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Author Topic:   selling collection ( revised, dark, chronicles)
New Member
From: Not provided.
Confirmed Refs: 0

posted December 13, 2015 03:07 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for mprover Send a private message to mprover Click to send mprover an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote

$750 for all

Adarkar Unicorn (miscut) Ice age
Clockwork Steed (miscut) Homelands
Balduvain Shaman (miscut) Ice age
Orcish Farmer (miscut) Ice age
Rime Dryad (miscut ) Ice age
Dandan 5th edition
Balance 4th
Demonic Tutor x3 Revised
Sengir Vampire 4th edition
The Wretched 5th edition
Concordant Crossroads Chronicles
Control Magic 4th
Tor Wauki Chronicles
Meekstone 4th
Dark Ritual Ice Age
Land Tax 4th
Counterspell 4th
Serra Angel 4th
Deep water Dark
Wall of vapor Chronicles
Wall of wonder Chronicles
Drowned Dark
Azure drake Chronicles
Remove soul x 4 Chronicles
Ivory guardians Chronicles
Rainbow vale Fallen empires
Dust to dust Dark
Shield wall Chronicles
Indestructible aura x3 Chronicles
Keepers of the faith Chronicles
Wall of heat x 2 Chronciels
Mountain yeti Chronicles
Active volcanoes Chronicles
Beasts of borgadan Chronicles
Revalation chronicles
Storm seeker Chronicles
Cat warriors Chronciels
Giant slug x 3 Chronicles
Emerald dragonfly Chronicles
Bronze horse Chronicles
Arena of the ancients Chronciels
Serpent generator Chronicles
Tobais androin Chronicles
Marhault elsragon Chronicles
Sivitri Scarzam
Solkanar the swamp king Chronicles
Metamorphosis x 4 Chronicles
Ghazban ogre Chronicles
Coumbaj witches Chronciels
Fisliver oil Chronicles
Dandan Chronciels
Repentant blacksmith Chronicles
War elephant x 3 Chronicles
Urzas Tower x 4 Chronicles
Urzas mine Chronicles
Urzas power plant Chronciels
Ashnods alter Chronicles
Wall of shadows Chronicles
Argothan pixies Chronicles
Goblin artisans Chronciels
Runesword x 3 Chronicles
Living armor Chronicles
Fountain of youth Chronicles
Bog rats Chronicles
Banshee Chronicles
Wich hunter Chronicles
Goblin shrone Chronciels
Goblin digger team Chronicles
Goblins of the flarg Chronicles
Pikemen x2 The dark
Squire x 2 The dark
Knights of thorn The dark
Tividars crusade The dark
Cleansing The dark
Brainwash The dark
Holy light The dark
Morale The dark
Dust to dust The dark
Goblins of the flarg The dark
Goblin hero The dark
Goblin rock sled The dark
Goblin digging team The dark
Cave people The dark
Goblin shrine The dark
Fissure The dark
Eater of the dead The dark
The fallen The dark
Inquisition The dark
Ashes to ashes The dark
Wormwood treefolk The dark
Savan elves The dark
Land leches The dark
Venom The dark
Deep water The dark
Erosion The dark
Tormods crypt The dark
Skull of orm The dark
Standing stones The dark
Bone flute The dark
Reflecting mirror The dark
Fellwar stone The dark
Book of rass The dark
Miracle worker The dark
Ornthopeter Revised /3rd
Volcanic Island Revised /3rd
Tundra Revised /3rd
Taiga Revised /3rd
Plateau Revised /3rd
The rack Revised /3rd
Glasses of urza Revised /3rd
Dancing scimitar Revised /3rd
Crystal rod Revised /3rd
Throne of bone Revised /3rd
Ivory cup Revised /3rd
Wooden sphere Revised /3rd
Glasses of urza Revised /3rd
meekstone Revised /3rd
Helm of chatzuk Revised /3rd
Ivory tower Revised /3rd
Mana vault Revised /3rd
Library of lend Revised /3rd
Brass man Revised /3rd
Soul net Revised /3rd
Ankh of misrha Revised /3rd
Millstone Revised /3rd
Howling mine Revised /3rd
Winter orb Revised /3rd
Jandors saddlebag Revised /3rd
Basalt monolith Revised /3rd
Dragon engine Revised /3rd
Disrupting specter
Onulet Revised /3rd
Sunglasses of urza Revised /3rd
Celestrial prism Revised /3rd
Dingus egg Revised /3rd
Juggernaut Revised /3rd
Jayemdac tone Revised /3rd
Living wall Revised /3rd
Kornus bell Revised /3rd
Bottle of Suleiman Revised /3rd
Jade monolith Revised /3rd
Flying carpet Revised /3rd
Nevinyrrals disk Revised /3rd
Rocket launcer Revised /3rd
Primal clay x 2 Revised /3rd
The hive x 2 Revised /3rd
Vaevitis asmadi Chronicles
Arcades sabboth Chronicles
Nicol bolas x 2 Chronicles
Chromium Chronicles
Drowned Dark
Obsainus golem Revised /3rd
Clockwork beast Revised /3rd
Armageddon clock Revised /3rd
Jandors ring Revised /3rd
Mishras war machine x 2 Revised /3rd
Aladins ring Revised /3rd
Guardian angel Revised /3rd
Righteousness Revised /3rd
Swords to plowshares Revised /3rd
Disenchant Revised /3rd
Reverse damage Revised /3rd
Eye for an eye Revised /3rd
Reverse polarity Revised /3rd
Death ward Revised /3rd
Healing salve Revised /3rd
Parlance Revised /3rd
Conversion Revised /3rd
Circle of protection : green Revised /3rd
Circle of protection : blue Revised /3rd
Circle of protection : back Revised /3rd
Circle of protection : red Revised /3rd
Circle of protection : white Revised /3rd
Karma Revised /3rd
Castle Revised /3rd
Blessing Revised /3rd
Holy armour Revised /3rd
Lancr Revised /3rd
Animate wall Revised /3rd
Crusade Revised /3rd
Red ward Revised /3rd
Black ward Revised /3rd
White ward Revised /3rd
Blue ward Revised /3rd
Green ward Revised /3rd
Holy strength Revised /3rd
Farmstead Revised /3rd
Balance Revised /3rd
Wratch of god Revised /3rd
armageddon Revised /3rd
Resurrection Revised /3rd
Banish hero Revised /3rd
Mesa pegassus Revised /3rd
Samire healer Revised /3rd
White night Revised /3rd
Savannah lions Revised /3rd
Personal incarnation Revised /3rd
Wall of swords Revised /3rd
Sierra angel x3 Revised /3rd
Veteran bodyguard Revised /3rd
Northern paladin Revised /3rd
Shatter Revised /3rd
Tunnel Revised /3rd
Red element blast Revised /3rd
Fireball Revised /3rd
Earthquake Revised /3rd
Flashfires Revised /3rd
Shatterstorm Revised /3rd
Stone raine Revised /3rd
Burrowing Revised /3rd
Firebreathing Revised /3rd
Power surge Revised /3rd
Smoke Revised /3rd
Magnetic mountain Revised /3rd
Mana flare Revised /3rd
Earthbing Revised /3rd
Goblin balloon brigade Revised /3rd
Kird ape Revised /3rd
Mons goblin raiders Revised /3rd
Dwarven warriors Revised /3rd
Atog Revised /3rd
Hill giant Revised /3rd
Stone giant Revised /3rd
Hurloon minotaur Revised /3rd
Orcish orniflamme Revised /3rd
Gray orge Revised /3rd
Dwarven weaponsmith Revised /3rd
Keldon warlord Revised /3rd
Granite gargoyle Revised /3rd
File elemental Revised /3rd
Mijae djim Revised /3rd
Goblim king Revised /3rd
Wall of fire Revised /3rd
Earth elemental Revised /3rd
Dragon whelp Revised /3rd
Uthden troll Revised /3rd
Weakness Revised /3rd
Animate dead Revised /3rd
Fear Revised /3rd
Paralyze Revised /3rd
Cursed land Revised /3rd
Evil presense Revised /3rd
Drain life Revised /3rd
Dark ritual Revised /3rd
Sacrifice Revised /3rd
Plague rats Revised /3rd
El hajjaj Revised /3rd
Nightmare Revised /3rd
Erg raiders Revised /3rd
Frozen shade Revised /3rd
Sorceress queen Revised /3rd
Hyponotic specter Revised /3rd
Sengir vampire Revised /3rd
Drudge skeletons Revised /3rd
Bog wraith Revised /3rd
Aspect of wold Revised /3rd
Fog Revised /3rd
Regrowth Revised /3rd
Instill energy Revised /3rd
Fastbond Revised /3rd
Moss monster Legends
Aspect of wolf Revised /3rd
Force of nature Revised /3rd
Dark heart of the wood Dark
Hells caretaker 4th
The rack Revised /3rd
Clockwork Ativan Revised /3rd
Black vise Revised /3rd
Tormods crypt Chronicles
Fungosaurd 4th
Tormods crypt 4ths
Demonic attorney Revised/3rd
Will o the wisps 4th
Jandors saddlebags Revised/3rd
Lure Revised
Craw gians 4th
Jovens tools
Anaba ancestor
Erhanam djinn Chronicles
Winter orb Revised
Mystic decree
Stream of life


[Edited 3 times, lastly by mprover on December 13, 2015]

From: Dorval, Quebec, Canada
Confirmed Refs: 313

posted December 13, 2015 03:44 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for kenjg Click Here to Email kenjg Send a private message to kenjg Click to send kenjg an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View kenjg's Have/Want ListView kenjg's Have/Want List
Hi, there. Just an FYI, you'll need to post prices for either each card or all of them as a batch or a mod will close this post.
New Member
From: Not provided.
Confirmed Refs: 0

posted December 13, 2015 05:53 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for mprover Send a private message to mprover Click to send mprover an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote 

$750 for everything
From: Plainfield, IN USA
Confirmed Refs: 618

posted December 30, 2015 01:48 AM   Click Here to See the Profile for paragondave Click Here to Email paragondave Send a private message to paragondave Click to send paragondave an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View paragondave's Have/Want ListView paragondave's Have/Want List
what conditions are these cards in?

3x Demonic Tutor Revised
Concordant Crossroads Chronicles
Land Tax 4th
Volcanic Island Revised
Tundra Revised
Taiga Revised
Plateau Revised

[Edited 1 times, lastly by paragondave on December 30, 2015]

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