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  Because I can't play paper, might as well trade paper. Plus I like getting mail.

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Author Topic:   Because I can't play paper, might as well trade paper. Plus I like getting mail.
From: Memphis, TN
Confirmed Refs: 417

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I'm not looking for any non-English, foils, showcase, extended art etc... I don't care what sets the cards are from.

I'll verify set, condition and language if you are interested in any of my stuff.

So anywho, we've all been around this block before so let's circle around again.



MOTL Tools Chrome Extension <- It's a friggin' trade matcher!

Damn sloughing of the uterus - Spouts

[Edited 6 times, lastly by harbingerofthevoid on September 10, 2020]

Want List:
4x Archon of Sun's Grace
4x Arena rector
1x Castle Locthwain
1x Castle Vantress
1x Chandra, Heart of Fire
2x Chevill, Bane of Monsters
1x Crux of Fate
1x Eerie Ultimatum
2x Force of Negation
1x Fumigate
3x Ice-Fang Coatl
4x Imperial Recruiter
1x Kenrith, the Returned King
1x Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger
4x Lightning Skelemental
1x Liliana, Death's Majesty
1x Liliana, Waker of the Dead
1x Mangara, the Diplomat
2x Murderous Rider
1x Mythos of Nethroi
1x Nissa, Vital Force
2x Nissa, Voice of Zendikar
3x Nissa, Who Shakes the World
2x Oko, Thief of Crowns
1x Phyrexian Scriptures
1x Prismatic Vista
4x Recruiter of the Guard
1x Righteous Fury
1x Ruinous Ultimatum
1x Seasoned Pyromancer
4x Setessan Champion
1x Shatter the Sky
1x Sword of Sinew and Steel
1x Sword of Truth and Justice
1x Terror of the Peaks
3x Unsettled Mariner
1x Urza's Ruinous Blast
1x Walking Ballista

Sleight of Mind collection

English Summer
German Revised WB
Spanish 4th BB
Traditional Chinese 4th BB
Italian 4th WB
Portuguese 4th WB
Japanese 4th WB
Italian 5th WB
German 5th WB
Spanish 5th WB
Japanese 5th WB
Spanish Ice Age
English Ice Age Artist Proof

Have List:

1x Akroan Horse (ths)
1x Altar of the Brood (ktk)
1x Amulet of Vigor (wwk)
1x Angelheart Vial (roe)
1x Ashes of the Fallen (sok)
1x Astral Cornucopia (bng)
1x Barrage Tyrant (bfz)
2x Barrin's Codex (usg)
3x Bearer of Silence (ogw)
1x Blight Herder (bfz)
1x Bloodletter Quill (rav)
1x Blue Mana Battery (4ed)
1x Bomat Courier (kld)
1x Bottle of Suleiman (5ed)
1x Candles of Leng (tsp)
2x Captain's Claws (ogw)
1x Cauldron of Souls (shm)
2x Colfenor's Urn (lrw)
1x Colossus of Sardia (4ed)
1x Conduit of Ruin (bfz)
2x Corrupted Grafstone (soi)
2x Crown of Convergence (rav)
2x Damping Engine (ulg)
1x Dancing Scimitar (4ed)
1x Deceiver of Form (ogw)
2x Decimator Web (mbs)
1x Desolation Twin (bfz)
1x Despotic Scepter (ice)
2x Dimensional Infiltrator (ogw)
1x Dingus Egg (4ed)
1x Dingus Egg (4bb) (Japanese)
3x Distorting Lens (mmq)
3x Dread Defiler (ogw)
1x Drowner of Hope (bfz)
1x Dust Stalker (bfz)
1x Dynavolt Tower (kld)
1x Eldrazi Displacer (ogw)
1x Eldrazi Mimic (ogw)
2x Eldrazi Obligator (ogw)
1x Endbringer (ogw)
1x Endless One (bfz)
1x Etched Monstrosity (nph)
1x Flying Carpet (4ed)
2x From Beyond (bfz)
1x Grid Monitor (mrd)
2x Grim Poppet (shm)
1x Guardian of the Ages (m14)
2x Hall of Triumph (jou)
2x Hedron Matrix (roe)
2x Heroes' Podium (bng)
1x Hivestone (tsp)
1x Inverter of Truth (ogw)
1x Jade Monolith (fbb)
2x Jinxed Idol (m11)
1x Keening Stone (roe)
1x Kormus Bell (3ed)
1x Kuldotha Forgemaster (som)
1x Lodestone Myr (mrd)
1x Mage-Ring Responder (ori)
2x Matter Reshaper (ogw)
3x Memory Crystal (exo)
1x Mizzium Transreliquat (gpt)
1x Moonring Mirror (chk)
1x Myr Superion (nph)
3x Nullstone Gargoyle (rav)
1x Nyx Lotus (thb)
1x Obelisk of Alara (con)
1x Omen Machine (nph)
1x Pariah's Shield (rav)
1x Phyrexian Altar (inv)
1x Pointy Finger of Doom (unh)
2x Portcullis (sth)
1x Power Matrix (mmq)
1x Pyxis of Pandemonium (ths)
1x Rakdos Riteknife (dis)
1x Sarpadian Empires, Vol. VII (tsp)
1x Serpentine Spike (bfz)
1x Shapeshifter (4ed)
1x Sire of Stagnation (bfz)
2x Skull of Ramos (mmq)
1x Smokestack (usg)
1x Smothering Abomination (bfz)
3x Soul Conduit (nph)
1x Spawnsire of Ulamog (roe)
1x Stoneforge Masterwork (ogw)
1x Sword of the Animist (ori)
1x Sword of the Paruns (gpt)
1x Thorn of Amethyst (lrw)
2x Thought-Knot Seer (ogw)
2x Thran Lens (ulg)
1x Tower of Calamities (som)
2x Tsabo's Web (inv)
1x Ugin's Nexus (ktk)
1x Vibrating Sphere (ice)
2x Vile Redeemer (ogw)
1x Void Winnower (bfz)
1x Volatile Rig (rtr)
1x Wasteland Strangler (bfz)
1x World Breaker (ogw)


1x Abhorrent Overlord (pths)
3x Abhorrent Overlord (ths)
1x Abyssal Nocturnus (gpt)
1x Aether Snap (dst)
2x Agent of the Fates (ths)
2x Asylum Visitor (soi)
1x Bane of the Living (lgn)
1x Baneful Omen (roe)
1x Blood Funnel (rav)
1x Bogbrew Witch (m14)
1x Braids, Cabal Minion (ody)
1x Call to the Grave (scg)
1x Chancellor of the Dross (nph)
1x Consuming Vapors (roe)
1x Crovax the Cursed (sth)
1x Curse of Misfortunes (dka)
1x Dark Petition (ori)
1x Dark Tutelage (m11)
2x Death Baron (ala)
1x Death Pits of Rath (tmp)
1x Deathlace (3ed)
1x Demonic Collusion (tsp)
1x Despoiler of Souls (ori)
2x Diregraf Colossus (soi)
1x Disciple of Bolas (m13)
1x Divining Witch (nem)
1x Dross Harvester (mrd)
1x Elusive Tormentor (soi)
1x Empty the Pits (ktk)
1x Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder (tsp)
1x Entropic Specter (exo)
1x Erebos's Titan (ori)
1x Ever After (soi)
2x Extinguish All Hope (jou)
1x Fate Unraveler (bng)
2x Festering Evil (wth)
2x Forced March (mmq)
1x From Under the Floorboards (soi)
1x Gallowbraid (wth)
1x Gangrenous Goliath (ons)
1x Gilt-Leaf Winnower (ori)
2x Glistening Oil (nph)
2x Gloom Surgeon (avr)
1x Gonti, Lord of Luxury (kld)
1x Grave Betrayal (rtr)
1x Graveblade Marauder (ori)
1x Grim Haruspex (ktk)
7x Herald of Torment (bng)
1x Immortal Coil (ala)
1x Infinite Obliteration (ori)
2x Kederekt Parasite (con)
2x King Macar, the Gold-Cursed (jou)
1x Knucklebone Witch (lrw)
1x Kothophed, Soul Hoarder (pori)
1x Kyoki, Sanity's Eclipse (bok)
1x Life's Finale (nph)
1x Living End (tsp)
1x Lord of the Pit (10e)
2x Lurking Skirge (ulg)
2x Markov Dreadknight (soi)
2x Masked Gorgon (jud)
1x Midnight Ritual (10e)
1x Mindwrack Demon (soi)
1x Moonlight Bargain (rav)
1x Necravolver (apc)
1x Necromancy (vis)
2x Necroplasm (rav)
1x Necrosavant (vis)
1x Necrotic Ooze (som)
1x Necrotic Plague (m11)
2x Nefashu (scg)
1x Nighthowler (ths)
1x Nihilistic Glee (dis)
1x Pestilence Demon (roe)
2x Phyrexian Infiltrator (inv)
1x Phyrexian Plaguelord (8ed)
1x Phyrexian Vatmother (mbs)
1x Plague of Vermin (shm)
1x Plague Wind (8ed)
1x Priest of the Blood Rite (ori)
1x Pulse of the Dross (dst)
1x Ravenous Demon (dka)
1x Remorseless Punishment (ogw)
2x Repay in Kind (roe)
1x Retribution of the Ancients (ktk)
1x Royal Assassin (m11)
1x Ruinous Path (bfz)
3x Sanguine Praetor (gpt)
1x Seizan, Perverter of Truth (chk)
1x Seize the Soul (gpt)
1x Silence the Believers (jou)
2x Skeletal Vampire (gpt)
1x Stenchskipper (mor)
1x Subversion (ulg)
1x Tainted Aether (usg)
1x Tainted Aether (7ed)
1x Tainted Remedy (ori)
1x Tar Fiend (ala)
1x Thought Gorger (roe)
1x Treacherous Pit-Dweller (avr)
1x Triskaidekaphobia (soi)
1x Uncle Istvan (tsb)
1x Undercity Plague (gtc)
1x Unliving Psychopath (dis)
1x Woebringer Demon (rav)
2x Wound Reflection (shm)
1x Xathrid Gorgon (m13)


1x Aethersquall Ancient (kld)
1x Artisan of Forms (ths)
1x Azami, Lady of Scrolls (chk)
1x Back from the Brink (isd)
2x Battlefield Thaumaturge (jou)
1x Beguiler of Wills (dka)
1x Captain of the Mists (avr)
2x Cerulean Sphinx (rav)
1x Cetavolver (apc)
1x Chancellor of the Spires (nph)
1x Chisei, Heart of Oceans (bok)
2x Confirm Suspicions (soi)
3x Copy Enchantment (rav)
1x Cosi's Trickster (zen)
1x Counterbore (shm)
1x Dandân (tsb)
2x Daring Thief (jou)
2x Day of the Dragons (scg)
1x Declaration of Naught (mor)
1x Deflection (6ed)
1x Deflection (5ed)
1x Deflection (8ed)
1x Dictate of Kruphix (c18)
1x Dig Through Time (ktk)
2x Diluvian Primordial (gtc)
1x Diminishing Returns (all)
1x Disciple of the Ring (ori)
1x Displacement Wave (ori)
1x Dissipation Field (som)
1x Dungeon Geists (dka)
1x Embargo (mmq)
1x Engulf the Shore (soi)
2x Epiphany at the Drownyard (soi)
1x Evacuation (9ed)
1x Faces of the Past (scg)
1x False Memories (tor)
3x Fated Infatuation (bng)
2x Fathom Trawl (lrw)
2x Fleeting Image (ulg)
2x Geralf's Masterpiece (soi)
1x Goliath Sphinx (wwk)
1x Govern the Guildless (dis)
2x Gravitational Shift (roe)
1x Guile (lrw)
1x Hatching Plans (gpt)
2x Hedron Alignment (ogw)
1x Heidar, Rimewind Master (csp)
1x Heightened Awareness (pcy)
1x Hunted Phantasm (rav)
1x Icy Blast (ktk)
1x Imaginary Pet (9ed)
2x Island Fish Jasconius (4ed)
1x Isleback Spawn (shm)
1x Jace, Memory Adept (m13)
1x Jace's Sanctum (ori)
1x Karn's Touch (mmq)
2x Kheru Spellsnatcher (ktk)
1x Knowledge Exploitation (mor)
1x Leviathan (tsb)
1x Llawan, Cephalid Empress (tor)
1x Lullmage Mentor (zen)
1x Lumengrid Augur (mrd)
1x Magus of the Bazaar (plc)
1x Mahamoti Djinn (9ed)
1x Mawcor (tmp)
2x Meletis Charlatan (ths)
1x Memory Erosion (ala)
1x Merfolk Sovereign (m10)
1x Merrow Commerce (lrw)
2x Metallurgic Summonings (kld)
1x Mimeofacture (gpt)
1x Mystic Might (ice)
1x Oath of Jace (ogw)
3x Overwhelming Denial (ogw)
1x Padeem, Consul of Innovation (kld)
1x Pearl Lake Ancient (ktk)
1x Pedantic Learning (ody)
2x Perplexing Chimera (bng)
1x Phantom Monster (ema)
1x Phyrexian Ingester (nph)
1x Plagiarize (tor)
1x Planeswalker's Mischief (pls)
1x Polymorphous Rush (jou)
1x Psionic Sliver (tsp)
1x Psychic Battle (inv)
1x Psychic Surgery (nph)
1x Psychic Theft (pcy)
1x Psychic Trance (ons)
1x Puca's Mischief (shm)
1x Quicken (gpt)
2x Quicksilver Elemental (mrd)
1x Rattlechains (jmp)
1x Rayne, Academy Chancellor (uds)
25x Realmwright (gtc)
1x Recurring Insight (roe)
1x Reduce to Dreams (bok)
2x Reins of Power (sth)
1x Relic Bind (4bb) (Japanese)
1x Retraced Image (tor)
1x Retract (dst)
3x Sage of Hours (jou)
1x Saprazzan Bailiff (mmq)
1x Savor the Moment (shm)
1x Scourge of Fleets (jou)
1x Sea Gate Loremaster (zen)
1x Search the City (rtr)
5x Shyft (ice)
1x Sky Swallower (gpt)
1x Slithermuse (mor)
2x Spawnbroker (rav)
1x Sphinx of Lost Truths (zen)
1x Sphinx of the Chimes (rtr)
2x Sphinx of the Final Word (ogw)
1x Sprite Noble (tsp)
1x Standardize (ons)
1x Talent of the Telepath (ori)
1x Talrand, Sky Summoner (m13)
2x Thada Adel, Acquisitor (wwk)
1x Thassa's Oracle (thb)
1x Thing in the Ice (soi)
1x Thopter Spy Network (c18)
1x Thought Lash (all)
1x Thoughtlace (4ed)
1x Time Reversal (m12)
1x Time Stretch (ody)
1x Traumatize (m10)
1x Tromokratis (bng)
1x Turbulent Dreams (tor)
1x Voidmage Prodigy (tsb)
1x Wall of Wonder (7ed)
1x Waterspout Elemental (pls)
1x Whelming Wave (bng)
2x Xenograft (nph)
1x Zephid (usg)


1x Aurelia, the Warleader (gtc)
1x Ach! Hans, Run! (unh)
3x Agrus Kos, Wojek Veteran (rav)
1x Allure of the Unknown (thb)
2x Altar of Bone (ice)
1x Altered Ego (soi)
1x Ancient Spider (pls)
1x Angelic Captain (bfz)
1x Anguished Unmaking (soi)
1x Ankle Shanker (ktk)
1x Archon of the Triumvirate (rtr)
1x Arlinn Kord (soi)
1x Armada Wurm (rtr)
1x Azor's Elocutors (rtr)
1x Biomass Mutation (gtc)
1x Biovisionary (gtc)
1x Bloodbond March (rav)
1x Bring to Light (bfz)
1x Butcher of the Horde (ktk)
2x Carnival Hellsteed (rtr)
2x Cerebral Vortex (gpt)
2x Chromanticore (bng)
1x Clan Defiance (gtc)
3x Cloud Cover (pls)
2x Collective Blessing (rtr)
1x Conflux (con)
4x Cryptborn Horror (rtr)
2x Culling Sun (gpt)
1x Depala, Pilot Exemplar (kld)
1x Diamond Faerie (csp)
2x Dimir Cutpurse (rav)
1x Djinn Illuminatus (gpt)
1x Doom Foretold (eld)
1x Dreadbore (rtr)
1x Dream Trawler (thb)
2x Duneblast (ktk)
1x Enigma Sphinx (arb)
1x Fight to the Death (arb)
1x Flying Crane Technique (ktk)
1x Ghostly Flame (ice)
1x Gleancrawler (rav)
1x Glint-Eye Nephilim (gpt)
1x Glory of Warfare (arb)
2x Growing Ranks (rtr)
1x Gruul Ragebeast (gtc)
2x Havoc Festival (rtr)
1x Identity Crisis (arb)
3x Invocation of Saint Traft (soi)
1x Isperia the Inscrutable (dis)
1x Ith, High Arcanist (tsp)
1x Izzet Staticaster (rtr)
2x Jarad's Orders (rtr)
2x Jori En, Ruin Diver (ogw)
1x Kaervek the Merciless (tsp)
1x Kheru Lich Lord (ktk)
3x Killer Instinct (gpt)
1x Last Stand (apc)
1x Lim-Dûl's Vault (all)
2x Lotleth Troll (rtr)
1x Mantis Rider (ktk)
1x Mayael's Aria (arb)
1x Meglonoth (con)
2x Mina and Denn, Wildborn (ogw)
1x Mindswipe (ktk)
1x Monsoon (ice)
1x Narset, Enlightened Master (ktk)
1x Natural Emergence (pls)
1x Necromancer's Covenant (arb)
1x Nemesis of Reason (arb)
1x Omnath, Locus of Rage (bfz)
1x Predatory Advantage (arb)
1x Prime Speaker Zegana (gtc)
1x Prophet of Kruphix (ths)
2x Punish Ignorance (ala)
1x Rakshasa Deathdealer (ktk)
1x Rakshasa Vizier (ktk)
2x Reaper of the Wilds (ths)
2x Revel of the Fallen God (jou)
2x Righteous Authority (rtr)
1x Rosheen Meanderer (shm)
1x Rubblebelt Raiders (gtc)
1x Rubblehulk (gtc)
1x Sage of the Inward Eye (ktk)
1x Savage Knuckleblade (ktk)
1x Scion of the Ur-Dragon (tsp)
1x Sealed Fate (mir)
1x Sek'Kuar, Deathkeeper (csp)
1x Sigarda, Heron's Grace (soi)
1x Signal the Clans (gtc)
1x Sorin, Grim Nemesis (soi)
1x Soul Ransom (gtc)
2x Spiteful Visions (shm)
1x Steam Augury (ths)
1x Stitch in Time (gpt)
1x Stonebrow, Krosan Hero (tsp)
1x Sultai Ascendancy (ktk)
1x Thought Hemorrhage (arb)
2x Tibor and Lumia (gpt)
1x Titanic Ultimatum (ala)
1x Triad of Fates (ths)
1x Trostani, Selesnya's Voice (rtr)
2x Tyrannize (shm)
1x Unexpected Results (gtc)
1x Unscythe, Killer of Kings (arb)
1x Valleymaker (shm)
1x Vedalken Heretic (arb)
1x Veteran Warleader (bfz)
1x Vhati il-Dal (tsb)
2x Wayfaring Temple (rtr)
2x Woodwraith Corrupter (rav)


2x Ancient Ooze (scg)
1x Ancient Silverback (9ed)
1x Anthousa, Setessan Hero (ths)
1x Beastcaller Savant (bfz)
1x Bioplasm (gpt)
1x Bristling Hydra (kld)
2x Clear the Land (mmq)
1x Craw Giant (tsb)
2x Cryptolith Rite (soi)
1x Cylian Sunsinger (con)
2x Deathcap Cultivator (soi)
2x Deranged Outcast (dka)
2x Dictate of Karametra (jou)
1x Dramatic Entrance (shm)
2x Druids' Repository (avr)
1x Earth Surge (gpt)
1x Elven Warhounds (tmp)
1x Endless Swarm (sok)
1x Epic Struggle (jud)
1x Fated Intervention (bng)
1x Feed the Pack (dka)
1x Force of Nature (4ed)
3x Fresh Meat (nph)
1x Fungus Sliver (tsp)
1x Gaea's Revenge (ori)
1x Gigantomancer (roe)
1x Gigapede (ons)
1x Gladehart Cavalry (ogw)
1x Hardened Scales (ktk)
3x Heroes' Bane (jou)
1x Hunted Troll (rav)
2x Hydra Broodmaster (jou)
1x Inexorable Blob (soi)
2x Jolrael, Empress of Beasts (tsb)
1x Kazandu Tuskcaller (roe)
2x Leyline of Vitality (m11)
1x Magus of the Candelabra (tsp)
1x Masumaro, First to Live (sok)
1x Meandering Towershell (ktk)
2x Melira, Sylvok Outcast (nph)
1x Mossbridge Troll (shm)
1x Mycoloth (ala)
1x Nantuko Cultivator (tor)
1x Nature's Revolt (tmp)
1x Nessian Wilds Ravager (bng)
1x Oath of Nissa (ogw)
1x Ooze Flux (gtc)
1x Ooze Garden (ala)
2x Outland Colossus (ori)
1x Overwhelming Stampede (m11)
1x Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter (kld)
2x Pack Hunt (nem)
1x Pangosaur (mmq)
1x Pheres-Band Warchief (jou)
1x Primal Order (hml)
1x Primordial Sage (rav)
1x Rattleclaw Mystic (ktk)
1x Rebuking Ceremony (dst)
1x Recollect (p07)
1x Reverent Hunter (ths)
2x Rowen (vis)
1x Sage of Ancient Lore (soi)
1x Saproling Infestation (inv)
1x Saproling Symbiosis (inv)
2x Second Harvest (soi)
2x Silverfur Partisan (soi)
2x Skarrg Goliath (gtc)
2x Soul Swallower (soi)
2x Spike Tiller (tsp)
1x Spontaneous Generation (mmq)
1x Sporecap Spider (eld)
1x Thragtusk (m13)
1x Titania's Song (atq)
1x Ulvenwald Tracker (avr)
1x Unyaro Bees (tsp)
1x Wild Beastmaster (rtr)
2x Witherscale Wurm (shm)
1x Woodland Wanderer (bfz)
3x Wurmweaver Coil (gpt)
1x Zendikar Resurgent (ogw)


1x Ally Encampment (bfz)
1x Canopy Vista (bfz)
3x Choked Estuary (soi)
1x Cinder Glade (bfz)
1x Corrupted Crossroads (ogw)
1x Drownyard Temple (soi)
1x Fortified Village (soi)
1x Game Trail (soi)
1x Grim Backwoods (dka)
2x Grove of the Guardian (rtr)
1x Needle Spires (ogw)
1x Port Town (soi)
1x Ruins of Oran-Rief (ogw)
1x Shrine of the Forsaken Gods (bfz)
1x Smoldering Marsh (pbfz)
1x Temple of Abandon (thb)
1x Wandering Fumarole (ogw)
1x Yavimaya Coast (ori)


1x Ancient Hellkite (m11)
1x Anger of the Gods (ths)
1x Ashling's Prerogative (lrw)
1x Bazaar Trader (wwk)
1x Beacon of Destruction (fdn)
2x Bearer of the Heavens (jou)
1x Bloodhall Ooze (con)
1x Bludgeon Brawl (nph)
1x Boldwyr Heavyweights (mor)
1x Burn from Within (soi)
1x Caldera Hellion (ala)
1x Chain Reaction (wwk)
2x Chancellor of the Forge (nph)
1x Chandra's Ignition (ori)
1x Chaos Imps (rtr)
1x Chaoslace (3ed)
1x Confusion in the Ranks (mrd)
1x Cragganwick Cremator (shm)
1x Crater's Claws (ktk)
1x Curse of Marit Lage (ice)
1x Deep-Slumber Titan (shm)
1x Devils' Playground (soi)
4x Dictate of the Twin Gods (jou)
1x Disaster Radius (e02)
2x Dragon-Style Twins (ktk)
1x Dwarven Bloodboiler (jud)
2x Dwarven Shrine (ody)
1x Ember Swallower (ths)
1x Embermaw Hellion (ori)
1x Excruciator (rav)
1x Falkenrath Gorger (soi)
2x Fall of the Titans (ogw)
1x Fighting Chance (exo)
1x Fires of Invention (eld)
1x Flame Fusillade (rav)
1x Flameblade Angel (soi)
1x Flameshadow Conjuring (ori)
2x Forgestoker Dragon (bng)
2x Geier Reach Bandit (soi)
1x Goblin Chieftain (m11)
1x Goblin Dark-Dwellers (ogw)
1x Goblin Festival (uds)
2x Goblin Hero (s99)
1x Goblin Piledriver (ori)
1x Goldnight Castigator (soi)
2x Guild Feud (rtr)
1x Hammerfist Giant (rav)
1x Harness the Storm (soi)
2x Hellion Eruption (roe)
1x Hellkite Tyrant (gtc)
1x Hidetsugu's Second Rite (sok)
1x Hoarding Dragon (m11)
1x Howl of the Horde (ktk)
2x Iizuka the Ruthless (sok)
1x Inferno (4ed)
1x Inferno (4bb) (Japanese)
2x Invader Parasite (nph)
1x Kazuul Warlord (zen)
1x Kumano, Master Yamabushi (chk)
1x Labyrinth Champion (ths)
1x Laccolith Titan (nem)
1x Lava Hounds (wth)
1x Lavaball Trap (zen)
1x Living Inferno (gpt)
1x Loafing Giant (inv)
2x Magma Phoenix (m11)
2x Magmaw (roe)
1x Magnetic Mountain (3ed)
1x Magnivore (9ed)
2x Malignus (avr)
1x Mana Clash (7ed)
2x Mindmoil (rav)
1x Moggcatcher (nem)
3x Molten Sentry (rav)
1x Molten Vortex (ori)
1x Moltensteel Dragon (nph)
1x Monstrous Hound (exo)
1x Mordant Dragon (wwk)
1x Norin the Wary (tsp)
2x Oath of Chandra (ogw)
1x Ogre Shaman (exo)
1x Okk (usg)
2x Parallectric Feedback (gpt)
1x Patron of the Akki (bok)
1x Pia Nalaar (kld)
1x Possessed Barbarian (tor)
1x Pyromancy (ulg)
1x Rage Nimbus (roe)
1x Rakavolver (apc)
1x Rathi Dragon (9ed)
1x Reckless Embermage (6ed)
1x Scourge Wolf (soi)
1x Search for Survivors (pcy)
1x Sedge Troll (3ed)
2x Shard Phoenix (sth)
1x Shrieking Mogg (nem)
1x Shunt (dst)
2x Siege of Towers (gpt)
2x Slag Fiend (nph)
1x Slagstorm (mbs)
1x Smoke (4ed)
1x Spawn of Thraxes (jou)
2x Stand or Fall (inv)
1x Thieves' Auction (mmq)
2x Tide of War (chk)
1x Titan's Revenge (mor)
1x Trained Orgg (7ed)
2x Twinflame (jou)
1x Twist Allegiance (bok)
1x Tyrant of Valakut (ogw)
1x Vengeful Firebrand (mor)
1x Viashino Sandswimmer (usg)
2x Warp World (rav)
1x Whims of the Fates (bng)
1x Winds of Change (5ed)
1x Wolf of Devil's Breach (soi)
1x Word of Seizing (tsp)
1x Words of War (ons)
1x Worldheart Phoenix (con)
1x Wrecking Ogre (gtc)
1x Zada, Hedron Grinder (bfz)


1x Angelic Skirmisher (gtc)
1x Archon of Justice (eve)
1x Armament Master (zen)
1x Blessed Reversal (por)
1x Blinking Spirit (9ed)
1x Bygone Bishop (soi)
1x Call the Gatewatch (ogw)
1x Cathars' Crusade (avr)
1x Celestial Ancient (dis)
1x Celestial Archon (ths)
1x Celestial Dawn (tsb)
1x Celestial Dawn (mir)
1x Cho-Arrim Bruiser (mmq)
1x Consecrate Land (tsb)
2x Dawnbringer Charioteers (jou)
2x Deicide (jou)
2x Dictate of Heliod {jou}
1x Dominaria's Judgment (pls)
2x Drogskol Cavalry (soi)
1x Eerie Interlude (soi)
1x Elspeth, Sun's Nemesis (thb)
1x Emeria Shepherd (bfz)
1x Emissary of Sunrise (xln)
1x End Hostilities (ktk)
1x Enduring Renewal (tsb)
1x Ethereal Champion (6ed)
1x Ethereal Champion (mir)
2x Exiled Doomsayer (scg)
1x Fated Retribution (bng)
1x Favor of the Mighty (lrw)
1x Felidar Sovereign (bfz)
1x Field Marshal (csp)
1x Field of Souls (tmp)
1x Fight or Flight (inv)
1x Flicker (uds)
2x Flickerform (rav)
1x Force Bubble (scg)
1x General Tazri (ogw)
2x Ghosts of the Innocent (rav)
1x Gideon's Phalanx (ori)
3x Global Ruin (inv)
1x Graven Dominator (gpt)
1x Hallowed Ground (ice)
1x Hallowed Moonlight (ori)
2x Hanweir Militia Captain (soi)
1x Harsh Mercy (ons)
1x Hedron-Field Purists (roe)
1x Herald of Anafenza (ktk)
1x Hero of Goma Fada (bfz)
1x Hero of Iroas (bng)
1x High Sentinels of Arashin (ktk)
1x Hixus, Prison Warden (ori)
1x Hundred-Handed One (ths)
3x Hunted Lammasu (rav)
1x Idyllic Tutor (thb)
1x Iona, Shield of Emeria (zen)
1x Jeweled Spirit (pcy)
1x Kjeldoran Royal Guard (ice)
1x Knight Exemplar (m11)
1x Kytheon's Irregulars (ori)
1x Lantern Scout (bfz)
1x Launch the Fleet (jou)
1x Leonin Arbiter (som)
2x Light of Sanction (rav)
2x Lightmine Field (roe)
1x Linvala, the Preserver (ogw)
1x Loxodon Peacekeeper (mrd)
1x Luminate Primordial (gtc)
1x Martial Law (rtr)
1x Mercenaries (ice)
1x Michiko Konda, Truth Seeker (sok)
1x Munda's Vanguard (pogw)
1x Noble Purpose (8ed)
2x Nomads' Assembly (roe)
1x Null Chamber (mir)
2x Oath of Gideon (ogw)
1x Oath of Lieges (exo)
2x Odric, Lunarch Marshal (soi)
1x Oyobi, Who Split the Heavens (bok)
1x Patron of the Kitsune (bok)
1x Planar Collapse (ulg)
1x Ramosian Sky Marshal (mmq)
2x Rappelling Scouts (mmq)
1x Rashida Scalebane (mir)
1x Rashka the Slayer (hml)
1x Relic Seeker (ori)
1x Remembrance (usg)
2x Riders of Gavony (avr)
2x Rule of Law (mrd)
1x Runed Halo (shm)
2x Samite Elder (pls)
2x Sheltering Prayers (pcy)
3x Silent Sentinel (bng)
2x Skybind (jou)
1x Spelltithe Enforcer (gpt)
2x Stone Haven Outfitter (ogw)
1x Sunstrike Legionnaire (lgn)
1x Talus Paladin (wwk)
1x Taranika, Akroan Veteran (thb)
2x Tethered Griffin (uds)
2x Thalia's Lieutenant (soi)
1x Trap Digger (scg)
1x Vengeful Archon (m11)
1x Weathered Bodyguards (tsp)

From: france
Confirmed Refs: 7

posted August 15, 2020 10:56 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for morphilou Click Here to Email morphilou Send a private message to morphilou Click to send morphilou an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View morphilou's Have/Want ListView morphilou's Have/Want List
i have a blue elemental blast summer edgar if you have something for this

germany revised ==> ?
black border ou white border ?

From: Memphis, TN
Confirmed Refs: 417

posted September 10, 2020 01:39 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for harbingerofthevoid Click Here to Email harbingerofthevoid Send a private message to harbingerofthevoid Click to send harbingerofthevoid an Instant MessageVisit harbingerofthevoid's Homepage  Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View harbingerofthevoid's Have/Want ListView harbingerofthevoid's Have/Want List
sure why not... up


MOTL Tools Chrome Extension <- It's a friggin' trade matcher!

Damn sloughing of the uterus - Sprouts

From: france
Confirmed Refs: 7

posted September 11, 2020 02:07 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for morphilou Click Here to Email morphilou Send a private message to morphilou Click to send morphilou an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View morphilou's Have/Want ListView morphilou's Have/Want List
no respon !
what do you trade for 1 Sleight of Mind collection Summer edgar ?

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