May 30, 2023

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Sending Rules

Trading disputes on MOTL are governed by the following policy. By using this site, you agree that you understand and consent to be governed by this policy for internal dispute resolutions. This policy covers all transactions where communication initiated as a result of using this site, unless both parties mutually agree on a different sending policy. If a different sending policy is agreed upon, proof of this must be furnished during any dispute resolution. Failure to abide by these terms will result in your account being banned.

The sender must make sure the cards reach their destination. Only the sender can obtain delivery confirmation proof and insure the cards against loss or damage. If a problem has occurred, please resend your part of the deal, return the cards you received (if applicable), or make appropriate monetary restitution (the parties involved can decide on which one of these options is best). If you do send anything via mail, make sure you use signature-required delivery confirmation and insure the cards so the cycle of lack of proof can end. With signature-required delivery confirmation, the recipient can then open the package in the presence of a postal employee and verify the contents with an impartial witness. If you send payment, make sure you use a check or money order that you can use as proof of payment. PayPal and other online payment services also give proof of payment.

BTA Process Description

Cases posted in the Bad Traders Alerts forum of the MOTL Bulletin Board follow this (maximum) two-month timeline:

Day 0: The case is posted and informational e-mails are sent to the parties involved. A two week time period for an initial response from the accused party is initiated.
Day 1 - Week 2: If the accused party fails to respond within two weeks, another e-mail is sent out giving a final two week warning before their account is banned. If the accused party has posted, the member who posted the case initially can request assistance from a staff member if necessary. Members are expected to attempt to resolve disputes to the best of their ability on their own before requesting assistance.
Week 2 - Week 4: If the accused party again fails to respond within the second two week time frame, their account is banned and relevent information is posted in the Confirmed Bad Traders forum. If the accused party has responded and staff assistance has been requested, one or more members of the staff will do their best to bring the case to a resolution.
Week 8: If the case has failed to achieve internal resolution within two months of the initial posting of the case, a member of the staff will be notified to make a final judgment on internal actions that will be taken. If the case cannot be resolved within two months, it is recommended that the parties involved seek appropriate legal counsel.

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