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Author Topic:   W: Cube, Legacy, Modern
From: Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Confirmed Refs: 128

posted July 14, 2019 04:29 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for ason81 Click Here to Email ason81 Send a private message to ason81 Click to send ason81 an Instant MessageVisit ason81's Homepage  Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View ason81's Have/Want ListView ason81's Have/Want List
- Refs determine send order
- Simul-Send ok after 25 refs
- No rippers

[Edited 22 times, lastly by ason81 on August 10, 2019]

Want List:

1x Blood Crypt (DIS) (35)
4x Steam Vents (GPT) (30)
1x Breeding Pool (DIS) (30)
1x Hallowed Fountain (DIS) (30)
1x Stomping Ground (GPT) (25)
1x Watery Grave (RAV) (25)
1x Sacred Foundry (RAV) (20)
1x Godless Shrine (GPT) (18)
1x Temple Garden (RAV) (16)
1x Overgrown Tomb (RAV) (16)

1x Vanquisher’s Banner (6)
1x Ugin, the Ineffable (4)

1x Grim Flayer (5)
1x March of the Multitudes (3.5)
1x Huatli, Warrior Poet (3)
1x Trostani Discordant (3)
1x Hostage Taker (2)
1x Shalai, Voice of Plenty (2)
1x Ghost Council of Orzhova (1)
1x Simic Sky Swallower (Dissension) (.75)
1x Prophet of Kruphix (.75)
1x Loxodon Hierarch (.75)
1x Coiling Oracle (Dissension) (.5)

1x Archangel of Thune (M14) (18)
1x Brightling (6)
1x Archangel Avacyn (5)
1x Thalia, Heretic Cathar (3.5)
1x Legion’s Landing (3.5)
1x Angel of Sanctions (1.5)
1x Venerated Loxodon (1.5)
1x Benalish Marshal (.75)
1x Adanto Vanguard (.5)

1x God-Eternal Kefnet (7)
1x Torrential Gearhulk (3.5)
1x Pteramander (1.5)

1x Liliana, Death’s Majesty (10)

1x Goblin Chainwhirler (2)
1x Glorybringer (1)
1x Pia and Kiran Nalaar (.75)

1x Tendershoot Dryad (3)
1x Jadelight Ranger (1)
1x Ohran Viper (.75)


4x Spire of Industry (1.5)

3x Hollow One (2)
2x Sorcerous Spyglass (1.5)
2x Sorcerous Spyglass (9)

2x Kitchen Finks (SHM) (2.5)
2x Enigma Drake (AMK) (.5)

2x Phyrexian Unlife (4)
2x Solemnity (1.5)

3x Remand (RAV) (8)
1x Remand (RAV) (30)
3x Baral, Chief of Compliance (13)
4x Pieces of the Puzzle (.25)
4x Pieces of the Puzzle (4)
3x Nimble Obstructionist (2)
3x Nimble Obstructionist (6)

3x Extirpate (PLC) (15)

3x Experimental Frenzy (1.5)
4x Blood Sun (2)

3x Blossoming Defense (.75)
1x Blossoming Defense (4)


1x Ash Barrens (C16) (5)
1x Ash Barrens (M25) (10)
2x Geier Reach Sanitarium (3.5)
2x Geier Reach Sanitarium (8)

4x Mishra’s Bauble (CSP) (12)
1x Mindslaver (MIR) (5)
2x Voltaic Key (UZ) (3.5)
2x Lodestone Bauble (3)
2x Hope of Ghirapur (.5)

2x Glint-Nest Crane (.25)

2x Veteran Explorer (Weatherlight) (1.5)

Have List:

2x Polluted Delta (KTK) (30)
2x Flooded Strand (KTK) (28)
1x Watery Grave (GTC) (20)
1x Hallowed Fountain (RTR) (12)
3x Alchemist’s Refuge (7)
1x Gavony Township (6)
1x Cinder Glade (6)
3x Sunken Hollow (5)
5x Prairie Stream (4)
2x Smoldering Marsh (3)
2x Thespian’s Stage (GTC) (3)
2x Thespian’s Stage (UMA) (3)
1x Mirrorpool (3)
2x Shambling Vent (2)
1x Yavimaya Coast (Origins) (2)
4x Ghost Quarter (INN) (1.5)
5x Haven of the Spirit Dragon (1.5)
3x Caves of Koilos (Origins) (1.5)
3x Battlefield Forge (Origins) (1)
9x Sanctum of Ugin (.75)
3x Lumbering Falls (.75)
12x Sea Gate Wreckage (.75)
7x Corrupted Crossroads (.5)
4x Crucible of the Spirit Dragon (.5)


9x Dark Depths (FTV) (30)
1x Desolate Lighthouse (UMA) (3)
1x Sea Gate Wreckage (Promo) (3)


1x Isocron Scepter (15)
1x Aetherflux Resevoir (9)
1x Torpor Orb (6)
3x Illusionist’s Bracers (6)
3x Knowledge Pool (6)
4x Mirage Mirror (6)
3x Altar of Dimentia (CON) (6)
3x Altar of Dimentia (MH) (3)
1x Coercive Portal (5)
4x Sundial of the Infinite (5)
4x Altar of the Brood (4)
1x Phyrexian Revoker (MBG) (3)
4x Oblivion Sower (2)
3x Cranial Plating (MM2) (1.5)
1x Silent Gravestone (1)
1x Eldrazi Mimic (1)
1x Lodestone Golem (WWK) (1)
1x Lodestone Golem (MM2) (1)
1x Scrap Trawler (1)
1x Bomat Courier (.75)
1x Scrapyard Recombiner (.75)


3x Knowledge Pool (25)
3x Voltaic Key (18)
1x Illusionist’s Bracers (9)
1x Altar of the Brood (8)
1x Everflowing Chalice (MM) (7)
4x Endbringer (Launch) (1)


3x Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis (8)
3x Magister Sphinx (6)
2x Expansion // Explosion (5)
1x Eladamri’s Call (MH) (3)
4x Bloodbraid Elf (Planechase) (2.5)
2x Deafening Clarion (2.5)
4x Quillspike (2)
1x Fallen Shinobi (2)
7x Edric, Spymaster of Trest (CON) (1.5)
1x Narset, Enlightened Master (1.5)
1x The Scorpion God (1.5)
2x Shattergang Brothers (1.5)
4x Epic Experiment (1.5)
1x Utter End (1.5)
2x Fallen Shinobi (1)
4x Murderous Redcap (MM1) (.75)
1x Basandra, Battle Seraph (CON) (.75)
20x Notion Thief (DGM) (.75)
6x Electrolyze (MM2) (.5)
1x Zealous Persecution (EMA) (.5)
1x Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun (.5)
1x Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons (.5)
2x Solar Blaze (.5)
5x Collected Conjuring (.5)
3x Reap the Past (.25)


4x Anafenza, the Foremost (Promo) (6)
2x Underworld Cerebus (3)
4x Qasali Ambusher (3)
14x Magister of Worth (Promo) (.75)


4x Grand Abolisher (12)
4x Puresteel Paladin (12)
1x Steelshaper’s Gift (9)
4x Palace Jailer (8)
2x Rebuff the Wicked (4)
3x Timely Reinforcements (3)
3x Mirran Crusader (MM2) (2.5)
3x Open the Vaults (2.5)
4x Swords to Plowshares (CN1) (2)
4x Tempered Steel (2)
4x Aegis of the Gods (2)
1x Authority of the Consul (2)
3x Eidolon of Rhetoric (1.5)
4x Suppresion Field (1.5)
1x Mana Tithe (1.5)
1x Soul of Theros (1.5)
4x Wispmare (1)
4x Martyr of Sands (1)
1x Flickerwisp (MM) (1)
4x Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit (.75)
1x Rout (CON) (.75)
1x Single Combat (.5)
1x Toolcraft Exemplar (.5)
2x Sisay, Weatherlight Captain (.5)
3x Astral Drift (.5)
2x On Thin Ice (.5)
1x Cast Out (.25)


4x Wispmare (9)
2x Scout’s Warning (8)
1x Armageddon (FTV: Annihilation) (6)
4x Spirit of the Labyrinth (4)
3x Imposing Sovereign (3)
5x Luminate Primordial (2)
1x Toolcraft Exemplar (2)
1x Enduring Sliver (.5)


4x Savor the Moment (7)
4x Enter the Infinite (5)
5x Stunt Double (4)
4x Fatestitcher (4)
8x Desertion (CON) (3)
7x Time Reversal (M12) (3)
1x Misthollow Griffin (3)
3x Invisible Stalker (2.5)
1x Part the Waterveil (2)
4x Frozen Aether (2)
15x Brainstorm (CN1) (1.5)
8x Brainstorm (IvG) (1.5)
8x Stubborn Denial (1.5)
8x Kami of the Cresent Moon (CON) (1.5)
4x Misdirection (1)
1x Inkwell Leviathan (CON) (.75)
2x Mist-Syndicate Naga (.5)
3x Future Sight (MH) (.5)
3x Vedalken Aethermage (.5)
3x New Perspectives (.5)
3x Parasitic Strix (.25)


1x Nix (Japanese) (20)
2x Paradoxical Outcome (10)
2x Drift of Phantasms (10)
1x Fact or Fiction (FTV: 20) (7)
1x Hibernation (8th) (6)
4x Diluvian Primordial (5)
1x Martyr of Frost (2.5)
1x Impulse (FTV: 20) (2)
1x Drake Haven (2)
1x Scatter to the Winds (2)
3x Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest (2)
3x Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest (Promo) (2)
1x Vapor Snag (MM) (1.5)


8x Thoughtseize (THS) (20)
4x Midnight Reaper (3)
33x Mastermind’s Acquisition (3)
12x Mastermind’s Acquisition (6)
2x Mastermind’s Acquisition (Promo) (6)
2x Command the Dreadhorde (2.5)
3x Faerie Macabre (MM) (1.5)
3x Call to the Netherworld (1.5)
3x Cordial Vampire (1.5)
1x Soul of Innistrad (1.5)
1x Stinkweed Imp (1)
4x Nether Spirit (MH) (.5)
1x Painful Truths (.5)
2x Brain Maggot (.25)


3x Thoughtseize (THS) (50)
1x Inquisition of Kozilek (CN2) (25)
4x Ravenous Trap (20)
1x Blood Artist (12)
1x Call to the Netherworld (7)
1x Sepulchral Primordial[foil] (6)
2x [foil]Dash Hopes
1x Arguel’s Blood Fast (XLN) (2)


2x Dreadhorde Arcanist (12)
1x Eidolon of the Great Revel (JOU) (8)
3x Subterranean Tremors (6)
6x Grenzo, Havoc Raiser (6)
1x Goblin Bushwhacker (2.5)
1x Searing Blaze (WWK) (2.5)
1x Searing Blood (1.5)
2x Faithless Looting (DKA) (1.5)
4x Planebound Accomplice (1)
4x Tectonic Reformation (1)
3x Pashalik Mons (1)
4x Reckless Bushwhacker (1)
6x Burning Wish (CN2) (1)
2x Roast (.5)
4x Sulfuric Vortex (CON) (.5)
15x Kessig Malcontents (.5)
3x Thunderous Wrath (AVR) (.25)


1x Planebound Accomplice (7)
3x Release the Ants (4)
2x Burn at the Stake (4)
4x Kuldotha Rebirth (2.5)
1x Geosurge (2)
2x Garbage Fire (1.5)


4x Elvish Promenade (4)
4x Selvala’s Stampede (4)
3x Crashing Footfalls (4)
1x Should of Zendikar (1.5)
3x Ayula, Queen Among Bears (.75)
4x Genesis (MH) (.5)
2x Explore (WWK) (.25)


1x Rishkar’s Expertise (8)
4x Scavenging Ooze (DotP) (8)
4x Virulent Sliver (5)
1x Regrowth (MH) (3)

From: michigan
Confirmed Refs: 108

posted July 14, 2019 06:28 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for linecook Click Here to Email linecook Send a private message to linecook Click to send linecook an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View linecook's Have/Want ListView linecook's Have/Want List
interested in these

2x flooded strand
2x polluted delta

check my h/w list drop me a post there let me know if a deal can be made.... thanks

From: Iowa
Confirmed Refs: 932

posted July 14, 2019 08:12 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for Steelerman Click Here to Email Steelerman Send a private message to Steelerman Click to send Steelerman an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View Steelerman's Have/Want ListView Steelerman's Have/Want List
Hello, small trade:

1x History of Benalia (4)

for your:

1x Munitions Expert (4)

please let me know. thanks

New Member
From: Los Angeles, CA USA
Confirmed Refs: 1

posted July 15, 2019 03:04 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for deathbycounterspell Click Here to Email deathbycounterspell Send a private message to deathbycounterspell Click to send deathbycounterspell an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View deathbycounterspell's Have/Want ListView deathbycounterspell's Have/Want List
hey I have

trostani discordant
thief of sanity( small crease in the corner/ otherwise NM))
venerated loxodon
runaway steamkind
goblin chainwhirler

pretty much want any modern staple...shocks/fetches/modern staples that you are willing to let go. Lmk, im open to all cards of value

The Foilmonger
From: Poway, CA, USA
Confirmed Refs: 1218

posted July 15, 2019 05:30 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for The Foilmonger Click Here to Email The Foilmonger Send a private message to The Foilmonger Click to send The Foilmonger an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View The Foilmonger's Have/Want ListView The Foilmonger's Have/Want List
Hey there!
Thanks for the post!
I sent you an email about a trade!


From: Brooklyn, NY, USA
Confirmed Refs: 618

posted July 18, 2019 08:52 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for nylarotep Click Here to Email nylarotep Send a private message to nylarotep Click to send nylarotep an Instant MessageVisit nylarotep's Homepage  Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View nylarotep's Have/Want ListView nylarotep's Have/Want List
1 Nimble Obstructionist (foil)
1 Mystic Remora

3 Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis

Lmk thanks.

Big Daddy BEAF
From: Sylvania, OH
Confirmed Refs: 8

posted July 21, 2019 12:29 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for Big Daddy BEAF Click Here to Email Big Daddy BEAF Send a private message to Big Daddy BEAF Click to send Big Daddy BEAF an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View Big Daddy BEAF's Have/Want ListView Big Daddy BEAF's Have/Want List
If you want to do a small trade:

x1 God-Eternal Kefnet
x1 Glorybringer
x1 Pia and Kiran Nalaar

x1 Dreadhorde Arcanist


From: Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Confirmed Refs: 128

posted August 14, 2019 08:58 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for ason81 Click Here to Email ason81 Send a private message to ason81 Click to send ason81 an Instant MessageVisit ason81's Homepage  Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View ason81's Have/Want ListView ason81's Have/Want List
Looking for cube cards!!!

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