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Author Topic:   Selling all formats good deals and updated prices
From: Indiana,USA
Confirmed Refs: 126

posted August 04, 2017 08:25 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for Vegas10 Click Here to Email Vegas10 Send a private message to Vegas10 Click to send Vegas10 an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote 
1.Buyer pays First
2.Buyer pays shipping, if you don't want tracking you will have to give me a written waiver stating that I am not responsible for lost or stolen mail.
3.Will let you know shipping prices before we finalize a deal
4.Offers are welcome but a lot of these prices are very competitive with TCG per condition, but worse that can happen is I say no, and perhaps I am off on something so an offer will at least get me to check.
5. feel free to message me or email me if you have any questions thanks
6. USA only
7. Buyer to cover paypal fees unless paying gifted.
all cards are NM unless otherwise noted my following guide
(SP)= Slight Play
(MP)= Moderate Play
(HP)= (Heavy Play)
Non- Standard
Auntie's Hovel (MP) $1.50
City of Brass (AN)(MP) $88.00
Fir-Lit Thicket $9.75
Flooded Grove $17.50
Graven Cairns (SH) $7.00
Llanowar Wastes (FOIL)(X)(SP) $8.00
Mistveil Plains(SP) $3.25
Pendelhaven (FNM)(Foil)(SP) $12.25
Pillar of the Paruns (SP) $3.00
Serra's Sanctum (SP) $47.00
Shivan Reef (origins) $1.50
Thran Quarry (MP) $1.25
Tolarian Academy $24.50
Treetop Village (UL) (MP) $.50
Treetop Village (UL) (SP) $.75
Tundra (RV) (MP) $126.00
Underground River (D) (SP) $1.50
Urza's Mine (9th) $1.00
2x Urza's Powerplant (9th)(SP) $.75/each
Urza's Powerplant (8th) (SP) $.75
Wanderwine Hub $5.00
Okina, Temple to the Grandfathers $2.50

Arcbound Overseer $1.00
Etched Champion (MM15) $2.50
Masticore (UD) (SP) $.75
Memnarch(foil)(DS) $21.00
Mycosynth Golem $11.50
Myr enforcer(FNM) $1.25
Painter's Servant $8.25
Solemn Simulacrum (MIR)(SP) $3.75
Stuffy Doll (M13) $2.25
World Breaker $2.75
Ashnod's Altar (CHR)(SP) $.75
Blasting Station $2.50
Bosium Strip (SP) $.75
Chalice of the Void (MIR) $82.00
Chromatic Star (X)(SP) $3.25
Cryptic Gateway (MP) $1.00
Cursed Totem(MI)(SP) $1.25
Darksteel Forge (DS)(SP) $5.75
Didgeridoo $3.75
Gauntlet of Power $14.00
General's Kabuto $2.00
Gilded Lotus (M) $9.50
Gilded Lotus (M13) (HP) $5.75
Helm of Kaldra $3.00
Howling Mine (4th) (hp) $.75
Jester's Cap (9th) $1.75
Lantern of Insight (SP) $2.00
Lifeline (MP) $2.50
Mindcrank (SP) $1.75
Mindslaver (Scar) (SP) $2.75
Panoptic mirror $2.25
Planar Portal (8th) $3.25
2x Serum Powder $1.50/each
Shield of Kaldra $2.75
Sword of the Meek $7.00
3x The Rack (RV) (MP) $.75/each
Talisman of Progress $2.25
Thrumming Stone $5.50
Trinisphere (SP) $7.25
Umezawa's Jitte (MP) $12.25
Urza's Incubator (MP) $3.75
Winter Orb (RV)(MP) $2.25
Jester's Scepter (Foil) $1.75


Bladewing the Risen $1.75
Circu, Dimir Lobotomist $2.25
Crystalline Sliver (ST) (SP) $2.25
Experiment Kraj $2.25
Hanna, Ship's Navigator (MP) $1.25
Harmonic Sliver $1.50
Kaervek the Merciless (TS) (SP) $2.00
Loxodon Smiter (SP) $.50
Nath of the Gilt-Leaf $1.50
Nin, the Pain Artist (Japanese) $4.50
Qasali Pridemage (Ala) $1.25
Scion of the Ur-Dragon $4.50
Skullbriar, the Walking Grave (Japanese) $5.50
Vela the Night-Clad $3.00
Dovescape $2.75
Shield of the Oversoul $1.00
Shield of the Oversoul (SP) $.75
Squandered Resources (SP) $3.25
Absorb (SP) $1.75
Atarka's Command $4.75
Congregation at Dawn (SP) $.50
Hide//Seek (SP) $1.75
Izzet Charm (FNM) $1.25
Shadow of Doubt $2.75
Terminate (textless) $9.00
Stitch in Time $2.75


Cryptbreaker $1.50
Eater of the Dead (SP) 43.50
Ebon Dragon (Port) (MP) $1.50
Fallen Angel (LE)(MP) $1.00
Golgari Thug (SP) (RAV) $3.50
Hunted Horror (SP) $1.75
Massacre Wurm $7.00
Mephidross Vampire (SP) $3.75
Nantuko Shade (FOIL)(SP)(M11) $.75
Nyxathid (Foil)$4.50
Ob Nixilis, the Fallen $5.75
Ob Nixils, the Fallen (SP) $5.25
Phage the Untouchable (10th) $1.25
Reaper from the Abyss (INN) $.75
Relentless Rats (X) $2.00
3x Relentless Rats (FD) $2.00/each
Sheoldred, Whispering One (Japanese) $15.00
Shirei, Shizo's Caretaker (SP) $2.00
Spirit of the Night (MP) $.75
Undead Warchiedf (TS) (SP) $3.75
Vampire Nighthawk (Foil) (ZEN) (SP) $2.00
Will-o-The-Wisp (Rv)(MP) $.50
2x Sorin Markov (ZEN) (SP) $13.25/each
Bad Moon (RV) (MP) $.50
Conspiracy (SP) $2.75
Grave Pact (ST)$10.50
Necromancy (MP) $2.00
2x Cabal Ritual (Torment)(SP) $.75/each
Darkblast $1.25
Darkness (MP) $3.50
Dismember (NP) $1.50
3x Go for the Throat $1.00/each
Go for the Throat (MP) $.75
Spoils of the Vault $3.00
Bitter Ordeal (SP) $5.50
Cruel Tutor (SP) $21.00
Doomsday (WL) (MP) $2.25
2x Do or Die $1.25/each
Mind Twist (4th) (MP) $1.25
Plague Wind (PR) $1.75
Pox (5th)(MP) $1.50
Rain of Daggers (SP) $3.25
Rise of the Dark Realms $7.50


Arcum Dagsson $10.00
Cytoplast Manipulator (SP) $3.00
Overtaker (Pre)(foil) $1.00
Sakashima's Student $4.75
Serra Sphinx (Foil) $1.00
Sower of Temptation (SP) $7.75
Thalakos Deceiver $1.50
Vedalken Archmage (SP) $1.00
Vesuvan Shapeshifter (SP) $1.25
Voidmage Husher (Foil) $5.50
Charisma (MM) $2.00
Copy Enchantment $6.00
Energy Field (SP) $3.00
Equilibrium (EX) (SP) $1.00
Followed Footsteps (Rav) $.75
Illusions of Grandeur (MP) $3.00
Leyline of Singularity (Foil) $2.00
Parallel Thoughts (Foil) $1.75
Propaganda (TE) (MP) $1.50
Rhystic Study (Damaged) $4.00
Soothsaying $2.25
Statecraft (foil)(SP) $14.50
Counterspell (JvC) $1.75
Flash $2.50
2x Forbid (Exo)(SP) $1.00/each
Meditate $2.75
4x Muddle the Mixture $1.00/each
Trickbind $4.00
Distortion Strike $1.00
Polymorph (foil)(9th) $10.00
Show and Tell (US)(HP) $14.00
Sleight of Hand (S) $5.75
Tinker (UL) (SP) $1.25
Traumatize (M14) $1.00
Walk the Aeons (SP) $3.25


Ambush Commander (SC) $1.25
Arrogant Wurm (Foil)(FNM) $1.25
Birds of Paradise (7th) (SP) $6.00
Eladamri, Lord of Leaves (SP) $8.50
Elvish Champion (7th)(SP) $3.00
2x Elvish Champion (8th) $3.00/each
Elvish Piper (9th) $5.50
2x Ezuri, Renegade Leader (Foil) $13.00/each
Gemhide Sliver (PDS)(SP) $.50
Glistener Elf (Foil)(FNM) (SP) $2.50
4x Harabaz Druid (SP) $1.50/each
Joiner Adept (FD) $1.75
2x Joraga Warcaller (SP) $1.75/each
2x Joraga Warcaller $2.25/each
Leatherback Baloth (Foil)(FNM) $1.75
Multani, Maro-Sorcerer (SP) $.75
Primalcrux (MP) $3.25
Primordial Hydra (M13) $4.50
Protean Hulk (MP) $6.00
Quirion Ranger (SP) $1.00
Razorclaw Bear (P2) $8.25
Root Sliver $1.00
Seshiro the Anointed $9.25
Spawnwrithe (Foil)(SP)(Shad) $3.00
Sprouting Phytohydra $1.75
Veteran Explorer (WL) (SP) $.50
Wirewood Symbiote (SC)(SP) $.50
Garruk, Primal Hunter (M12)(MP) $3.75
2x Nissa Revane $8.25/each
Abundance (US) $1.50
Aluren $19.00
Awakening (STR) $2.00
Cardboard Carapace $1.50
Food Chain (SP) $18.00
Kudzu (UL) (MP) $1.50
Mana Reflection $20.00
Pattern of Rebirth (SP) $2.50
2x Primeval Bounty $2.75/each
Wild Pair (PC) $.75
Constant Mists(ST)(SP) $2.00
Lure of Prey (MP) $1.25
Reincarnation (LE) (MP) $.50
Harmony of Nature $1.50
Rampant Growth (Textless) $9.00
Permeating Mass (Foil) $.50


Anger (JU) $2.25
Dragon Mage $1.00
Dragon Tyrant $2.00
Dragon Whisperer $.50
Fortune Thief $1.25
Goblin Recruiter (ant) $1.75
Goblin Warchief (Foil)(FNM) $2.00
Stigma Lasher $4.75
Two-Headed Dragon (MM) (SP) $.50
Viashino Heretic (Foil) $5.25
Warren Instigator $6.25
Furnace of Rath (X) $1.00
Lightning Storm $1.00
Mana Echoes (SP) $19.00
Mana Flare (4th) (MP) $1.00
Vicious Shadows (Foil) $2.75
Ancient Grudge (Foil)(FNM) $2.00
Incinerate (textless) $2.00
Magma Jet (Foil)(FNM)(SP) $1.75
Savage Beating $4.00
Apocalypse (TEM) $4.50
Conflagate (SP) $1.75
Dragonstorm (Foil)(TS) $3.25
Goblin War Strike (P2) $1.25
Shattering Spree (SP) $4.75
Winds of Change (4th)(MP) $3.50
Chandra, Flamecaller $3.50
War's Toll $4.50


Akroma, Angel of Wrath (Legions) (SP) $2.75
Blade Splicer (Foil)(SP) $1.50
Blinding Angel(8th) $1.25
Darien, King of Kjeldor $4.75
Fiendslayer Paladin (SP) $.75
Fountain Watch $2.00
Hokori, Dusk Drinker (SP) $4.50
Jareth, Leonine Titan (ON)(SP) $.50
Jeweled Spirit (Foil)$1.00
Kabira Evangel $1.25
Magus of the Moat $5.00
Martyr of Sands $.75
Sensei Golden-Tail $1.00
3x Sinew Sliver (Sp) $1.25/each
Spirit of the Hearth (EVE) $.75
Talus Paladin $1.00
Weathered Wayfinder (ON) $8.25
Boon Reflection $5.00
Celestial Mantle (MP) $2.00
Cradle of Vitality (Foil) (Shards) $1.25
Light from Within (MP) $1.00
Opalescence (SP) $3.75
2x Phyrexian Unlife $6.50/each
Samite Sanctuary (Foil) $1.00
Suppression Field (SP) $1.00
Debt of Loyalty (SP) $2.75
Enlightened Tutor (6th)(MP) $6.75
Ghostway $3.75
Intervention Pact (SP) $1.75
Reciprocate (textless) (SP) $.50
Balance (4th)(MP) $.50
Open the Vaults $.75
2x Proclamation of Rebirth (SP) $1.50/each
Retether $1.50
Steelshaper's Gift $3.00
Storm Herd (GP)(HP) $1.00

[Edited 1 times, lastly by Vegas10 on August 10, 2017]

From: Natal, RN, Brazil
Confirmed Refs: 177

posted August 06, 2017 07:51 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for Vinicius Click Here to Email Vinicius Send a private message to Vinicius Click to send Vinicius an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote 
Hello, interested in:

2x Urza's Powerplant (9th)(SP) $.75/each
Urza's Powerplant (8th) (SP) $.75
2x Serum Powder $1.50/each
Atarka's Command $4.75
Eater of the Dead (SP) 43.50 >>> price wrong?
Ebon Dragon (Port) (MP) $1.50
Hunted Horror (SP) $1.75
Rain of Daggers (SP) $3.25
Reincarnation (LE) (MP) $.50
Conflagate (SP) $1.75
Debt of Loyalty (SP) $2.75

Let me know! thanks.

From: Indiana,USA
Confirmed Refs: 126

posted August 10, 2017 07:15 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for Vegas10 Click Here to Email Vegas10 Send a private message to Vegas10 Click to send Vegas10 an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote 
Near Mint
From: Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Confirmed Refs: 8

posted August 13, 2017 07:04 PM   Click Here to See the Profile for Near Mint Click Here to Email Near Mint Send a private message to Near Mint Click to send Near Mint an Instant Message Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote View Near Mint's Have/Want ListView Near Mint's Have/Want List

Id like to buy these cards:

IN Absorb (SP) $1.75
DS Arcbound Overseer $1
CH Ashnod's Altar (SP): $0.75
DoT Atarka's Command $4.75
LR Auntie's Hovel (MP): $1
SC Bladewing the Risen $1
FD Blasting Station: $2
10E Chromatic Star (SP) :$2
RA Circu, Dimir Lobotomist $1
EM Cryptbreaker $1
ON Cryptic Gateway (MP) :$1
SH Crystalline Sliver (SP) $2
MR Cursed Totem(SP) $1
DS Darksteel Forge (SP) $5
HM Didgeridoo $2
DI Dovescape $2
DI Experiment Kraj $2
LG Fallen Angel (MP) $1.00
SM Fire-Lit Thicket: $7
ET Flooded Grove: $9
CK General's Kabuto $2
TSN Gauntlet of Power $7

Total: $51 shipped


[Edited 1 times, lastly by Near Mint on August 13, 2017]


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