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  I'm back, cause of quarantine. Bored, why not MTG

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Author Topic:   I'm back, cause of quarantine. Bored, why not MTG
From: Fort Lee, NJ, USA
Confirmed Refs: 95

posted May 07, 2020 11:02 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for poppadiddysmurf Click Here to Email poppadiddysmurf Send a private message to poppadiddysmurf Click to send poppadiddysmurf an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View poppadiddysmurf's Have/Want ListView poppadiddysmurf's Have/Want List
I am a Trader first. Player second.
If you are an active player that needs playable cards, and you have a few pricey cards, then I am your guy. I would like to thin out my collection.

I have a lot more cards.
It's not on the list cause they're not current enough or rare enough. Anything else you need, you could ask.
I'm slowing organizing this thing.

Trade with:
Hiddenkeep (2 trades; 1 $100+ trade)
arc4 (2 trades)
Tetryondecay (2 trades)
spoonhand (1 $100+ trade)
bigballashotcaller (2 trades)
Rockinamig14 (2 trades)
joahfx (1 $200+ trade)

If possible, I would always like to end with any deal, as many counter offers as possible.

[Edited 1 times, lastly by poppadiddysmurf on May 07, 2020]

Want List:
I have no idea what I want, just came back. Maybe Lotus Field?

Xx Dual lands****
Volcanic Island
Underground Sea
Bayou Taiga
Tropical Island

Xx Fetchlands***
arid mesa
marsh flats
scalding tarn
verdant catacombs
misty rainforest
flooded Strand
poluted Delta
windswept Heath
wooded Foothills
bloodstained Mire

Xx Force of Will****
Xx Mox Diamond***
Xx Wrath of God/textless*

OLD WANTS, from my posting 4-5 yrs ago
1x Sower of Temptation
2x Steel Overseer
1x Remand FNM Mint
3x Thirst for Knowledge FNM Mint

2x Springleaf Drum
3x Vault Skirge
2x Vedalken Engineer

Have List:
I copied and pasted my old list, most cards I have, but I have to double check

(For THESE cards, I will ONLY trade UP. Offer me "a card" that is BOTH "equal or MORE" in RARITY AND VALUE, or "multiple cards" that is BOTH worth MORE in RARITY AND VALUE.)(if you offer "enough" duals, I'll trade you this; you make the 1st offer; make me an offer I can't refuse)
2 Mana Drain NM
1 Plateau EX
1 Tundra NM
1 Taiga NM
4 Metalworker NM
6 Force of Will NM/EX+
1 Bloodstained Mire ON EX+
1 Power Artifact LG EX+
1 Academy Ruins TS
1 Crucible of Worlds 5D

1 Ancient Hellkite release
4 Browbeat FNM
3 Cancel textless
1 Celestial Purge textless
1 Comet Storm release
1 Cruel Edict textless
1 Damnation textless
2 Day of Judgment textless
1 Dragon Broodmother release
1 Fireslinger DCI
3 Flame Javelin textless
3 Harrow textless
2 Infest textless
2 Lightning Bolt textless
1 Pendelhaven FNM
1 Rampant Growth textless
2 Selkie Hedge-Mage DCI
1 Treasure Hunt textless
1 Unmake textless
5 Watchwolf FNM
3 Wurmcoil Engine

Portal, Portal 2, Portal 3 Kingdoms
1 Pyroclasm PO
2 King's Assassin 1x ex

1 Dakmor Sorceress PO2
2 Piracy PO2

1 Balance of Power PO3
2 Imperial Edict PO3 Jap
1 Lu Bu, Master at Arms PO3 Prerelease
1 Warrior's Oath PO3 Jap

4 Brushland IA
2 Brushland 5th
3 City of Brass CH 1x signed
1 City of Brass 5th
1 Flagstones of Trokair TS Good/Poor(NM cept for
1 Gemstone Mine TSS ex
7 Ghost Quarter
2 Ghost town
2 Hammerheim FBB Italy LE
1 Hallowed Fountain DI
1 Karplusan Forest IA ex+
1 Mountain Unglued
1 Pendelhaven FNM
5 Pillar of the Paruns DI
2 Scorched Ruins WL 1x Very Fine/Fine
2 Sulfurous Springs 5th
2 Underground River IA 1xNM 1xVeryFine/Fine
1 Yavimaya Coast 9th

1 Coat of Arms
2 Cursed Scroll
1 Grindstone
1 Lotus Petal EX- (bent corner)
1 Quicksilver Amulet UL
3 Skullclamp
1 Solemn Simulacrum Mirrodin NM
1 Staff of Domination
3 Thrumming Stone
1 Vedalken Orrery

1 Cranial Extraction
1 Tendrils of Agony EX

1 Intuition TP
3 Mind Over Matter EX
1 Serendib Efreet RV NM

4 Aluren NM-
1 City of Solitude
2 Rancor NM-
3 Wall of Blossoms nm-

1 Browbeat JU
1 Fireslinger DCI
1 Fork RV
1 Gamble
1 Goblin Bomb
1 Goblin Piledriver ON
1 Goblin Sharpshooter ON
4 Kird Ape RV
1 Kird Ape 9th
1 Mana Flare 4th EX
4 Mogg Fanatic TP
1 Rite of Flame
1 Siege-Gang Commander xth

1 Land Tax 4th
1 Sacred Mesa TSS
1 Wrath of God RV
1 Wrath of God 6th
1 Wrath of God 8th

Gold bolder
1 Rishadan Port

Common staples
1 Counterspell RV NM-/EX
1 Counterspell 5th NM-/EX
3 Dark Ritual 4th EX/EX-
4 Dark Ritual IA EX/EX-
7 Brainstorm IA EX/EX-
4 Brainstorm 5th NM
1 Blue Elemental Blast RV EX+
1 Blue Elemental Blast 4th EX+
5 Hydroblast IA EX
2 Hydroblast 5th NM
1 Red Elemental RV EX
4 Red Elemental 4th NM-
8 Active Volcano CH EX+
10 Pyroblast IA NM-/EX
1 Pyroblast 5th NM
9 Rite of Flame NM

I played from 4th to Tempest
Mirridin to Fifth Dawn
9th to Time Spiral
Zendikar to Mirridin Besieged
Battle for Zendikar to Oath of Gatewatch

HOT CARDS!!! via MTGSTOCK (These are on Ebay as well)
1x Tailsman of Dominance Foil
1x Chorme Mox
4x Amulet of Vigor
1x Enlightened Tutor Mirage
1x Enlightened Tutor 6th
1x Winds of Change LE
1x Winds of Change 5th
2x Copy Artifact RV
2x Copy Artifact U
1x Lightning Greaves FNM
2x Mana Vault 4th
1x Exploration US
1x Necromancy VS
1x Basalt Monolith RV
3x Basalt Monolith U

The Foilmonger
From: Poway, CA, USA
Confirmed Refs: 1219

posted May 12, 2020 07:54 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for The Foilmonger Click Here to Email The Foilmonger Send a private message to The Foilmonger Click to send The Foilmonger an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View The Foilmonger's Have/Want ListView The Foilmonger's Have/Want List
Hey there,
I am interested in your:

3x Mind Over Matter (EX)
I have:
1x Marsh Flats (EX)
1x Lotus Field

Not sure what how you value your less than mint/near mint cards so if you have time, could you check my list and see if there is anything else I could add to make a trade happen?


[Edited 2 times, lastly by The Foilmonger on May 13, 2020]


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