foil x2
Time warp foil
Berserk foil x3
Steam vents foil x3
Polluted delta foil
Preist of titania foil x3
Voice of resurgence foil x4
Tarmogoyf foil x4 have 4 future site to trade back
Angel of serenity foil
Snapcaster mage foil x4 have 4 inn to trade back
Avacyn angel of hope foil
Vorinclex voice of hunger foil icm
Austere command foil icm
Mm17 fetches regular or foil
Chromatic sphere foil x3
Chromatic star foil x2
Lightning greaves foil
Arena foil
Steam vents foil x2
Karn liberated foil(have reg to trade

Have List:

One of each basic land odyssey foil crimped
Temple garden gor (top crimp
Alpine moon (bottom crimp
Cleansing nova (top crimp
mps foil plains (top crimp
full art bfz foil swamp264 (top crimp
drowned secrets (top crimp
plague rats rev (top crimp
voltaic brawler foil (lines through picture
crash through (top crimp
dust legion zealot foil (dirt under foil
basket rootwalla dd (right top and bottom corner square
albino troll dd (right top and bottom corner square

(can send pics of errors just ask)


true-name nemesis (commander altered
hydroblast (foil
mistcaller x3
arcane artisan
vesuvan shapeshifter (m25
soulblade djinn (foil
brainstorm (iceage altered x2
artisan of forms
distorting wave
one with the machine x2
surrak spellblade
new perspectives x2
coax from the blind eternities x3
roil elemental
quicksilver dragon dd
displacement wave
captain of the mists
argent sphinx
welcome to the fold
spire noble
guardian of tazeem
sage-eye avengers
epiphany at the drownyard
spirit away
saheeli's artistry (foil releaseacademy elite
flash m25
profaner of the dead
metamorphic alteration
pearl lake ancient
idenity theif (foil release x2
tromokratis (foil release 1 english, 1 Italian release
shipbreaker kraken (1 foil release, 1 reg
pulse of the grid
mahamoti djinn ((1 dotp promo, 1 m15
prism array
convent of minds
whelming wave
hypnotic siren
mercurial pretender
scourge of fleets
jalira, master polymorphist x2
fortune's favor (fnm foil sp
mizzium meddler (foil release x3
clone (revised sp
quicksmith spy
jeskai infiltrator (1 foil, 1 reg
hour of eternity
zahid, djinn of the lamp
naban, dean of lteration
arcane savant
mystic archaeologist
mirror mockery
day of the dragons (icm x2
reverse engineer (fnm foil
kefnet's last word x2
niblis of frost
icy blast (2 reg, 1 foil


muddle the mixture x3 (non english
opt x4
thirst for knoledge x4
freed from the real x3
cancel x3 (foil


wake of destruction
akroma, angel of fury (altered
wheel of fate x2
blistering firecat (foil
skizzik (invasion
sweltering sun's (foil x2
abrade (full art promo x2
pia and kiran nalaar (foil intro pack
seige-gang commander (dom
dismissive pyromancer
radiant flames (full art foil x2
molten primordial
crater elemental ( 1 release foil, 1 reg
war's troll
spikeshot elder
glacial ray (arena foil promo
frenzied goblin (fnm foil
skarrgan firebird (3 reg, 1 set foil
hazoret's favor
whimes of fates x2
flamerush rider
mob rule
devil's play (foil promo
territorial gorger
shivan dragon (2 4th ed , 1 5th ed
imperious devils
molten firebird x2
goblin dark-dwellers (foil promo
harness the storm
grenzo's rebuttal (1 foil , 2 reg
wildfire (mm
dragon-style twins (1 reg, 1 japanese
flameblade angel (foil
jaya's immolating inferno
bloodfire colossus (foil
wildfire elemental
rukh egg(foil 10th aniiversary promo
oath of chandra
ignition team
chaos maw ( 1 foil,2 reg
goblin razerunners
apex of power (foil
kamahl, pit fighter (15th anniversary foil promo
brass's bounty
myojin of infinate rage (dents around edges
char (15 promo foil
tilonalli's skinshifter
chandra's phoenix
breath of fury (foil
fall of the titans
torchling x4
burning sun's avitar
legion warboss
quicksmith rebel (release foil
barrage tyrant

guttersnipe (m19 foil x2
tarfire dd
skirk drill sergeant dd x2
zada, hedron grinder (foil m25
flameblade adept (foil
magma spray dd
glacial ray
gut shot
pillage (foil 1 m25, 1 f&l


Lyra dawnbringer
archangel avacyn (foil release
angel of serenity (sp
conclave tribunal (full art foil promo x2
vengeful dreams
kivitar's wrath
intrepid hero
luminous angel (mirroden foil
dawnbringer charioteers
dragonscale general
sigil of the empty throne (1 foil org , 1 reg org
daring archaeologist
benalish marshal
lantern scout
rally the ancestors
darien, king of kjeldor
return to the ranks
stalking leonin
bishop of rebirth (foil promo x2
hidden dragonslayer
celestial archon (release foil
custodi soulbinders
divine sacrament
angel of glory's rise (2 reg, 2 foil promo
palisade giant
profound journey x2
deploy the gatewatch (foil
high sentinels of arashin x2
silent sentinel
master of pearls
captain of the watch
derree of justice (scourge
hero of goma fada
relic seeker (foil promo
silent sentinel (release foil
emeria shepherd
banisher priest (fnm foil
sky bind
glorious anthem (8th sp
aethergeode miner
planor outburst
anscestral tribute
kytheon's irregulars (release foil
serene master
leonin warleader
faith's reward
hundred-handed one (foil


dispatch x2
swords to plowshares dd


rofellos' llanowar emissary (altered
rampaging baloth (release foil x2
beastcaller savant (release foil
living wish m25
vigor (battlebond
Bristling hydra ( 2 set foil, 2 foil intro deck
deathbringer goliath
growing rites of itlimoc
wild nacatl (altered x4
magus of the vineyard
chancellor of the tangle (foil
birds of paradise (4th ed altered
deathcap cultivator (foil
hunter's prowess
obscuring aether
kavu titan
mwonvuli beast tracker (full art promo
primal whisperer
skarrg goliath (release foil x4
anthousa, setessan hero (release foil
nessian wilds ravager x4
honored hierarch
realm seekers x2
trail of mystery x3
greenbelt rampager
wild beastmaster
scaleguard sentinels (full art promo x2
caller of the untamed
magus of the vineyard
boon satyr
pyrexian swarmlord
witherscale wurm
ravenous baloth dd
pheres-band warchief
inexorable blob x2
fated inervention (1 reg , 1 foil intro deck
gladehart cavalry ( 1 foil release, 1 reg
prodigious growth
noose constrictor (fnm foil x3
phytotitan (1 foil release, 2 reg
dubioud challenge (2 reg , 1 release foil sealed
sandsteppe mastodon ( 3 reg, 1 release foil
rhox (nem foil
beast whisperer
hatchery spider
arbour colossus
sylvan awakening


nettle sentinel m25 x2
Longtusk cub (foil x4
Larger than life (foil x4
Servent of the conduit (foil x2
Sage of shailais claim (x2
squirel nest con
temur sabertooth
scythe leopard(foil gift box
ancient stirrings
overrun (x foil
flinthoof boar (foil x2


Demonic tutor (revised 1 sp
ritual of soot
death baron
creeping chill (foil
diabolic intent (sp
tsabo's decree
liliana's influence
eater of hope
kiku, night's flower
curse of wizardry b(foil promo
mindblade render
sword-point deplomacy
battle at the bridge
fate unraveler
stain the mind
abhorrent overlord
palace seige
disposess (foil
rite of belzenlok
dambable pact
mausoleum secrets
necropolis fiend
volrath the fallen
foul renewal
infernal reckoning
mind warp
devouring strossus
deathbringer regent (release foil x3
midnight entourage
liliana's contract
midnight reaper
guul draz overseer x3
hedonist's trove
ill-gotten gains
behold the beyound
shadow of the grave x2
midnight banshee (foil
mindwrack demon (foil
elusive tormentor (foil
ammit eternal
stromkirk condemned
archfiend of ifnir


doomblade (foil
creeping chill


mogis, god of slaughter
thought erasure (full art foil promo
firemane angel (foil
knight of the reliquary (dd foil x2
knight of new alara (release foil x3
lightning angel x4
wilt-leaf leige (mm foil
teferis moat
falkenrath aristocrat (foil
loxodon hierarch (foil
chance for glory
archon of valor's reach
mystic snake m25
last one standing
olivia, mobilized for war
swiftblade vindicator
righteous authority
blitz hellion (foil
bounty of the luxa
prophetic bolt
rakshasa vizier
Fleecemane lion (com
Veteran warleader
Sprouting Thrinax (dci foil
Slave of bolas (dci foil
Pristine skywise (release foil
Rhox War Monk (fnm foil
Dreg mangler (holiday box foil
Wayfaring temple
Cryptborn horror
Aethermage touch
Polis Crusher (1 reg, 1 Foil
Gruul Guildmage (promo foil
Augury adept
Fathom mage (release foil
Retaliatory Griffin (foil promo
Hallar, the firefletcher (release foil
Gleancrawler dd
Trap essence (release foil
Flying crane technique (foil
Figure of destiny (release foil
Warleader helix (fnm foil
Insperia the inscrutable
Sage of the inward eye (foil
Treasury thrull (release foil
Aryel, knight of windgrace
Magister of Worth (foil


Mortify x3
Bloodbraid Elf etm
Batwing brunette x3
Qasali Pridemage com
Wrecking ball (foil
Bituminous blast (foil
Call of the conclave (foil


Mimic vat
Scrap trawler
Prototype portal
Forebear's blade (release foil
Tower of eons (foil
Scuttling doom engine (altered
Steel hellkite ( release foil
Mindlock orb
Electrostatic pummeler (foil x4
Scroll of the masters
Clockwork beast (Beatdown
Amulet of safekeeping
Guardian of the ages
Blightsteel herder (release foil x2
Avarice amulet
Mishra's self-replicator
Gruesome slaughter x3
Deadlock trap
Visage of bolas
Aligned Hedron network
Pyromancer's gauntlet
Dimensional infiltrator
Sarpadian Empires, vol. Vll
Merchant's dockhand (2 reg, 1 release foil sealed
Deepfathom skulker (1 release foil, 1 reg
Scroll of the masters
Dimensional infiltrator
Chief of the foundry ( foil gift box sealed
Lupine prototype
Stitcher's graft
Wasteland strangler
Deceiver of the former (1 reg, 1 foil
Heroes' podium
Long-forgotten gohei (foil
Traxos, scourge of kroog
Barrage tyrant (foil
Jade monolith (revised


Damping sphere
Dimir signet (french x3


Scalding tarn (zendikar
Ancient ziggurat ( foil slivers x2
Rootbound creg (ixlan
Seat of the synod (altered
Llanowar waste (origins
Dragonskull summit (1 m12, 1 ixlan
Blighted fen ( fnm foil
Cabal stronghold
Mosswort bridge (com
Bountiful promenade
Botanical sanctum
Aether hub (3 FNM foil, 1 set foil
Ally encampment
Paliano, the high city x2
Hostile desert
Grove of the guardian ( 2 foil, 2reg
Ruins of oran-rief x2


Teetering peaks ( (f & l foil x4
Ebon stronghold ( graveborn foil x4
Terramorphic expanse ( slivers foil
Vivid grove ( slivers foil x3
Vivid creek ( foil slivers x4
Svogthos, the restless tomb ( french
Selesnya guildgate ( foil gor


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