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  Trading a LP/SP REV Taiga into a LP/SP REV Savannah

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Author Topic:   Trading a LP/SP REV Taiga into a LP/SP REV Savannah
From: Milledgeville, GA USA
Confirmed Refs: 83

posted October 17, 2019 11:06 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for budahkb Click Here to Email budahkb Send a private message to budahkb Click to send budahkb an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote 
Greetings from central Georgia.

This is a narrow trade target, so I'll keep it brief. I'm looking to trade a LP/SP Revised Taiga into a LP/SP Revised Savannah. Willing to provide scans/pics, whatever you would need, and will expect the same. Any price difference can be covered with cash or trade, if you need something I have.

Want List:
LP/SP Revised Savannah
Have List:
LP/SP Revised Taiga

Amonkhet Gameday Champion Playmat (unused)

MH Art Cards
Ranger, Captain of Eos
Zhalfirin Decoy
Sisay, Weatherlight Captain
Enduring Sliver
Winds of Abandon
Answered Prayers
Spinehorn Minotaur
Wall of One Thousand Cuts
Arcum's Astrolabe
Serra the Benevolent

Absorb x2
Admiral's Order RIX
Aethersphere Harvester AER x3
Altar of the Brood KTK
Ammit Eternal HOU Foil
Angel of Despair UMA foil
Animar, Soul of Elements M25
Apprentice Necromancer UMA foil
Approach of the Second Sun AKH
Arena Rector BB
Arcane Adaptation XLN
Arcane Denial M25 foil
Archfiend of Depravity FRF foil
Artisan of Kozilek MM15 foil
Back to Nature M15 foil
Blighted Woodland BFZ foil
Ball Lightning M25
Blood Operative GOR Foil
Blue Sun's Zenith M25 foil
Bonescythe Sliver M14
Bonus Round BB
Breaking//Entering PRF
Buried Alive UMA foil
Chief of the Foundry KLD GBP Foil (in wrapper) x2
Combustible Gearhulk KLD
Cramped Bunker UNS
Crucible of Fire IM foil
Damping Matrix MMM17 foil
Daring Archaeologist DOM
Darkslick Shores x2
Deafening Clarion
Decree of Justice M25 foil
Deeproot Champion XLN
Diabolic Tutor KLD foil
Dire Fleet Daredevil RIX
Dire Fleet Poisoner RIX foil
Disrupting Shoal UMA x2
Drakuseth, Maw of Flames
Drowner of Hope BFZ foil
Earthshaker Khenra HOU x4
Eldrazi Displacer OGW
Elvish Piper x2
Elvish Reclaimer
Erebos's Titan ORI
Etched Champion MM15
Etrata, the Silencer GRN
Everythingamajig UST
Fall of the Thran DOM
Fecundity UMA foil
Felidar Guardian AER foil
Fell Flagship
Find//Finality x2 (1 foil)
Firemind's Research GRN
Flash M25 x2
Forsaken Sanctuary SOI foil
Gift Horse UNS
Glint-Sleeve Siphoner AER x2
Glorious Anthem 8th x3
Glory-Bound Initiate AKH foil
God-Pharaoh's Gift HOU foil
Goring Ceratops IXA foil
Grenzo, Dungeon Warden M25
Grim Haruspex KTK foil
Gruul Turf MM15 foil
Herald of Anguish AER
History of Benalia x2
Hope of Ghirapur AER foil
Isolated Chapel MMED
Izzet Boilerworks MM15 Foil
Jareth, Leonine Titan ONS
Jenara, Asura of War FTV foil
Jodah, Archmage Eternal DOM
Josu Vess, Lich Knight DOM
Kamahl's Druidic Vow DOM
Kari Zev, Skyship Raider AER x2
Kazarow, Sengir Pureblood DOM
Key to the City KLD foil
Knight of the Ebon Legion
Legion Warboss GRN
Legion's Landing Pack version
Leyline of Anticipation
Liability MM foil
Madcap Experiment KLD foil
Mage-Ring Network ORI foil
Magma Sliver LEG
Marionette Master KLD x5 1 foil
Metallic Mimic x2
Mu Yanling, Sky Dancer
Naru Meha, Master Wizard DOM x2
Necroskitter MM15
Nettle Sentinel M25 foil
Nissa's Renewal BFZ foil
Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind M25, MM15
Open the Graves M19 Foil x2
Orzhov Guildgate RAL Foil
Over my Dead Bodies UNS
Paradoxical Outcome KLD
Pariah 10th
Path of Mettle RIX x3
Pia Nalaar KLD
Puppeteer Clique MM15
Pyromancer Ascension MM17 Foil
Rakdos Carnarium MM15 foil
Regrowth M25 foil
Rest in Peace M25 Foil
Regna's Sanction BB
Rite of Belzenlok DOM x2
Rules Lawyer UNS
Sigarda's Aid EMN foil
Spectral Procession MM15 foil
Spire of Industry AER x4
Spreading Seas ZEN
Squee Goblin Nabob UMA foil
Strionic Resonator M25 foil
Swans of Bryn Argoll MM15
Tale's End
The Antiquities War DOM
Throne of the God-Pharaoh AKH foil
Temporal Manipulation UMA
Tezzeret the Schemer AER W emblem
Torgaar, Famine Incarnate DOM x2 1 foil
Treasure Cruise UMA foil
Two-Headed Giant DOM
Underrealm Lich GOR
Unmoored Ego
Virtus's Maneuver BB foil
Vivid Revival
Vona's Hunger RIX
Yawgmoth"s Vile Offering DOM
Zahid, Djinn of the Lamp DOM x2


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