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Author Topic:   Have-Want List
From: Palatine, IL, USA
Confirmed Refs: 16

posted March 22, 2020 05:02 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for alpermazun Send a private message to alpermazun Click to send alpermazun an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View alpermazun's Have/Want ListView alpermazun's Have/Want List
Ripper Alert: John Austin Strickland

Hi Guys,
I'm trading on here both for myself and on my best friend's behalf. His trades are on my priority list. (But, almost finished his deck!) I can usually mix and match most of the trades but wanted to mention below in two separate lists.

Please ask for condition if it is not mentioned aside.
1) Regular forum rules apply. Refs for sending order.
2) Unless I mention aside, please ask for condition.
3) I trade only in USA.
4) Not interested in foil, foreign or promo cards.
5) Please do not offer bundle of $10-20 cards and ask for a $100+ reserved card in exchange. Iím not interested.
6) If the trade value is less than $20, I prefer to send in PWE. If the trade value is over $20, I send in bubble envelope with tracking.
7) If trade value is over $50, insurance will be provided from my side, I recommend the same for you. (USPS have lost my cards before)
8) I usually ship within 1-2 days.
9) Depending on the value of the card, I usually go with TCG prices (mid/market), and sometimes I will also consider eBay "sold" listings if the trade is large.
10) Because of USPS insurance limits, I ship maximum value of $500 in 1 bubble envelope. For every $500 worth, another bubble envelope will be used.
11) No trade is too small. I'm open for offers, I like looking at lists.
12) It will be faster for me to reply if you PM me for any trade offers or questions.


And my special thanks to Mishra II for being the best man on MOTL community.


[Edited 2 times, lastly by alpermazun on March 24, 2020]

Want List:
-My Friend's Wants:

City of Traitors x2
Thorn of Ametyst x2
Wasteland x3
Eye of Ugin x1
Cloudpost x4
Glimmerpost x4
Golos, Tireless Pilgrim x3
Thran Dynamo x1

-My Wants:

Underground Sea x1
Tropical Island x1

-Depending on the deal, cards that I may always consider to trade:

Mox Diamond
City of Traitors
Dark Depths
Chalice of the Void
Wasteland (EMA)
Chrome Mox
Mox Opal
Volrath's Stronghold
Cruel Tutor
Liliana, the Last Hope
Opposition (Only UD)
Walking Ballista

Have List:
-My Friend's Have List:

Shivan Dragon x1 (FBB) French - Pics Available
Survival of the Fittest x3 (Exodus) - Pics Available
Staff of Domination x3 (Fifth Dawn) MP
Palinchron x3 (Urza's Legacy) MP
Craterhoof Behemoth x2 (Avacyn Restored) NM
Phyrexian Dreadnought x1 (Mirage) MP
Emrakul, the Aeons Torn x1 (UMA) NM
Cloudstone Curio x2 (Ravnica) MP
Flooded Strand (Italian) x1 (Khans of Tarkir) NM
Urza's Tower (Shore) x3
Defense of the Heart x1 (Urza's Legacy)
Strip Mine x2 (Anthology)
Glimpse of Nature x3 (Champions of Kamigawa)
Aura shards x1 (Invasion)
Summoners Pact x3
Teferi's Puzzle Box x1 (Classic Sixth Edition)
Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker x1 (Modern Masters 2015)
Spellskite x1 (Modern Masters 2015)
Primordial Hydra x1 (2013 Core Set)
Crawlspace x1 (Urza's Legacy)
Sleight of Hand x1 (Portal Second Age)
Coat of Arms x4 (Premium Deck Series: Slivers)
Opalescence x1 (Urza's Destiny)
Equilibrium x1 (Exodus)
Predatory Nightstalker x1 (Portal Second Age)
Scavenging Ooze x3 (Media Promos)
Krarks Thumb x1 (Mirrodin Besieged)
Oppression x2 (Urza's Saga)
Hermit Druid x2 (Stronghold)
Elvish Archdruid x4 (M12 - Foil)
Mitotic Slime (foil) x1 (Game Day & Store Championship Promos)
Erratic Portal x1 (Exodus)
Brushland x1 (Ice Age)
Mind Twist x1 (Revised Edition)
Heritage Druid x4 (Morningtide)
Primalcrux x1 (Eventide)
Living Death x1 (Tempest)
Descendants Path x2 (Avacyn Restored)
Skirge Familiar x1 (Urza's Saga)
Greater Good x1 (Urza's Saga)
Joraga Warcaller x4 (Worldwake)
Fauna Shaman x2 (2011 Core Set)
Eternal Witness x2 (Modern Masters)
Restoration Angel x1 (Avacyn Restored - Foil)
Karmic Guide x2 (Urza's Legacy) 1 Eng - 1 French
Vernal Bloom x1 (Urza's Saga)
Turnabout x1 (Urza's Saga)
Rage Reflection x1 (Shadowmoor - Foil)
Urza's Power Plant x5 (5th Edition)
Zombie Token x1 (Unglued)
Priest of Titania x4 (Urza's Saga)
Elvish Piper x1 (Urza's Destiny)
Sky Diamond x1 (Mirage)
Radiant, Archangel x1 (Urza's Legacy)
Urza's Mine x4 (5th Edition)
Wake of Destruction x1 (Urza's Destiny)

-My Have List:

Gaea's Cradle x3 (US) - Pics Available
Dark Ritual x1 (FBB) Korean - Pics Available
Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger (BFZ) NM-M
(FOIL) Stinkweed Imp x1 (RAV) NM-M
(FOIL) Darkblast x1 (RAV) NM-M
(FOIL) Unearth x1 (ULG) NM
Reanimate x3 (UMA) NM-M
Flying Men x1 (Arabian Nights) NM
Savannah Lions x4 (Revised) MP
Oath of Ghouls x4 (Exodus) EX
Spellshock x3 (Exodus)
Ashnod's Altar x1 (6ED)
Carnival of Souls x1 (UD) NM
Rat Colony x24 NM-M
Hypnotic Specter x2 (4th x1 Revised x1)
Go for the Throat x4 (Mirrodin Besieged)
Faithless Looting x4
Goblin Bombardment x3 (Tempest)
Night's Whisper x4 (Fifth Dawn)
Aura of Silence x1 (Commander)
Goblin King x1 (6th)
Yavimaya Elder x5 (UD)
Helm of Awakening x1 (Visions)
Urza's Bauble x1 (Ice Age)
Tortured Existence x4 (Stronghold)
Terrain Generator x1 (Nemesis)
Hermit Druid x2 (Stronghold)
Zuran Orb x1 (Ice Age)
Cooper Gnomes x1 (Urza's Saga)
Wrath of God x1 (Revised)
Armageddon x4 (6th Ed. x1 Anthologies x2 Revised x1)
Tinker x4 (UL)
Radiant, Archangel x1 (UL)
Karmic Guide x1 (UL)
Erratic Portal x1 (Exodus)
Bone Dancer x1 (Weatherlight)
Voltaic Key x4 (Urza's Saga)
Forbid x2 (Exodus) LPx1 - PLx1
Faerie Conclave x1 (UL)
Infernal Tribute x1 (Weatherlight) LP
Pariah x4 (Urza's Saga)
Logic Knot x1 (Future Sight)
Rebuild x2 (Urza's Legacy)
Heartstone x2 (Stronghold)
Acidic Soil x3 (Urza's Saga)
Tower of the Magistrate x1 (Masques)
Copper Gnomes x1 (Urza's Saga)
Rising Waters x1 (Nemesis)

Swamp x1 (Beta #296) MP
Swamp x2 (Portal Second Age #157)
Swamp x2 (Portal Second Age #159)
Mountain x1 (Portal Second Age #160)
Mountain x2 (Portal Second Age #161)
Forest x4 (Portal Second Age #163)
Forest x1 (Portal Second Age #164)
Forest x2 (Portal Second Age #165)
Plains x1 (Portal Second Age #151)
Plains x1 (Portal Second Age #152)

From: Saint Louis, MO
Confirmed Refs: 234

posted March 23, 2020 09:26 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for Wintermist_one2 Click Here to Email Wintermist_one2 Send a private message to Wintermist_one2 Click to send Wintermist_one2 an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View Wintermist_one2's Have/Want ListView Wintermist_one2's Have/Want List
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