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Author Topic:   May Sale, Lots of Modern/Legacy staple, high-end foils and cool basic lands!International Trader
From: Hong Kong
Confirmed Refs: 624

posted May 22, 2016 12:20 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for Mr.Volrath Click Here to Email Mr.Volrath Send a private message to Mr.Volrath Click to send Mr.Volrath an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View Mr.Volrath's Trade Auction or SaleView Mr.Volrath's Trade Auction or Sale

As usual, some guidelines

  • You pay first.
  • I prefer paypal. Alternatively, I accept concealed cash, Western Union, MTGO tix (at $0.87), bank transfer ($7 charge) and cheque.
  • Prices are per card and in US dollars. Prices are negotiable.
  • Shipping cost is as below International buyer, this might be the cheapest international registered shipping offered in this board. Take advantage of it!

    - $1.8 for first 10 cards
    - $0.8 for each additional 10 cards
    - After the 50th card, $0.5 for each additional 10 cards.
    - Registered mail is $2.5 in addition to the above rate.
    - Express Mail is $30-$50, depends on location, for the first 100 cards.

    (I'd not be held responsible for package arrival if registered mail/EMS isn't requested)

  • Condition Guide: Cards are NM unless otherwise noted. Modern/Legacy cards are at least SP unless otherwise noted, grading is given for more expensive cards.

    Cards grading, in descending order, is NM > EX (SP) > VG (MP) > G (HP)

(Please ask for scan if you are very very strict abut the conditions. Cards are NM, or at least NM on the front and NM- on the back unless mentioned.)

1x Foil Admonition Angel $16
2x Foil Ajani Vengeant (Japanese Pre-Release) $9
1x Foil Anafenza, the Foremost (T-Chinese Pre-release) $7
1x Foil Ancient Grudge (Korean ISD) $18
2x Foil Ancient Grudge (S-Chinese ISD SP) $11
1x Foil Anger of the Gods (Japanese) $8
1x Foil Arid Mesa (ZEN) $78
1x Foil Avenger of Zendikar (WWK, NM front SP back) $20 *
2x Foil Batterskull (GP) $16
1x Foil Bridge from Below (MMA) $8
2x Foil Charcoal Diamond (1x T-Chinese 7th NM-, 1x T-Chinese SP) $14/$12
3x Foil Chrome Mox (GP Signed) $25
2x Foil Dark Confidant (Judge) $115
1x Foil Darkwater Catacombs (SP) $11
1x Foil Defense of the Heart (UL) $38 *
1x Foil Den Protector (Japanese Pre-release) $4
4x Foil Dig Through Time (1x T-Chinese Release, 3x S-Chinese Release) $11
1x Foil Drana, Liberator of Malakir (T-Chinese Pre-release) $8
1x Foil Eladamri's Call $52 *
1x Foil Emrakul, the Aeons Torn (Japanese Pre-release) $38
1x Foil Emrakul, the Aeons Torn (MM2) $48
2x Foil Expedition Map (Japanese MM2) $7.5
1x Foil Flickerwisp (MMA) $7.5
1x Foil Flooded Strand (Korean KTK) $300
1x From the Vault: Relics (SEALED) $160 shipped registered
1x Foil Gavony Township $9
1x Foil Gemstone Mine (Judge) $35
2x Foil Genesis Wave (1x T-Chinese, 1x English) $12
5x Foil Ghost Quarter (T-Chinese ISD) $18
1x Foil Godless Shrine (Spanish GPT SP) $60 *
1x Foil Godsend $8
1x Foil Gitaxian Probe (T-Chinese Promo) $9
1x Foil Gilded Lotus (T-Chinese M13) $12
1x Foil Glen Elendra Archmage (MMA) $27
1x Foil Gravecrawler (T-Chinese DKA) $10
1x Foil Griselbrand (AVR) $36 *
2x Foil Hinterland Harbor $9
1x Foil Ichorid (T-Chinese, minor binder ding) $40 *
1x Foil Iona, Shield of Emeria (ZEN) $36 *
1x Foil Inquisition of Kozilek (ROE) $90 *
1x Foil Jace Beleren (LOR SP+) $23 *
1x Foil Jenara, Asura of War (ARB) $22 *

1x Foil Karmic Guide (UL) $55 *
1x Foil Karn, Silver Golem (Arena) $16
1x Foil Kozilek, Butcher of Truth (ROE) $70 *
1x Foil Krosan Verge (T-Chinese) $8
1x Foil Kuldotha Forgemaster (T-Chinese) $10
1x Foil Languish (Japanese) $9
1x Foil Lantern of Insight (S-Chinese) $14
2x Foil Lingering Souls (Korean FNM) $8
1x Foil Lodestone Golem (S-Chinese WWK) $14
1x Foil Mana Crypt $220
1x Foil Marchesa the Black Rose (NM front, SP back) $51 *
1x Foil Meddling Mage (Japanese PS) $52
3x Foil Mimic Vat (1x T-Chinese, 2x English) $7.5
1x Foil Mirari's Wake (Japanese CNS) $17
1x Foil Misdirection (MM) $82 *
1x Foil Mishra's Bauble $70
1x Foil Natural Order $120
1x Foil Night of Souls' Betrayal (NM- Front, SP+ Back) $36
1x Foil Notion Thief (Korean) $18
1x Foil Olivia Voldaren (T-Chinese Signed ISD) $20
1x Foil Omnath, Locus of Rage (Japanese) $10
1x Foil Pact of Negation (FUT) $53
1x Foil Path to Exile (MMA) $11
1x Foil Pernicious Deed (Japanese CNS) $20 *
1x Foil Pithing Needle (Japanese RTR) $13
1x Foil Phyrexian Unlife (T-Chinese) $9
1x Foil Platinum Angel (T-Chinese M13) $18
1x Foil Platinum Angel (MI) $15
1x Foil Polluted Delta (Judge) $180
1x Foil Polluted Delta (Korean KTK) $360
1x Foil Radha, Heir to Keld (SP+, small scratch in middle) $8
1x Foil Radiant, Archangel $35 *
1x Foil Regal Force (EVE) $28
1x Foil Relic of Progenitus (MMA) $9
1x Foil Replenish (small dent on card, otherwise NM) $48 *
2x Foil Restoration Angel (Korean Release) $15
1x Foil Rishadan Port (MM shuffle crease at top middle, otherwise SP+) $340 *

8x Foil Scavenging Ooze (Korean Promo) $10
3x Foil Scavenging Ooze (T-Chinese Promo) $8
1x Foil Seachrome Coast (T-Chinese) $14
2x Foil Sedris, the Traitor King $9
2x Foil Serra Ascendant (1x Japanese, 1x English) $25
4x Foil Serum Visions (T-Chinese FNM) $8
4x Foil Siege Rhino (3x Japanse Pre-release, 1x T-Chinese Pre-release) $8
2x Foil Sinkhole (DCI) $44
2x Foil Slaughter Games (Korean) $8
1x Foil Sol Ring (Judge, NM front, SP+ back) $135 *
1x Foil Solemn Simulacrum (MIR SP++) $19
1x Foil Sulfur Falls (T-Chinese) $20
1x Foil Surgical Extraction (T-Chinese Promo) $22
1x Foil Swamp (Unhinged) $45 *
1x Foil Swamp (Zendikar 239) $10
1x Foil Sword of Fire and Ice (Judge) $76
1x Foil Sword of Light and Shadow (Judge) $40
1x Foil Swords to Plowshares (Judge Promo) $25
1x Foil Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir (TSP) $28 *
2x Foil Thalia, Guardian of Thraben (Promo) $36
1x Foil Thawing Glaciers $38
2x Foil Thawing Glaciers $38 *
1x Foil Thespian's Stage (T-Chinese) $20
1x Foil Thirst for Knowledge (German MIR) $10
4x Foil Thoughtseize (Korean THS) $185
1x Foil Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre (FTV) $17
1x Foil Ulamog, the Infinite Gure (ROE) $40 *
2x Foil Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth (FTV) $15
3x Foil Urabrask the Hidden $22
1x Foil Vendilion Clique (DCI) $105
5x Foil Viridian Corrupter (1x T-Chinese, 4x English) $8.5
1x Foil Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger $33
1x Foil Wasteland (Old Judge) $130
1x Foil Watery Grave (RAV NM-) $62 *
2x Foil Woodland Cemetery (T-Chinese) $10
1x Foil Wurmcoil Engine (Pre-release) $19
1x Foil Xiahou Dun, the One-Eyed $26 *

Modern/Standard- Highlights
1x Admonition Angel (Japanese) $4
4x Ajani Goldmane (Japanese M10) $5
1x Ajani, Caller of the Pride (M14) $4.5
4x Akroma, Angel of Wrath (S-Chinese TSB) $4
1x Angel's Grace (TSP SP) $6
3x Baneslayer Angel (2x M11, 1x M10) $8.5
1x Disenchant (Textless) $4.5
11x Elspeth, Sun's Champion (8x T-Chinese, 3x S-Chinese) $7.5
1x Elspeth Tirel $8
1x Entreat the Angels (T-Chinese) $7.5
4x Ghostly Prison (SP+) $11
3x Gideon Jura (1x T-Chinese M12, 2x ROE) $5
2x Iona, Shield of Emeria (1x S-Chinese ZEN, 1x MM2) $8/$6
4x Kor Spiritdancer (ROE) $11
6x Leonin Arbiter (T-Chinese) $4
1x Path to Exile (CON SP+) $8.5
2x Puresteel Paladin $4
5x Rest in Peace (Korean) $8
4x Rest in Peace (1x T-Chinese, 3x RTR) $7
6x Restoration Angel (1x Japanese AVR, 3x T-Chinese AVR, 1x S-Chinese AVR, 2x English AVR) $4.5
2x Serra Ascendant $16.5
8x Stonehewer Giant (S-Chinese MOR) $3.5
3x Stony Silence (T-Chinese) $8.5
7x Terminus (6x Korean, 1x T-Chinese) $4.5/$4
8x Thalia, Guardian of Thraben (5x Korean, 2x T-Chinese, 1x S-Chinese) $9/$7.5/$7.5
2x Worship (1x 9th, 1x T-Chinese 7th SP) $9/$8

2x Consecrated Sphinx (T-Chinese) $16
1x Cryptic Command (Japanese MM2) $25
7x Cyclonic Rift (5x T-Chinese RTR, 1x Japanese C14, 1x C14) $4.5/$5/$5
2x Jace Beleren (T-Chinese M11 Signed in Gold) $7
2x Jace, Memory Adept (1x T-Chinese M14, 1x T-Chinese M14 SP) $4/$3.5
1x Keiga, the Tide Star (MMA) $3.5
1x Master of the Pearl Trident (T-Chinese) $6
4x Master of Waves $4
4x Mistbind Clique (3x S-Chinese, 1x English) $6.5
3x Omniscience (T-Chinese) $17
6x Remand (1x Russian RAV, 2x RAV, 1x Japanese MM2, 2x MM2) $10/$6/$5.5/$5
2x Serum Visions (S-Chinese 5DN) $2.5
3x Sleight of Hand (Portal Second Age SP) $5
3x Sower of Temptation (2x S-Chinese, 1x English) $14
1x Snapcaster Mage (Russian) $75
4x Snapcaster Mage (3x T-Chinese, 1x English) $55/$53
1x Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir $12.5
2x Temporal Mastery $8
8x Thassa, God of the Sea (4x T-Chinese, 4x English) $4.5
1x Threads of Disloyalty (French SP) $8

10x Ad Nauseam $7
2x Bloodchief Ascension $4.5
1x Bitterblossom (MO SP) $25
1x Bitter Ordeal $4.5
3x Bridge from Below (FUT) $5.5
3x Dark Confidant (2x RAV SP, 1x MM2) $44
1x Darkness (English LG MP) $4
12x Death's Shadow (S-Chinese WWK) $7
7x Erebos, God of the Dead $5.5
2x Exquisite Blood (T-Chinese) $5.5
5x Geth, Lord of the Vault (T-Chinese) $4
1x Grave Pact (C11) $7.5
2x Grave Titan (C14) $4
4x Gravecrawler (1x Japanese, 3x T-Chinese) $5
3x Griselbrand (Korean) $20
5x Leyline of the Void (4x T-Chinese M11, 1x M11) $11
1x Liliana Vess (Japanese LOR) $6
2x Nether Traitor (1x Japanese, 1x English) $4
3x Phyrexian Arena (AP) $6.5
4x Sorin Markov (S-Chinese ZEN) $10
5x Surgical Extraction (1x T-Chinese NPH, 4x MM2) $15
10x Tasigur, the Golden Fang (8x Japanese, 2x T-Chinese) $5.5
4x Thoughtseize (Korean THS) $25

2x Akroma, Angel of Fury (PLC) $4
1x Braid of Fire (SP) $6.5
1x Chandra Ablaze (Japanese) $5
3x Chandra, Pyromaster (Korean M14) $4
1x Goblin Chieftain (T-Chinese M12) $4.5
3x Grim Lavamancer (2x TO, 1x Japanese M12) $8/$5.5
4x Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker (2x MMA, 2x MM2) $10
6x Koth of the Hammer (3x Japanese, 2x T-Chinese, 1x English) $6.5
6x Purphorus, God of the Forge (1x Japanese, 3x THS, 2x T-Chinese) $6.5/$6.5/$6
2x Pyromancer Ascension (1x Japanese, 1x English) $2.5
9x Reiterate (1x Japanese, 8x S-Chinese) $6
8x Shared Animosity (S-Chinese) $4
3x Thundermaw Hellkite (2x Korean, 1x English) $8/$7
1x Urabrask the Hidden (T-Chinese) $6.5

3x Chord of Calling (Japanese M15) $13
7x Eternal Witness (1x Japanese 5DN SP, 1x C15, 3x MMA, 2x IvG) $4.5
6x Ezuri, Renegade Leader (4x T-Chinese, 1x C14, 1x SOM) $4
1x Fauna Shaman (T-Chinese) $9
1x Garruk, Caller of Beasts (Japanese) $5
5x Garruk Relentless (4 English, 1x S-Chinese) $5
2x Garruk, Primal Hunter (M12) $5.5
2x Garruk Wildspeaker (S-Chinese LOR) $7
8x Genesis Wave (3x T-Chinese, 5x English) $5
1x Life from the Loam (IvG) $9.5
5x Melira, Sylvok Outcast (1x Japanese, 4x T-Chinese) $7.5
2x Nissa Revane $10
3x Oracle of Mul Daya (1x Japanese, 2x S-Chinese) $15/$13.5
3x Primeval Titan (1x Japanese MM2, 2x MM2) $9
3x Scavenging Ooze (T-Chinese M14 SP+) $6
4x Tarmogoyf (1x FUT, 3x MMA) $125/$100
2x Thrun, the Last Troll (T-Chinese) $9
1x Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger $18
3x Woodfall Primus (S-Chinese SHM) $6
9x Worldspine Wurm (1x Japanese, 1x T-Chinese, 7x RTR) $4.5

3x Ajani, Mentor of Heroes (2x Japanese, 1x T-Chinese) $10
2x Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver (T-Chinese) $6.5
1x Doran, the Siege Tower (Japanese SP) $8.5
6x Geist of Saint Traft (4x Korean, 2x T-Chinese) $12/$10
1x Hellkite Overlord (French) $5
4x Huntmaster of the Fells $12
1x Jenara, Asura of War (S-Chinese) $4
4x Lightning Helix (1x AvJ, 3x RAV) $4
1x Keranos, God of Storms (T-Chinese) $11
4x Knight of the Reliquary (1x MMA, 3x CON SP+) $10.5
2x Kruphix, God of Horizons (T-Chinese) $4
5x Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker (2x S-Chinese CON, 3x T-Chinese M13) $7
3x Olivia Voldaren (1x T-Chinese, 2x English) $9
1x Progenitus (MMA) $10
7x Ral Zarek (2x Korean, 2x Japanese, 4x T-Chinese, 1x English) $8.5/$8.5/$7.5/$7.5
1x Sen Triplets (Stamped) $17
2x Shadow of Doubt (1x NM, 1x Stamped SP+) $7.5/$6
3x Sigarda, Host of Herons (Korean) $10
9x Sorin, Lord of Innistrad (3x Korean, 2x T-Chinese, 2x English) $7/$6/$6
9x Sorin, Solemn Visitor (5x Japanese, 1x T-Chinese, 3x English) $5
6x Sphinx's Revelation (2x Japanese, 2x T-Chinese, 2x English) $6
2x Supreme Verdict (T-Chinese) $5.5
6x Sygg, River Cutthroat (S-Chinese) $4
3x Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas (1x S-Chinese, 2x English Signed in Gold) $32
3x Thopter Foundry (ARB) $5
5x Wilt-Leaf Liege (1x SHM SP, 1x Japanese MM2, 3x MM2) $4
2x Zur the Enchanter $7

1x All is Dust (MM2) $7
1x Karn Liberated (T-Chinese NPH) $60 *
2x Ugin, the Spirit Dragon (T-Chinese) $26
2x Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre (1x Japanese ROE, 1x MM2) $15/$14

8x Amulet of Vigor (S-Chinese) $4.5
7x Blightsteel Colossus (2x S-Chinese, 2x T-Chinese, 3x English) $19
3x Chromatic Lantern (1x T-Chinese, 2x English) $6/$7
4x Cloud Key (S-Chinese) $4.5
1x Cloudstone Curio $10
1x Coat of Arms (10th minor bent corner) $5
4x Eldrazi Monument (ZEN) $7
3x Ensnaring Bridge (2x Korean SH, 1x Japanese SH) $48/$40
2x Etched Champion (1x T-Chinese, 1x MM2) $3.5
1x Gilded Lotus (T-Chinese M13) $6
3x Goblin Charbelcher (2x Japanese, 1x T-Chinese) $5.5
12x Grafdigger's Cage (6x T-Chinese, 6x English) $7.5
3x Lantern of Insight (2x S-Chinese, 1x English) $4
2x Mox Opal (MM2) $56
1x Painter's Servant (S-Chinese) $20
9x Platinum Angel (1x MI, 7x S-Chinese M11, 1x M11 SP-) $6/$5/$5
2x Platinum Emperion (T-Chinese) $5
2x Spellskite (T-Chinese NPH) $28
2x Sword of Feast and Famine (T-Chinese) $15
1x Sword of Light and Shadow (DS SP) $21
2x Sword of War and Peace (1x T-Chinese, 1x NPH) $13
1x Thorn of Amethyst (SP) $9

3x Adarkar Wastes (1x 6th, 2x 5th) $7
4x Arid Mesa $46
3x Blinkmoth Nexus (1x Japanese MM2, 1x MM2, 1x MMA) $6.5
5x Blood Crypt (1x Korean RTR, 4x T-Chinese RTR) $10.5/$9
6x Breeding Pool (1x Japanese GTC, 4x T-Chinese GTC, 1x GTC) $12.5/$12/$11
6x Clifftop Retreat (1x Korean, 5x English) $4.5
2x Darkslick Shores (1x T-Chinese, 1x SOM) $9
1x Flooded Grove (Japanese) $20
4x Gavony Township (S-Chinese) $4.5
1x Gemstone Mine (Japanese TSB) $7.5
1x Godless Shrine (GPT) $12
4x Godless Shrine (2x T-Chinese GTC, 2x GTC) $9
1x Graven Cairns (1x FUT, 1x SHM) $6.5
4x Hallowed Fountain (2x DI Signed, 2x DI SP) $12.5/$11.5
5x Hallowed Fountain (1x T-Chinese RTR, 4x English RTR) $9/$8.5
6x Hinterland Harbor (3x Korean, 3x T-Chinese) $4
1x Inkmoth Nexus (T-Chinese SP) $24
6x Marsh Flats $40
1x Minamo, School at Water's Edge (Japanese) $20
4x Misty Rainforest $47
6x Mutavault (5x S-Chinese M14, 1x T-Chinese M14) $13.5
3x Overgrown Tomb (1x Japanese Signed RAV SP, 2x RAV SP) $12/$11
10x Overgrown Tomb (6x Korean, 4x T-Chinese) $10/$8.5
8x Raging Ravine $14
1x Sacred Foundry (RAV) $14
2x Sacred Foundry (Korean) $12.5
8x Shelldock Isle $6
1x Steam Vents (Signed GPT) $17.5
5x Steam Vents (4x T-Chinese GTC, 1x English Signed GTC) $14/$13.5
1x Stomping Ground (GPT) $15
7x Sulfur Falls (1x Korean, 2X Japanese, 1x T-Chinese, 3x ISD) $9.5
6x Temple Garden (2x Korean RTR, 4x English RTR) $10/$8.5
1x Tolaria West (S-Chinese) $6
3x Underground River (2x 7th, 1x 5th) $4
3x Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle $7
3x Watery Grave (2x Korean GTC, 1x T-Chinese GTC, 1x GTC Signed in Gold) $12/$11/$10.5
2x Woodland Cemetery (1x T-Chinese, 1x English) $4

11x Bloodstained Mire (6x Korean KTK, 5x Japanese KTK) $23/$22
3x Flooded Strand (1x ON Signed, 1x French ON, 1x ON) $30
2x Polluted Delta (1x Korean KTK, 1x Japanese KTK) $29/$28
3x Windswept Heath (1x T-Chinese ON, 1x T-Chinese ON SP, 1x Spanish ON SP) $26/$24/$22
3x Wooded Foothills (T-Chinese ON) $32
6x Wooded Foothills (3x Korean KTK, 3x Japanese KTK) $24/$23

1x Forest (Unglued SP) $4
1x Plains (Unhinged MP) $4.5
1x Set of 5 Arena 2004 DCI Promo land pack - John Avon (Sealed) $8

1x Forest (APAC Red Pack - Venters, SP) $4
1x Mountain (APA Red Pack - Hudson SP) $7
1x Plains (APAC Red Pack - Spears MP) $20
1x Swamp (APAC Blue Pack - Beard, Jr. SP) $4

2x Archangel of Tithes $7
4x Eldrazi Displacer (1x Japanese, 1x T-Chinese, 2x English) $4
4x Gideon, Ally of Zendikar (1x Japanese, 2x T-Chinese, 1x English) $20/$18/$18
7x Knight of the White Orchid (2x Japanese, 5x T-Chinese) $4
7x Kytheon, Hero of Akros (2x Japanese, 5x ORI) $10
3x Secure the Wastes (2x T-Chinese, 1x SP) $7

7x Part the Waterveil (3x Japanese, 2x T-Chinese, 2x English) $4/$3.5/$3.5

4x Dark Petition $4.5
2x Drana, Liberator of Malakir (1x T-Chinese, 1x English) $7
3x Languish (1x Japanese, 2x English) $5
2x Ob Nixilis Reignited $7

4x Abbot of Keral Keep (T-Chinese) $4.5
3x Chandra, Flamecaller (1x Japanese, 2x English) $22/$21

3x Den Protector (Japanese) $3.5
1x Nissa, Vastwood Seer (T-Chinese) $14
1x Nissa, Voice of Zendikar $12

8x Atarka's Command (4x Japanese, 4x English) $9/$8
5x Dragonlord Atarka (3x Japanese, 1x T-Chinese, 1x English) $10.5/$9.5/$9.5
4x Dragonlord Dromoka (2x Japanese, 2x S-Chinese) $7/$6
4x Dragonlord Ojutai (2x Japanese, 1x T-Chinese, 1x English) $12/$11/$11
3x Dragonlord Silumgar (2x Japanese, 1x T-Chinese) $6/$5.5
5x Dromoka's Command (1x Japanese, 2x T-Chinese, 1x DTK, 1x French SP) $4.5
4x Kolaghan's Command (Japanese) $17
6x Narset Transcendent (1x Japanese Signed in Gold, 2x Japanese, 3x T-Chinese) $10/$9.5/$9
2x Sarkhan Unbroken (Japanese) $4.5
3x Sorin, Grim Nemesis $13

1x Hangarback Walker $5.5
2x Pyromancer's Goggles (T-Chinese) $7

7x Canopy Vista (3x Japanese, 1x T-Chinese, 3x English) $3.5
7x Cinder Glade (2x T-Chinese, 5x English) $3.5
9x Prairie Stream (4x T-Chinese, 5x English) $4
12x Shambling Vent (1x Japanese, 5x T-Chinese, 6x English) $4.5
9x Smoldering Marsh (5x Japanese, 2x T-Chinese, 2x English) $4
13x Sunken Hollow (3x Japanese, 3x T-Chinese, 7x English) $3.5

COOL Basic Lands!
- ASIAN PORTAL Three Kingdoms Basic Lands
** Prices are for random distribution of arts and for each card. SHIPPING INCLUDED!!
Discuss for price and availability if you request for specific art (Usually adds 20% in cost)

82x Island (Japanese) $1
35x Island (T-Chinese) $1
11x Mountain (T-Chinese SP) $1.25
3x Plains (T-Chinese) $0.75
35x Plains (Japanese) $0.75
60x Swamp (Japanese) $1
35x Swamp (T-Chinese) $1

- Chinese Zendikar (NOT BFZ) Basic Lands
Please ask for picture and amount you need.
$0.8 each for specific art (except $1.25 for Island 236, Mountain 244 and Forest 246)
$0.65 each for request of basic land types (I will give you a mix of the said land types)

- JAPANESE Tempest BB Basic Lands
Condition are mostly SP-NM, all from a single box of starters. ** Prices are for random distribution of arts and for each card. SHIPPING INCLUDED!!
Discuss for price and availability if you request for specific art (Usually adds 20% in cost)

72x Island (Japanese) $0.85
72x Mountain (Japanese) $0.75
72x Swamp (Japanese) $0.65
72x Forest (Japanese) $0.55
72x Plains (Japanese) $0.55

- COLDSNAP Snow-covered lands!
82x Snow-Covered Forest (24x S-Chinese, 58x English) $0.5
28x Snow-Covered Island (23x S-Chinese, 5x English) $1
20x Snow-Ccovered Mountain (16x S-Chinese, 4x English) $1.5
54x Snow-Covered Plains (30x S-Chinese, 24x English) $0.5
43x Snow-Covered Swamp (20x S-Chinese, 23x English) $0.65

Vintage/Legacy - Highlights
1x Cataclysm (SP) $5.5
1x Enlightened Tutor (Japanese MI) $14
1x Solitary Confinement (S-Chinese) $4.5
3x Stoneforge Mystic (S-Chinese) $20

2x Arcanis the Omnipotent (ON) $3.5
1x Back to Basics (Japanese) $7
3x Counterbalance (1x NM, 1x SP-, 1x MP-) $13.5/$11.5/$10
10x Dream Halls (4x Korean, 4x Japanese SP+, 2x T-Chinese) $15/$8/$7
1x Meditate $7.5
3x Misdirection (Japanese MM) $7
4x Mystical Tutor (Japanese MI) $7
3x Ponder (Korean M12) $4
1x Show and Tell $40
1x Sun Quan, Lord of Wu (S-Chinese P3K) $4.5
4x Stifle (CNS) $4.5
1x Teferi, Temporal Archmage $4
1x Time Spiral (Japanese) $21

1x Attrition (C11) $7.5
1x Cabal Therapy (S-Chinese) $11
4x Pox (Japanese 5th) $3.5
1x Recurring Nightmare $10
2x Vampiric Tutor (Japanese 6th) $23
5x Yawgmoth's Will (1x Japanese SP, 4x English) $26/$22

1x Gamble $26
2x Goblin Piledriver (1x T-Chinese ON, 1x English SP ON) $6
4x Goblin Welder (Japanese UL SP) $4
1x Scourge of the Throne $5.5
1x Stranglehold $7.5

3x Argothian Enchantress (2x Japanese, 1x T-Chinese) $15/$14
2x Enchantress's Presence (T-Chinese) $5.5
6x Exploration (4x Japanese CNS, 1x S-Chinese CNS, 1x CNS) $10/$9/$9
3x Genesis (1x Japanese, 1x T-Chinese, 1x English) $7
5x Green Sun's Zenith (Japanese) $7.5
1x Hunting Cheetah (T-Chinese) $6
1x Marshaling the Troops (T-Chinese) $10
2x Natural Order (1x T-Chinese VI SP, VI) $30/$28
8x Oath of Druids (4x Japanese SP, 4x English SP) $6/$5.5

1x Dack Fayden $27
1x Ghave, Guru of Spores $5.5
4x Marchesa, the Black Rose (3x Japanese, 1x English) $4.5
6x Mirari's Wake (1x Japanese JUD, 1x T-Chinese JUD, 2x S-Chinese, 1x JUD, 1x CNS) $5/$5/$5/$6/$6
11x Pernicious Deed (4x Japanese AP, 7x English AP) $6/$5
1x Vindicate (Japanese) $13
1x Vish Kal, Blood Arbiter $4

1x Chrome Mox (Japanese SP) $16
1x Cursed Scroll $5.5
3x Grindstone (1x Japanese NM, 2x Japanese SP) $12/$11
3x Lotus Petal (Korean) $9
2x Memory Jar (1x Japanese UL, 1x European UL) $8/$7
1x Scroll Rack (Japanese Signed) $27
2x Smokestack (Japanese SP) $6
2x Thran Dynamo (1x UD, 2x C14) $5.5
4x Vedalken Orrery (CNS) $4

5x Ancient Tomb (2x SP, 3x MP) $14/$13
1x Homeward Path (COM) $5
1x Phyrexian Tower $22
2x Rishadan Port (German) $68
4x Tolarian Academy (3x Japanese, 1x T-Chinese SP) $26/$23
2x Tower of the Magistrate (Japanese) $4
1x Wasteland (SP) $44

(Feel free to ask for scans for these cards. Some EX or VG cards look NM on the front indeed)
1x Imperial Seal (Japanese) $330 *
1x Jace Beleren (Media Promo) $115 *
1x Mana Crypt (Spanish WB) $105 *

3x Taiga (2x RV MP, 1x Italian NM) $54/$60

2x Plateau (1x Italian FBB NM-, 1x Italian FBB MP) $165/$135
2x Savannah (1x Italian FBB SP, 1x Italian FBB MP) $235/$210
1x Scrubland (Italian FBB SP) $188

Standard Cards
Oath of the Gatewatch
5x Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim $1.5
5x Goblin Dark-Dwellers (2x Japanese, 3x English) $3.5
1x Oath of Nissa (Japanese) $2.75
1x Needle Spires (Japanese) $1.75
10x Sea Gate Wreckage (4x Japanese, 1x T-Chinese, 5x English) $1.75
4x Wandering Fumarole $3

Battle for Zendikar
3x Dragonmaster Outcast (T-Chinese) $2.5
4x Endless One (2x T-Chinese, 2x English) $1.5
3x Greenwarden of Murasa (1x Japanese, 2x T-Chinese) $1.5
10x Lumbering Falls (5x Japanese, 2x T-Chinese, 3x English) $2.5
4x Painful Truths (1x Japanese, 2x T-Chinese, 1x English) $1.5
1x Quarantine Field $1.5
6x Radiant Flames (3x Japanese, 2x T-Chinese, 1x English) $1.5
4x Ruinous Path (1x Japanese, 2x T-Chinese, 1x English) $1.5
8x Sanctum of Ugin (3x Japanese, 2x T-Chinese, 3x English) $1.5
3x Shrine of the Forsaken Gods (1x Japanese, 1x T-Chinese, 1x English) $1.5
3x Void Winnower (2x Japanese, 1x English) $2
1x Wasteland Strangler $1.5

4x Crumble to Dust (T-Chinese) $0.5
5x Stasis Snare (1x T-Chinese Full Art, 3x T-Chinese, 1x English) $1/$0.5/$0.5

Magic Origins
2x Battlefield Forge (1x Japanese, 1x T-Chinese) $1.75
3x Caves of Koilos (1x T-Chinese SP, 1x T-Chinese M15, 1x MED) $2
4x Exquisite Firecraft (2x Japanese, 1x T-Chinese, 1x English) $2.5
10x Goblin Piledriver (2x Japanese, 1x T-Chinese, 7x English) $2.5
1x Hallowed Moonlight (Japanese) $2
1x Infinite Obliteration (T-Chinese) $2
6x Managorger Hydra (1x Japanese, 2x T-Chinese, 3x English) $1.5
2x Llanowar Wastes (1x English, 1x T-Chinese M15) $2.5
7x Pia and Kiran Nalaar (4x Japanese, 3x English) $3
3x Shivan Reef (1x Japanese, 1x T-Chinese, 3x ORI, 1x T-Chinese M15) $3.25
2x Yavimaya Coast (T-Chinese M15) $1.75

2x Caves of Koilos (1x T-Chinese AP SP, 1x AP SP) $2.5
3x Battlefield Forge (T-Chinese AP SP) $2.5
1x Llanowar Wastes (AP Signed SP+) $3.5
3x Shivan Reef (2x T-Chinese AP SP, 1x AP SP) $4

10x Fiery Impulse (2x Japanese, 5x T-Chinese, 3x English) $0.25

Dragons of Tarkir
2x Dragon Whisperer (Japanese) $1.75
1x Dragonlord Kolaghan (T-Chinese) $3
5x Icefall Regent (4X Japanese, 1x T-Chinese) $1.25
7x Haven of the Spirit Dragon (5x Japanese, 2x T-Chinese) $2
5x Hidden Dragonslayer (1x Japanese, 3x T-Chinese, 1x English) $1.5
7x Ojutai's Command (5x Japanese, 2x T-Chinese) $2
4x Risen Executioner (Japanese) $2.5
2x Shaman of Forgotten Ways (T-Chinese) $1.75
3x Sidisi, Undead Vizier (2x T-Chinese, 1x English) $2
2x Stratus Dancer (T-Chinese) $1
5x Thunderbreak Regent (2x T-Chinese, 1x S-Chinese, 2x English) $2.75
4x Zurgo Bellstriker (1x Japanese, 3x T-Chinese) $1.5

8x Draconic Roar (2x Japanese, 6x T-Chinese) $0.75
6x Foul-Tongue Invocation (1x Korean, 1x Japanese, 3x T-Chinese, 1x English) $0.5
5x Lightning Berserker (3x Korean, 2x T-Chinese) $0.5
4x Rending Volley (Japanese) $1
7x Roast (3x Japanese, 2x T-Chinese, 2x English) $1.5
2x Scaleguard Sentinel (T-Chinese Textless) $0.5
10x Silkwrap (2x Japanese, 7x T-Chinese, 1x English) $1.5
10x Silumgar's Scorn (3x Japanese, 5x T-Chinese, 2x English) $0.5
3x Surge of Righteousness $0.75

Foil Rares/Promos/Un/Commons
1x Foil Honor of the Pure (M11) $3
1x Foil Indomitable Archangel (SOM) $4
1x Foil Martial Coup (CON) $4
10x Foil Mirran Crusader (T-Chinese Promo) $3
1x Foil Myojin of Cleansing Fire $5
1x Foil Nevermore (T-Chinese) $4
1x Foil Rally the Ancestors (Japanese) $4
1x Foil Sun Titan (M12) $7

3x Foil Grand Architect $3.5
1x Foil Inkwell Leviathan (CON) $4
2x Foil Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest (Japanese) $3
1x Foil Swan Song $6
1x Foil Talrand, Sky Summoner (T-Chinese) $4
1x Foil Vesuvan Shapeshifter $7

3x Foil Life's Finale $3.5
1x Foil Talrand, Sky Summoner (Korean) $6
1x Foil Vampire Nocturnus (M10 Pre-release) $4

1x Foil Reforge the Soul (T-Chinese) $7
1x Foil Thunderbreak Regent (T-Chinese Full Art) $7

1x Foil Loaming Shaman $5

1x Foil Ajani Vengeant (AvN) $6.5
1x Foil Creakwood Liege (MM2) $3
1x Foil Dimir Cutpurse (Japanese) $4
2x Foil Fracturing Gust (FTV) $6
1x Foil Kolaghan, the Storm's Fury (T-Chinese Pre-release) $3.5
1x Foil Jeskai Ascendancy (Japanese Pre-release) $5
2x Foil Mantis Rider (Japanese) $4
1x Foil Melek, Izzet Paragon (T-Chinese Full Art) $4
1x Foil Rise of the Hobgoblins $5
1x Foil Utter End (T-Chinese Full Art) $3.5

1x Foil Blade of the Bloodchief $5
1x Foil Endless One (T-Chinese) $4
1x Foil Keening Stone $4
1x Foil Lotus Bloom (Pre-release NM-) $7
1x Foil Obelisk of Urd (Japanese) $3.5
3x Foil Steel Hellkite (SOM) $5
1x Foil Unwinding Clock $8.5
3x Foil Venser's Journal $4.5

1x Foil Alchemist's Refuge (T-Chinese) $6

1x Foil Lingering Souls (Japanese FNM) $6
2x Foil Breakthrough (Japanese CNS) $5
2x Foil Dispel (1x Japanese WWK, 1x S-Chinese WWK) $7/$6
1x Foil Eldrazi Skyspawner (Japanese) $4
1x Foil Fact or Fiction (Japanese CNS) $3.5
2x Foil Mystic Speculation (1x S-Chinese, 2x English) $4.5/$6.5
1x Foil Mystical Teachings $7
1x Foil Thirst for Knowledge (MMA) $6.5
1x Foil Trinket Mage (SOM) $3
1x Foil Smallpox (T-Chinese M12) $4
1x Foil Ancient Grudge (T-Chinese FNM) $5.5
4x Foil Conflagrate $5
1x Foil Desperate Ritual (CHK) $4
1x Foil Empty the Warrens (TSP) $5
3x Foil Rift Bolt (FNM) $4.5
1x Foil Feed the Clan (French) $3
4x Foil Izzet Charm (Korean FNM) $5
1x Foil Cranial Plating (MM2) $4
1x Foil Buried Ruin (S-Chinese) $4
2x Foil Darksteel Citadel (Japanese MM2) $4
1x Foil Glimmerpost $6.5
1x Foil Tectonic Edge (T-Chinese FNM) $5

2x Set of 10 New Phyrexia Foil Basic Land - $8
3x Set of 20 Scars of Mirrodin Foil Basic Land - $12

Modern/Legacy Rares/Uncommons/Commons
1x Abeyance (T-Chinese)
3x Aurelia, the Warleader (2x Japanese, 1x T-Chinese)
1x Catastrophe (UZ)
1x Chandra, the Firebrand (M12)
1x Darksteel Forge (T-Chinese M14)
5x Darksteel Plate (T-Chinese)
2x Font of Mythos (Stamped)
5x Godo, Bandit Warlord
2x Grand Abolisher (C14)
2x Hallowed Burial
1x Ill-Gotten Gains (T-Chinese UZ)
1x Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni (BoK MP)
4x Isolated Chapel (2x T-Chinese, 1x ISD, 1x MED)
7x Jace, Architect of Thought (3x T-Chinese SP, 4x English)
1x Jace, Memory Adept (T-Chinese M13 MP)
9x Loxodon Smiter (2x T-Chinese, 7x English)
1x Maga, Traitor to Mortals
2x Magus of the Moat (S-Chinese)
12x Magus of the Tabernacle (10x S-Chinese, 1x English, 1x SP)
1x Myojin of Life's Web
1x Pearl Medallion (T-Chinese)
2x Primeval Bounty (1x Japanese, 1x T-Chinese)
8x Puresteel Paladin (T-Chinese) $8
8x Savor the Moment (S-Chinese)
4x Siege Rhino (Japanese)
3x Squee, Goblin Nabob (MMA)
1x Squirrel Mob (T-Chinese MP)
1x Student of Warfare
1x Vampire Nocturnus (M13 SP)
10x Vraska the Unseen (1x Korean, 1x Japanese SP, 5x T-Chinese, 3x English)
3x Waste Not (2x Japanese, 1x T-Chinese)

1x Ancient Stirrings (SP)
16x Beast Within (T-Chinese)
4x Celestial Purge (Textless)
4x Gitaxian Probe (1x Japanese, 3x T-Chinese)
1x Hinder (Textless SP-)
8x Monastery Swiftspear (4x Japanese, 4x T-Chinese)
1x Wu Spy (T-Chinese)
4x Young Pyromancer (1x Japanese, 3x T-Chinese)

1x Foil Blind Obedience (T-Chinese)
1x Foil Return to the Ranks (Japanese)
1x Foil Dictate of Kruphix (Japanese)
1x Foil Stratus Dancer (T-Chinese)
1x Foil Disciple of Bolas
5x Foil Sangromancer
4x Foil Ball Lightning (M10)
2x Foil Countryside Crusher (MMA)
1x Foil Radiant Flames (T-Chinese Full Art)
6x Foil Mirrorworks
1x Foil Demigod of Revenge (Pre-release)
1x Foil Nim Deathmantle
1x Foil Staff of Nin (Japanese Promo)
1x Foil Oran-Rief, the Vastwood
1x Foil Ratchet Bomb (T-Chinese Promo)

1x Foil Silkwrap (Japanese)
1x Foil Steel Sabotage (T-Chinese)
1x Foil Electrickery (Japanese)
1x Foil Grapeshot (TSP)
4x Foil Release the Ants
1x Foil Roast
4x Foil Elvish Mystic (T-Chinese Promo)
1x Foil Mutagenic Growth (Japanese MM2)
1x Foil Tidehollow Sculler (FNM)
2x Foil Radiant Fountain (1x Japanese, 1x English)


1x Adaptive Automaton (T-Chinese)
3x Blood Baron of Vizkopa (1x Japanese, 1x T-Chinese, 1x English)
5x Champion of the Parish (1x Japanese, 1x Korean, 1x T-Chinese, 1x S-Chinese, 1x English)
4x Chandra, Pyromaster (M14)
2x City of Brass (CH Signed EX)
6x Clever Impersonator (5x Japanese, 1x T-Chinese
11x Contagion Engine (2x Japanese, 9x T-Chinese) $6
3x Darkwater Catacombs (2x Japanese, 1x T-Chinese)
2x Descendants' Path (T-Chinese)
5x Drowned Catacomb (4x T-Chinese, 1x M13)
16x Endless Horizons (S-Chinese)
4x Exalted Angel (Japanese SP)
7x Forced Fruition (S-Chinese)
3x Goblin Rabblemaster (2x T-Chinese, 1x M15)
4x Goblin Welder (UL SP)
11x Heartless Summoning (4x S-Chinese, 7x English)
8x Helix Pinnacle (S-Chinese)
1x Howling Mine (10th)
3x Imp's Mischief (Japanese)
8x Joraga Warcaller (6x WWK, 2x C14)
1x Kami of the Crescent Moon
3x Kiora, the Crashing Wave
14x Kuldotha Forgemaster (2x T-Chinese, 12x English)
3x Master Biomancer (T-Chinese)
4x Pithing Needle (1x Japanese RTR, 3x T-Chinese RTR)
3x Porphyry Nodes
1x Progenitor Mimic (T-Chinese)
1x Restore Balance (Stamped)
3x Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker (2x T-Chinese, 1x English)
4x Serra Avennger (Korean M13)
1x Skycloud Expanse (T-Chinese)
1x Stirring Wildwood (Japanese Signed SP)
3x Sun Titan (T-Chinese M12)
4x Swan Song (Korean)
3x Teferi's Puzzle Box (T-Chinese VI)
3x Temple of Epiphany (T-Chinese)
2x Temple of Malady (1X Japanese, 1x T-Chinese)
4x Torpor Orb (T-Chinese)
2x Trostani, Selesnya's Voice (T-Chinese)
8x Unwinding Clock (T-Chinese)
1x Utvara Hellkite (Japanese)
1x Waste Not (T-Chinese)
16x Waves of Aggression (S-Chinese)
6x Wild Defiance (1x Japanese, 3x T-Chinese, 2x English)
4x Wound Reflection (S-Chinese)

8x Big Game Hunter (S-Chinese)
9x Chromatic Star (S-Chinese TSP)
1x Ghost Quarter (DI)
2x Imperious Perfect (C14)
4x Myriad Landscape
5x Night's Whisper (5x JvV, 1x 5DN)
5x Rancor (2x T-Chinese, 3x English)
5x Reliquary Tower (1x C14, 4x M13)
2x Spell Crumple
4x Standstill
1x Shattering Spree
2x Shatterstorm (1x T-Chinese 5th, 1x 10th)
4x Sleight of Hand (T-Chinese 9th)
2x Swords to Plowshares (1x ANT, 1x CNS)
3x Timely Reinforcements (T-Chinese)
10x Terminate (2x Japanese ARB, 8x ARB)
4x Treetop Village (1x Japanese UL, 3x UL SP++)
1x Young Pyromancer (M14)

2x Foil Broodmate Dragon (SOA)
1x Foil March of the Machines (10th)
2x Foil Martial Coup (FTV)
2x Foil Pentarch Paladin
1x Foil Planar Outburst (Japanese)
4x Foil Painful Quandary
1x Foil Sadistic Sacrament (S-Chinese)
4x Foil Shimmer Myr
9x Foil Steel Hellkite (4x S-Chinese DCI NM, 5x S-Chinese DCI SP)
1x Foil Staff of Nin (T-Chinese Promo)

1x Foil Dispatch (Japanese MM2)
1x Foil Electrickery (T-Chinese)
4x Foil Smash to Smithereens (Japanese MM2)
1x Foil Hapless Researcher (T-Chinese)
3x Foil Negate (1x Japanese M14, 2x Japanese M13)
4x Foil Elvish Mystic (T-Chinese Promo)
1x Foil Kodama's Reach (MMA)
1x Foil Everflowing Chalice (Japanese MM2)
2x Foil Sin Collector (Japanese DGM)
3x Foil Vault Skirge (T-Chinese Promo)


5x Anafenza, the Foremost (3x Japanese, 2x T-Chinese)
3x Angel of Jubilation (T-Chinese)
4x Anger of the Gods (1x Japanese, 3x T-Chinese)
1x Avatar of Woe (T-Chinese PY)
1x Ball Lightning (5th)
8x Caged Sun (4x T-Chinese NPH, 4x S-Chinese NPH)
3x Copper Gnomes (2x Japanese, 1x T-Chinese)
1x Day of Judgment (T-Chinese M11)
1x Dosan the Falling Leaf
1x Dragonskull Summit (T-Chinese)
5x Dreadbore (T-Chinese)
8x Elemental Mastery (S-Chinese)
10x Elvish Archdruid (1x Japanese M13, 3x Japanese M11, 1x T-Chinese M12, 1x M12)
9x Glacial Fortress (4x S-Chinese M13, 1x Japanese M12, 1x T-Chinese M12, 2x M13, 1x M12)
1x Goblin King (9th)
1x Goblin Welder (UL MP)
1x Godo, Bandit Warlord (Small sharpie mark)
1x Hanna, Ship's Navigator (MP)
1x Hermit Druid (Japanese)
8x Imp's Mischief (S-Chinese)
1x Intet, the Dreamer (C11)
1x Jet Medallion (C14)
4x Jwari Shapeshifter
12x Kessig Wolf Run (S-Chinese)
9x Laboratory Maniac (5x T-Chinese, 4x English)
4x Lavaclaw Reaches (Japanese SP)
4x Lodestone Golem (S-Chinese WWK)
16x Maralen of the Mornsong (S-Chinese)
1x Martial Coup (S-Chinese)
8x Memory Plunder (S-Chinese)
2x Mimic Vat (1x T-Chinese, 1x SOM)
1x Nevinyrral's Disk (ANT)
6x Obelisk of Urd (1x T-Chinese SP, 1x Japanese, 4x M15)
4x Open the Vaults (M10)
11x Order of Whiteclay (S-Chinese)
2x Perilous Vault (T-Chinese)
1x Phyrexian Revoker (Japanese M15)
16x Phyrexian Unlife (4x T-Chinese, 8x S-Chinese, 4x English)
5x Pithing Needle (RTR)
4x Predator Ooze (1x Japanese, 1x T-Chinese, 2x English)
4x Rakdos's Return (2x Japanese, 1x T-Chinese, 1x English)
1x Reforge the Soul (T-Chinese)
1x Sapphire Medallion (C14)
1x Second Sunrise (T-Chinese)
3x Skycloud Expanse (2x T-Chinese SP, 1x S-Chinese SP)
6x Stuffy Doll (S-Chinese TSP, 2x English M13)
6x Teferi's Puzzle Box (4x S-Chinese 9th, 2x T-Chinese 6th)
2x Temple of Enlightenment (3x Japanese, 1x T-Chinese, 1x BNG)
8x Temple of Malice
7x Temporal Extortion (4x Japanese, 3x S-Chinese)
7x Vault of the Archangel (2x Japanese, 4x DKA, 1x MED)
2x Wurm Token (SOM Wurmcoil Engine tokens, 1x Japanese Deathtouch MP, 1x T-Chinese SP)
5x Zo-Zu, the Punisher (2x S-Chinese, 3x English)

5x Delver of Secrets (3x Korean SP, 2x Japanese SP)
16x Dismember (8x T-Chinese, 4x NPH, 4x MMA)
8x Lightning Bolt (2x Japanese MM2, 1x S-Chinese MM2, 2x T-Chinese M11, 3x M11)
12x Mistveil Plains (S-Chinese)
2x Molten Rain (T-Chinese)
3x Peregrine Drake (1x T-Chinese, 2x English)
2x Rift Bolt (MMA)
1x Sol Ring (C13)
7x Spell Pierce
1x Terminate (S-Chinese PS SP)
1x Urza's Mine (9th)
1x Urza's Tower (T-Chinese 5th)
1x Veteran Explorer (C11)
1x Volcanic Fallout (Textless)
1x Wild Nacatl (AvN)

4x Foil Guardian Seraph
1x Foil Ojutai Examplars (T-Chinese)
2x Foil Sunblast Angel
1x Foil Arcanis the Omnipotent (Japanese CvS)
1x Foil Chief Engineer (T-Chinese Full Art)
1x Foil Upheaval (FTV)
1x Foil Curse of Death's Hold
3x Foil Hand of the Praetors
1x Foil Ruinous Path (T-Chinese)
1x Foil Ashcloud Phoenix (T-Chinese)
2x Foil Furystoke Giant (1x S-Chinese, 1x English)
1x Foil Inferno Titan (Japanese Promo)
1x Foil Beastcaller Savant (Japanese)
1x Foil Chameleon Colossus (FTV)
1x Foil Eidolon of Blossoms (T-Chinese Promo)
3x Foil Leyline of Vitality (Japanese)
1x Foil Wolfir Silverheart
1x Foil Yasova Dragonclaw (T-Chinese)
1x Foil Death Grasp
1x Foil Horde of Notions (Japanese MM2)
1x Foil Lavinia of the Tenth (T-Chinese)
1x Foil Savage Knuckleblade (Japanese)
1x Foil Darksteel Juggernaut (T-Chinese)
4x Foil Prototype Portal
2x Foil Etched Monstrosity (NPH)
3x Foil Arena
2x Foil Howltooth Hollow

1x Foil Devout Witness (Japanese)
1x Foil Oblivion Ring (T-Chinese M13)
1x Foil Ray of Revelation (T-Chinese JUD)
1x Foil Augur of Bolas
4x Foil Sage of Fables (S-Chinese)
2x Foil Think Twice (T-Chinese ISD)
3x Foil Ultimate Price (T-Chinese RTR)
2x Foil Street Wraith (MMA)
1x Foil Vampire Nighthawk (Promo)
2x Foil Sign in Blood (Japanese M15)
1x Foil Empty the Warrens (MMA)
1x Foil Magma Jet (Japanese THS)
1x Foil Shrapnel Blast (MMA)
2x Foil Avacyn's Pilgrim (T-Chinese)
2x Foil Farseek (M13)
1x Foil Judge's Familiar (German FNM)
2x Foil Necropede
1x Foil Shrine of Burning Rage (T-Chinese Promo)
5x Foil Thornbite Staff (S-Chinese)
1x Foil Tormod's Crypt (T-Chinese M13)
1x Foil Gather the Packs (Japanese)
1x Foil Darksteel Citadel (MM2)


1x Ancestral Memories (T-Chinese Portal)
3x Angel of Serenity (S-Chinese)
1x Angel of the Dire Hour
1x Ashen Rider (T-Chinese)
7x Ashling, the Extinguisher (S-Chinese)
2x Beacon of Creation (S-Chinese)
1x Beastmaster Ascension (C14)
1x Black Sun's Zenith (C14)
8x Blasphemous Act (4x T-Chinese, 4x S-Chinese)
3x Body Double (PLC)
4x Borborygmos Enraged
9x Bosium Strip (3x Japanese, 6x English)
1x Bow of Nylea
2x Cemetery Reaper (T-Chinese)
3x Cold-Eyed Selkie (2x S-Chinese EVE, 1x MMA)
7x Creeping Corrosion (1x Japanese SP, 5x T-Chinese, 1x MBS)
3x Dack's Duplicate (Japanese)
4x Deadbridge Chant
4x Desolate Lighthouse (1x Japanese, 2x T-Chinese, 1x English)
2x Detention Sphere (S-Chinese)
8x Devastating Summons (4x S-Chinese, 4x English)
6x Edric, Spymaster of Trest (2x Japanese CNS, 4x CNS)
1x Emerald Medallion (C14)
2x False Cure (1x Japanese, 1x S-Chinese)
1x Feldon of the Third Path
1x Fiendslayer Paladin (Japanese)
3x Figure of Destiny (MMA)
12x Gilt-Leaf Archdruid (S-Chinese)
4x Grenzo, Dungeon Warden (2x Japanese, 2x English)
6x Hornet Queen (M15)
4x Ill-Gotten Gains (Japanese CNS)
4x Intet, the Dreamer (S-Chinese)
1x Jaya Ballard, Task Mage
1x Jester's Cap (Japanese 5th)
1x Karmic Justice (T-Chinese OD SP-)
1x Keening Stone (Japanese)
1x Liege of the Tangle (T-Chinese)
1x Lifeblood Hydra
3x Lotleth Troll (1x Japanese, 1x T-Chinese, 1x English)
1x Martial Coup (CON)
2x Masticore (UD)
7x Mirran Crusader (2x T-Chinese MBS, 1x MBS Signed SP, 4x MM2)
7x Mosswort Bridge (4x LOR, 3x Japanese C13)
1x Murkfiend Liege (C13)
1x Myojin of Cleansing Fire (Japanese)
4x Necrotic Ooze (S-Chinese)
8x Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius (2x T-Chinese, 2x S-Chinese, 4x English)
1x Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind (Japanese MM2)
5x Ob Nixilis, the Unshackled (2x Japanese, 3x T-Chinese)
8x Oran-Rief, the Vastwood (S-Chinese)
4x Pack Rat
1x Painful Quandary (T-Chinese)
7x Panglacial Wurm (S-Chinese)
2x Path of Bravery (1x Japanese, 1x T-Chinese)
1x Pearl Medallion (C14)
8x Polluted Bonds (S-Chinese)
1x Prime Speaker Zegana (T-Chinese)
8x Puppeteer Clique (S-Chinese SHM)
12x Radha, Heir to Keld (3x Japanese, 8x S-Chinese, 1x English)
8x Ratchet Bomb (1x M14,7x ZEN
1x Reef Worm
6x Rite of Replication (1x C14, 5x S-Chinese)
4x Rootbound Crag (3x Japanese SP, 1x Japanese MP)
3x Rout (1x Japanese IN, 1x English IN, 1x Japanese CNS)
1x Ruby Medallion (C14)
1x Sage of Hours (Japanese)
1x Sanguine Bond (Japanese M10)
8x Sapling of Colfenor (S-Chinese)
1x Serenity (Japanese WL)
6x Shirei, Shizo's Caretaker (S-Chinese)
1x Silent Arbiter (Japanese CNS)
1x Slaughter Games (Japanese)
9x Spelljack (8x T-Chinese, 1x S-Chinese)
1x Squirrel Wrangler
8x Temple of Deceit (S-Chinese)
1x Temple of Plenty (T-Chinese)
8x Temple of Silence (S-Chinese)
1x Tidebinder Mage (T-Chinese)
6x Tree of Redemption (2x T-Chinese, 4x S-Chinese)
3x Undermine (2x T-Chinese IN, 1x AvN)
6x Venser's Journal (T-Chinese)
4x Wall of Reverence (2x Japanese CON, 1x C13, 1x CON stamped)
4x Warden of the First Tree (1x Japanese, 1x T-Chinese, 2x English)
8x Whip of Erebos
5x Windborn Muse (T-Chinese LE)
6x Wingmate Roc (2x T-Chinese, 4x S-Chinese)
9x Worldgorger Dragon (T-Chinese)

2x Ashnod's Altar (1x T-Chinese 6th, 1x Korean 5th)
12x Battle Screech (T-Chinese)
4x Darkblast (1x French, 1x Signed SP, 2x NM)
9x Deceiver Exarch (3x T-Chinese, 3x S-Chinese, 3x NPH, 1x C13)
9x Delver of Secrets
5x Dimir Signet
2x Dryad Militant (T-Chinese Full Art)
4x Ensoul Artifact (T-Chinese)
13x Expedition Map (12x ZEN, 1x MM2)
1x Facricate (T-Chinese MI)
8x Flamekin Harbinger (S-Chinese)
14x Flickerwisp (S-Chinese EVE)
2x Gaea's Blessing (Japanese WL)
20x Ghost Quarter (8x T-Chinese ISD, 8x English ISD, 4x C14)
12x Go for the Throat (9x T-Chinese, 3x English)
4x Goblin Grenade (3x T-Chinese M12, 1x M12)
5x Joraga Treespeaker (2x S-Chinese, 3x English)
2x Martyr of Sands (S-Chinese)
4x Memnite (3x T-Chinese, 1x SOM)
21x Nettle Sentinel (16x S-Chinese, 5x EVE)
1x Nimble Mongoose (T-Chinese SP)
4x Ponder (1x Japanese M12, 6x T-Chinese M12, 1x S-Chinese LOR, 2x French MOR)
7x Preordain (4x S-Chinese, 3x English)
9x Rise/Fall (5x S-Chinese, 3x DI, 1x AvN)
1x Slippery Boggart (S-Chinese)
2x Street Wraith (1x FUT, 1x MMA)
2x Tectonic Edge (1x Japanese SP, 1x WWK SP)
1x The Rack (4th MP)
4x Treefolk Harbinger (S-Chinese)

2x Foil Earwig Squad (MOR)
1x Foil Skeletal Vampire (GPT MP)
2x Foil Overwhelming Stampede (M11)
1x Foil Runechanter's Pike
1x Foil Blight Herder (T-Chinese Release Promo)
4x Foil Malakir Bloodwitch
2x Foil Nighthowler (T-Chinese Full Art)
3x Foil Spikeshot Elder
1x Foil Ambush Commander (EvG)

3x Foil Accorder Paladin
1x Foil Disdainful Stroke (Japanese)
2x Foil Dissolve (T-Chinese FNM)
4x Foil Echoing Truth (MMA)
4x Foil Forbidden Alchemy (2x Korean FNM, 2x Japanese FNM)
2x Foil Vapor Snag (MM2)
1x Foil Suffer the Past (Japanese)
1x Foil Draconic Roar (T-Chinese)
4x Foil Incinerate (S-Chinese M12)
1x Foil Elves of Deep Shadow
2x Foil Fertile Ground (IN)
1x Foil Flinthoof Boar (T-Chinese)
5x Foil Satyr Wayfinder (1x Japanese M15, 4x English M15)
1x Foil Clutch of the Undercity
1x Foil Nivix Cyclops (T-Chinese)
1x Foil Perplex
1x Foil Quillspike (Chinese)
1x Foil Mask of Memory
1x Foil Evolving Wilds (T-Chinese FNM)
1x Foil Novijen, Heart of Progress
1x Foil Orzhov Basilica (MM2)
2x Foil Read the Bones (1x T-Chinese, 1x English)
2x Foil Slice and Dice (T-Chinese)
1x Foil Electrickery
2x Foil Ichor Wellspring
1x Foil Pristine Talisman (T-Chinese)


1x Arashi, the Sky Asunder
6x Armada Wurm (1x Japanese, 4x T-Chinese, 1x English)
5x Artifact Mutation (S-Chinese SP)
1x Assemble the Legion (T-Chinese Signed)
3x Aurelia's Fury (1x T-Chinese, 2x English)
2x Bad Moon (1x T-Chinese 5th, 1x GvL)
1x Beastmaster Ascension (C14)
1x Bogardan Hellkite (C14)
3x Bow of Nylea (T-Chinese)
3x Braids, Conjurer Adept (Japanese)
9x Bringer of the Black Dawn (S-Chinese)
8x Bringer of the White Dawn (6x S-Chinese, 2x English)
4x Chancellor of the Annexx (S-Chinese)
1x Citanul Flute (Japanese UZ)
5x Counterflux (3x Japanese, 2x T-Chinese)
8x Crackling Doom (5x Japanese, 4x T-Chinese, 4x English)
4x Crovax, Ascendant Hero (2x S-Chinese, 2x English)
5x Crux of Fate (3x Japanese, 1x T-Chinese, 1x English)
1x Demonfire (DDA)
3x Deus of Calamity (HvM)
1x Draco (T-Chinese)
1x Dragonstorm (TSB)
1x Dueling Grounds (1x T-Chinese, 1x INV)
1x Duskmantle Seer (T-Chinese)
5x Eidolon of Blossoms (1x Japanese, 2x T-Chinese, 3x English)
1x Epic Experiment (T-Chinese)
3x Faith's Reward (T-Chinese)
2x Flamekin Village (1x Japanese, 1x English)
10x Fleecemane Lion (2x T-Chinese, 7x English, 1x French)
1x Frost Titan (1x T-Chinese M11 SP, 1x C14)
3x Gaea's Revenge (M11)
7x General's Kabuto (S-Chinese)
5x Hall of Triumph (1x Japanese, 1x T-Chinese, 3x English)
2x Hallowed Spiritkeeper
8x Herald of Leshrac (S-Chinese)
4x Hero of Oxid Ridge
1x Hornet Nest
1x Imposing Sovereign (Japanese)
5x Increasing Confusion
4x Increasing Vengeance
8x Indomitable Ancients (S-Chinese)
2x Infernal Contract (T-Chinese 7th)
1x Jazal Goldmane
8x Jeskai Ascendancy (4x T-Chinese, 4x S-Chinese)
1x Kaervek the Merciless (TSP)
1x Kataki, War's Wage (MED)
12x Knollspine Dragon (S-Chinese)
8x Knowledge Exploitation (S-Chinese)
3x Launch the Fleet (1x Japanese, 2x English)
1x Lifebane Zombie (T-Chinese)
4x Life's Finale (S-Chinese)
5x Lodestone Golem (WWK)
4x Magus of the Bazaar (S-Chinese)
2x Magus of the Disk (Japanese)
8x Magus of the Future (S-Chinese)
1x Martial Coup (C14)
2x Meekstone (Mixed edition SP)
5x Merieke Ri Berit
1x Misthollow Griffin
2x Mutilate (1x GvL, 1x C14)
1x Myojin of Cleansing Fire (Small sharpie mark on card)
3x Myr Turbine
3x Mystic Snake (Japanese MM2)
1x Nemata, Grove Guardian (T-Chinese)
3x Nevermore
5x Nomad Mythmaker (1x Japanese JUD, 4x T-Chinese JUD)
1x Nicol Bolas (CH SP)
1x Nightveil Specter (S-Chinese)
5x Oracle of Nectars (S-Chinese)
1x Oran-Rief, the Vastwood (C14)
1x Overseer of the Damned
4x Paladin en-Vec (Russian 9th BB)
4x Phantom Nishoba (T-Chinese)
1x Phyrexian Tyranny (T-Chinese)
8x Puca's Mischief (S-Chinese)
1x Quicken (T-Chinese M14)
1x Rampaging Baloths (C14)
2x Reya Dawnbringer (Japanese CNS)
8x Rhys the Exiled (S-Chinese)
1x Rith, the Awakener (T-Chinese INV)
1x Scourglass (S-Chinese)
12x Scout's Warning (S-Chinese)
1x Serenity (6th)
3x Shadowmage Infiltrator (T-Chinese ODY SP)
1x Shaman en-Kor
8x Shape Anew
1x Slayer's Stronghold (T-Chinese)
4x Skaab Ruinator
6x Spiritmonger (T-Chinese AP)
1x Stitcher Geralf
7x Sulfuric Vortex (3x SvT, 4x CNS)
6x Sylvan Primordial (5x Japanese, 1x English)
1x Tainted Pact (OD)
9x Temple of Abandon (4x S-Chinese, 1x T-Chinese, 4x English)
10x Temple of Mystery (1x Japanese, 4x S-Chinese, 1x T-Chinese, 4x English)
8x Temple of Triumph (S-Chinese)
8x Teneb, the Harvester (S-Chinese)
11x Terastodon (8x S-Chinese, 3x English)
8x Thraximundar (S-Chinese ARB)
4x Trading Post (2x Japanese M14, 2x M13)
1x Troll Ascetic (DotP)
1x True Convinction (C14)
9x Utter End (5x T-Chinese, 4x S-Chinese)
2x Verdant Force (T-Chinese TE)
4x Voidmage Prodigy (2x Chinese ON NM, 1x Chinese ON SP, 2x English ON)
8x Vorosh, the Hunter (S-Chinese)
6x Winds of Change (2x T-Chinese 5th, 1x Japanese 5th SP, 3x 5th SP)
11x Witchbane Orb (3x Japanese, 8x English)
1x Worldgorger Dragon (MP)
3x Wren's Run Packmaster (S-Chinese)
1x Zealous Conscripts (T-Chinese)

1x Countersquall (AvN)
9x Cranial Plating (1x Japanese MM2 SP, 8x MM2)
8x Delay (S-Chinese)
2x Dimir Aqueduct (1x RAV, 1x MM2)
9x Disrortion Strike
7x Electrolyze (1x Japanese MM2, 1x MM2, 1x MMA, 4x GPT)
16x Esper Charm (4x S-Chinese, 12x English) $2.5
7x Forked Bolt (1x Japanese, 2x Signed, 1x ROE, 3x S-Chinese SP)
12x Gatekeeper of Malakir (6x S-Chinese, 6x ZEN)
16x Goblin Bushwhacker (4x S-Chinese, 12x ZEN)
1x Impulse (Beatdown)
1x Incinerate (Textless SP)
4x Invigorate (Japanese SP)
4x Narcomoeba (FUT)
2x Shriekmaw (1x C11, 1x C14)
11x Signal Pest (10x T-Chinese, 1x MBS)
1x Spike Feeder (C11)
16x Spreading Seas (4x S-Chinese, 12x ZEN)
8x Springleaf Drum (3x Japanese BNG, 1x T-Chinese BNG, 4x LOR)
8x Thought Scour (JvV)
8x Twisted Image
1x Voltaic Key (Japanese UZ SP)
5x Wear/Tear (3x T-Chinese, 2x English)

1x Foil Celestial Purge (T-Chinese M11)
2x Foil Gather the Townsfolk (1x T-Chinese, 1x English)
1x Foil Kor Skyfisher
1x Foil Ray of Revelation (T-Chinese DKA)
1x Foil Renewed Faith (T-Chinese)
1x Foil Revoke Existence
1x Foil Flashfreeze (M1O)
2x Foil Forbidden Alchemy (1x T-Chinese FNM, 1x English ISD)
2x Foil Peer Through Depths (MMA)
3x Foil Riftwing Cloudskate (2x MMA, 1x TSP)
3x Foil See Beyond (1x S-Chinese, 2x English)
3x Foil Devour Flesh (1x Japanese, 1x T-Chinese, 1x English)
1x Foil Fleshbag Marauder (Japanese ORI)
1x Foil Skinrender
1x Foil Fury Sliver (TSP)
2x Foil Geosurge
1x Foil Lightning Strike (Japanese M15)
1x Foil Pillage (FaL)
2x Foil Pillar of Flame (Japanese FNM)
1x Foil Tuktuk Scrapper
4x Foil Borderland Ranger (2x Japanese AVR, 1x AVR, 1x M10)
4x Foil Deglamer
1x Foil Evolution Charm
4x Foil Lead the Stampede
1x Foil Mulch
1x Foil Naturalize (German ON)
1x Foil Rampant Growth (Japanese MM2)
1x Foil Restock (Japanese M15)
2x Foil Rootgrapple (S-Chinese)
1x Foil Sachi, Daughter of Seshiro
1x Foil Grisly Salvage (T-Chinese FNM)
1x Foil Firewake Sliver
1x Foil Hit/Run
1x Foil Artisan of Kozilek (MM2)
1x Foil Dreamstone Hedron
1x Foil Epochrasite (MMA)
1x Foil Pyrite Spellbomb (MMA)
1x Foil Wayfarer's Bauble (Japanese MM2)
1x Foil Blossoming Sands (Japanese KTK)
1x Foil Dismal Backwater (T-Chinese KTK)
4x Foil Jungle Hollow (2x Japanese KTK, 1x T-Chinese KTK, 1x Japanese FRF)
1x Foil Rix Maadi, Dungeon Palace
1x Foil Rugged Highlands (Japanese)
1x Foil Sapseep Forest (S-Chinese)
1x Foil Scoured Barrens (Japanese FRF)
1x Foil Vivid Creek (MMA)
1x Foil Vivid Grove (MMA)


1x Adarkar Valkyrie (C14)
2x Aegis of the Gods
1x Argentum Armor (C14)
4x Ascendant Evincar (S-Chinese 10th)
1x Avatar of Hope (Japanese PY)
1x Basandra, Battle Seraph (Japanese CNS)
1x Battlegrace Angel (Japanese MM2)
4x Beck/Call (S-Chinese) $2
4x Beguiler of Wills
12x Bloodgift Demon
4x Boon Satyr
8x Butcher of the Horde (4x T-Chinese, 4x S-Chinese)
8x Cairn Wanderer (S-Chinese)
1x Call of the Herd (S-Chinese TSB SP)
2x Captain of the Watch (Japanese M13)
16x Chained to the Rocks (8x T-Chinese, 8x English)
3x Chandra's Phoenix (T-Chinese M14)
4x Chronozoa (S-Chinese)
1x Comeuppance
4x Comet Storm (S-Chinese WWK)
9x Commander Eesha (T-Chinese)
3x Crater's Claws
3x Decree of Justice (2x Japanese C14, 1x C14)
4x Earwig Squad (MOR)
4x Essence of the Wild
12x Evil Twin
4x Fabled Hero (3x T-Chinese, 1x English)
2x Firemind's Foresight (Japanese)
1x Flesh Carver
8x Fumiko the Lowblood (S-Chinese)
1x Ghost Council of Orzhova (Japanese MM2)
1x Giant Solifuge
8x Helvault
12x Ib Halfheart, Goblin Tactician (S-Chinese)
2x Junk Diver (T-Chinese)
9x Kaervek the Merciless (S-Chinese)
1x Kilnmouth Dragon (T-Chinese)
16x Kinsbaile Cavalier (S-Chinese)
8x Leyline of Vitality
12x Lightning Angel (4x T-Chinese AP, 8x TSB)
8x Limited Resources (7x T-Chinese, 1x English)
9x Livewire Lash (1x T-Chinese, 4x S-Chinese, 4x English)
1x Loxodon Warhammer (S-Chinese 10th)
8x Mantis Rider (S-Chinese)
1x Mentor of the Meek (C14)
12x Merfolk Sovereign (M12)
5x Merieke Ri Berit (1x Japanese TSB, 4x S-Chinese TSB)
4x Mirror-Mad Phantasm
6x Molten-Tail Masticore (2x T-Chinese, 4x English)
20x Moorland Haunt (4x T-Chinese, 8x S-Chinese, 8x English)
9x Myr Battlesphere (1x Japanese C13, 1x T-Chinese SOM, 7x English som)
3x Nantuko Shade (1x C14, 2x M11)
21x Nephalia Drownyard (1x Japanese, 8x S-Chinese, 8x English)
2x Ohran Viper (1x Japanese JvV, 1x JvV)
2x Planar Birth (1x T-Chinese, 1x English)
4x Plasm Capture (2x Japanese, 2x T-Chinese)
4x Quicksilver Gargantuan
4x Rattleclaw Mystic (T-Chinese)
1x Recycle (Japanese SP)
5x Ruric Thar, the Unbowed
4x Savage Knuckleblade (S-Chinese)
1x Scrap Mastery
1x Scuttling Doom Engine
3x Selenia, Dark Angel (2x NM, 1x SP)
1x Siege Behemoth
10x Skinshifter (1x T-Chinese, 8x S-Chinese, 1x English)
17x Skirsdag High Priest (1x T-Chinese, 8x S-Chinese, 8x English)
4x Skylasher (1x Japanese, 3x T-Chinese)
12x Soldier of the Pantheon (1x T-Chinese SP, 11x English)
1x Spear of Heliod (T-Chinese)
11x Spikeshot Elder (3x S-Chinese, 8x English)
2x Steel Hellkite (C14)
1x Stroke of Genius (C14)
1x Sudden Spoiling (C14)
1x Sundial of the Infinite (Japanese)
5x Sword of Vengeance (1x Japanese C14, 1x C14, 3x T-Chinese M11)
10x Sygg, River Guide (4x S-Chinese, 6x English)
12x Teneb, the Harvester (S-Chinese)
1x Thunderfoot Baloth
1x Tyrant's Familiar
3x Underworld Cerberus (T-Chinese)
1x Volacnic Offering
8x Vorosh, the Hunter (S-Chinese)
1x Wake the Dead
1x Weatherseed Treefolk (T-Chinese)
3x Wren's Run Packmaster (S-Chinese)

12x Arcane Sanctum (S-Chinese)
9x Bant Charm
16x Blighted Agent (8x S-Chinese, 8x English)
12x Bramblewood Paragon (S-Chinese)
12x Glistener Elf (4x T-Chinese, 8x NPH)
4x Golgari Charm (1x T-Chinese, 3x RTR)
1x Great Furnace (C14)
5x Izzet Charm (1x Korean, 3x Japanese, 1x T-Chinese)
4x Kiln Fiend
4x Land Grant (Japanese)
5x Murderous Cut (Japanese)
10x Murderous Redcap (8x S-Chinese SHM, 1x English SHM, 1x MMA)
10x Nature's Claim (1x Japanese CNS, 3x Japanese WWK, 5x WWK, 1x WWK Signed)
3x Nyx-Fleece Ram (1x T-Chinese, 2x JOU)
1x Pyretic Ritual (T-Chinese)
4x Reclamation Sage (Japanese)
12x Shard Volley (S-Chinese)
12x Sinew Sliver (S-Chinese)
4x Stubborn Denial (T-Chinese)
13x Vines of Vastwood (3x Japanese MM2, 10x ZEN)
3x Worn Powerstone (C14)

3x Banishing Light (1x Japanese, 2x T-Chinese, 1x JOU)
5x Dispatch (4x NPH, 1x MM2)
13x Intangible Virtue (8x S-Chinese, 3x English)
3x Journey to Nowhere
8x Lone Missionary (4x Japanese, 4x English)
12x Mana Tithe (S-Chinese)
12x Soul Warden (9x Chinese EXO, 3x S-Chinese 9th)
1x Spectral Procession (C14)

12x Condescend (S-Chinese)
12x Deprive (4x Japanese, 8x English)
3x Echoing Truth (MMA)
14x Etherium Sculptor (11x S-Chinese SOA, 3x MMA)
24x Mana Leak (3x Japanese MM2, 2x MM2, 9x S-Chinese M12, 4x M12, 1x S-Chinese 9th, 2x T-Chinese SH SP, 2x French SH SP, 1x SH SP)
8x Mystic Speculation (S-Chinese)
2x Peer Through Depths (MMA)
1x Pestermite (Japanese LOR)
14x Spell Burst (8x S-Chinese, 6x English)
3x Spellstutter Sprite (2x MMA, 1x LOR)
9x Telekinetic Sliver (8x S-Chinese, 1x English)
5x Vapor Snag (3x Japanese MM2, 2x T-Chinese NPH)

10x Faerie Macabre (8x S-Chinese SHM, 2x MMA)
1x Mad Auntie (MMA)
16x Raven's Crime (12x S-Chinese, 4x MMA)
12x Smallpox (M12)
6x Stinkweed Imp (4x RAV, 2x MMA)
12x Unburial Rites (8x S-Chinese, 4x ISD)
13x Vampire Hexmage (1x C14, 1x CON, 8x S-Chinese, 3x English)
12x Vampiric Link (S-Chinese)
6x Viscera Seer
4x Yixlid Jailer (3x S-Chinese, 1x English)

5x Empty the Warrens (5x MMA)
7x Faithless Looting (1x C14, 2x T-Chinese, 4x English)
4x Flame Slash (3x Japanese, 1x English)
5x Galvanic Blast
4x Grapeshot (1x TSP, 3x MMA)
16x Gut Shot (2x Japanese MM2, 6x S-Chinese NPH, 8x English NPH)
5x Ingot Chewer (1x Japanese JvC, 4x LOR)
12x Mogg War Marshal (S-Chinese)
2x Pyroclasm (T-Chinese)
15x Ricochet Trap (3x Japanese, 12x English)
4x Shrapnel Blast (MI)
1x Sulfur Elemental
4x Vandalblast (1x T-Chinese, 3x RTR)
1x Whipflare (C14)

12x Essence Warden (S-Chinese)
17x Explore (1x Japanese, 8x S-Chinese, 8x English)
16x Groundswell (4x Japanese, 12x English)
10x Mutagenic Growth (NPH)
2x Reclamation Sage (T-Chinese)
9x Sakura-Tribe Elder (8x CNS, 1x CHK)
15x Search for Tomorrow (4x S-Chinese TSP, 3x MMA, 8x TSP)

5x Darkheart Sliver (S-Chinese)
2x Destructive Revelry (T-Chinese)
1x Ghor-Clan Rampager (T-Chinese)
1x Izzet Staticaster (Japanese)
1x Rakdos Charm (Japanese)
5x Sin Collector (T-Chinese)
4x Tidehollow Sculler (MED)
16x Wistful Selkie (S-Chinese)

10x Everflowing Chalice (S-Chinese WWK)
8x Izzet Charm (GPT)
12x Necropede (4x S-Chinese, 8x SOM)
22x Pentad Prism (16x S-Chinese, 6x English)
1x Swiftfoot Boots (M11)
16x Vault Skirge (S-Chinese
13x Voltaic Key (3x T-Chinese M11, 4x S-Chinese M11, 4x English M12, 2x UZ SP)
2x Welding Jar

11x Azorius Chancery (S-Chinese DI)
18x Bojuka Bog (6x S-Chinese, 12x WWK
11x Darksteel Citadel (1x C14, 1x M15, 3x Japanese MM2, 4x MM2, 2x DS stamped)
16x Halimar Depths (2x Japanese, 8x S-Chinese, 6x English)
15x Jungle Shrine (S-Chinese)
15x Savage Lands (S-Chinese)
19x Simic Growth Chamber (11x S-Chinese, 8x DI)
1x Sunhome, Fortress of the Legion

2x Thwart (MP)
1x Wonder (T-Chinese)
16x Carrion Feeder (8x S-Chinese, 8x English)
2x Crypt Rats (T-Chinese 7th)
5x Cuombajj Witches (CH)
2x Rain of Filth
15x Wei Assassins (9x Japanese, 6x T-Chinese)
1x Goblin Vandal (Japanese)
3x Muscle Sliver (SP)
10x Land Grant (SP)
5x Moment's Peace (T-Chinese)
3x Yavimaya Elder (UD SP)
9x Riftstone Portal (T-Chinese)

List continued below....

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From: OKC, OK, USA
Confirmed Refs: 18

posted May 22, 2016 12:37 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for usefuluser1 Click Here to Email usefuluser1 Send a private message to usefuluser1 Click to send usefuluser1 an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View usefuluser1's Have/Want ListView usefuluser1's Have/Want List
Hi, I am interested in purchasing everything below. We can move to pms to finalize shipping, etc.

1x Foil Bridge from Below (MMA) $8
4x Athreos, God of Passage (T-Chinese) $7.5
7x Xenagos, God of Revels (6x Japanese, 1x T-Chinese) $4
1x Hissing Quagmare (T-Chinese) $4

Wandering Fumarole (1x Japanese) $3
2x Godsend (1x Japanese, 1x T-Chinese)
9x Heliod, God of the Sun (1x Japanese, 1x T-Chinese, 7x S-Chinese)
3x Gideon, Champion of Justice (1x Japanese, 1x T-Chinese, 1x English)
11x Mayor of Avabruck
4x Phenax, God of Deception (Japanese)
2x Sliver Hive (Japanese)
5x Mogis, God of Slaughter (3x Japanese, 2x T-Chinese)

4x Nylea, God of the Hunt (S-Chinese)

2x Pharika, God of Affliction (T-Chinese)
4x Qasali Pridemage (2x AvN, 2x CON)

2x Ephara, God of the Polis (1x T-Chinese, 1x English)
Ghost Quarter (4x T-Chinese ISD)

From: Natal, RN, Brazil
Confirmed Refs: 177

posted August 01, 2016 08:52 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for Vinicius Click Here to Email Vinicius Send a private message to Vinicius Click to send Vinicius an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote 

Interested in:

1x Hanna, Ship's Navigator (MP) $2
4x Death's Shadow (S-Chinese) $4.5
1x All is Dust (MM2) $7
1x Thorn of Amethyst (SP) $9
4x Foil Conflagrate $5

Lmk with postage costs ($1.8?) to Brazil, thank you.

From: Cumming, GA USA
Confirmed Refs: 28

posted August 04, 2016 04:18 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for dkrush3995 Click Here to Email dkrush3995 Send a private message to dkrush3995 Click to send dkrush3995 an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote 
Interested in:

2x Rishadan Port (German) $68x2

Also, prefer registered mail.


From: Bel Air, Maryland, USA
Confirmed Refs: 132

posted May 18, 2017 05:27 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for Jonnyjonski Click Here to Email Jonnyjonski Send a private message to Jonnyjonski Click to send Jonnyjonski an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote 

I'm interested in purchasing the following:

4x Mistbind Clique (3x S-Chinese, 1x English) $6.5
3x Watery Grave (2x Korean GTC, 1x T-Chinese GTC, 1x GTC Signed in Gold) $12/$11/$10.5

How about and even $60 shipped? LMK

Thank you

From: Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Confirmed Refs: 89

posted May 18, 2017 11:31 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for xburritox Click Here to Email xburritox Send a private message to xburritox Click to send xburritox an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote 
Interested in:

1x Godless Shrine (T-Chinese GTC) $9

Best to email me @ as I don't log onto MOTL much these days.


[Edited 1 times, lastly by xburritox on May 19, 2017]

From: Chicago, IL, USA
Confirmed Refs: 17

posted May 19, 2017 05:41 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for muzungu Click Here to Email muzungu Send a private message to muzungu Click to send muzungu an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote 
Hello! Nice to see you back with a new list. I will take these for now (I might be back to add a few more).

2x Gideon Jura (2x ROE) $5
2x Grave Titan (C14) $4
1x All is Dust (MM2) $7
2x Platinum Emperion (T-Chinese) $5
1x Back to Basics (Japanese) $7
1x Teferi, Temporal Archmage $4
3x Mirari's Wake (1x Japanese JUD, 1x JUD, 1x CNS) $5/$6/$6
5x Ancient Tomb (2x SP, 3x MP) $14/$13

3x Foil Grand Architect $3.5
1x Foil Lotus Bloom (Pre-release NM-) $7
4x Foil Conflagrate $5


2x Grand Abolisher (C14)
1x Foil Nim Deathmantle


11x Contagion Engine (2x Japanese, 9x T-Chinese)
1x Restore Balance (Stamped)
4x Foil Painful Quandary

3x Foil Hand of the Praetors
2x Foil Street Wraith (MMA)


1x Black Sun's Zenith (C14)
2x Street Wraith (1x FUT, 1x MMA)
1x Foil Quillspike (Chinese)


4x Chancellor of the Annex (S-Chinese)
1x Kaervek the Merciless (TSP)
12x Knollspine Dragon (S-Chinese)
1x Overseer of the Damned
1x Tainted Pact (OD)
3x Winds of Change (3x 5th SP)

1x Countersquall (AvN)
12x Esper Charm (12x English)
4x Narcomoeba (FUT)


1x Kilnmouth Dragon (T-Chinese)
1x Tyrant's Familiar


From: Birmingham, Alabama
Confirmed Refs: 75

posted May 19, 2017 09:22 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for Base13 Click Here to Email Base13 Send a private message to Base13 Click to send Base13 an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote 
Haven't got to the .75 and .5 section yet and this is want I am wanting so far:

1x Foil Bridge from Below (MMA) $8
1x Foil Lantern of Insight (S-Chinese) $14
1x Foil Pact of Negation (FUT) $53
1x Foil Replenish (small dent on card, otherwise NM) $48(is this a binder ding?)
1x Mistbind Clique (1x English) $6.5
10x Ad Nauseam $7
3x Bridge from Below (FUT) $5.5
1x Grave Pact (C11) $7.5
3x Purphorus, God of the Forge (3x THS)$6.5
1x Koth of the Hammer (1x English) $6.5
1x Life from the Loam (IvG) $9.5
3x Oracle of Mul Daya (1x Japanese, 2x S-Chinese) $15/$13.5
1x All is Dust (MM2) $7
3x Blightsteel Colossus (3x English) $19
1x Back to Basics (Japanese) $7
1x Teferi, Temporal Archmage $4
1x Time Spiral (Japanese) $21
5x Yawgmoth's Will (1x Japanese SP, 4x English) $26/$22
3x Mirari's Wake (1x Japanese JUD,1x JUD, 1x CNS) $5/$6/$6
2x Memory Jar (1x Japanese UL, 1x European UL) $8/$7
1x Foil Lotus Bloom (Pre-release NM-) $7
1x Foil Unwinding Clock $8.5
3x Foil Venser's Journal $4.5
2x Set of 10 New Phyrexia Foil Basic Land - $8
1x Foil Nim Deathmantle $3
8x Helix Pinnacle (S-Chinese) $2.5
1x Restore Balance (Stamped) $2.5
1x Hermit Druid (Japanese) $2
2x Foil Street Wraith (MMA) $2
5x Foil Thornbite Staff (S-Chinese) $2
2x Street Wraith (1x FUT, 1x MMA)b $1.5
1x Foil Quillspike (Chinese) $1.5
1x Tainted Pact (OD) $1

I will look at the .75 and less section later today. My eyes are hurting. Let me know. Thanks.

From: Germany
Confirmed Refs: 382

posted May 19, 2017 09:38 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for Cartesius Click Here to Email Cartesius Send a private message to Cartesius Click to send Cartesius an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View Cartesius's Have/Want ListView Cartesius's Have/Want List

[Edited 1 times, lastly by Cartesius on May 19, 2017]
From: Monterey Park, CA, USA
Confirmed Refs: 10

posted May 22, 2017 03:21 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for NathanS2k Click Here to Email NathanS2k Send a private message to NathanS2k Click to send NathanS2k an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote 
Hi. Been awhile. I'll take these and wants to know if you can give better pricing on 2 cards. Thanks

1x Wooded Foothills (T-Chinese ON) $32 <--better pricing?
1x Eldrazi Displacer (T-Chinese) $4
1x Natural Order (T-Chinese VI SP) $30 <----better pricing?
3x Young Pyromancer (T-Chinese) $3
1x Foil Electrickery (T-Chinese) $2.50
4x Glistener Elf (T-Chinese) $0.75
1x Golgari Charm (T-Chinese) $0.75
1x Izzet Charm (T-Chinese) $0.75


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