Mar 28, 2023

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The Tome

Casual Players Alliance

WOTC - Magic: the Gathering News

Official Standard Floor Rules

Crystal Keep - Home of the Stephen D'Angelo Rulings

Star City Games - Strategy site and online store.

How to Identify Fake Cards

Some NewNet/EFnet IRC channels you should check out

#motl - MOTL's official chat room on NewNet.
#mtg - For chat about Magic.
#mtgtrade - Trading, although it's not very active.
#apprentice and #i-magic - Play Magic:TG online.

MOTL Member Pages

Adam's Magic Library
British Collectible Cards
Card Bazaar
Curtis's Cards
Damian's Magic: the Gathering Trading Page
Gathering the Magic
Greven's Lair
Kai's Magic Forum
Mage Domain
Magic: the Gathering Links
Maison du Blade: A Magic Trading Post
Sundog's Trading Home
Team ManaScrew
Thomas Ray's Magic:the Gathering page
The World of GOZ
Volrath's Chamber

If you would like to have a link to your site placed here, e-mail with the URL and name of your site. Also, please be sure to put a link to MOTL in an appropriate place on your site.

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