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Author Topic:   Have Lots, Looking to Trade Up...
From: Somerville, MA, USA
Confirmed Refs: 63

posted December 10, 2018 02:33 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for HMukh20 Click Here to Email HMukh20 Send a private message to HMukh20 Click to send HMukh20 an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote 

1. Refs determine sending order. Happy to simul if you have a similar number including at least a couple of recent ones, or if we've traded before.

2. US/Canada only for now please, though I may make exceptions for larger trades.

3. My cards are all generally NM unless otherwise marked (either straight to sleeve or played once during a draft in sleeves). Please let me know if yours aren't.

4. I typically use TCG Mid/Market Price for pricing. Not a fan of SCG retail.

5. I'm mainly only looking for English cards. In some cases I can accept foreign (mainly French versions at adjusted value.

6. E-mail or PM/Post is fine. Please try to respond in a timely manner if we do start working on a deal!

Thanks for looking!

Unless otherwise noted, I'm looking for any edition of these cards, and either foil or non-foil is ok.

On trading up: I'm happy to include premiums in trades when trading for higher-value or older format cards. In general, I'll use the following guidelines, but obviously these will somewhat depend on the specific cards being traded:

Fringe Standard/Bulk for Standard Playables - + 5 - 15%+
Standard Playables/Staples for Modern Staples - + ~10%
Modern Staples for Legacy Staples/Reserve List - + ~10%+

Of course, these tiers will stack, so I'd expect to have to add ~20%+ when trading Standard to Legacy.

I'm generally trying to downsize my collection at this point, so unless you have some of my specific wants, I'm not really interested in trading down at this time, even for standard staples.

Multiple Trades:
BladeMasta220 (x 5)
Seshiro (x 5)
rluhring (x 2)
0KeK0 (x 5)
Wintermist_one2 (x 2)
Steelerman (x 3)
Elyons1 (x 2)
chaos021 (x 2)
mm1983 (x 2)
ReltosHome (x 2)
MothraBurgh (x 2)
DELTA622 (x 2)
spikyhead (x 2)
TurtleCoorgi (x 2)

Want List:
Normal Wants

Coming soon...for now mainly looking to trade up (and giving value to do so!)

Always happy to consider trading up for things like Shocks, KTK/MM3 Fetches, Rev Duals, etc. (see above). If you've got a staple, make an offer!

Lower Priority Wants (Would rather include these as parts of a larger trade. Or happy to make some smaller "PWE"-type trades to get these done).

Cards I Collect:

X x War Mammoth (Alpha/IE/CE only)
X x Foil Alternate Art Ivorytusk Fortress

Other Wants (Probably won't trade for these directly, but can use these to even out deals)

MTG Encyclopedia Volume 5
1 x Izzet Guild Die
1 x Golgari Guild Die
X x Sealed boosters (let me know what you have!)


Basic Lands
X x ZEN Full-Art Basic Lands: Plains 230, 231, 232; Island 234, 235, 236; Swamp 238, 240, 241; Mountain 242, 245; Forest 246, 247, 248
X x Saproling tokens (any set, any language)
X x Cat tokens (especially BNG tokens for Brimaz)

Non-Magic Wants

Amiibos from the Legend of Zelda series - let me know what you have!

Have List:
Bigger Stuff/Reserved List:

I have more Duals/Expeditions/Staples in decks available to trade if you are looking to trade down something large...


1 x Academy Rector (UD)
1 x Replenish (UD)


1 x Mana Drain (IMA)
1 x Vendillon Clique (A25)
1 x Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur (NPH)
1 x Ancestral Vision (IMA)




1 x Argothian Enchantress (EMA)
1 x Omnath, Locus of Mana (WWK)


1 x Sword of War and Peace (NPH)
1 x Sword of Feast and Famine (MED)
1 x Darksteel Plate (MBS)
1 x Lotus Petal (TMP)



1 x Volcanic Island (REV, HP)
2 x Tropical Island (REV, 1 x NM, 1 x LP)
1 x Tundra (REV, HP)
1 x Bayou (REV, LP)
1 x Badlands (REV, LP)
1 x Savannah (REV, LP)
1 x Taiga (REV, HP)
2 x Scrubland (REV, 1 x LP, 1 x HP)
1 x Plateau (REV, HP)

1 x Serra's Sanctum (LP)

1 x Scalding Tarn (MM3)
1 x Marsh Flats (MM3)
1 x Verdant Catacombs (ZEN)
1 x Arid Mesa (ZEN)
1 x Misty Rainforest (ZEN)
2 x Polluted Delta (KTK)
1 x Flooded Strand (KTK)
1 x Wooded Foothills (KTK)
2 x Bloodstained Mire (KTK)
4 x Windswept Heath (1 x ONS, 3 x KTK)

1 x Steam Vents (GPT)
2 x Breeding Pool (1 x DIS, 1 x GTC)
1 x Hallowed Fountain (DIS)
2 x Sacred Foundry (RAV)
1 x Temple Garden (RAV)
1 x Godless Shrine (GTC)
4 x Overgrown Tomb (1 x RTR NM, 1 x RTR Damaged, 2 x GRN)
1 x Blood Crypt (RTR)

2 x Fetid Heath (EVN)
1 x Flooded Grove (EVN)
2 x Rugged Prairie (EVN)
2 x Twilight Mire (EVN)

1 x Flagstones of Trokair (TSP)
1 x Eye of Ugin (WWK)
1 x Copperline Gorge (SOM)
1 x Dust Bowl (MMQ)
1 x Strip Mine (4ED)
1 x Soldevi Excavations (ALL)
1 x Scorched Ruins (WL)
1 x Ancient Tomb (TMP)







1 x Azusa, Lost but Seeking (Judge)


1 x Assassin's Trophy (GRN)
1 x Kruphix, God of Horizons (JTN)
1 x Narset Transcendant (DTK)


1 x Sword of Light and Shadow (Judge, LP)
1 x Sword of Body and Mind (FTV)
1 x Treasure Map (BaB Promo)


1 x Rugged Prairie (EXP)
1 x Godless Shrine (GTC)
1 x Overgrown Tomb (GTC)
2 x Sulfur Falls (1 x DOM PRE, 1 x INN)
1 x Hinterland Harbor (INN)
1 x Clifftop Retreat (INN)

1 x Eldrazi Temple (MM2)

3 x Island (ZEN # 236)

Newer/Smaller Stuff - Only some of my stuff here is listed, so I'm happy to check lists if you're after Standard/recently rotated stuff!

Non Foil


1 x Venerated Loxodon (GRN)

1 x Lyra Dawnbringer (DOM)
1 x Shalai, Voice of Plenty (DOM)

1 x Bruna, the Fading Light (EMN)
1 x Selfless Spirit (EMN)

1 x Balance (EMA)
1 x Austere Command (IMA)
1 x Restoration Angel (MM3)

1 x Near-Death Experience (ROE)
1 x Test of Endurance (JDG)

1 x False Prophet (UD)
1 x Purify (UL)


1 x Omniscience (M19)

2 x Mission Briefing (GRN)
1 x Herald of Secret Streams (IXN)
1 x Disallow (AER)
1 x Spellseeker (BBD)

1 x Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir (IMA)
1 x Arcanis the Omnipotent (EMA)

1 x Trickbind (TSP)

1 x Donate (UD)
1 x Ertai, Wizard Adept (EXO)
1 x Illusions of Grandeur (IA)


1 x Vampire Nocturnus (M13)
1 x Phage the Untouchable (CON)

1 x Lich's Mastery (DOM)
1 x Dire Fleet Poisoner (RIX)

1 x Dreamstealer (HOD)
1 x Demon of Dark Schemes (KLD)
1 x Gonti, Lord of Luxury (KLD)
2 x Yahenni's Expertise (AER)

1 x Living Death (A25)
1 x Desecration Demon (MM3)
1 x Puppeteer Clique (MM2)
1 x Rune-Scarred Demon (IMA)

1 x Fatal Push (AER)


1 x Legion Warboss (GRN)
1 x Alpine Moon (M19)
1 x Experimental Frenzy (GRN)

1 x Collective Defiance (EMN)
1 x Sweltering Suns (AKH)
2 x Alesha, Who Smiles at Death (FRF)

1 x Bogardan Hellkite (IMA)
1 x Ryusei, the Falling Star (IMA)
1 x Sulfuric Vortex (EMA)

2 x Lava Coil (GRN)
2 x Abrade (HOU)


1 x Master of the Wild Hunt (A25)
1 x Worldspine Wurm (RTR)
1 x Titania, Protector of Argoth (C14)
1 x See the Unwritten (KTK)
1 x World Breaker (OGW)

2 x Beast Whisperer (GRN)
1 x Jadelight Ranger (RIX)
2 x Rishkar, Peema Renegade (AER)
1 x Eldritch Evolution (EMN)
1 x Woodfall Primus (SHM)
1 x Melira, Sylvok Outcast (NPH)
1 x Courser of Kruphix (A25)
1 x Living Wish (A25)


1 x Deafening Clarion (GRN)
1 x Izoni, Thousand-Eyed (GRN)
1 x Hadana's Climb (RIX)
1 x Oath of Teferi (DOM)

1 x Saheeli Rai (KLD)

1 x Nissa, Steward of Elements (AKH)
1 x Kiora, Master of the Depths (BFZ)
1 x Sidisi, Brood Tyrant (KTK)
1 x Anafenza, the Foremost (KTK)
1 x Zedruu, the Greathearted (C13)
2 x Edric, Spymaster of Trest (CON, C13)

1 x Voidslime (DIS)
1 x Ghost Council of Orzhova (MM2)


1 x Sorcerous Spyglass (IXN)
1 x Reality Smasher (OGW)
3 x Eldrazi Mimic (OGW)
1 x Kozilek, the Great Distortion (OGW)

4 x Damping Sphere (DOM)
1 x Mishra's Bauble (IMA)
1 x Swiftfoot Boots (A25)

1 x Lotus Petal (TMP)

1 x Hinterland Harbor (DOM)
1 x Sulfur Falls (DOM)

2 x Unclaimed Territory (IXN)
1 x Field of Ruin (IXN)

1 x Spirebluff Canal (KLD)
1 x Concealed Courtyard (KLD)
1 x Inspiring Vantage (KLD)
3 x Botanical Sanctum (KLD)

1 x Canyon Slough (AKH)

1 x Cinder Glade (BFZ)

2 x Forest (UST)
1 x Swamp (UNH)

1 x Temple of Silence (THS)

1 x Yavimaya Coast (M15)

1 x Glacial Fortress (M12)

1 x Spire Garden (BBD)
1 x Mosswort Bridge (C15)
1 x Exotic Orchard (CS2)

4 x Ash Barrens (A25)
1 x Reliquary Tower (CFX)




1 x Magus of the Bazaar (PC)

1 x Stubborn Denial (KTK)
1 x Cursecatcher (A25)


1 x Palace Siege (FRF)


1 x Indomitable Creativity (AER)
1 x Thunderbreak Regent (DTK)


1 x Frontier Siege (FRF)
1 x Bristling Hydra (KLD)
1 x Rishkar, Peema Renegade (AER)

1 x Overlaid Terrain (NEM)
1 x Epic Struggle (JDG)

1 x Rampaging Baloth (ZEN PRE)


1 x Vraska, Regal Gorgon (GRN)

1 x Ajani Unyielding (AER)
1 x Dovin Baan (KLD)
1 x Zurgo Helmsmasher (KTK)
1 x Ajani Vengeant (SOA PRE)

1 x Edric, Spymaster of Trest (CMA)


1 x Oblivion Sower (BFZ)


1 x Temple of Enlightenment (BNG)

1 x Skycloud Expanse (ODY, LP)

1 x Plains (BFZ # 250)
1 x Plains (BFZ # 252)
2 x Plains (BFZ # 253)
1 x Mountain (BFZ # 266)
2 x Mountain (BFZ # 268)


All times are PDT (US)

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