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  trying to finish some edh decks

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Author Topic:   trying to finish some edh decks
From: woonsocket, ri usa
Confirmed Refs: 347

posted August 10, 2020 09:01 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for jburg Click Here to Email jburg Send a private message to jburg Click to send jburg an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View jburg's Have/Want ListView jburg's Have/Want List
1. refs determine sending, though i'm usually fine with siml-sending
2. all cards are nm/m unless noted, looking for nm/m cards in return please.
3. I like tcgplayer for price referencing.
4. please post first.

[Edited 5 times, lastly by jburg on August 12, 2020]
Want List:
finale of devastation
thousand-year elixir
craterhoof behemoth
elvish mystic
allosaurus shepherd
blood moon (double masters)
dramatic reversal
toxic deluge (double masters)
force of negation
chrome mox (double masters)
4 blinkmoth nexus (double masters)
4 thespian's stage (double masters)
4 maelstrom pulse (double masters)
4 fulminator mage (double masters)
4 endless atlas (double masters)

spellskite (double masters)
guardian project
mystic gate (double masters)
sunken ruins (double masters)
chord of calling (double masters)
nexus of fate
faithless looting (eternal masters/ultimate masters)
glistener elf
heritage druid (eternal masters)
llanowar elves (m11/eternal masters)
nissa, vastwood seer (ftv)
crop rotation (double masters)
elvish reclaimer
heroic intervention (m21)
runic repetiton
back to basics (ultimate masters)

Have List:

basri's lieutenant
hoofprints of the stag
spirit bonds
acclaimed contender
shatter the sky x2
astral drift x2
akroma's vengeance
martial coup
archon of sun's grace x2
elspeth conquers death x3
eidolon of obstruction x3
charming prince
happily ever after
hour of reckoning
song of the worldsoul
descend upon the sinful
wingmate roc

martial coup (ftv)
giant killer
charming prince
phyrexian rebirth
auriok steelshaper
stonehorn dignitary
restoration angel (iconic masters)
trostani's judgment
rootborn defenses
intangible virtue (masters)
maned serval
momentary blink (masters)
martyr of dusk
duskborne skymarcher
banishing stroke
adanto vanguard
skymarcher aspirant
divine arrow
will of the all-hunter
flickerwisp (masters)


mystical tutor (mirage jap)
cyclonic rift (c14)
sublime epiphany
blatant thievery (onslaught)
enter the infinite
political trickery
pearl lake ancient
sea-dasher octopus
thassa's intervention
stormtide leviathan
entrancing melody
seafloor oracle
ashiok's erasure
gadwick, the wizened
djinn of wishes
curator of mysteries
saheeli's artistry
mythos of illuna x 2
drake haven
new perspectives
wavebreak hippocamp
crystalline resonance

desertion (commanders' arsenal)
insidious will
thassa's intervention
spell swindle
talrand, sky summoner
metallurgic summonings
god-eternal kefnet
fuel for the cause
flux channeler (jap)
sphinx of the final word
fact or fiction (ftv)
pull from tomorrow
reef worm
negate (rivals of ixalan)
phyrexian metamorph (launch party)
the magic mirror
finale of revelation (pre-release)
tromokratis (pre-release)
shipbreaker kraken (pre-release)
scourge of fleets (pre-release)
scatter to the winds (pre-release)
devious cover-up


nessian boar x2
colossification x2
the first iroan games x3
wakeroot elemental
second harvest
arasta of the endless web x4
feasting troll king x2
lovestruck beast
crash of rhino beetles
full flowering
momentous fall
selesnya eulogist
rampaging baloths
wave of vitriol
cultivate (c17)
kodama's reach (c17)

second harvest
srasta of the endless web
durid's deliverance
bristling boar
skola grovedancer


gonti, lord of luxury
noxious gearhulk
blood tribute
olivia's bloodsworn
zagoth mamba
unbreakable bond
bloodthrone vampire
vampire lacerator
dusk legion zealot
dark bargain
carrier thrall
unburial rites (mm3) x6

lilianan, waker of the dead
extiction event x2
oathsworn knight
aphemia, the cacophony x4
peer into the abyss
gravebreaker lamia
tymaret calls the dead x2
extinction mp
mythos of nethroi
treacherous blessing x2
dirge bat x2 (1 showcase)
nightmare shepherd x2
hunted nightmare
eat to extinction x4


volcanic vision (pre-release)
purphoros, god of the forge
kiki-jiki, mirror breaker (ftv)
falkenrath gorger
mountain (hour of devastation)
sunbird's invocation
crystal slipper
insolent neonate
tentative connection
flame spill
bloodcrazed neonate
falkenrath exterminator
vampiric fury
battle-rattle shaman (m21)
stensia banquet x15

ghired's belligerence
double vision
agitator ant
subira, tulzidi caravanner
brash taunter
the akroan war x3
storm herald x4
phoenix of ash x3
tectonic giant x3
storm's wrath x2
purphoros's intervention x3
everquill phoenix
irencrag pyromancer
unpredictable cyclone
irencrag feat
yidaro, wandering monster x4


gargoyle castle
detection tower
bonders' enclave
slayers' stronghold
memorial to genius

sungrass prairie
bonders' enclave
labyrinth of skophos
gargoyle castle
temple of malady


genreal's kabuto
gilded lotus (ftv) x2
boros cluestone

primal amulet
adaptive automaton
boros signet
cryptic trilobite
steel hellkite x2
psychosis crawler
crystalline giant


keranos, god of storms (secret lair)
melek, izzet paragon
ral, storm conduit (stained glass)
ghired, conclave exile
dragon broodmother (pre-release) hp
legion lieutenant
sin collector (fnm)
azor, the lawbringer
epic experiment x2 1 hp
thousand-year storm
sundering growth
savai thundermare
mistmeadow witch
tithe drinker

vindicate (apocalypse sp)
voice of resurgence (dragons' maze sp)
allure the unknown x3
enigmatic incarnation x3
gallia of the endless dance x3
lochmere serpent
doom foretold
collective blessing
growing ranks
song of creation
whirlwind of thought
atris, oracle of half-truths
frondland felidar
quartzwood crasher x2
titans' nest
high priest of penance
death's oasis
duskmantle seer
advent of the wurm
labyrinth raptor
genesis ultimatum
emergent ultimatum
offspring's revenge
erata, the silencer
gyruda, doom of depths x2
lutri, the spellchaser x3
zirda, the dawnwaker x3
kaheera, the orphanguard
jegantha, the wellspring x2
yorion, sky nomad x2
umori, the collector
obosh, the preypiercer x2
keruga, the macrosage
bioessence hydra
bronzehide lion x2
widespread brutality
dalakos, crafter of wonders x4
escape to the wilds
dream trawler
mercurial chemister
outlaws' merriment
isperia, supreme judge
niv-mizzet, the firemind

From: woonsocket, ri usa
Confirmed Refs: 347

posted August 12, 2020 04:42 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for jburg Click Here to Email jburg Send a private message to jburg Click to send jburg an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View jburg's Have/Want ListView jburg's Have/Want List

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